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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1880: News-Letter Office

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1880.

(Compiled at the “Belfast News-Letter” Office, Printed at the “Belfast News-Letter” Steam Book-Printing House, Nos. 55, 57, & 59 Donegall Street, Belfast, 1880.)
Volume X.



The Tenth Volume of “The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory” is now presented to the Public in an enlarged size. Copious Alphabetical Indexes, for the convenience of enquirers, are given in the present issue, and so classified under each divisional heading, that any place, residence, institution, or business can be easily discovered. In the Appendix (at the end of Professions and Trades) will be found a number of omissions and alterations of addresses which took place during the progress of the printing. Every exertion has been used to make the work as correct as possible, and no expense has been spared to render it worthy of Belfast and the Province of Ulster. The Publisher is confident that it will be found a useful and reliable Book for every-day reference.

News-Letter Office,
March, 1880.



Is a flourishing manufacturing town in the County Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and one and a half miles from Lough Neagh. Brownlow House, the home residence of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, K.P. (Lord of the manor), is a splendid castle, fronted on the east by a large and beautiful lake and surrounded by a great enclosed plantation which extends along the whole north-eastern side of the town. To this demesne there are several entrances, the principal being by an elegant lodge, which stands near the centre of the town, between High Street and Market Street. Generally speaking, the architectural character of Lurgan is plain, but fashionable. The greater portion of the town has been tastefully rebuilt within recent years and though the houses are only two-storeys high from the level of the street, there are commonly cellars beneath. Lurgan is the first town of the County Armagh in population and commercial resources, and it is a very important legal centre as well. The general Quarter Sessions of the county are held there, and the large Petty Sessions district – which extends from the Moyntagh shores of Lough Neagh to several miles into the County Down – affords ample business for that court, which is held on the first and third Tuesday in each month. The manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs and damask goods is the staple trade of Lurgan and the country and villages surrounding, and to the success and skill of the inhabitants in the production of these fabrics may be attributed the rapid progress of the town. In 1831 the population of Lurgan was 3,700; it is now above 12,000. The annual valuation of a rateable property was then £5,578. It is now £17,000. The accumulation of private wealth must have been more than treble that of public, as a large number of manufacturers have, in the same period amassed princely fortunes. Among the principal depots of public industry in Lurgan are the extensive power-loom factories of James Malcolm, Esq., J.P., and Messrs. James Macoun & Co., and the linen and cambric manufactories of Messrs. John Ross & Co., Robert Watson and Sons, John Douglas & Sons, Johnston, Allen and Co., Thomas Bell & Co., Richardson, Sons & Owden Limited, James Glass & Co. and James Clendinning; and the stitching factory of the Lurgan Hemming and Veining Co.
The Belfast, Northern and Ulster Banks have each a branch in operation there. The Parish Church, a large edifice in Gothic architecture, occupies a commanding site in the centre of the town. There are also commodious houses of worship for Presbyterians, Methodists, the Society of Friends, and Roman Catholics. There are, besides Lurgan College and the Model School, a good number of National Schools available for instruction, two of these being in immediate connection with St. Peter’s Church and St. Joseph’s Convent. The municipal affairs of Lurgan are managed by a Board of fifteen Commissioners, incorporated under the Towns Improvement Act of 1854. The Mechanics’ Institute is a handsome structure, situated at the corner of Market street and Union street. The Library is open on the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from seven till nine o’clock. The Town-hall is in Union Street and contains a lecture-hall, with a platform at end with footlights, Town Commissioners’ office, and a room occupied by the Masonic body. There is a well-supplied market held in Lurgan every Thursday, and fairs monthly and twice a year. 


