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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory For 1861: News-Letter Office

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1861.

(Publisher, News-Letter Office, Belfast, 1861.)
Volume V.



Lurgan is a thriving market town, in County Armagh, seventeen miles S.W. from Belfast, and on the line of the Ulster Railway, for which the town is a station.¬† The principal part of the town extends, for nearly a mile, along the Belfast and Armagh road, and is spacious, airy, well built and remarkably clean.¬† That which may be considered the suburban part of Lurgan is extensive, and has extended very much since 1851, principally on account of the increase and extension of the linen and cambric manufacturing, and also the granting of leases in perpetuity by Lord Lurgan.¬† Several new streets are laid off, and are rapidly filling up with buildings, particularly since the introduction of the Towns’ Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854.¬† Brownlow House, the seat of Lord Lurgan, proprietor of the town, extends along the North East of it, and the entrance is by as elegant lodge from near the centre of the street.¬† The mansion was some years ago rebuilt in the Elizabethan style, with beautiful freestone brought from Scotland.¬† The grounds which are generously thrown open to the public, are richly embellished with thriving plantations, reflected in a fine sheet of water, and encompassed by a well kept gravel walk.¬† The Court House is a stone building and the Diaper Hall is a spacious building erected in 1825.¬† The linen and cambric manufacturer is the staple trade of Lurgan, and in producing the variety of fabrics, as lawns, diapers, damasks (and of late years a large number of persons are employed in the manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs) &c., a large proportion of the population of the town and its vicinity are employed, while some of the establishments of the yarn and linen merchants are extensive.¬† Two noted breweries and the hotels are the other principal establishments.
The Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, and the Ulster Bank, have each a branch in operation here.¬† A facility of intercourse with Belfast is afforded by Lough Neagh and the Lagan Navigation.¬† The general quarter sessions of the county are held in Lurgan and the petty sessions every alternate Tuesday.¬† A section of the constabulary police is stationed in the town, which has lately been made a first class station.¬† The parish church of Shankill is a handsome structure, but is to be pulled down immediately, and be replaced by one considerably larger, which will have 2,000 free sittings.¬† There are places of worship for Presbyterians, the Society of Friends and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.¬† The Roman Catholic parochial chapel is a Gothic building.¬† The free educational establishments are – a school supported by Erasmus Smith’s charity, and an infant school solely supported by Lady Lurgan.¬† A Mechanics’ Institute is established in the town.¬† It was originated by William Watson, Esq., of New York, who, while on a visit to his native town, generously offered the princely sum of 1,000 guineas, as a commencement.¬† His brothers, Francis and Hugh Watson, Esqs., most liberally seconded his views, and subscribed ¬£500.¬† The whole ¬£1,500 was to be paid on a similar sum being raised by the inhabitants.¬† Lord Lurgan met this generous offer in a kindred spirit, and the sum of ¬£1,500 has also been subscribed by his Lordship and the other inhabitants.¬† The other charities are a dispensary and a Union Workhouse.¬† The market, which is held on Thursday, is abundantly supplied with provisions, and is besides a considerable one for the manufacturers of the town and district.¬† Fairs, 5th August and 22nd November.

POST OFFICE, Market Street РMails are made up as follows :- For Lisburn and Belfast, 7.40 a.m. ; England, Dublin, South and West of Ireland, Belfast and Scotland, 12.15 p.m. ; Portadown, Armagh, Enniskillen, &c., 9.30p.m. ; Dublin, Belfast, and England, 8.45 p.m. ; letters can be posted ten minutes later than the times here named by affixing the additional postage stamp, such letters to be given in at the window; deliveries commence at 7.15 a.m., 9.15 a.m., and 1.15 p.m. ; on Sunday there is but one delivery at the window till 10 a.m. ; money orders are granted from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m.  

CONVEYANCES РTrains leave Lurgan daily for Belfast at 8.5, 10.15, 12.27, 5.30, 8.20 ; and Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 7, 8, 11, 1, 4.30, 9.30 ; the 7, 1, and 4.30 trains take passengers to Dublin. On Sundays trains leave Lurgan for Belfast at 9.15, 5, and 7.50 ; and trains leave Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 9, 3.30, and 7.15.  


