A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Belfast and Ulster Directory 1940

The Belfast And Ulster Directory For 1940.

(Compiled, Printed and Published by the Belfast News-Letter, Ltd .)
Volume LX.




Is a linen and cambric manufacturing town in the north-east of County Armagh. It is situated twenty miles south-west from the City of Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and a mile and a half south from Lough Neagh. The population of Lurgan at 1937 census was 13,766, an increase of 1,266 or 10.1 per cent, over previous census. The valuation under the Tenement Valuation Act in 1935 was £34,617. Under the Valuation Act Amendment Act (N.I) 1932, the figure is £47,336 (subject to appeals). An imposing War Memorial in the centre of the town was unveiled by the Governor of Northern Ireland on May 23, 1928. Lurgan may be said to be the cradle of the Irish linen cambric industry, and to the success and skill of its inhabitants and those of the surrounding villages in the fine linen and damask manufacture, and in later years the handkerchief hemstitching and finishing business, is to be attributed the progress of the town. In all there are 22 factories in the town. Shankill Parish Church is the largest parish church in Ireland, and Brownlow House Orange Hall (once the seat of the Brownlow family) is the largest Orange Hall in the world; it is also the headquarters of the Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth. Lurgan has now two public parks; one of 80 acres in the demesne attached to the old residence of Lord Lurgan; and a second recently presented to the town by Lord Lurgan, in memory of his father, which comprises 23 acres and locally known as Duff’s Hill, situated on the Lough Road.
In May, 1937, a public enquiry was held for the extension of the Lurgan Town Boundary. The additional area covers 500 acres, with a rateable valuation of £3,000. The extension has been approved by the County Council of Armagh. There is a market day each Thursday and a fair day the second Thursday of each month. Shops’ half day Wednesday.



Ven. A. G. Hannon (M.A.)Archdeacon of Dromore
Rev. R. Adams (M.A.)-
Rev. S. R. Redpath (B.A.)-
Rev. R. M. Harris (B.A.)-
Sydney P. B. Smyth (A.R.C.O.)Organist
Rev. David Porter (B.A.)-
Rev. W. J. McClure (B.A.)-
Rev. R. J. J. TeaseyAvenue Road
Rev. Robert Ferguson-
Rev. John A. Duke (B.A.)-
Pastor S. Jardine-
Pastor Frances-
Right Rev. Monsignor Daniel V. O'Hagan (P.P., V.G.)Dean of Dromore
Rev. P. Markey (C.C.)-
Rev. B. J. Rooney (B.D., C.C.)-
Rev. S. McNulty (C.C.)-
Rev. P. Campbell (C.C.)-
W. F. Brennan-
Isaac E. BellClerk of Union
DR. R. PedlowDispensary - Union Street
Fred. A. FergusonAssistant
Robert BurnsSuperintendent
W. F. B. BairdChairman
George MooreHon. Secretary (Sunnyside, Lurgan)
Mr. V. Harper (B.A.)Headmaster
Miss FrazerHeadmistress
J. F. HillHeadmaster
A. S. P. LightbodyAssistant
J. ThompsonAssistant
J. DicksonAssistant
Miss GrahamAssistant
Miss WeirAssistant
Miss SholdisAssistant
Miss WrightAssistant
Mrs. UprichardAssistant
Mrs. NetheryAssistant
Miss Dunlop (B.A.)Assistant
Miss HobbsAssistant
S. MorrisonPrincipal
John SavageAssistant
Miss AllenAssistant
Mrs. S. EwartAssistant
Miss BrattyAssistant
Miss LivingstonAssistant
Miss MullenAssistant
D. McDowell (M.A.)Principal
George KnoxTeacher
Miss BairdTeacher
Miss UprichardTeacher
Mrs. McClureTeacher
Miss LongTeacher
Miss SimpsonTeacher
Miss MahaffyTeacher
Very Rev. Monsignor O'Hagan (P.P., V.G.)Manager
Peter MurrayPrincipal
Thomas KellyAssistant
F. DonnellyAssistant
J. K. LaceyAssistant
T. J. KevilleAssistant
P. WhyteAssistant
Meeting held second Thursday of each month at 8 p.m. in Lurgan Courthouse
J. S. Carrick-
Henry MahaffyOfficer
R. Jones (jun.)Secretary
Meeting of Technical Committee first Friday in each month at 8 p.m.
H. O. Armstrong (J.P.)Principal
J. MorrowAgent
Thos. CarrollCashier
Alex. MinnisManager
G. GrantCashier
J. AdamsonManager
W. BelfordPro-Manager
Wilfred RawleCashier
J. F. GriffithManager
C. W. HoyPro-Manager
E. A. McDermottCashier
J. W. Young-
David McGibbonClerk
W. R. GraceySecretary
John E. Jones (B.Sc., A.M.I.E.E.)-
"The Lurgan Mail" Windsor Avenue. Phone 40.
