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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1896: News-Letter Office

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1896.

(Compiled and Printed at the “Belfast News-Letter” Office, 55, 57, & 59 Donegall Street, Belfast, 1896.)
Volume XVII.



The Seventeenth Volume of this absolutely necessary work is now presented to the Public in an even more complete form than any of the preceding Volumes. The Street Lists, Alphabetical Lists and Professions and Trade List have been prepared most carefully, and with every desire to make them absolutely correct. The Country Towns in Ulster form in this Volume a distinct feature, and they have been corrected by residents in each place. Several Towns are added to this Volume, which proves the desire of the Publishers to cover the entire Province. In the Street List it will be noticed that there are several New Streets, not yet named, so the Compiler has arranged them as New Street No 1, and so forth. The Postmen of Belfast have as usual prepared the Street lists, and they are absolutely correct up to the date of printing. The price of the Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory is most moderate considering the expense attending its publication, therefore, it is to be hoped that the Publishers will be assisted by a generous public in their efforts to supply annually to business people and others one of the requisites of a successful undertaking.

Publishing Office,
55, 57 and 59, Donegall Street, Belfast.
21st January, 1896.


Lurgan is a prosperous and flourishing manufacturing town in the north-east corner of the County Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from the city of Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and a mile and a-half south from Lough Neagh. The population of Lurgan, according to the last census, was 11.447. The correctness of these figures have been often questioned, the general belief being that the population is over 12,000. The annual valuation of rateable property in the township amounts to £21,571 5s. and this amount is slowly but steadily on the increase. In the year 1831 the population of Lurgan was 3,760 and the rateable property was then £5,576, and since that time both the population and valuation has almost quadrupled. The municipal affairs of Lurgan are managed by a Board of fifteen Commissioners, incorporated under the Towns Improvement Act of 1854, and the general cleanly appearance of the streets are evidence of the fostering care of the Municipal Board. The town is not picturesque in its appearance, but its fine open main street, particularly from the Church to High Street, is a very observable feature in the construction and formation of the town. The clearance of the old Market House, the last of the buildings that stood in the centre of Market Street, and was known as the Middle Row, has added much to the appearance of the town, in addition to the increased street accommodation available for fairs and markets, the former being held on the second Thursday of each month, and the markets each alternate Thursday. The weekly market and monthly fair are improving, and though the main street is very wide, it is taxed to its upmost, particularly on the days that the fair and market are held together. The antiquated and unreliable means in the past of obtaining water from public pumps and other sources, has been dispensed with, and the Town Board, in accordance with more enlightened scientific principles, has, at a cost of nearly £30,000, completed new waterworks, from which an unlimited supply of pure water can be obtained from Castors’ Bay, an intake of Lough Neagh. The new works were opened in 1894, and they are pronounced to be the finest in the United Kingdom. The advantages of the water supply for domestic purposes is considerably enhanced, considering the facilities afforded to many industries for their development in the interests of the town.