LurganLordChairman - Town Commission
DonnellyArthurTown Commissioner
PaulW. W.Town Commissioner
RossJohnTown Commissioner
RodgersSamuelTown Commissioner
MurrayWilliamTown Commissioner
HancockJohnTown Commissioner
HazletonJohnTown Commissioner
McCroryJamesTown Commissioner
UprichardJamesTown Commissioner
CarrickGeorgeTown Commissioner
CapperJohnTown Commissioner
MooreD.Town Commissioner
TOWN OFFICERS (Treasurer - Northern Banking Company)
RankinH. (C.E.)Surveyor and Town Clerk
MorrowJohnCollector of Town Rates
MaloneBryanInspector of Nuisances, Town Sergeant, &c.
McLeveyMiss DoraPostmistress, Post Office - Market Street
FergusonJaneKeeper, Courthouse - Market Street
NeillWilliamKeeper, Bridewell - William Street
DespardEdwardMaster - Union Workhouse
AndersonMissMatron - Union Workhouse
RuddellGeorgeRelieving Officer - Union Workhouse
RuddellJamesClerk - Union Workhouse
McCarronNealHead Constable - Constabulary Station
HannayRobert S.Surgeon, Dispensary - Market Street
McLeveyMissSub-distributor, Stamp Office - Market Street
FairsWilliamManager, Belfast Bank - High Street
PattersonThomas R.Accountant and Cashier, Belfast Bank - High Street
WynneM. S.Assistant, Belfast Bank - High Street
MegaryH.Manager, Northern Bank - Market Street
PerseT. M. G.Accountant and Cashier, Northern Bank - Market Street
MacandieHenry C.Manager, Ulster Bank - Market Street
CardwellJ. A. RoebuckCashier and Accountant, Ulster Bank - Market Street
WhiteH.Assistant, Ulster Bank - Market Street
WilkinsonJamesManager, Railway Station - Lower Enod of William Street
GAS WORKS (Treasurer - Ulster Bank)
ThompsonJ.Manager, Gas Works
MorrowR. S.Secretary, Gas Works
KnoxRev. ThomasRector, Parish Church - Church Place
DonovanRev. DanielCurate, Parish Church - Church Place
BerkeleyRev. Lowry E.Minister, Presbyterian Church - High Street
BayleyRev. BenjaminMinister, Wesleyan Chapel - High Street
ElliotRev. FrederickMinister, Wesleyan Chapel - High Street
HamiltonRev. GeorgeMinister, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Queen Street
CookRev. George J.Minister, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Queen Street
--Queen Street
O'BrienVery Rev. William (V.G., P.P.)Parish Priest, Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
GribbenRev. JohnCurate, Roman Catholic Chapel - North Street
MurphyRev. M. H.President - Young Mens Christian Association
MahaffyWilliamVice President - Young Mens Christian Association
FairlyWilliamVice President - Young Mens Christian Association
MathersHenryTreasurer - Young Mens Christian Association
HannaThomasSecretary - Young Mens Christian Association
MurphyMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
MahaffyMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
FairlyMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
MathersH.Committee - Young Mens Christian Association
DouglassWilliamCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
McCabeMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
HarperMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
CourtneyMrCommittee - Young Mens Christian Association
DouglasW.Librarian - Young Mens Christian Association
LurganLordPresident - Mechanic's Institute
WatsonF.Vice President - Mechanic's Institute
LurganLordTrustee - Mechanic's Institute
GreerJ. W. (J.P.)Trustee - Mechanic's Institute
HancockJohn (J.P.)Trustee - Mechanic's Institute
WatsonFrancisTrustee - Mechanic's Institute
MalcolmJamesTrustee - Mechanic's Institute
ShawDr.Treasurer - Mechanic's Institute
LurganLordCommittee of Management (Chairman) - Mechanic's Institute
GreerJohn W. (J.P.)Committee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
WatsonFrancisCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
WatsonHughCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
HancockJohn (J.P.)Committee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
ArmstrongRobertCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
MurphyJosephCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
BellS. A.Committee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
MalcolmJamesCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
PaulW. W.Committee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
ShawDr.Committee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
CrossleyWilliamCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
WellsMatthewCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
MacounWilliamCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
TurkingtonWilliamCommittee of Management - Mechanic's Institute
HancockJohn (J.P.)Hon. Secretary - Mechanic's institute
OultonRev. P.Established the Lurgan Friendly Society
MalcolmJ.Patron of the Lurgan Power Loom Factory Friendly Society
ClarkeHenryMaster, Free School - North Street
AndersonMrs.Mistress, Free School - North Street
INFANT SCHOOL (Patronised by Lady Lurgan)
BullickMrs.Mistress, Infant School - Lurgan Demesne
MurrowMrs.Mistress, Infant School - Queen Street
LURGAN DEMESNE CRICKET CLUB (Contains upwards of 30 members and meets for play three times weekly)
LurganLordPresident - Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club
CardwellJohn Arthur RoebuckTreasurer - Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club
BairdWilliamSecretary - Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club
TULLYGALLY SCHOOL (Under the Church Education Society)
VernerWilliamMaster - Tullygally School
BerkeleyRev. L. E.Patron - Lurgan National School
DonaldsonThomasMale Teacher - Lurgan National School
NelsonJohnAssistant - Lurgan National School
DaltonWilliamAssistant - Lurgan National School
MorisonWilliamAssistant - Lurgan National School
LowryMissFemale Teacher - Lurgan National School
StewartMissAssistant - Lurgan National School
GinnMissAssistant - Lurgan National School
McGowanSamuelMusic Class Teacher - Lurgan National School
O'BrienVery Rev. WilliamPatron - Dougher National School
CullenWilliamMaster - Dougher National School
MarshallJohnAssistant - Dougher National School
KennedyMurtaghMonitor - Dougher National School
McKeownMrs.Mistress - Dougher National School
WardMissAssistant - Dougher National School
LarkinMissMonitor - Dougher National School
PaulW. W.Hon. Secretary and Treasurer - United Church Young Men's Society
CollinsJamesLibrarian - United Church Young Men's Society
LurganLadyLadies' Clothing Committee
BrownMrs.Ladies' Clothing Committee
ConnMrs.Ladies' Clothing Committee
GirdwoodMissLadies' Clothing Committee
GreerMrs.Ladies' Clothing Committee
GreerMiss C.Ladies' Clothing Committee
HancockMrs.Ladies' Clothing Committee
LockhartMiss E.Ladies' Clothing Committee
MayMissLadies' Clothing Committee
ShawMrs.Ladies' Clothing Committee
WatsonMrs. H.Ladies' Clothing Committee
WatsonMissLadies' Clothing Committee
CrossleyMrs.Treasurer - Ladies' Clothing Committee
PENNY SAVINGS' BANK (Bankers - Belfast Banking Company)
LurganLordPresident - Penny Savings Bank
GreerJohn W. (J.P.)Vice President - Penny Savings Bank
MalcolmJamesVice President - Penny Savings Bank
WatsonFrancisVice President - Penny Savings Bank
HancockJohn (J.P.)Vice President - Penny Savings Bank
PattersonThomas R.Vice President - Penny Savings Bank
ArmstrongWilliamHigh Street
BoydMrs. M.High Street
DouglasCharles (D.L., J.P.)Grace Hall
DouglasMissGrace Hall
GreerJohn Waite (J.P.)Woodvale
GreerMiss CatherineWilderness
GreerHenryNorth Street
HallMissHigh Street