W. JeffersonStationmaster
D. AndersonHon. Secretary
J. GibsonLibrarian
BRITISH LEGION (Ex-Service Soldiers and Sailors) - CARNEGIE STREET
J. DonaldsonSecretary - (Lurgan A. Branch)
W. WeirSecretary - (Lurgan B. Branch)
E. HolywoodLibrarian
John Gallery (Solicitor)President
J. F. MullinHon. Secretary
John McCurryCaretaker
Capt. W. A. CooteDistrict Inspector
Board of Guardians meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 11 o'clock
I. E. BellClerk
Robert JonesRate Collector
John TaylorRate Collector
W. H. StevensonRate Collector
E. V. Graydon-
John Mooney-
James Martin (J.P.)-
James Green-
James Campbell-
Dynes Gilpin-
John McAlinden-
David Geddis-
George W. Annesley-
John Moffatt (J.P.)-
Wm. J. Moffett-
Joseph Jackson (jun.)-
John G. Gracey (J.P.)-
Robert Anderson (J.P.)Vice-Chairman
Joseph O'Neill-
Alfred Gilpin (J.P.)-
George Baillie (J.P.)-
William H. Irwin-
Henry Wright-
Samuel J. Watson (J.P.)Chairman
James Allen (J.P.)-
James Weir-
John Dobson-
Edward Lunn-
Hugh McKeon-
David C. Malcolmson-
George Johnston-
George A. Locke-
Patrick Flanigan-
George Johnston-
Alfred L. Martin-
John M. Bannon-
John H. Walsh-
John Sandford-
Thomas J. Robinson-
W. G. Wilson-
Robert S. Knox-
Mr. J. SandfordAvenue Road - Lurgan
Mr. J. TopleyPortadown
W. JohnstonWorkhouse Porter
W. W. Bassett (F.R.C.S.)-
Dr. T. B. Pedlow-
Miss ParkinsonMatron
S. J. Watson (J.P.)Chairman
Mrs. Waring (J.P., C.B.E.)-
-, McKeon-
Dr. W. Gilpin-
Patrick Flanigan-
William Mullen-
J. Walshe-
Edward Lunn-
George Bailie (J.P.)-
J. G. Gracey (J.P.)-
There are three Rural District Councils in this union, viz: - Lurgan, Moira and Aghalee
Lurgan and Moira Councils hold their monthly meetings in Lurgan, and Aghalee Council meet at Aghalee
W. J. CornerClerk of Lurgan and Moira Councils
William Sinclair (Lisburn)Clerk of Aghalee Council
F. A. MonroeChairman
W. R. GraceyClerk and Registrar of Stock
Robert Pedlow (M.B., B.Ch.)Medical Officer of Health
R. PeelSub-Sanitary Officer
Robert Jones (sen.)Rate Collector
R. Jones (jun.)Assistant Rate Collector
John MagillWeighmaster
Robt. BurnsWater Superintendent
J. D. Gordon (B.Sc.)Town Surveyor
Mrs. G. Greer (Woodville)Chairman
Sister E. FlackWelfare Visitor - 185 Union Street
J. AdamsonActing Hon. Treasurer
Mrs. T. B. PedlowHon. Secretary
Miss McHamiltonLady Superintendent
Brownlow ArmsMrs. McCaffrey
CommercialMr. Patrick McGreavy
Grand CentralJoseph McAreavy
Star (Temperance)Mr. R. H. Pentland
Abraham, HowardGarage Proprietor - Avenue Road
Abercromby & Co.Confectioners - High Street
Adamson, J.Bank Manager - Market Street
Adamson, LowryWireless Agent - Union Street
Addis, GeorgeGreengrocer - Queen Street
Agnew, JohnHigh Street
Allen, Fred.Cattle Dealer - Grassmere, Maralin
Anderson, DonaldWindsor Avenue
Anderson, G. A.Seed Merchant - High Street
Anderson, H. M.Accountant - William Street
Anderson, H. W. D.Lough Road
Anderson, MissUnion Street
Anderson, SophiaWindsor Avenue
Annett, JohnProvision Merchant - Edward Street
Archer, Herbert C.Avenue Road
Archer, ThomasShoemaker - James Street
Armour & Co. Ltd.Produce Merchants - William Street
Armstrong, H. O. (J.P.)Principal, Technical School - Union Street
Armstrong, K. W.Boot Merchant - Market Street
Armstrong, S.Jeweller, &c. - Church Place
Arnold, G.Art Teacher - Queen Street
Baird, CharlesCarpenter - Union Street
Baird, W. F. B.Manufacturer - Hill Street
Baird, W. F. B., & Co. Ltd.Manufacturers - Union Street Road
Ballance, MissDrapery Warehouse - High Street
Bassett, W. W. (F.R.S.C.I.)Grianan - Lurgan
Baxter, ThomasBook Shop - William Street
Beatty, MayGrocer - Flush Place
Beckett, EvelynCostumier - High Street
Bell, I. E.Clerk of Union - Belfast Road
Bell, MissBelle Vue
Bell, PhilipSolitude
Bell, RobertCarowner - Hill Street
Bell, RobertLough Road
Berwick, EdwardPublican - William Street
Berwick, JosephPublican - Church Place
Best, ErnestDentist - William Street
Best, Wm., & Co.Steel Reed Manufacturer - High Street
Blakely, Jackson G. (C.E.)Windsor Avenue
Blayney, JohnPublican - Church Place
Blayney, W. H.Publican - Edward Street
Bleakley, R.Clerk - Avenue Road
Booth, Norman, & Co.Chartered Accountants, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
Boston, JamesPawnbroker - High Street
Bothwell, JamesWindsor Avenue
Boulger, Rev. G. A. (M.A.)Derryadd
Boxmore Coy.Dollingstown
Bradley, MissDressmaker - Church Place
Brady, Thos.Confectioner - Edward Street
Bratty, WilliamLough Road
Breen, PeterGrocer - North Street
Brennan, W. F.Postmaster - Gilford Road
Brosnan, M. B.Teacher - Lough Road
Brown, D.Gilford Road
Brown, E.Tailor - Union Street
Brown, Mrs.Avenue Road
Brown, W. J.Tailor - Union Street
Browne, CecilThe Limes
Browne, HaroldMarket Street
Browne, Mrs. W. H. E.The Limes
Brownlow Arms HotelProprietress, Miss Slowey - Market Street