TOWN COMMISSIONERS FOR 1880 (Board meets first Monday in each month at 12 o'clock)
HancockJohn (J.P.)Chairman of Town Commission
MalcolmJames (J.P.)Town Commissioner
BellJohn J.Town Commissioner
JohnstonJohnTown Commissioner
ArbuckleJamesTown Commissioner
BairdWilliamTown Commissioner
MathersRobertTown Commissioner
ReburnThomasTown Commissioner
MahaffyWilliamTown Commissioner
CrawfordWilliamTown Commissioner
BlackJohnTown Commissioner
CarrickGeorge R.Town Commissioner
AllenJosephTown Commissioner
ParkinsonE. J.Town Commissioner
OlphertsJohn W. (M.D.)Town Commissioner
LuttonThomasTown Clerk
O'NeillW. J. (C.E.)Town Surveyor
RussellDr.Sanitary Officer
AgnewDr.Consulting Sanitary Officer
DunwoodyJ.Town Constable
HancockJohn (J.P.)Agent and Receiver, Lord Lurgan's Office
FlemingW. J.Book Keeper, Lord Lurgan's Office
MathersRobertDistributor, Stamp Office
CampbellRev. Theophilus (D.D.)Rector, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
HackettRev. S. J. (A.B.)Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
BurtonRev. J. G. (A.B.)Curate, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
PooleC. H.Organist, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
GreerJ. W. (J.P.)Parochial Nominator, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
MathersR.Parochial Nominator, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
BellJ. J.Parochial Nominator, Church of Ireland Parish Church - Church Place
JohnstonCourtenayChurch Warden - Hill Street
JohnstonJamesChurch Warden - Hill Street
LittRev. H. W. (A.B.)Rector, Parish Church - Ardmore
McIlveenRev. John (M.A.)First Presbyterian Church - High Street
KennedyRev. C. W.Second Presbyterian Church - Hill Street
StoreyRev. J.Wesleyan Church - High Street
LamontRev. J. D.Wesleyan Church - High Street
RobinsonRev. GeorgePrimitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Queen Street
--Queen Street
McKennaRev. James (P.P.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
McConnellRev. P. (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
CampbellRev. Peter Paul (C.C.)Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
LURGAN COLLEGE (Under Watt's endowment, stands on the Lough Neagh Road)
KirkpatrickW. T.Head Master, Lurgan College - Lough Road
HancockJ. (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
GreerJ. W. (J.P.)Trustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
AndersonJamesTrustee, Lurgan College - Lough Road
KennedyRev. C. W.Patron, Hill Street National School
NicholsonMrs.Teacher, Hill Street National School
CampbellRev. Dr.Patron, Free School - North Street
HowellR.Teacher, Free School - North Street
AndersonAnnTeacher, Free School - North Street
McKennaRev. J.Patron, St. Peter's National School - North Street
McCarthyF.Teacher, St. Peter's National School - North Street
GreerAlexanderHead Master, Model School
KeatleyW. J.First Assistant, Model School
GaddisAndrewSecond Assistant, Model School
CollinsEliabethHead Mistress, Girls' School, Model School
GreerJuliaFirst Assistant,Girls' School, Model School
StewartChristinaSecond Assistant,Girls' School, Model School
GrayEllenHead Mistress, Infants' School, Model School
BrownM. J.First Assistant, Infants' School, Model School
CanavanElizabethSecond Assistant, Infants' School, Model School
McIlveenRev. JohnPatron, Lurgan National School - High Street
GibsonW.Teacher, Lurgan National School - High Street
HananLetitiaTeacher, Lurgan National School - High Street
HullMariaTeacher, Ragged School - Queen Street
HarperE.Manager, Belfast Bank - High Street
MegarryH.Manager, Northern Bank - High Street
DillJ.Manager, Ulster Bank - High Street
BairdW.Proprietor, Lurgan Loan Bank - Hill Street
GAS WORKS (Board of Directors meet on the first Monday in each month)
TallentireT.Manager, Gas Works - William Street
MagahanFred W.Secretary, Gas Works - William Street
WilkinsonJ.Station Master, Railway Station - William Street
McCoubreyJosephTicket Clerk, Railway Station - William Street
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE (Reading-room open from 7 a.m., till 10 p.m., every day in the week, except Sunday)
LurganLordPresident, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
MagahanFred W.Secretary, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
SettersWilliamLibrarian, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
UNION WORKHOUSE (Board of Guardians meet every Thursday at eleven o'clock)
DonaldsonJamesClerk, Union Workhouse
TaylorRobertMaster, Union Workhouse
TaylorMrs.Matron, Union Workhouse
AdamsonDr.Medical Officer, Union Workhouse
COURT-HOUSE (A commodious building, recently erected by the County Armagh at a cost of £4,000.)