Brownlow House and demesne, some 500 acres in extent, lying in close proximity to the town, being now in the hands of a local syndicate, improvements and increased building accommodation is expected in the near future. Lurgan may be said to be the cradle of the Linen industry, and to the success and skill of its inhabitants and the surrounding villages in the cambric and damask manufactory, and in later years the handkerchief hemstitching business is to be attributed the onward progress of the town, many manufacturers engaged in these industries having accumulated and amassed princely fortunes. Among the many depots of public industry in Lurgan are the extensive power-loom weaving factories of Mr. James Malcolm, D.L.; The Lurgan Weaving Company, Ltd., and that of Messrs. Johnston, Allen & Co., and the linen and cambric manufactories of Messrs. Robert Watson & Co., John Douglas & Son, Thomas Bell & Co., Mathers and Bunting, McCaughey & Co., James Clendinning & Sons, Richardson, Sons & Owden, and the hemstitching factories of the Lurgan Hemming and Veining Company, John Ross & Co., Thomas Faloon, James B. Hanna, J. Maxwell & Co., Murphy & Stevenson, and Mercer & Brown.The Banking Companies represented in Lurgan are the Ulster, the Northern, and the Belfast, each establishment having a branch office. The Church of Ireland, standing in the centre of the town, is a large and commodious Gothic structure, and has a fine peal of eight bells, in addition to an illuminated clock, and from its commanding position is visible for a long distance. There is also a handsome and spacious Church of Ireland Mission Hall and Schoolhouse in John Street. There are, besides Lurgan College and the Model School, a large number of National Schools available for instruction, two of these being in immediate connection with St. Peter’s Church and St. Joseph’s Convent. There are also commodious houses of worship for Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, and Society of Friends, the Salvation Army, and Roman Catholics. The Town Hall is in Union Street, and contains a Lecture Hall, with platform at end with foot lights; a minor hall above large hall, and in the basement Town Clerk’s Office. Free Library and Museum Room attached, which was inaugurated during the year. The Mechanics’ Institute is a handsome structure, situate at the corner of Market Street and Union Street, and adjoins the Town Hall. In this building the Masonic body met. A new Masonic Hall is in contemplation, and will soon be added to the number of our public buildings. In connection with the institute there is a billiard-room and a well-equipped reading-room and library. The Petty Sessions are held in the County Courthouse fortnightly, the district embracing a large portion of the County Down. The Quarter Sessions for the northern portion of the County Armagh are also held four times a year in the County Building, William Street.


TOWN COMMISSIONERS FOR 1896 (Board meets first Monday in each month at 12 o'clock)
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Chairman of Town Commission
GilchristJohnTown Commissioner
McCaugheyJohn (J.P.)Town Commissioner
DicksonJohnTown Commissioner
MalcolmsonJohnTown Commissioner
WhiteWilliamTown Commissioner
McGeownRobertTown Commissioner
ReburnThomas (J.P.)Town Commissioner
MathersRobertTown Commissioner
HoppsThomasTown Commissioner
HazeltonRobertTown Commissioner
StevensonA. W.Town Commissioner
ThompsonJ. A. (V.S.)Town Commissioner
DobsonJohnTown Commissioner
FlemingW. J.Town Commissioner
PollockF. W.Town Clerk
ShillingtonHenryTown Surveyor
AgnewDr.Medical Officer of Health
DunwoodyJ.Sanitary Sub-Officer and Town Constable
LindsayMrs.Post Office
O'LoughlinRev. R. S. (D.D.)Rector, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
LangfordRev. C. F.Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
GahanRev. T.Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
SmytheMr.Organist, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
HarperRev. Thomas (M.A.)Rector, Parish Church - Ardmore
--First Presbyterian Church - High Street
KennedyRev. C. W.Second Presbyterian Church - Hill Street
OliverRev. JamesMethodist Chapel - High Street
WhitakerRev. J. G.Methodist Chapel - High Street
MoranRev. J. H.Methodist Chapel - Queen Street
--Queen Street
O'HareRev. James (P.P.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
McConvilleRev. M. B. (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