Buckley, JamesCaretaker - The Demesne
Buckley, S. H. W.Draper - High Street
Buckley, T. J.Carowner - High Street
Bullick, JohnClerk - Avenue Road
Bullick, J., & Co.Stitching Factory - William Street
Burnison, Sam.Tenter - Brownlow Terrace
Burns, HowardElectrician - Queen Street
Burns, JosephCarpenter - George's Street
Burns, Mrs.Union Street
Burns, Robt.Water Inspector - Union Street
Burrell, ThomasClerk
Bush, ThomasMechanic - Avenue Road
Byrne, ArthurButcher - Edward Street
Cairns, W. H.Grocer - William Street
Cafolla, Jos.Confectioner - Church Place
Callaghan, Chas. J.Builder - Gilford Road
Calvert, DavidDraper - Market Street
Calvert, JamesAvenue Road
Campbell, CharlesPrinter - Wellington Street
Campbell, GeorgeFactory Lane
Campbell, Hy.Windsor Avenue
Campbell, Jos.Gilford Road
Campbell, Mrs. HarrisonGrocer - Queen Street
Campbell & McGibbonFurniture Dealers - Market Street and Church Walk
Campbell, W. H.Tailor - Market Street
Cargan, Mrs.Drapery and Millinery - Market Street
Carrick, John S.Merchant - High Street
Carson, F.Tailor and Draper - Carnegie Street and Church Place
Carson, IsaacAvenue Road
Carson, J. T. (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.)Market Street
Carson, Mrs.Boxmaker - Union Street
Carson, Wm. J.Painter, &c. - Queen Street
Carville, B.Barber - Wellington Street
Casey, CatherineVictualler - William Street
Casey, MaryVictualler - Church Place
Cassidy, JamesGrocer - Victoria Street
Castles, BertieMonumental Works - Queen Street
Chambers, JosephLough Road
Chambers, ThomasInsurance Agent - Princes Street
Charleton, C. J.Hardware Merchant - Market Street
Christie, J. K.Shop Manager - Wellington Street
Clarke, FrankPorter, Elim Hall - Carnegie Street
Clarke, ThomasSpringfield House
Clarke, W. T.Draper, &c. - Market Street
Clowes, Thos.Bonmakaig - Demesne
Cochrane, SamuelCycle Agent - Union Street
Connelly, Wm.Manager - Queen Street
Conroy, P. R.Grocer - Edward Street
Cooper, AlbertBuilder - Avenue Road
Cooper, S.Builder and Contractor - Monbrief
Coote, Capt.Lough Road
Corkin, Mrs. J.Queen Street
Corkin, W.High Street
Corkin's Furnishing StoresHigh Street
Corner, MissGrocer, &c. - Union Street
Corner, W. J.Clerk of Rural Councils - High Street
Cousins, Mrs.Confectioner - Union Street
Cowden, ClarenceElectrical Engineer - High Street
Cowden, Mrs.Outfitter and Draper - High Street
Cranston, SamuelManager - Dollingstown
Crawford, Wm.Wellington Street
Crawford, W. H., & Co.Bottling Works - William Street
Creeney, JohnCoal Merchant - Wellington Street
Cross, Alexander, & SonsNorth Street
Crothers, SamuelMineral Water Manufacturer - William Street
Crozier, W.Union Street
Culbert, Benjamin (jun.)Clerk - Monbrief
Cummins, JosephCarpenter - Victoria Street
Cummins, S.185 Union Street
Cunningham, Geo.Mineral Water Manufacturer - High Street
Cunningham, J.Vulcaniser - 68a High Street
Daly & SonsHam and Bacon Curers - North Street
Darling, Mrs.Hoop Hill
Davidson, JohnDentist - Market Street
Davis, A.Confectioner - High Street
Davis, MissBrownlow Terrace
Davison, J. H.Gilford Road
Davison, Mrs.Schoolteacher - Gilford Road
Dawson, SamuelConfectioner - Church Place
Deeny, James (M.Sc., M.D., M.C.P.I.)Church Place
Deeny, Michael (F.R.C.S.I., J.P.)Church Place
Dewart, Mrs.Confectioner - Market Street
Dewart, Mrs.Windsor Avenue
Dewart, RobertWindsor Avenue
Dobbin, Jas. G.Publican - Church Place
Dobbin, Mrs. OwenFishmonger - Edward Street
Dobson, JohnPublican - Market Street
Dobson, Mrs.Publican - Market Street
Donnelly, GeorgePoultry Dealer - William Street
Donnelly, Leo (J.P.)Church Place
Donnelly & O'NeillPublicans & Grocers - Church Place
Doran, DanielHairdresser, Newsagent and Tobacconist - Edward Street
Dougherty, F. & Co.Drapers, &c. - Market Street
Douglas, Mat.Blacksmith - Castle Lane
Douglas, MissesMilliners - Queen Street
Douglas, Mrs.Avenue Road
Douie, Chas. T.Flesher - Victoria Street
Douie, JohnCarpenter - Lough Road
Dowling, Jas.Ticket Checker, G.N.R. - Victoria Street
Dowling, P. (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., L.M.)Church Walk
Duke, Rev. John (B.A.)Hill Street
Dunbar, HenryWellington Street
Dunwoody, MissesUnion Street
Electricity Board N.I. AreaOffice, Market Street, Lurgan
Elliott, JohnMechanic - Garland Avenue
Elliott, J.Gilford Road
Elliott, RichardThe Gardens - Glenavon House
England, Wm.Bootmaker - Union Street
English, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
Ennis, Anna M. K.Confectioner - Carnegie Street
Ewart, Jas.Town Hall Caretaker - Union Street
Ewart, SamuelAuctioneer and House Agent - Windsor Avenue
Fairley, W. H.Windsor Avenue
Ferguson, E.Lough Road
Ferguson, F. A. (M.P.S.I.)High Street
Ferguson, Rev. R.Hill Street
Ferris, R.Foreman Carpenter - Gilford Road
Filbin Bros.Bakers - Lurgantarry and Edward Street
Fitzpatrick, Miss K.Confectioner - Edward Street