MaloneMrs.Caretaker, Court-House - William Street
DavidSheppardKeeper, Bridewell - William Street
CONSTABULARY STATIONS (There are three Constabulary Stations in Lurgan, the Principal being situated in Union Street, and the others in Queen Street and Edward Street. They are occupied by a force of about thirty men)
HendersonMr.Head Constable - Constabulary Station
SmithMr.Constable - Constabulary Station
KellyMr.Constable - Constabulary Station
SullivanMr.Constable - Constabulary Station
EdwardsMr.Constable - Constabulary Station
AdamsonJ. G. (M.D.)High Street
AgnewSamuel (M.D.)High Street
ArmstrongMrs. JohnWilliam Street
BellSamuel A. (J.P.)Bellview House
BlackJohnHill Street
BrownJamesDistrict Inspector, N.S. Mile House
BurtonRev.Market Street
BrownlowWilliam (Hon.)Brownlow House
CampbellRev. Theophilus (D.D.)The Rectory
CampbellRev. Peter Paul (C.C.)North Street
CuppageRev. AdamSilverwood
DouglasCharles (D.D.)Grace Hall
DouglasMrs.Market Street
FfordeJames (J.P.)Raughlan
GreerHenryNorth Street
GreerJ. W. (J.P.)Woodville
HackettRev. S. J.Market Street
HancockJohn (J.P.)Manor House
HancockJohn A.Manor House
HarperJamesHigh Street
HazlettGeorgeSolicitor - Florence Villa
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Hill Street
JohnstonMrs.High Street
KennedyRev. C. W.The Manse - Shankhill
KirkpatrickW. T.Lurgan College
LamontRev. J. W.Hill Street
LettRev. H. W.Ardmore
LockhartJohn G.High Street
LurganLord (K.P.)Brownlow House
LiddellWilliam (J.P.)Bangor House, Donaclony
MalcolmJames (J.P.)High Street
MooreW. H. D.Solicitor - High Street
MorrisMissMarket Street
McCorryPeterM.D. and Surgeon - High Street
McKennaRev. James (P.P.)North Street
McIlveenRev. JohnHigh Street
MurphyJosephWilliam Street
OlphertsDr. J. W.High Street
O'NeillW. J. (C.E.)Queen Street
RossMrs. RobertHigh Street
RobinsonRev. GeorgeHill Street
RussellP. C. (M.D.)High Street
ScottJ. M. Johnston (M.D.)High Street
ShawMrs.Market Street
StoreyRev J.Hill Street
UssherJamesSolicitor - Florence Villa
WaringColonel (J.P.)Waringstown
WatsonFrancis (J.P.)Lakeview
WatsonHughStromore House
WatsonMrs.High Street
WeirMissMarket Street
WilsonMrs.Derry Lodge
AllenJamesDamask Machine Maker - William Street
AndersonGeorgeSeedsman - Market Street
AndersonHughTailor - Union Street
AndersonJamesYarn Merchant - Church Place
AndersonMrs.Milliner - Market Street
AndersonRobertClerk - Union Street
AndersonRobertTailor - High Street
AndersonWilliamCabinet Maker - North Street
ArbuckleJamesDraper - Market Street
ArcherJohnBuilder - Hill Street
ArcherThomasBuilder - North Street
Armstrong and Mathers-Woollendrapers. Haberdashers and Silk Merchants - Market Street
BairdWilliamLoan Bank Proprietor - Hill Street
BellJohn J.Druggist - High Street
Bell & Co.T.Manufacturers - Bellview
BerwickJamesPublican - Queen Street
BlackHughShoemaker - Castle Lane
BlackThomasBoot and Shoe Manufacturer - Church Place
BlaneyJamesPublican - Church Place
BoyceSamuelDamask Machine Maker - William Street
BoyceWilliam H.Machine Maker - Union Street
BradshawJamesShuttlemaker - Edward Street
BradyBernardTailor - Edward Street
BrattyJohnDelph Merchant - Church Place