HallMiss JaneHigh Street
HancockJohn (J.P.)Market Street
HazlettMiss D.Market Street
LurganLord (Right Hon.)Brownlow House
MercerHenryLaurel Vale
MorrissWilliam B.Market Street
OverendMissChurch Square
GilbertJonathanSurgeon and Apothecary - Church Square
HannyR. S.Surgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
HazlettJohnSolicitor - Church Square
KnoxRev. Thomas (A.M.)Rural Dean - Glebe House
MacLaughlinWilliam RossSurgeon and Physician
MorrisRobertSolicitor - High Street
O'BrienRev. Dr. (P.P.)Vicar General - Chapel House, North Stret
RankinHamiltonCivil Engineer, Town Clerk and Town Surveyor - William Street
RodgersSamuelSurgeon &c. - Market Street
ShawWilliamSurgeon &c. - Market Street
AgnewW. J.General Outfitter - Market Street and Dromore
AndersonJamesYarn Merchant, of Joseph Wilson & Co. - Church Square
AndersonJohn E.Seedsman - Market Square
AndersonRobertDamask and Diaper Manufacturer - Lawn Mount
AndersonWilliamCartwright - William Street
AndersonWilliamClerk - William Street
AndersonWilliamCabinet Maker - North Street
AndersonWilliamBookkeeper - Union Street Street
ArdrieW. J.General Outfitter - Market Street (and Dromore)
Armstrong & Wynne-Linen Merchants, Dyers, Finishers - William Street
Armstrong & Mathers-Haberdashers, Silk, Mercers, Woollen Drapers, Hosiers, &c., - Market Street
Armstrong & Co.-Timber, Coal, Iron, Meal and Flour Stores - Market Street
AtkinsonAnthonyBailiff for the Lurgan Estates - Kilmaine Street
BairdWilliamBookkeeper, Chief Clerk in Lord Lurgan's Office - Hill Street
BellJohnDruggist - High Street
Bell & Co.ThomasCambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Bellview
S. Bell & Co.(Samuel)Bellview
BerwickAnthonySaddler - William Street
BerwickJamesBaker - Queen Street
BinghamClemmentsBoot and Shoe Maker - Market Street
BlackThomasBoot and Shoe Maker - Market Street
BlaneyJamesPublican - Market Street
BrassfieldCharlesGreen Grocer and Market Gardener - William Street
BrennianHenry Nassau WilliamTeacher of English Classics - North Street
BrownWilliamPawnbroker and Grocer - Queen Street
BullickJohnWheelwright - Market Street
BullickM.Wheelwright - High Street
BurnsJohnGrocer - Market Street
ByrneMrs.Linenhall Hotel - Church Square
CampbellJamesCabinet Maker, Delf and China Merchant - High Street
CampbellMrs.Servants' Registry Office - High Street
CapperHannahMillinery and Bonnet Shop - Market Street
CapperJohnLinen Yarn Merchant - Market Street
CarlisleJamesPlumbers and Lead Merchants
CarlisleWilliamMcCaw and Carlisle - Tegnavin
CarrickGeorgeGrain Merchant - High Street
CarterWilliamBookseller - William Street
ChapmanJohnCoachbuilder and Jobbing Smith- High Street
CherryAndrewWatch and Clock Maker, Jeweller, &c., - Market Street
Cherry Brothers-Cabinet Makers &c., - Market Street
ClarkeThomasVictualler - Market Street
ClarkeW.Officer of Inland Revenue - Brownlow Arms Hotel
ClarkstonWilliamForeman Cutter - William Street
ClendinningJamesCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - Union Lodge, Union Street
CloseJamesLapper - Union Street
CochraneHugh HallWatch and Clock Maker - William Street
ColvinHenryBuilder - Castle Lane
ColvinJamesCarpenter - North Street
ConnJosephGrocer and Provision Dealer - Market Street
CordnerJohnPainter and Glazier - William Street
CordnerAlexanderCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer
CrawfordW.Sodawater and Lemonade Manufacturer - High Street
CrawfordDunlopPawnbroker - High Street
CrossleyWilliamof Robert Watson & Son - Golconda Cottage
CunninghamJohnPavior - North Street
CurranH. WilliamLinen Lapper - William Street
CurranJ.Ornamental Carver in Oak - North Street
DinesJamesOld Clothes Dealer - Market Street