Fitzsimons, Jas.Clerk - Avenue Road
Fleming, Mrs. M. W.Mourne View House
Forbes, C. W. (F.N.A.O.)Optician - High Street
Forsythe, Miss (L.R.A.M.)Windsor Avenue
Forsythe, V.Parcel Clerk, G.N. Railway
Foster, Alex.Picture House Proprietor - Market Street
Foye, MaryJeweller - Market Street
Frazer, MissWindsor Avenue
French, Thos.Confectioner - Edward Street
Gallery, JohnSolicitor - Church Place
Gardiner, JamesDraper - Market Street
Gardiner, MissDraper - Market Street
Gardner, JohnEdward Street
Geddis, Alex.Bootmaker - High Street
Geddis, J.Confectioner - High Street
Gilchrist, A.Sunnyside, Lough Road
Gilchrist, John & Sons, Ltd.Drapers - Market Street
Gilchrist, MissKnocknashane
Gilchrist, SamuelGilford Road
Gilchrist, ThomasLough Road
Gilchrist, WilliamWaringstown Road
Gillespie, J.Grocer - Hill Street
Gilpin, A. (J.P.)The Wilderness
Gilpin, ThomasBelfast Road
Gilpin, ThomasBoot Merchant - Market Street
Giltrap, Wm.Grocer, &c. - Church Street
Gordon, J. D. (B.Sc.)Town Surveyor - Waringstown Road
Gorman's Medical HallMarket Street
Gough, JosephBuilder - Hill Street
Gracey, A.Chemist - Church Place
Gracey, D.Motor Engineer - Portadown Road
Gracey, E. V.Civil Servant - William Street
Gracey, Geo. & Co.Handkerchief Manufacturers - High Street
Gracey, ThomasCarpenter - Edward Street
Gracey, Wm.Manager - Hill Street
Gracey, W. H.Gilford Road
Gracey, W. R.Town Clerk - Windsor Avenue
Graham, Mary O.Manufacturers Agent - Windsor Avenue
Graham, Robert, & SonsAuctioneers - High Street
Grattan, VictorChemist - High Street
Grattan, Wm.Grocer - Queen Street
Green, JohnGrocer - Edward Street
Greer, MissOakley, Lurgan
Greer, Miss A.Oakley, Lurgan
Greer, Mrs. G.Woodville
Hall, John L.Grocer - Market Street
Hall, J. L.Gilford Road
Hall, Mary E.Confectioner - High Street
Hall, Thomas (B.Sc.)Waringstown Road
Hall, T. E.Grocer - William Street
Hall, T. L. (B.A., B.Sc.)Windsor Avenue
Hamill, JohnCooper - Edward Street
Hamilton, JamesPaper Merchant - Avenue Road
Hamilton, Mrs.William Street
Hamilton, W.Electrical Contractor - High Street
Hare, W. H.Grocer - Hill Street
Harper, MissMatron, Lurgan College
Harper, V. M. (B.A.)Headmaster, Lurgan College
Haughey, JohnDraper - Church Place
Haughey, LucyConfectioner - Edward Street
Hawthorne, Wm.Postman - Union Street
Hayes, Charles (M.A., LL.B.)Solicitor - High Street
Hazleton, Mrs.Market Street
Heany, HarryInsurance Agent - Edward Street
Heany, James H.Edward Street
Henry, A. F.Herbalist - Mechanics' Institute
Herbert, AbrahamDraper and Furnisher - North Street
Herbert, JamesFruiterer - High Street
Hewitt, HoltCoal Merchant and Pawnbroker - William Street and Edward Street
Hewitt, HoltDerryadd
Hewitt, MabelHairdresser - High Street
Hewitt, RingerAvenue Road
Hewitt, SamuelTaghnevan
Higgins, Mrs.Queen Street
Hill, J.Principal, Lurgan Model School - College Walk
Hill, MaryHairdresser - Windsor Avenue
Hill, RobertManager, Bleach Works - Avenue Road
Hill, William, & Co.Manufacturers - William Street
Hobbs, Alex.Confectioner - High Street
Hobbs, Mrs. Mary E.Flesher - High Street
Holland, Jos.Carpenter - Union Street
Home & Colonial StoresChurch Place
Hopps, JohnProvision Merchant - Hill Street
Houston, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
Hoy, C. H.Antrim Road
Hughes, JohnGrocer - North Street
Hughes, J.Hardware Merchant - High Street
Hughes, Malachy J. (M.P.S.I.)Church Place
Hull, Mrs.Gilford Road
Hurst & SonSeed Merchants- High Street
Huston, Ben.Confectioner - Union Street
Hutchinson, J. P.Chemist - High Street
Hutchinson, MissHairdressing Saloon - High Street
Irwin, DavidManager - Queen Street
Irwin, JamesBoot Merchant - Market Street
Irwin, RobertEdward Street
Jeffers, Thos.Victoria Street
Jefferson, EdwardStationmaster, G.N.R. - Frederick Place
Jennings, EdwardReedmaker - William Street
Johnston, Allen, & Co.Manufacturers - Woodville Factory, Victoria Street
Johnston, A.Annadale
Johnston, John (D.L., M.P.)Manufacturer - Fallowfield
Johnston, Karl K.Ironmonger - High Street
Johnston, MissDressmaker - North Street
Johnston, Miss JeanieHigh Street
Johnston, JuliaAvenue Road
Johnston, Mrs. W. J.Lough Road
Johnston, SamuelConfectioner - Carnegie Street
Johnston, SamuelSexton - William Street
Johnston, T. B.Manufacturer - The Demesne
Jones, John E.Manager, Electric Station
Jones, RobertRate Collector - Union Street
Jones, Robert (jun.)Clerk - Hill Street
Jordan, JamesNewsagent, &c. - Edward Street
Jordan, ThomasGrocer - Edward Street
Kane, Mrs.Publican - Edward Street
Kelly, JamesCivil Bill Officer - Edward Street
Kelly, JaneGrocer - North Street
Kelly, J. F.Draper & Outfitter - Church Place
Kelly, P.Fruit Store - William Street and Market Street
Kernoghan, J.Solicitor - Avenue Road
Kerr, Robt.Gilford Road
Kerr, R.Chemist - Market Street
Kerr, T. J.Merchant Tailor - Market Street