BrayWilliam D.Veterinary Surgeon and Auctioneer - William Street
BrennianW. H. N.Law Clerk - Church Place
BrownJohn S.Damask Manufacturer - Queen Street
BrownM. S. & J.Milliners - High Street
BrownMrs.Grocer - Queen Street
Bullich, Hamilton & Co.-Linen Manufacturers - James' Street
BullockWilliamYarn Merchant - Market Street
BullockJohnShuttlemaker - Queen Street
ByrneMrs.Milliner - Church Place
CammJohn P.Hairdresser - Union Street
CampbellJamesGrocer - Market Street
CapperJosephGrocer - Union Street
CartwrightRobertGrocer - Edward Street
CarrickGeorge R.Merchant - High Street
CaseyMrs.Fruiterer and Victualler - Church Place
CastlesWesleyAmerican Meat Importer - Church Place
CharlesSamuelWatchmaker - High Street
CherryAndrewAuctioneer - Market Street
ChapmanJohnCoachbuilder - High Street
ClarkeThomasVictualler - Market Street
ClendinningJamesManufacturer - High Street
CornfieldJohnGrocer - William Street
CornerJosephCambric Manufacturer - Edward Street
CooperJohnHardware Dealer - Church Place
CrawfordWilliamAerated Water Maker - Queen Street
CrozierGeorgeCardcutter - Queen Street
CumbertonJohnButcher - Market Street
CummingsJamesClerk - Queen Street
Cullenan & Co.BernardDrapers - Market Street
CullenJamesShoemaker - Edward Street
Davidson Bros.-Grocers - Market Street
DawsonJ.Grocer - Queen Street
DicksonWilliamGrocer - North Street
DonaldsonJamesClerk of Union - Hill Street
Donnelly & Co.ArthurMerchants - Church Place
DoweyJamesGrocer - William Street
DowningEdwardPublican - Church Place
Douglas & SonsJohnManufacturers - William Street
DoakWilliamManufacturer - Union Street
DukeJosephManufacturer - Union Street
DukeWilliamShuttle Maker - High Street
DuffyPeterPublican - Market Street
DynesDanielClothier - Church Place
EllisW. J.Weighmaster - Church Place
FergusonEdwardClogmaker - Edward Street
FinchJamesBaker and Grocer - North Street
FitzpatrickJ.Saddler - William Street
FlemingJohnPublican, Grocer and News Agent - Market Street
FlemingW. J.Clerk - Hill Street
FreileT. & D.Grocers - Market Street
GallagherJamesSmith - Castle Lane
GambleThompsonPawnbroker - William Street
GilchristJohnDraper - Market Street
Gilbert & Co.WilliamLinen Manufacturers - Church Place
Glass & Co.JamesManufacturer - William Street
GouldRichardDesigner - Hill Street
GraceWilliamPublican - Church Place
GraceyHallidayPublican and Grocer - Church Place
GreenMrs.Ladies' Seminary - North Street
GreerAlexanderHead Master - Model School
GreerJohnCoachbuilder and Smith - High Street
GreerJames D.Farmer - Greer's Court
HalfpennyWilliamTinsmith - Castle Lane
HallJames L.Grocer - Market Street
HallidayEdwardGrocer - Market Street
HandJ.Draper - Castle Lane
HandWilliamPublican - William Street
HannaJohn C.Grocer - Edward Street
HannaThomasManufacturer - Queen Street
HannaWilliamProperty Owner - William Street
HarkinCharlesMason - William Street
Harrison Brothers-Manufacturers - Market Street
HarrisonJamesManufacturer - Queen Street
HazeltonHamiltonPublican - Church Place
HazletonRobertPawnbroker - Market Street
HewittHolt M.Pawnbroker and Coal Merchant - Edward Street
HollandThomasGrocer - Union Street
HughesJohnButcher - Church Place
Irwin & Co.-Druggists - High Street and Market Street
