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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1892: News-Letter Office

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1892.

(Compiled at the “Belfast News-Letter” Office, Printed at the “Belfast News-Letter” Printing House, 55, 57, & 59 Donegall Street, Belfast, 1892.)
Volume XIV.



The Fourteenth Volume of this undoubtedly useful work is now presented to the Public in an even more complete form than any of the preceding volumes. The Street Lists, Alphabetical Lists, and Professions and Trades Lists, have been prepared after great trouble by the Postmen of the City of Belfast, and they are, therefore, responsible for them. As the epidemic of influenza has been unfortunately so busy amongst us since these lists just referred to were printed, and, too many of those who have died appear in this Directory, the Publishers have with this volume included a list of some of those who have died during this time it was being printed, so that those in business can consult it before forwarding their circulars. It is needless to add that no expense has been spared to make this Directory as accurate as possible, but from the fact that two thirds of the Population of Belfast remove at least four times a year, a perfectly correct Directory of names is almost an impossibility. The price of the Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory is most moderate considering the expense attending its publication, therefore, it is to be hoped that the Publishers will be assisted by a generous public in their efforts to supply to business people one of the requisites of a successful commercial undertaking.

“Belfast News-Letter” Office,
55, 57, and 59, Donegall Street, Belfast.
March, 1892


Lurgan is a flourishing manufacturing town in the County of Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and one and a half miles from Lough Neagh. Brownlow House, the home residence of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, (Lord of the manor), is a splendid castle, fronted on the east by a large and beautiful lake and surrounded by a fine enclosed plantation which extends along the whole north-eastern side of the town. To this demesne there are several entrances, the principal being by an elegant lodge, which stands near the centre of the town, between High Street and Market Street. Generally speaking, the architectural character of Lurgan is not picturesque. The greater portion of the town has been rebuilt within recent years, and within the past two years quite a new quarter has appeared beyond the Railway, on “the Lough” side of the town, mostly occupied with artisans’ dwellings. Lurgan is the first town of the County Armagh in population and commercial resources, and it is a very important legal centre as well. The general Quarter Sessions of the county are held there, and the large Petty Sessions district – which extends from the Moyntagh shores of Lough Neagh to several miles into the County Down – affords ample business for that court, which is held on the first and third Tuesday in each month. The manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs and damask goods is the staple trade of Lurgan and the country and villages surrounding, and to the success and skill of the inhabitants in the production of these fabrics may be attributed the rapid progress of the town. In 1831 the population of Lurgan was 3,760; it is now about 16,000. The annual valuation of a rateable property was then £5,578; it is now considerably over £20,000. The accumulation of private wealth must have been more than treble that of public, as a large number of manufacturers have, in the same period amassed princely fortunes. Among the principal depots of public industry in Lurgan are the extensive power-loom factories of James Malcolm, Esq., D.L.; the Lurgan Weaving Company; and that of Messrs. Johnston, Allen & Co.; and the linen and cambric manufactories of Messrs. Robert Watson and Son, John Douglas and Sons, Thomas Bell & Co.; hemstitching factories of Crawford & Co., J. Ross & Co., Thomas Faloon, J. B. Hanna, Bullock & Co., J. Maxwell & Co., Murphy & Stevenson, Richardson, Sons & Owden, James Glass & Co., Mercer & Brown, Mercer & Magill, Mathers & Bunting, and James Clendinning & Sons; and the stitching factory of the Lurgan Hemming and Veining Co.
The Belfast, Northern and Ulster Banks have each branches in operation here. The Parish Church, a large edifice in Gothic architecture, occupies a commanding site in the centre of the town and has a fine peal of eight bells. There is a handsome and spacious Church of Ireland Mission Hall and School-House in John Street. There are also commodious houses of worship for Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists’, the Society of Friends, and Roman Catholics. There are, besides Lurgan College and the Model School, a good number of National Schools available for instruction, two of these being in immediate connection with St. Peter’s Church and St. Joseph’s Convent. The municipal affairs of Lurgan are managed by a Board of fifteen Commissioners, incorporated under the Towns Improvement Act of 1854. The Mechanics’ Institute is a handsome structure, situated at the corner of Market street and Union street. The Library is open on the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from seven till nine o’clock. The Town-hall is in Union Street and contains a lecture-hall, with a platform at end with footlights, a small museum, Town Commissioners’ office, and a room occupied by the Masonic body. There is a well-supplied market held in Lurgan every Thursday, and fairs monthly and twice a year. 