Keville, T. P.Avenue Road
Kinkead, Thomas (J.P.)Manufacturer - Florence Villas
Knox, AndrewGrocer - Edward Street
Knox, GeorgeTeacher - Kilmore
Kyle, D. J.Windsor Avenue
Laverty, JohnHairdresser, &c. - North Street
Laverty, JosephCompositor - Brownlow Terrace Lower
Lavery, CharlesBuilding Contractor - Wellington Street
Lavery, Chas.Barber - Edward Street
Lavery, EdwardBoot and Shoe Maker - Edward Street
Lavery, Jas.Publican - Church Place
Lavery, Jos.Victualler - Market Street
Lavery & McCannPainters - Edward Street
Lavery, Mrs.Hairdresser - Edward Street
Lavery, R.Tobacconist & Insurance Agent - Edward Street
Lavery, WilliamFruiterer - Market Street
Leatham, HughMotor Garage - Edward Street
Leathem, JosephManager - Garland Avenue
Leathem, R.Manager - Avenue Road
Levin, RobertSecretary - Lurgan Hemmers' Veiners and General Workers' Trade Union and Approved Society
Liggett, RobertGrocer - Avenue Road
Lipton LimitedChurch Place
Livingston, C.Linen Merchant - Albert Street
Livingston, D.Builder - Windsor Avenue
Livingston, GeorgeDraper - Union Street
Livingston, RichardSaddler - Hill Street
Livingston, RichardConfectioner - High Street
Livingston, R. H.Hill Street
Livingston, ThomasShoemaker - Union Street
Lunn, EdwardJames Street
Lunn, MissGrocer - Edward Street
Lurgan Automatic Printing Co.High Street
Lurgan Block Printing CompanyHigh Street
Lurgan Box-Making Co.Queen Street
Lurgan Engineering WorksDerry Lodge, Lurgan
Lurgan Finishing Co.Union Street
Lurgan Mail Press (The)Printers and Fancy Boxmakers - Windsor Avenue
Lurgan Milling Co.High Street
Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd.Manufacturers - Ulster Street
LynessOutfitter - Queen Street
LynnPlumber - High Street
LyonsSpirit Merchant - Queen Street
Lyric Picture HouseUnion Street
MacGeagh, Mrs.High Street
Magee, MissPublican - Union Street
Magee, P.Fruit and Fish Dealer - Edward Street
Magill, C. J.61 Wellington Street
Magill, RobertNewsagent and Tobacconist - 23 William Street
Magowan, SamuelClothier - Union Street
Maguire, AndrewPrinter - Hill Street
Maguire Bros.Painters - High Street
Magurran, JamesHardware Store - Market Street
Magurran, J.Sculptor - Carnegie Street
Mahaffy, HenrySchool Attendance Officer - Lough Road
Mahaffy, JamesRent Agent - Church Place
Mahaffy, JohnstonConfectioner - Queen Street
Mahaffy, JohnstonLinen Manager - Gilford Road
Malcolm, Herbert C.Bengal Place
Malcolmson, J.Windsor Avenue
Malcolmson & SonsUndertakers - Market Street
Malcomson, Albert G.Church Place
Martin, EdwardRiding School - Watson's Lane
Martin, MissWindsor Avenue
Martin, Thos.Cycle Agent - Market Street
Matthews, J.Hairdresser - Avenue Road
Matthews, P.Dentist - Church Place
Maxwell, HenryManager - Beech Park
Maxwell, JamesConfectioner - William Street
Maxwell, Mrs.Grocer, &c. - Edward Street
Menary, JamesBelfast Road
Menary, T. G., & Co.Solicitors - Church Place
Mercer & BrownSewing Factory - Union Street
Mercer, CharlesBrooklyn House
Metcalf, SamuelCastle Gardens
Millar, Mrs.Farmer - Waringstown
Milltown Bleaching Co.Near Lurgan
Ministry of Labour Employment ExchangeHigh Street
Mitchell, Agnes G.Teacher - High Street
Mitchell, MissTeacher - Avenue Road
Moffet, Mrs.Grocer - William Street
Moffett & Co.Grocers - Queen Street
Moffett, E. R.Insurance Agent & Real Estate Agent - Windsor Avenue
Moffitt, W. J.Hardware Merchant - High Street
Monroe, FrederickDesigner - Union Street
Monroe, SamuelCarpenter - Edward Street
Morrow, Fred.Boot Merchant - High Street
Morrow, J.Bank Official - Market Street
Morton, JohnAvenue Road
Mourne Linen Co.Union Street
Mullen, MissNorth Street
Mullen, MissNewsagent, &c. - William Street
Mullen, Miss LouisaTeacher - Avenue Road
Murray, A.Painter and Glazier - William Street
Murray, EdwardGrocer - Brownlow Terrace
Murray & McAvoyAuctioneers & Valuers - Church Place
Murray, R.33 Church Walk
McAlinden, J.Fish Merchant - Carnegie Street
McAllister, Andrew (J.P.)Manager - High Street
McArdle, MissConfectioner and Grocer, &c. - North Street
McAreavey, JosephPublican - Queen Street
McCabe, MissConfectioner, &c. - North Street
McCann, B.Grocer - North Street
McCann, E. & J.Confectioners - Church Place
McCann & LaveryPainters - Edward Street
McCarter, JamesDraper - Market Street
McCartney, EdwardJournalist - Windsor Avenue
McCauley, MissHairdresser - High Street
McCaw, Allen, & Co.Linen Manufacturers - Tegnavin
McClean, R. H.Barber - Queen Street
McCleery, ThomasDraper - Victoria Street
McClure, GilbertWilliam Street
McClure, SamuelDraper - William Street
McClure, Rev. W. J. (B.A.)The Manse, Old Portadown
McCluskey, Mrs.Silverwoods
McConnell, J. R.Accountant - Windsor Avenue
McConville, JohnGrocer - Victoria Street
McConville, PatrickDraper - North Street
McConville, P. J.Solicitor - Church Place
McCorry Bros.Church Place