McConvilleRev. P. (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
McAllisterRev. Daniel (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
BoydRev. J.Pastor, Baptist Chapel - Union Street
--Union Street
LURGAN COLLEGE (Under Watt's endowment, stands on the Lough Neagh Road)
KirkpatrickW. T. (M.A.)Head Master, Lurgan College - Lough Road
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
VintJ. H.Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
CrawfordWilliam (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
KennedyRev. C. W.Patron, Hill Street National School
ShieldsW.Teacher Boy's, Hill Street National School
PollockMissTeacher Girl's, Hill Street National School
O'LoughlinDr. R. S.Dean of Dromore (D.D.), Patron, Free School - North Street
HowellR.Teacher, Free School - North Street
HowellMrs.Teacher, Free School - North Street
O'HareRev. J. (P.P.)Patron, St. Peter's National School - North Street
McConvilleJohnTeacher, St. Peter's National School - North Street
SpeersSolomonHead Master, Model School
KeatleyW. G.First Assistant, Model School
CollinsEliabethHead Mistress, Girls' School, Model School
GreerJuliaFirst Assistant,Girls' School, Model School
GrayMrs.Head Mistress, Infants' School, Model School
BrownMissFirst Assistant, Infants' School, Model School
HamillRev. Thomas (M.A.)Patron, National School - High Street
ShieldsR.Teacher, National School - High Street
CooneyMrs.Teacher, National School - High Street
MarshallMrs.Teacher, Ragged School - Queen Street
SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE (Meets in Town Clerk's Office, third Wednesday every month at ten o'clock)
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Chairman, School Attendance Committee
O'LoughlinRev. Dr.School Attendance Committee
HamillRev. T. M. (M.A.)School Attendance Committee
McCaugheyJohn (J.P.)School Attendance Committee
MagennisDr. E. (J.P.)School Attendance Committee
McNallyJohn (J.P.)School Attendance Committee
ThompsonJohn A.School Attendance Committee
JordanJamesSchool Attendance Committee
EnglishMr. HughSchool Attendance Officer
PollockJohn W.Secretary, School Attendance Committee
RogersW. E.Manager, Belfast Bank - High Street
MegarryH.Manager, Northern Bank - High Street
HendersonJ.Manager, Ulster Bank - High Street
BairdJamesProprietor, Lurgan Loan Bank - Hill Street
GAS WORKS (Board of Directors meet on the first Monday in each month)
TallentireW.Manager, Gas Works - William Street
MegahanFred W.Secretary, Gas Works - William Street
ScarletJ.Station Master, Railway Station - William Street
PatrickR.Head Porter, Railway Station - William Street
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE (Reading-room open from 7 a.m., till 10 p.m., every day in the week, except Sunday)
MalcolmJames (D.L.)President, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
WatsonC.Secretary, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
CarsonWilliamLibrarian, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
SHANKILL BUILDINGS (Reading, recreation, and refreshment rooms, Church Place; reading-room open from 7 a.m. till ten p.m., every day in the week except Sunday)
--Church Place
CONSTABULARY STATIONS (There are three Constabulary Stations in Lurgan, the Principal being situated in Union Street, and the others in Queen Street and Edward Street. They are occupied by a force of about forty men)
GrayAlexanderDistrict Inspector, Constabulary
KirwanJamesHead Constable, Constabulary Station
IrwinSergeant W. J.Constabulary Station - Union Street
HarteSergeant OwenConstabulary Station - Union Street
KellySergeant HenryConstabulary Station - Union Street
RichardsonSergeant RobertConstabulary Station - Union Street
LockhartSergeant JohnConstabulary Station - Queen Street
LawlorSergeant JamesConstabulary Station - Queen Street
GallagherSergeant JamesConstabulary Station - Edward Street
O'FarrellSergeant ThomasConstabulary Station - Edward Street
PepperSergeant WilliamConstabulary Station - Derryad
WalshSergeant DavidConstabulary Station - Ballinary
UNION WORKHOUSE (Board of Guardians meet every Thursday at eleven o'clock)
DonaldsonJamesClerk, Union Workhouse
DonaldsonEdwin J.Assistant Clerk, Union Workhouse
CalvertJamesMaster, Union Workhouse
CalvertMrs.Matron, Union Workhouse
JonesRobertRate Collector, Union Workhouse
TaylorJohnRate Collector, Union Workhouse
TwinamR.Rate Collector, Union Workhouse
DarlingDr.Medical Officer, Union Workhouse
COURT-HOUSE (A commodious building, recently erected by the County Armagh at a cost of £4,000.)