Johnston & Allen-Yarn Merchants
JohnstonW. & C.Tobacco Manufacturers - Union Street
JohnstonJamesBrewer - Market Street
Johnston, Allen & Co.-Linen Manufacturers - William Street
KearnsHughPublican - Queen Street
KennedyJamesBaker and Grocer - High Street
KingJ.Grocer - Church Paace
LaveryJosephAuctioneer - Edward Street
LawsonAlexanderManufacturer - Queen Street
LindsayMrs.Post-Office - Market Street
Lindsay & Co.R.Manufacturers - William Street
LivingstonR.Yarn Merchant - Hoophill
LongJohnPlumber and Gasfitter - William Street
LonsdaleWilliamCarpenter - High Street
LuttonThomasTown Clerk - Union Street
Macoun & Co.JamesManufacturers by Power of Linens, Cambrics and Cambric Handkerchiefs - Brownlow Terrace and Ulster Street
MacounJamesW. & J. Macoun - Church Place
MacounWilliam and JamesCambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Brownlow Terrace and Ulster Street
MacounWilliamW. & J. Macoun - 136 North Street
MagahanFred W.Clerk of Petty Sessions - Hill Street
MageeJohnPublican - Union Street
MageeRobertVictualler - High Street
MageeThomas H.Damask Manufacturer - Queen Street
Maguire & Co.-Drapers - Church Place
MahaffyJohn B.Shoe Merchant, Newsagent - High Street
MahaffyWilliamShoe Merchant and Registrar of Marriages - High Street
Malcolm & Pentland-Power-Loom Factory - Factory Lane
MalcolmsonDavidMerchant - Market Street
MalloyJohnClerk - Union Street
MarkeyMrs.Publican - Market Street
MartinWilliam J.Carpenter - Clara Street
Matier & Co.HenryLinen Manufacturers - High Street
Mathers & Co.RobertTimber and Coal Merchants - Market Street
MatthewsWilliamGrocer and Coal Merchant
MaxwellJohnClerk - Queen Street
MaxwellWilliamManufacturer - Union Street
MegahyMrs.Servants Registry Office, 130 Edward Street
MenaryThomasGrocer -Mill Street
MoffettMissBrownlow Arms Hotel - Market Street
MoffettThomasShoemaker - William Street
MontgomeryWilliamCoachmaker - Rooney's Court
MonroeJames H.Manufacturer -High Street
MooreDunlopHigh Street
MorrisonThomasGrocer - High Street
MurchieArchibaldTailor and Clothier - High Street
Murphy & SonJosephYarn Merchant - William Street
MurrayDanielDelf and Waste Merchant - High Street
Murphy & Co.-Drapers - Market St
McBrideS. and W.Manufacturers - William Street
McCaffinJamesWoodturner - High Street
McCannMurtaghCarpenter - William Street
McCannPatrickWatchmaker - Church Place
McCarrisonThomasBaker - Edward Street
McCarrisonJohnBaker - Hill Street
McCarron & Reilly-Spirit Dealer - William Street
McCaughey & Co.-Linen Manufacturers - Church Place
McCaugheyJamesGrocer - Church Place
McCauleyWilliam R.Woodturner - Queen Street
McClimmond & SonsJohnBakers and Grocers - High Street
McClureW. W.Merchant - High Street
McConnellRobertBuilder - North Street
McConvilleThomasManufacturer - High Street
McCullaghSamuelManufacturer - High Street
McCuskerJ.Butcher - Church Place
McDowellMrs.Temperance Hotel - Market Street
McGeownPatrickPublican - Church Place
McGuiganBernardButcher - Church Place
McKaneJosephDraper - Church Place
McKeeAlexanderLeather Merchant - Market Street
McKinstryJohnPublican - Church Place
McMillanHamiltonPublican - Market Street
McMullanRobertManufacturer - Union Street