McCorry, WilliamVictualler - Edward Street
McCrory, J.Jeweller - 8 William Street
McCrory, PeterShoemaker - Edward Street
McCullough, JamesConfectioner - William Street
McCullough, MargaretDraper - Market Street
McCullough, Thos.Laundry - Union Street
McCullough, Thos.Windsor Avenue
McCullough, Thos.Poulterer - Queen Street
McCullough, WilsonPoulterer - Avenue Road
McCusker, HughVictualler - Church Place
McCusker, Mrs.North Street
McDermott, W.Cashier, Ulster Bank - Hill Street
McDowell, D. (M.A.)Teacher - Portadown Road
McEntee, MichaelPublican - William Street
McEvoy, John F.Solicitor - Church Place
McFall, MosesDraper - Market Street
McGeown, JamesHairdresser - William Street
McGibbon, Andrew W.Furniture Merchant - William Street
McGibbon & CampbellFurniture Dealers - Market Street
McGibbon, DavidPlasterer - Ulster Street
McGibbon, WilliamContractor - Parkview Street
McGibbon, Wm.Plasterer - North Street
McGonnell, Mrs.Mile House
McGrath Bros.Builders & Contractors - Avenue Road
McGrath Bros.Provision Merchants - Avenue Road
McGrath, Thos.Belfast Road
McGreavy, PatrickCommercial Hotel - Church Place
McGreevy, HughTinsmith - Castle Lane
McGuigan, CharlesChurch Place
McGuigan, HughButcher - Edward Street
McGurran, JohnMonumental Sculptor - Carnegie Street
McIlhargey, MissConfectioner, Stationer and Newsagent - Edward Street
McIlwaine, JamesHairdresser - Windsor Avenue
McIlwaine, RichardHairdresser - Queen Street
McIntyre Bros.Painters - Edward Street
McIntyre, EdwardGrocer - Church Place
McIntyre, MissDelph Merchant - Church Place
McKeown & Co.Newsagents & Fancy Goods - Market Street
McKeown, MissGrocer - Union Street
McKeown, Mrs.Newsagent and Fancy Goods - Church Place
McKerr, GeorgeHardware Merchant - High Street
McKerr, RichardPawnbroker - High Street
McKinley, E.Hairdresser - William Street
McKinstry, HenryRailway Porter - Charles Street
McMenamy, Thos.Grocer - North Street
McMullan, MissNewsagent - North Street
McMullen, Mrs. SarahPublican - Castle Lane
McMullen, Thos.Publican - Edward Street
McMurray, J. K.Linen Manufacturer - Factory Lane
McMurray, Wm.Tobacconist and Newsagent - Market Street
McNabb, WilliamChemist - Church Place
McNaghten, JamesPlumber, &c. - Avenue Road
McNickle, WilliamGrocer - William Street
McSherry, P.Bootmaker - Edward Street
McVeigh, JamesPublican - Edward Street
Neill, C. W.Solicitor - Haddington House
Neill, JamesFrederick Place
Neill, NormanHairdresser - William Street
Nesbitt, JamesWaringstown Road
News, JohnPublican - Edward Street
Orr, JamesBootmaker - Charles Street
Osborne, MeredithGilford Road
O'Connor, KathleenVictualler - Church Place
O'Hagan, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Dean Daniel (P.P., V.G.)North Street
O'Hagan, FrancisFruiterer - Church Place
O'Hagan, HenryPoultry Merchant - Edward Street
O'Neile, JohnHigh Street
O'Neill, Chas. S.Publican - Church Place
O'Neill, EdmundChurch Place
O'Neill, MonicaPublican - Church Place
O'Neill, PaulPublican - Sunnyside
Palmer, Jas. W.Grocer and Provision Merchant - Market Street
Paragon Linen CompanyCastle lane
Parks, JosephCarter - Wellington Street
Parks, Mrs.Confectioner - Windsor Avenue
Patterson, DavidNewsagent - High Street
Patterson, D.Confectioner - William Street
Patterson, JosephWireless Shop - Church Place
Patton, Mrs.Boot Warehouse - Market Street
Pedlow, EdwardCycle Agent - William Street
Pedlow, Robert (M.B., B.Ch.)Dispensary Doctor, Lurgan No. 1
Pedlow, Thomas B. (M.B.)Surgeon - Market Street
Pentland, Robert H.Star Hotel - William Street
Percy, William J.Cycle Agent - High Street
Plenderleith, ThomasPoultry and Fruit Farmer - Beech Hill House
Pollock, Mrs.Florence Villas
Poots, J.Undertaker - Church Place
Porter, Rev. David (B.A.)The Manse, Avenue Road
Prentice, Mrs. R. J.Grocer - Church Street
Quinn, J. P. & Co. Ltd.Grocers - Market Street
Rankin, Thos.Grocer - Queen Street
Rawle, WilfredCashier - Hill Street
Rea, C.33 Church Place
Rea, E.Ice Cream Merchant - North Street
Rea, HaroldWaringstown
Reid, Jas.Francis Street
Reid, MissDraper - Market Street
Reid, S.Tobacconist - High Street
Reid, W. B.Publican - William Street
Richardson, John H.Mechanic - Avenue Road
Ripley, JohnPhotographer - William Street
Robinson, FrancisPainter - Union Street
Robinson, JamesGrocer - Queen Street
Robinson, JamesClerk - William Street
Robinson, J.Gilford Road
Robinson, Mary M.Milliner - William Street
Robinson, Thos.Wireless Agent - Queen Street
Rogers, RichardClerk - Queen Street
Ross, CharlesManufacturer - Windsor Avenue
Ross, HughYarn Merchant - High Street
Ruddy, JohnGrocer - Union Street
Rusk, JohnGrocer - Union Street
Rusk, Mrs. E.Manufacturer - Hill Street
Rusk, W. J., & Co.Manufacturers - Hill Street
Russell, AlexanderPostman - William Street
Ryan, Gerald (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.) William Street