TOWN COMMISSIONERS FOR 1892 (Board meets first Monday in each month at 12 o'clock)
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Chairman of Town Commission
GilchristJohnTown Commissioner
McCaugheyJohnTown Commissioner
CrawfordW. H.Town Commissioner
MathersJoseph P.Town Commissioner
HazeltonRobertTown Commissioner
LivingstonW.Town Commissioner
McKeeA. H.Town Commissioner
StevensonA. W.Town Commissioner
ThopmsonJ. A. (V.S.)Town Commissioner
FitzsimmonsJ. W.Town Commissioner
DicksonJ.Town Commissioner
DobsonJ.Town Commissioner
FlemingW. J.Town Commissioner
CampbellRossTown Commissioner
ShillingtonHenryTown Commissioner
AgnewDr.Medical Officer of Health
DunwoodyJ.Sanitary Sub-Officer and Town Constable
BrownlowClaudeAgent and Receiver, Lord Lurgan's Office
DicksonJohnBook Keeper, Lord Lurgan's Office
MathersRobert (J.P.)Distributor, Stamp Office
CampbellVery Rev. Theophilus (D.D.)Dean of Dromore, Rector, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
StevensonRev. G. A. (B.A.)Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
JonesRev. J. J.Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
PeacockRev. J. A.Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
LivockA. H.Organist, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
HarperRev. Thomas (M.A.)Rector, Parish Church - Ardmore
HamillRev. Thomas M. (M.A.)First Presbyterian Church - High Street
KennedyRev. C. W.Second Presbyterian Church - Hill Street
StarkieRev. Mr.Methodist Chapel - High Street
SmythRev. Mr.Methodist Chapel - High Street
RutherfordRev. Mr.Methodist Chapel - Queen Street
--Queen Street
O'HareRev. James (P.P.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
McConvilleRev. M. B. (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
CampbellRev. Peter Paul (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
RyanRev. F. J.Pastor, Baptist Chapel - Union Street
--Union Street
PickeRev. E. (C.C)St. Vincent's Patrenage - Church Place
DesmondRev. D. (C.C.)St. Vincent's Patrenage - Church Place
LURGAN COLLEGE (Under Watt's endowment, stands on the Lough Neagh Road)
KirkpatrickW. T. (M.A.)Head Master, Lurgan College - Lough Road
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
GreerGeorge (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
KennedyRev. C. W.Patron, Hill Street National School
ShieldsW.Teacher Boy's, Hill Street National School
PollockMissTeacher Girl's, Hill Street National School
--Dean of Dromore (D.D.), Patron, Free School - North Street
HowellR.Teacher, Free School - North Street
AndersonAnnTeacher, Free School - North Street
O'HareRev. J. (P.P.)Patron, St. Peter's National School - North Street
McConvilleJohnTeacher, St. Peter's National School - North Street
SpeersSolomonHead Master, Model School
KeatleyW. J.First Assistant, Model School
MarshallWilliamSecond Assistant, Model School
YoungG.Second Assistant, Model School
CollinsEliabethHead Mistress, Girls' School, Model School
GreerJuliaFirst Assistant,Girls' School, Model School
GrayMrs.Head Mistress, Infants' School, Model School
BrownMissFirst Assistant, Infants' School, Model School
HamillRev. Thomas (M.A.)Patron, National School - High Street
ShieldsR.Teacher, National School - High Street
CooneyMrs.Teacher, National School - High Street
MarshallMrs.Teacher, Ragged School - Queen Street
RogersJ.Manager, Belfast Bank - High Street
MegarryH.Manager, Northern Bank - High Street
VintR.Manager, Ulster Bank - High Street
BairdJamesProprietor, Lurgan Loan Bank - Hill Street
GAS WORKS (Board of Directors meet on the first Monday in each month)
TallentireT.Manager, Gas Works - William Street
MagahanFred W.Secretary, Gas Works - William Street
SteensonJ.Station Master, Railway Station - William Street
ThompsonW.Ticket Clerk, Railway Station - William Street
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE (Reading-room open from 7 a.m., till 10 p.m., every day in the week, except Sunday)
LurganLordPresident, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
AgnewDr.Secretary, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
CarsonWilliamLibrarian, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
SHANKILL BUILDINGS (Reading, recreation, and refreshment rooms, Church Place; reading-room open from 7 a.m. till ten p.m., every day in the week except Sunday)
--Church Place
CONSTABULARY STATIONS (There are three Constabulary Stations in Lurgan, the Principal being situated in Union Street, and the others in Queen Street and Edward Street. They are occupied by a force of about thirty men)
GrayE. D.District Inspector, Constabulary
GreenMichaelHead Constable, Constabulary Station
FailrySergeantConstabulary Station - Union Street
GallagherSergeantConstabulary Station - Union Street
BowenSergeantConstabulary Station - Union Street
GrahamSergeantConstabulary Station - Union Street
LockhartSergeantConstabulary Station - Queen Street
MooneySergeantConstabulary Station - Edward Street
O'DonnellSergeantConstabulary Station - Edward Street
LynchSergeantConstabulary Station - Edward Street
UNION WORKHOUSE (Board of Guardians meet every Thursday at eleven o'clock)
DonaldsonJamesClerk, Union Workhouse
TaylorRobertMaster, Union Workhouse
TaylorMrs.Matron, Union Workhouse
DarlingDr.Medical Officer, Union Workhouse
COURT-HOUSE (A commodious building, recently erected by the County Armagh at a cost of £4,000.)