MaloneMrs.Caretaker, Court-House - William Street
AgnewSamuel (M.D.)High Street
AllanWilliam JamesLinwinney House
AllenWilliamWilliam Street
AndersonGeorgeSeedsman - Market Street
AndersonMrs.Milliner - Market Street
AndersonRobertTailor - Union Street
AndersonWilliamTailor - Union Street
Armstrong & Mathers-Woollendrapers, Haberdashers and Silk Merchants - Market Street
BairdJamesLoan Bank Proprietor - Hill Street
Baird & Heaney-Blouse Makers - Mark Street
BallanceMissDrapery Warehouse - High Street
BanksJ.Hairdresser - High Street
BarrAlexanderGrocer - Edward Street
BellSamuel A. (J.P.)Bellvue House
BellSamuel (jun.)Solitude
Bell & Co.T.Manufacturers - Bellvue
BerwickEdwardPublican - Queen Street
BestWilliam RobertFancy Box Maker and Handkerchief Finisher - Queen Street
BlackHughShoemaker - Castle Lane
BlackJohnDruggist - Church Place
Black & SonH.Boot and Shoemaker - Market Street
BostonFrancisPawnbroker - High Street
BowdenMrs.Stationer - High Street
BoyceWilliam H.Machine Maker - Union Street
BrackenDr.Market Street
BrattyJohnDelph Merchant - High Street
Brown & Co.-Damask Manufacturers - Queen Street
BrownM. S. & J.Milliners - High Street
BrownWilliamSaddler - William Street
BurnsWilliamCarpenter - Mark Street
Calvert & Co.JospehChemists and Druggists - Market Street
CampbellJamesMarket Street
CarlisleWilliamGrocer and Provision Merchant - Queen Street
CarrickJohn S.High Street
CarsonJamesMerchant - Market Street
CarsonSamuelFowl Dealer - Union Street
Carson & Duffy-Painters - Queen Street
CartwrightRobertGrocer - Edward Street
CaseyEdwardVictualler - Church Place
CastlesWesleyFlesher - Market Street
CharlesSamuelWatchmaker - High Street
CherryAndrewAuctioneer - Market Street
ClarkeThomasVictualler - Market Street
ClarkeWalterVictualler - Market Street
Clendinning & SonsJamesManufacturers - High Street
CollinsMrs.Dress and Mantlemaker - Hill Street
CousinsJamesWatchmaker - Market Street
Crawford & Co.W. H.Bottling Works - William Street
Cullenan & Co.BernardDrapers - Market Street
CumbertonMrs.Butcher - Market Street
CuppageRev. AdamSilverwood
DanielAlexanderConfectioner - William Street
DarlingJohn S. (M.D.)High Street
DicksonJamesGrocer - Church Place
DicksonJohnEstate Agent - Church Place
DobsonJ.Publican - Queen Street
DonaldsonJamesClerk of Union - Avenue Road
DonnellyAndrewCommercial Hotel - Church Place
DonnellyArthurChurch Place
DonnellySarah JaneGrocer and Publican - Church Place
DonnellyMissRefreshments - Church Place
DouganG.Inspector of National Schools - Doagh Road
DrummondWilliamBox Maker - Charles Street
DukeJosephManufacturer - Union Street
DukeWilliamShuttlemaker - High Street
Duncan & SonGeorgeDrapers - Market Street
DynesDanielTobacconist - Church Place
EmersonWilliamClerk - William Street
English and Scottish Life OfficeClaude Brownlow (J.P.) - Agent-
English and Scottish Life OfficeWilliam A. Gilbert - AgentLawnmount
English and Scottish Life OfficeHenry Megarry - AgentNorthern Bank
English and Scottish Life OfficeW. H. D. Moore - AgentSolicitor
EnglishJamesManufacturer - North Street
EsdaleMrs.Publican - Market Street
FaloonThomasHemstitching Factory - William Street
FergusonEdwardShoemaker - Market Street
Fitzsimmons & Co.-Drapers - Market Street
FlemingCharlesIronmonger - High Street
FlemingJohnPublican, Grocer and News Agent - Market Street