Ryan, GeraldineDentist - William Street
Ryan, Mrs.William Street
Savage, JohnSchoolteacher - Gilford Road
Scott, R. E.Gilford Road
Seawright, Douglas, & Co.Finishers - Avenue Road
Seawright, Thos.Victualler - Queen Street
Seawright, W. J.Manufacturer - Belfast Road
Seyton, Wm.Victualler, etc. - Market Street
Shane, W. B. (M.D.)Bengal Place
Shankill Workingmen's Club and Recreation RoomsShankill Street Place
Shanks, RichardFlesher - Victoria Street
Simms, Mrs. ElizabethGrocer - Market Street
Simms, J. H.Manager - Lough Road
Simpson, MissTeacher - Avenue Road
Smith, JohnWilliam Street
Smith, MissMilliner - High Street
Smith, Mrs. DaisyHigh Street
Smith, RichardLaundry - Watson's Lane
Smith, Sydney (P.B.)Organist - High Street
Smyth, SamuelPostman - Union Street
Smyth, W. J.Manufacturer - Gilford Road
Somers, RobertInspector U.S.P.C.A. - Dollingstown
Soye, FrederickProperty Owner - Victoria Street
Soye, JamesClerk - Sunnyside
Soye, JamesHome Farm
Soye, Mrs.The Home Farm
Soye, WilliamFarmer - The Home Farm
Sparkes, RichardBarber - High Street
Speers, ThomasCarowner - Market Street
Spence, L. J.Gilford Road
Spence & Menzies Ltd.Linen Manufacturers - Maralin
Sproule, Mrs.Kilwiney House, Lough Road
Stevenson, RichardClerk - Gilford Road
Stevenson, R.Plumber, &c. - Church Place
Stevenson, R.Wireless - Church Place
Stevenson, R.Grocer - Victoria Street
Stevenson, T. C.Clerk - Gilford Road
Stewart, JamesQueen Street
Stewart, JamesPrinter - High Street
Stewart, V.Grocer - Queen Street
Stewarts Cash StoresHigh Street
Sullivan, EdwardGilford Road
Supera Cafe44-46 Market Street
Sweeney, Jos.Builder and Contractor - Edward Street
Sweeny, MaryGrocer - North Street
Tallentire, W.William Street
Taylor, MissChurch Place
Taylor, SamuelGarage Proprietor - Queen Street
Teasey, Rev. R. J. J.-
Temperance HotelWilliam Street
Thompson, Capt. C. G. (M.R.C.V.S.)Church Place
Thompson, Jos.Gilford Road
Thompson, Rodgers, & Co.Fancy Box Manufacturers - Mark Street
Thompson, R., & SonAuctioneers - William Street
Thompson's Dye WorksChurch Place
Tipping, B.Boot Merchant - Church Place
Tipping, HenryGreengrocer - Edward Street
Tipping, Jas.Grocer - Edward Street
Tipping, MatthewGrocer - Edward Street
Transport and General Workers' Trades Union SocietyWellington Street (Secretary, M. Casey, Area Organiser, R. McClung)
Turkington, Mrs. G.William Street
Turkington, Samuel G.Grocer - William Street
Turner, AlfredGrocer - Carnegie Street
Turner, W. J.Gilford Road
Turner's Fruit Markets, Ltd.Church Place
Twyble & Co.Hemstitchers and Finishers - William Street
Upritchard, JamesContractor - John Street
Uprichard, JervisDraper - Market Street
Uprichard, JohnGrocer - High Street
Uprichard, RobertManufacturer - Avenue Road
Uprichard, ThomasManufacturer - William Street
Vance, RobertGarage - Church Place
Waddell, ThomasAvenue Road
Waddell, W. J.Pawnbroker's Assistant - Avenue Road
Wade, Herbert (L.D.S.)High Street
Waite, Wm.Handkerchief Printer - Mark Street and Derry Lodge
Walker, D.Grocer, &c. - Union Street
Watson, Fred.Cabinetmaker - Avenue Road
Watson & NeillSolicitors - William Street
Watson, Robert & SonsManufacturers - Flush Works
Weatherall, AnnieLaundry - George Street
Wells, SamuelClerk - Gilford Road
Williams, WalterManager, Inglis Local Depot - Windsor Avenue
Williamson, Fred.Wireless Agency - High Street
Wilson, SamuelConfectioner - Market Street
Wilson, S. I.Grocer - Avenue Road
Withers, FrancisFruiterer - Castle Lane
Woods, JohnPlasterer - William Street
Woods, ThomasMechanic - Windsor Avenue
Wynne, Miss AldorsFrancis Street
Abraham, ChristopherArdmore
Allen, James (J.P.)Gortnamoney
Allen, R. J.Maralin
Annesley, Geo. W. (R.D.C.)Kingarve
Bailie, George (J.P.)Annaghanoon
Baillie, MissWaringstown
Baird, J. B.Springfield
Barr, JamesWaterside
Berry, John H.Maralin
Best, NicholsonThe Cairn, Aghalee
Blane, James (J.P.)Ballydugan
Boulger, Rev. G. A.Rector or Ardmore
Bridgett, JamesMonbrief
Brown, BenjaminSand Merchant - Kinnego
Browne, CecilDerry
Browne, HaroldDerry
Browne, Miss EllenDerry
Brushe, The MissesDrumnabreeze House, Donacloney
Calder, JamesCorcreaney
Calder, RobertCorcreaney
Calvert, JamesMotor Garage Proprietor - Belfast Road
Calvert, W. J.Ballymacrandle
Calwell, JosephDrumnakelly
Campbell, JamesBallinary
Clarke, ThomasFarmer - Springfield
Crawford, Miss SarahDerry
Cooper, SamuelMonbrief
Corey, GeorgeCornakinnegar
Cousins, SamuelGilford Road
Donaghy, JamesBallinamoney
Donnelly, Leo. (J.P.)The Mile House, Lurgan
Eldon, Dr.Aghalee Dispensary
Elliott, Thos.Kilmore
Ellis, GeorgeKilmore
Ellis, James A.Tullydegan House
Ellis, J. R.Tullydegan House
Ellis, ThomasAghagallon
Ellis, Wm.Ballymaquin
Ellis, Wm. JohnDrumaleet House
Farrely, Rev. W.Donacloney
Ferris, Thomas WilliamBeechgrove, Aghagallon
Filbin, JosephBaker, &c.