McNallyJohnFactory Manager - Queen Street
NeillCharlesShoemaker - Edward Street
Neilson & SonsWilliamReed and Heddle Manufacturers - William Street
NelsonRobertSmith - Church Place
NelsonWilliamGrocer and Publican - Market Street
NelsonWilliam R.Manufacturer - William Street
NicholsonRobertGrocer - Edward Street
OliverDavidGrocer - Union Street
O'BrienMrs.Commercial Hotel - Church Place
O'HareJamesTinsmith - Castle Lane
O'NeillJamesVictualler - Market Street
Patent Heddle Co.-William Street
ParksJosephDealer - William Street
ParkinsonEdward J.Manufacturer and Grocer - Edward Street
PelanMatildaPublican - Edward Street
PhenixMosesGrocer - Union Street
PhenixThomasManufacturer - William Street
PlenderleithPeterClothier - Market Street
PollockGeorgeMusic Teacher - High Street
PottsThomasClogmaker - Market Street
Reburn & Co.-Drapers - Arcade, Market Street
ReynoldsEdwardSaddler - High Street
Richardson, Sons & Owden Limited-Manufacturers - William Street
RidgwayWilliamShoemaker - Market Street
RobertsonJoseph B.Stitching Factory - Union Street
Robertson, Son & Co.-Hemming and Veining Factory - Union Street
RobinsonJamesPainter - William Street
RobinsonJohnPainter - Market Street
RobinsonJohn D.Painter - James Street
RocksBernardTailor - Edward Street
Ross & Co.JohnManufacturers - High Street
Ross & Co.IrwinYarn Merchants - William Street
RuddellJohnGrocer - Edward Street
SandesRobertLaw Clerk, House, Land and Insurance Agent - High Street
SampsonW. J.Railway Official - Friends' Terrace
Shankill Buildings-Coffee and Refreshment Rooms - Church Place
Shaw & Co.EdwardYarn Merchant - Market Street
SmythMariaPublican - Edward Stret
StevensonRobertGrocer - Union Street
StothersThomasGrocer - Union Street
SullivanWilliamGrocer - Queen Street
SwailsAaronGrocer - William Street
TallentireThomasManager Gas Works - William Street
TallonThomasSaddler - Church Place
TaylorJamesMerchant - Market Street
TaylorS.Baker - Edward Street
ThompsonJohnReedmaker - Church Place
ThompsonGeorgePattern-Painter - Queen Street
ThompsonRobertAuctioneer - William Street
ThompsonRobertConfectioner - High Street
ThompsonSamuelHaberdasher - Market Street
ThompsonW. J.Reedmaker - Church Place
TonerBernardDraper - Market Street
TonerMichaelGrocer - North Street
TurkingtonGeorgeBaker - Church Place
TurkingtonSamuelCabinet Maker - High Street
TurkingtonWilliamBaker and Grocer - High Street
VanceJohnGrocer - Queen Street
WakeJohn G.Fowldealer - Queen Street
WalshPatrickCarpenter - Union Street
WardGeorgePublican - Castle Lane
Watson & SonsRobertManufacturers - Queen Street
WatsonJamesMerchant - Market Street
WatsonWalterAuctioneer - Market Street
WellsJamesGrocer - Edward Street
WhiteSamuelPrinter, Stationer and Proprietor 'Lurgan Times' and 'Portadown Recorder' - High Street
WileyRichardGrocer and Hardware Merchant - Church Place
WilkinsonJamesStation Master - William Street
WilsonMrs.Watchmaker - High Street
WoodsArthurPlasterer - Edward Street
WoodsMissDraper - Market Street
WrightMissesDressmakers - High Street
YoungJamesPainter - Union Street
YoungS. and W.Spirit Merchants - Market Street

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