FlemingW. J.House Agent - Union Street
GallagherJamesSmith - Castle Lane
GambleThompsonPawnbroker - William Street
GilchristJohnDraper - Market Street
GillespieJamesDruggist and Grocer - Church Place
GilmoreWilliamPublican - Market Street
GouldRichardDesigner - Hill Street
GreerJamesCoachbuilder and Smith - High Street
HalfpennyWilliamTinsmith - Castle Lane
HallJames L.Grocer - Market Street
HallidayEdwardGrocer - High Street
HandJamesLoan Bank - North Street
HandWilliamPublican - William Street
HannaJ. B.Hemstitch Factory Owner - William Street
HannaThomasManufacturer - Queen Street
HarperJamesHigh Sreet
HarperRev. T. B.Rector of Ardmore
Harrison Bros.-Manufacturers - William Street
HarrisonValentineManufacturer - Lough Road
HayesH.Solicitor - High Street
HazletonRobertPawnbroker - Market Street
HewittAdamCoal Merchant and Pawnbroker - Edward Street
HillJohnManufacturer - William Street
HoppsWilliamGrocer - Hill Street
HoustonJohnBootmaker - North Street
HoustonWilliamDruggist - Church Place
ImrieMissConfectioner - High Street
Ireland Bros.-Spirit Dealers and Grocers - Church Place
JohnstonC.Solicitor - High Street
JohnstonJamesBrewer - Market Street
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Chairman of Lurgan Board of Guardians - Hill Street
JohnstonMrs.High Street
Johnston, Allen, & Co.-Manufacturers - Victoria Street and William Street
Johnston & Allen-Yarn Merchants - High Street
Jordan & SonThomasManufacturers - Edward Street
KennedyJamesBaker and Grocer - High Street
KennedyMrs.Dressmaker & Baby Linen Warehouse - Church Place
KennedyRev. C. W.The Manse - Shankill
KennedyRichardGrocer - Edward Street
KilpatrickWilliamSmith - Church Place
KirkpatrickW. T.Lurgan College
LauderJamesClerk - Frederick Place
LiddellWilliam (J.P.)Banoge House - Donacloney
LiddellWilliam (jun.)Winona - Donacloney
LindsayMrs.Post-Office - Market Street
Livingston & Best-Linen Merchants - Market Street
Livingston & Co.HughDrapers - Market Street
LivockA. H.Organist - Hill Street
LockhartThe MissesHigh Street
LongJohnPlumber and Gasfitter - William Street
LonsdaleRobertManufacturer - William Street
LonsdaleWilliamCarpenter - Avenue Road
LynnSamuelPlumber - High Street
MacounWilliam36 North Street
MagahanFrederick W.Clerk of Petty Sessions - Church Place
MageeJohn & PatrickPublicans - Union Street
MageeRobertFlesher - High Street
MageeThomasPublican - Edward Street
MagennisE. (M.D., J.P.)Church Place
MaguireWilliamPainter and Glazier - High Street
MalcolmJames (J.P., D.L.)High Street
MalcolmJamesPower-Loom Factory - Factory Lane
MalcolmJames (jun.)Hill Street
MalcolmS.Grocer - Victoria Street
MalcolmsonDavidMerchant - Market Street
MalcolmsonJohnMerchant - Market Street
MartinW. J.Carpenter - Union Street
Mathers & Bunting-Manufacturers - Union Street
Mathers & Co.RobertTimber and Coal Merchants - Market Street
Matier & Co.HenryLinen Manufacturers - High Street
MatthewsWilliamGrocer and Coal Merchant - Edward Street
MaxwellJohnHemstitch Factory - Market Street
MegarryHenryManager - Northern Bank
MenaryThomasHill Street
MenaryT. G.Solicitor - Church Place
Menary Brothers-Drapers - Market Street
MoffettMissBrownlow Arms Hotel - Market Street
MoffettThomasShoemaker - William Street
MolloyElizabethCafe - William Street
MooneyThomasPublican - Church Place
MooreDr. J. M.High Street
MooreW. H.Solicitor - High Street