Flaville, A.Tullygally
Fforde, Commander C. H.Woodville
Fforde, C. F. (C.E.)Raughlan
Gallery, ThomasDonegreagh
Gamble, JohnBallyleney
Gardiner, Geo.Legacorry
Gaskin, W. J.Kilvergan
Gilbert, IsaacRyefield, Aghagallon
Gilbert, StephenAghagallon
Gilpin, Alfred (J.P.)The Wilderness, Lurgan
Gilpin, DynesPortadown Road
Gilpin, John L.Clanrolla
Gilpin, ThomasBelfast Road
Gordon, DanielBoconnell
Gordon, J.Kilgore
Gracey, John George (J.P.)Chairman Lurgan Rural District Council - Balteagh
Gracey, JohnDrumnacairne
Gracey, JohnBalteagh
Grayson, FrancisKinnego
Green, S.Aghalee
Greer, H. O'Brien (J.P.)Woodville
Greer, Mrs. C.Woodville
Hanrahan, JohnCornakinnagh
Hayes, Charles B. (M.A., LL.B.)Moorfield
Hayes, J.Brookmount, Aghalee
Hewitt, HoltDerryadd
Hewitt, H. R.Com. Traveller - Belfast Road
Hewitt, RalphSilverwood
Hewitt, SamuelFarmer - Teignavin
Hill, Robert J. F.Derry
Holmes, Mrs. LetitiaClanrolla
Humphries, Dr. G. L.Moira
Humphries, John A.Westfield
Humphries, SamuelTullyherron, Waringstown
Humphries, ThomasCorcreaney, Lurgan
Hunter, RobertTullyherron
Hurst, Rev. W. G. (M.A.)Rector - Moira
Johnson, F. M.Knockmenagh
Johnston, John (D.L., M.P.)Fallowfield
Johnston, Rev. RichardDonacloney
Johnston, T. B.The Demesne
Johnston, WalterDerry
Jones, Thomas JamesMoyraverty
Kane, Mrs. MaryBallinary
Kerr, JohnTullygally
Kerr, J.Waringstown Road
Kerr, RobertGilford Road
Kerr, W. E.Annesbrough
Kingsborough, HenryDrumalis
Kinkead, Thomas (J.P.)Derry
Knox, AndrewClankilooragh
Knox, Geo.Kilmore
Knox, R. S.Kilmore
Lavery, CharlesTanaghmore South
Lavery, JohnKilvergan
Lavery, JohnDrumgask
Lenon, FrankDerryadd
Livingston, JohnMagerana, Waringstown
Lynass, JohnCarn
Lyness, ArchibaldAghagallon
Lyness, JosephKilfullert
Lyttle, RichardLisnasure, Lurgan
Magenniss, JamesBallymacrandle
Magowan, JohnCorcreaney
Mairs, DavidGawley's Gate
Martin, JohnClare, Waringstown
Martin, Robt. T.Lilyvale, Ballinderry
Maxwell, AlexanderBleary
Maxwell, HarryBeechpark
Menary, JamesDromore Road
Menary, Mrs. KathleenDerry
Menary, Thos.Corcreany, Waringstown
Millar, Mrs.Waringstown
Minford, Dr. W.Derryadd
Moffatt, John (J.P.)Lisnimintry
Mulholland, JohnWaringstown
Murphy, AlexanderDerryadd
Murray, JosephBallynary
Murtagh, HenryBallynamoney
McAlinden Bros.Stitching Factory - Aughacommon
McAlinden, JohnBallinamoney
McAlinden, Mrs. Mary J.Aughacommon
McCann, Wm. C.Derrymacfall
McCartan, ChasPublican and Grocer - Donacloney
McCaw, G. E.Teghnavin
McCaw, R. J.Factory Proprietor - Teghnavin
McCleary, BoydBleary
McConville, C. J.Stitching Factory - Aughacommon
McConville, JosephBallynamoney
McCorry, FrancisWhitehall
McCrory, ThomasClanrolla
McCullough, RobertCornrainy
McEvoy, PatrickTanaghmore South
McGibbon, Wm. J.Tanaghmore North
McGonnell, J.Mile House
McGreavy, JamesAughacommon
McGreavy, PatrickAuctioneer - Aughacommon
McKinstry, J.Tullygally
McLeod, Rev. C. J.The Rectory - Maralin
McNabb, CharlesDrumgor
McNabb, Thos. (M.R.C.V.S.)Aughnacloy House - Lurgan
McStravick, HenryKilmore
O'Neill, JohnDerrytagh North
Page, RobertBleary
Parkes, JosephDrumnagoon
Parks, DavidMoyraverty
Parks, Thos. D.Ardmore
Patterson, JamesBanoge
Patterson, JohnBelmount, Maralin
Reid, JamesCorcreaney
Robinson, GeorgeLower Breagh
Robinson, JohnDruminallyduff
Robson, Dr. S. MaryWaringstown
Ruddell, GeorgeAghacommon
Savage, JohnGilford Road
Scott, SamuelMoyraverty
Seawright, Alex.Harrymount
Seawright, W. H.Belfast Road
Sheppard, W. G.Draperhill, Waringstown
Sinton, W. V.Farmer - Portadown Road
Squires, F.Derry
Stevenson, Joseph R.Derryadd
Stevenson, JoshuaDerrytrasna
Stevenson, NormanSandbanks
Stevenson, SidneyDerrytrasna
Stevenson, Thos.Ballyleney, Maralin
Stewart, ValentineCorcreaney
Taylor, WilliamKilfullert
Taylor, Wm.Clougher, Ballyleney
Thornbury, Geo.Waringstown Road
Todd, Wm. JohnWoodlands
Turkington, JohnDerrytrasna
Turkington, StevensonDerryadd
Uprichard, HarryTanaghmore West
Uprichard, James H.Tanaghmore West
Waddell, Mrs. E. W.Maralin
Walkington, H.Oatlands, Ballinderry
Waring, Mrs. Margaret (J.P., C.B.E.)Waringstown House
Watson, H. P. (J.P.)Beechpark
Watson, MissLakeview
Watson, Mrs. H.Beechpark
Watson, S. J. (J.P., R.D.C.)Chairman Lurgan Board of Guardians - Ballydougan
Wells, JamesQuarry Owner - Portadown Road
Wells, JamesLegahorey
Wells, JamesBleary
Wells, JohnCorcreaney
White, WolseyBocombra
Williams, WalterCorcreaney
Wilson, JamesDerryinver
Wilson, JohnDerryinner
Wright, HarryCornrainey

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