MaloneMrs.Caretaker, Court-House - William Street
AgnewSamuel (M.D.)High Street
AllenA.Income Tax Collector - Frederick Street
AllenJosephLough Road
AllenRichardDruggist - Market Street
AllenWilliamWilliam Street
AndersonGeorgeSeedsman - Market Street
AndersonMrs.Milliner - Market Street
AndersonRobertTailor - Union Street
AndersonWilliamTailor - Union Street
ArcherDavidContractor and Publican - Church Place
ArmstrongMrs. JohnWilliam Street
Armstrong & Mathers-Woollendrapers, Haberdashers and Silk Merchants - Market Street
BairdJamesLoan Bank Proprietor - Hill Street
BallanceMissDrapery Warehouse - High Street
BarrAlexanderGrocer - Edward Street
Bell & Co.T.Manufacturers - Bellvue
BellSamuel A. (J.P.)Bellvue House
BerwickJamesPublican - Queen Street
BlackHughShoemaker - Castle Lane
BlackThomasBoot and Shoe Manufacturer - Church Place
BowdenMrs.Stationer - High Street
BoyceWilliam H.Machine Maker - Union Street
BrattyJohnDelph Merchant - Church Place
Brown & Co.-Damask Manufacturers - Queen Street
BrownM. S. & J.Milliners - High Street
BrownWilliamSaddler - William Street
BryansW.Painter and Glazier - High Street
BullichIsaacLinen Manufacturer - Hill Street
Calvert & Co.JospehChemists and Druggists - Market Street
CampbellJamesMarket Street
CampbellRev. Peter Paul (C.C.) -North Street
CampbellVery Rev. Theophilus (D.D.) Dean of DromoreThe Rectory
CarrickG. R. (J.P.)High Street
CarsonJamesMerchant - Market Street
CartwrightRobertGrocer - Edward Street
CaseyJ.Victualler - Church Place
CharlesSamuelWatchmaker - High Street
CherryAndrewAuctioneer - Market Street
ClarkeMrs.High Street
ClarkeThomasVictualler - Market Street
ClarkeWalterVictualler - Market Street
Clendinning & SonsJamesManufacturers - High Street
CollinsMrs.Dress and Mantlemaker - Edward Street
Cousins-Watchmaker - Market Street
CowdyL. & L.Stationers - High Street
Crawford & Co.George A.Hemstitching Factory - Victoria Street
Crawford & Co.W. H.Bottling Works - William Street
Cullenan & Co.BernardDrapers - Market Street
CumbertonMrs.Butcher - Market Street
CuppageRev. AdamSilverwood
DarlingJohn S. (M.D.)High Street
DicksonJamesShankill Buildings, Refreshment Rooms and Grocer - Church Place
DobsonJ.Publican - Queen Street
DonaldsonJamesClerk of Union - Sunnyside
DonnellyArthurChurch Place
DouganG.Inspector of National Schools, Doagh Road
Douglas & SonsJohnManufacturers - William Street
DouglasMrs.High Street
DouglasMrs.Market Street
DukeJosephManufacturer - Union Street
DukeWilliamShuttlemaker - High Street
Duncan & SonGeorgeDrapers - Market Street
DynesDanielTobacconist - Church Place
EmersonThomasPublican - Church Place
EsdaleMrs.Grocer and Publican - Market Street
EvansMrs.Servants' Registry Office - Edward Street
FaloonThomasHemstitching Factory - William Street
FergusonEdwardShoemaker - Market Street
FfordeJames (J.P.)Raughlan
FinchMrs.Baker and Grocer - North Street
Fitzsimmons & Co.-Drapers - Market Street
FlemingJohnPublican, Grocer and News Agent - Market Street
FlemingW. J.House Agent - Union Street
GallagherJamesSmith - Castle Lane
GallagherMrs. M.Publican - Edward Street
GambleThompsonPawnbroker - William Street
GilchristJohnDraper - Market Street
Glass & Co.JamesManufacturers - William Street
GouldRichardDesigner - Hill Street
GraceyRobertPublican - Queen Street
GreerGeorge (J.P.)Woodville
GreerJamesCoachbuilder and Smith - High Street
HalfpennyMrs.Tinsmith - Castle Lane
HallJames L.Grocer - Market Street