Moore & Johnston-Solicitors - High Street
MurphyJ.Grocer - William Street
MurphyJoseph (J.P.)William Street
Murphy & Co.-Drapers - Market Street
Murphy & SonsJ.Yarn Merchants - William Street
Murphy & Stevenson-Manufacturers - High Street
MurrayAlexanderPainter and Glazier - William Street
MurrayDanielDelf and Waste Merchant - High Street
MurrayRichardConfectioner - Market Street
McBride & Co.S. W.Manufacturers - William Street
McCannJohnClerk - William Street
McCannM.Builder and Contractor - William Street
McCappinJamesWoodturner - High Street
McCarrisonThomasBaker - North Street
McCaughey & Co.-Linen Manufacturers - Church Place
McCaugheyJamesChurch Place
McCaugheyJohn (J.P.)Church Place
McCauleyWilliam R.Cabinetmaker - High Street
McClimmondJamesBakers and Grocers - High Street
McClureW. W. (J.P.)Hill Street
McConnell & Seawright-Manufacturers - Queen Street
McConvilleJamesPublican - William Street
McConvilleJ.Publican - Edward Street
McCulloughMrs.Manageress of Shankill Buildings Café
McCuskerP.Butcher - Church Place
McDowellMrs.Temperance Hotel - Market Street
McGeaghH. G.Managing Director of Lurgan Weaving Co. - Lough Road
McGeownPatrickPublican - Church Place
McGlynnB. (J.P.)Market Street
McGreevyHughTinsmith - Castle Lane
McKeeAlexanderLeather Merchant - Market Street
McKeownE. J.News Agent - Church Place and Market Street
McLarnonThe MissesRailway Hotel - William Street
McMullanJamesGrocer and Publican
McMullanRobertManufacturer - Union Street
McNallyJohn (J.P.)Avenue Road
NeillCharlesBootmaker - Edward Street
Neilson & SonsWilliamReed and Heddle Manufacturers - William Street
NelsonWilliam R.Manufacturer - William Street
NicholsonRobertGrocer - Edward Street
OliverDavidUnion Street
O'HanlonHughRent Agent - Union Street
O'HareJamesTinsmith - Castle Lane
O'HareRev. James (P.P.)North Street
O'LaughlinR. S. (D.D.)The Rectory
O'NeillJamesVictualler - Market Street
O'NeillMaryPublican - Church Place
O'NeillW. J. (C.E.)Mile House
O'ReillyJohn C.Solicitor - William Street
ParkWilliamDruggist - Market Street
PattonJohnInsurance and Rent Agent - Edward Street
PedlowDavidPublican - Church Place
PedlowSamuelPublican - Edward Street
Phoenix Fire OfficeWilliam Macoun (J.P.) - AgentLinen Manufacturer
Phoenix Fire OfficeW. A. Gilbert - AgentLawnmount
PlenderleithPeterClothier - Market Street
PollockGeorgeMusic Teacher - High Street
PottsThomasClogmaker - Market Street
RamsayThomasDraper - Market Street
Reburn & Co.-Drapers - Arcade, Market Street
ReynoldsEdwardSaddler - High Street
RichardsonLouisPrinter, Stationer, and Proprietor 'Lurgan Mail' - Church Place
Richardson, Sons & Owden, Limited-Manufacturers - William Street
RobinsonJohn D.Hill Street
RocksBernardTailor - Edward Street
Ross, Irwin, & Co.-Yarn Merchants
Ross & Co.JohnHemstitch Factory - High Street
RuddellGeorgeFlesher - Church Place
RuddellJohnHill Street
ScarletJ.Stationmaster - Lough Road
ScottJohnGrocer - Queen Street
SloanMrs.Publican - Church Place
SmithMariaPublican - Edward Street
SmithRobertWatchmaker - Church Place
SomervilleMissMilliner - Edward Street
SomervilleRichardGrocer - High Street
SoyeAlexanderThe Farmyard
SoyeJ.Grocer - Victoria Street
SpeersJamesCar Proprietor - Market Street
StothersThomasGrocer - Union Street
SullivanWilliamGrocer - Queen Street
TallentireWinfredManager Gas Works - William Street