HallidayEdwardGrocer - High Street
HandWilliamPublican - William Street
HannaJ. B.Hemstitch Factory Owner - William Street
HannaThomasManufacturer - Queen Street
HarkinCharlesMason - William Street
HarperRev. T. B.Rector of Ardmore
HarperJamesHigh Street
Harrison Bros.-Manufacturers - William Street
HarroldJ.Blacksmith - Church Place
HayesH.Solicitor - High Street
HazletonRobertPawnbroker - Market Street
HewittAdamCoal Merchant and Pawnbroker - Edward Street
HoustonWilliamDruggist - Church Place
ImrieMissConfectioner - High Street
Ireland Bros.-Spirit Dealers and Grocers - Church Place
JohnstonC.Solicitor - High Street
JohnstonJamesBrewer - Market Street
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Chairman of Lurgan Board of Guardians - Hill Street
JohnstonMrs.High Street
Johnston & Allen-Manufacturers and Factory Owners - High Street
KennedyJamesBaker and Grocer - High Street
KennedyMrs.Dressmaker & Baby Linen Warehouse - Church Place
KennedyRev. C. W.The Manse - Shankhill
KennedyRichardGrocer - Edward Street
KilpatrickWilliamSmith - Church Place
KirkpatrickW. T.Lurgan College
KingJ.Grocer - Church Place
LiddellWilliam (J.P.)Banoge House - Donacloney
LindsayMrs.Post-Office - Market Street
LivingstonW. (T.C.)Lough Road
Livingston & Best-Linen Manufacturers
Livingston & Co.HughDrapers - Market Street
LivockA. H.Organist - Hill Street
LockhartJohn G.High Street
London and Counties Tea Company-Market Street
LongJohnPlumber and Gasfitter - William Street
LonsdaleWilliamCarpenter - Avenue Road
LurganLordBrownlow House
Lurgan Weaving Company--
MacounWilliam136 North Street
MagahanFrederick W.Clerk of Petty Sessions - Church Place
MageeHughSpirit Dealer - William Street
MageeThomasPublican - Union Street
MageeThomasPublican - Edward Street
MagennisE. (M.D., J.P.)Church Place
MaguireMrs. E.Publican - Edward Street
MaguireWilliamPainter and Glazier - High Street
MahaffyWilliamRegistrar of Marriages - Lough Road
MalcolmJames (J.P., D.L.)High Street
MalcolmJamesPower-Loom Factory - Factory Lane
MalcolmS.Grocer - Victoria Street
MalcolmsonDavidMerchant - Market Street
MalcolmsonJohnMerchant - Market Street
MartinWilliam J.Carpenter - Union Street
Mathers & Bunting-Manufacturers - Union Street
Mathers & Co.RobertTimber and Coal Merchants - Market Street
MathersJoseph P.Market Street
Matier & Co.HenryLinen Manufacturers - High Street
MatthewsWilliamGrocer and Coal Merchant - Edward Street
MaxwellJohnHemstitch Factory - Market Street
MenaryThomasHill Street
MenaryT. A.Solicitor - Market Street
MoffettMissBrownlow Arms Hotel - Market Street
MoffettThomasShoemaker - William Street
MooreDr. J. M.High Street
MooreW. H. D.Solicitor - High Street
MurphyJ.Grocer - William Street
MurphyJoseph (J.P.)William Street
Murphy & Co.-Drapers - Market Street
Murphy & SonsJ.Yarn Merchants - William Street
MurrayAlexanderPainter and Glazier - Church Place
MurrayDanielDelf and Waste Merchant - High Street
MurrayW.Whitesmith - Edward Street
McBride & Co.S. W.Manufacturers - William Street
McCabeJamesTailor - William Street
McCannM.Builder and Contractor - William Street
McCappinJamesWoodturner - High Street
McCarrisonThomasBaker - Edward Street
McCaughey & Co.-Linen Manufacturers - Church Place
McCaugheyJamesChurch Place
McCauleyWilliam R.Cabinetmaker - High Street
McClimmond & SonsJ.Bakers and Grocers - High Street
McClureW. W. (J.P.)Hill Street
McClureW. W.Merchant - High Street