TavenerA. J.Draper - Market Street
TaylorS.Baker - Edward Street
ThompsonGeorgePattern-Painter - Queen Street
ThompsonJ. A. (V.S.)Church Place
ThompsonJohnReedmaker - Church Place
ThompsonMaxwellHaberdasher - William Street
ThompsonRobertAuctioneer - William Street
ThompsonRobertConfectioner - High Street
ThompsonW. J.Reedmaker - Church Place
TombeHamiltonDraper - Market Street
TonerMichaelGrocer - North Street
TurkingtonGeorgeBaker - Church Place
TurkingtonSamuelCabinetmaker - High Street
TurkingtonWilliamBaker and Grocer - High Street
UsherJamesSolicitor - William Street
WakeG.Fowl Dealer - Frederick Place
WaiteR. J.Rent and Insurance Agent - Edward Street
WalshPatrickCarpenter - Union Street
WardGeorgePublican - Castle Lane
WardHughDairy - Edward Street
WaringColonel (J.P., D.L., M.P.)Waringstown
WarrenMissMusic Teacher - Hill Street
WatsonFrancis (J.P.)Lakeview
WatsonHughSolicitor - William Street
WatsonJamesMerchant - High Street
WatsonMissHigh Street
Watson & SonsRobertManufacturers - Queen Street
WeatherallW.Boot and Shoemaker - Queen Street
WeirMissFriends Terrace, High Street
WellsJamesGrocer - Edward Street
WhiteSamuelPrinter, Stationer and Proprietor 'Lurgan Times' - High Street
WilsonMrs.Watchmaker - High Street
WilsonMrs.Derry Lodge
WoodsArthurPlasterer - Union Street
AbrahamHenryFarmer - Ardmore
BerwickEdwardFarmer - Railway Hotel, William Street
BlaneyJamesFarmer - Aghacommon
BridgetJohn H.Farmer - Monbrief
BuillickRalphFarmer - Ballymacranell
CairnesJamesFarmer - Ballynamoney
CalvertHenryFarmer - Ballyhannon
CoulterJosephFarmer - Tullygally
CumminsJohnFarmer - Moyraverty
CumminsWilliamFarmer - Tullygally
DoakWilliamFarmer - Kinegoe
DobsonGeorgeFarmer - Gaskin's Grove, Bleary
ElliottThomasFarmer - Kilmore
EllisRobertFarmer - Kilmore
FfordeJames (J.P.)Farmer - Raughlan
GraceyJohnFarmer - Legahorry
HewittJoeFarmer - Knockramer
HewittRalphFarmer - Tegnavin
HolmesJohnFarmer - Kilycomain
HolmesRobertFarmer - Clanrolla
HoppsWilliamFarmer - Legahorry
JohnsonM.Farmer - Knockmenagh
JonesJohnFarmer - Rockview, Drumgask
JonesThomas JamesFarmer - Moyraverty
KerrJohnFarmer - Tullygally
KnoxGeorgeFarmer - Kilmore
LennonThomasFarmer - Derryadd
LunnWilliamFarmer - Clankilvoragh
LuttonTollertonFarmer - Moyraverty
LynassRobertFarmer - Carn
MacounAbrahamFarmer - Moyraverty
MacounJohn (J.P.)Farmer - Kilmore
MacounJohnFarmer - Moyraverty
MagennissJamesFarmer - The Mill, Ballymacranell
MooreW. H. D. (M.A.)Farmer - Tegnavin
McCawRobertFarmer - Tegnavin
McConvilleJamesFarmer - Ballynamoney
McGeownGeorge ThomasFarmer - Kilmore
McGeownJohnFarmer - Drumnagoon
McGeownThomasFarmer - Kilmore
McKayArthurFarmer - Kilmore
McKinstryJ.Farmer - Tullygally
McKittrickGeorge (J.P.)Farmer - Kilmore
PattersonHughFarmer - Drumnakerne
RobinsonRobertFarmer - Ardmore
RobinsonWilliamFarmer - Lylo
RuddellElizaFarmer - Lisnisky
RuddellNelsonFarmer - Aghacommon
SpenceLewisFarmer - Drumnagoon
StevensonC.Farmer - Derrytrasna
StevensonJosephFarmer - Derrytrasna
StevensonJosephFarmer - Sandbank, Derrytrasna
StevensonWilliam HenryFarmer - Derryadd
TaylorWilliamFarmer - Clanrolla
TurtleW. T.Farmer - Kilmore
UprichardJames H.Farmer - Tanaghmore West
WellsCharlesFarmer - Bleary
WellsJamesFarmer - Bleary
WhiteRobertFarmer - Bocombra
WilsonJamesFarmer - Derryinver

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