McCuskerJ.Butcher - Church Place
McDowellMrs.Temperance Hotel - Market Street
McGeaghH. G.Managing Director of Lurgan Weaving Co. - Lough Road
McGeownPatrickPublican - Church Place
McGlynnB. (J.P.)Market Street
McKeeAlexanderLeather Merchant - Market Street
McKeownE. J.News Agent - Church Place and Market Street
McLarnonMissesRailway Hotel - William Street
McMullanJamesGrocer and Publican
McMullanRobertManufacturer - Union Street
McNallyJohn (J.P.)Avenue Road
Neilson & SonsWilliamReed and Heddle Manufacturers - William Street
NelsonWilliam R.Manufacturer - William Street
OliverDavidUnion Street
O'BrienMrs.Commercial Hotel - Church Place
O'HanlonHughRent Agent - Union Street
O'HareJamesTinsmith - Castle Lane
O'HareRev. James (P.P.)North Street
O'NeillJamesVictualler - Market Street
O'NeillW. J. (C.E.)Mile House
O'ReillyJ. C.Solicitor - William Street
PedloeSamuelPublican - Edward Street
PlenderleighPeterClothier - Market Street
PollockGeorgeMusic Teacher - High Street
PottsThomasClogmaker - Market Street
Reburn & Co.-Drapers - Arcade, Market Street
ReynoldsEdwardSaddler - High Street
RichardsonLewisPrinter, Stationer, and Proprietor 'Lurgan Mail' - Church Place
Richardson, Sons & Owden, Limited-Manufacturers - William Street
RobinsonJohn D.Hill Street
Robinson Brothers-Painters - William Street
RobinsonGeorgeTailor - Union Street
RocksBernardTailor - Edward Street
RossMrs. RobertHigh Street
Ross, Irwin, & Co.-Yarn Merchants
Ross & Co.JohnHemstitch Factory - High Street
RuddellJohnGrocer - High Street
SamsonW. J.Railway Official - Friends' Terrace
SandesR.House, Land and Insurance Agent - Hill Street
Shankhill Buildings, Coffee and Refreshment Rooms-Church Place
SibbetJ.Grocer - Hill Street
SloanL.Publican - Church Place
SmythMariaPublican - Edward Street
SomervilleMissMilliner - Edward Street
SomervilleRichardGrocer - High Street
SoyeJ.Grocer - Charles Street
SpeersJamesCar Proprietor - Queen Stret
StothersThomasGrocer - Union Street
SteensonJ.Stationmaster - William Street
SullivanWilliamGrocer - Queen Street
TallentireT.Manager Gas Works - William Street
TavenerA. J.Draper - Market Street
TaylorS.Baker - Edward Street
ThompsonGeorgePattern-Painter - Queen Street
ThompsonJ. A. (V.S.)Church Place
ThompsonJohnReedmaker - Church Place
ThompsonMaxwellHaberdasher - William Street
ThompsonRobertAuctioneer - William Street
ThompsonRobertConfectioner - High Street
ThompsonW. J.Reedmaker - Church Place
TonerMichaelGrocer - North Street
TurkingtonGeorgeBaker - Church Place
TurkingtonSamuelCabinetmaker - High Street
TurkingtonWilliamBaker and Grocer - High Street
UsherJamesSolicitor - William Street
WaithR. J.Rent and Insurance Agent - Edward Street
WakeG.Fowl Dealer - Frederick Place
WalshPatrickCarpenter - Union Street
WardGeorgePublican - Castle Lane
WaringColonel (J.P., D.L., M.P.)Waringstown
WarrenMissMusic Teacher - Hill Street
WatsonFrancis (J.P.)Lakeview
WatsonHughSolicitor - William Street
WatsonJamesMerchant - High Street
WatsonMissHigh Street
Watson & SonsRobertManufacturers - Queen Street
WeatherallW.Boot and Shoemaker - Queen Street
WeirMissFriends Terrace, High Street
WellsJamesGrocer - Edward Street
WhiteSamuelPrinter, Stationer and Proprietor 'Lurgan Times' - High Street
WilsonMrs.Watchmaker - High Street
WilsonMrs.Derry Lodge
WoodsArthurPlasterer - Edward Street
YoungJamesPainter - Church Place

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