DixonWilliamGeneral Provision Merchant - North Street
DonnellyArthurPublican, Grocer &c. - Market Street
DonnellyWilliamCarpenter - High Street
DouganJamesRent Agent and Proctor - William Street
DouglasJohnCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - Market Street
DouglasGeorgeCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - William Street
DouglasThomasGrocer - Queen Street
DowneyHughHaberdasher - Market Street
DowneyJohnBlacksmith - Black's Court
DuffyJamesBaker - Castle Lane
ElliottJohnLinen. Lawn and Diaper Manufacturer - High Street
EllisMrs.Publican - Market Street
EllisonJohnWhitesmith, Bell Hanger &c. - Middle Row
EmersonThomasPublican - Market Street
EvansR. J.Printer and Stationer - Market Street
FalloonHenryLinen Lapper - Mary Street
FinchJamesBaker and Grocer - North Street
FlemmingJohnSaddler - Market Street
FrenchJohnTinsmith - Middle Row
FurfySamuelBookkeeper - North Street
GaddissAndrewPublican - Market Street
GaffneyPeterTailor - High Street
GallagherJamesBlacksmith - Castle Lane
GilbertThomasGrocer - Market Street
GlassJamesCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - High Street
GormanThomasLawn and Cambric Manufacturer - Knocknashane
GormanThomasAlbert Hotel and General Posting Master - High Street
GormanWilliamCarpenter - John Street
GreenMrs.Academy for Young Ladies
GreerSamuelInspector of Gas Meters - North Street
HalfpennyHughTinsmith and Gas Fitter - Castle Lane
HallJoseph HenryGeneral Grocer &c. - North Street
HamiltonJamesButcher and Cow Jobber - Queen Street
HannaWilliamGrocer - High Street
HannayR. S.Surgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
HarbinsonMrs.Publican - William Street
HarkinCharlesMason - William Street
HarperJamesCabinet Maker - William Street
Harvey & Woods-Guttapercha Shoe Warehouse - High Street
Hazelton and Sheppard-Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Market Street
HazeltonJohnPawnbroker - Market Street
HendersonJamesGeneral Grocer - Market Street
Henning & Son.JohnCambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Waringstown
Heron & Co.WilliamCambric and Shirt Front Manufacturers - William Street and Moira
Higgins-Market Street
HolmesEdwardMason - Castle Lane
HussainPatrickBlacksmith - Church Square
IrwinRobertBrownlow Arms Hotel - Market Street
JenkinsonJ. B.Professor of Music - Queen Street
JohnstonJohnBrewer and Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer - High Street
KennedyJamesBaker and Grocer - High Street
KernsHughPublican - Queen Street
KerrAndrew ThomasChandler - Market Street
KirkMissHaberdasher - Market Street
LaveryCharlesPublican - Portadown Street
LaveryThomasGrocer and Manufacturing Agent - Queen Street
LawsonAlexanderCambric Manufacturer - Queen Street
LindsayJohnBookkeeper for T. Bell & Co.
LittleA.Haberdasher - Market Street
LockhartJohn GeorgeMarket Street
LockhartIsaacLinen Yarn Merchant, Diaper and Drill Manufacturer - High Street
LoughlanJohnBookkeeper - Mary Street
MacounWilliam and JamesCambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Brownlow Terrace and Mary Street
MacounJohnLinen Manufacturer - Moyraverty
MacDonaghWilliamCutler - Frederick Place
Magee, Brown, & Liddell-Damask, Linen, and Cambric Manufacturers - Queen Street
MageeCharlesVictualler, Wine and Spirit Merchant - High Street and Union Street
MalcolmJamesPower Loom Factory, Manufacturer of Lawns and Cambric Handkerchiefs, &c.
MalcolmsonD.Grocer and Wine and Spirit Merchant - Market Street
MartinThomasBook Keeper - North Street
Matier & Co.HenryLinen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - High Street
MayGeorgeWatch and Clockmaker - Market Street
MehaffyWilliamBoot and Shoemaker - High Street
MidgleyJ.Reedmaker - Queen Street
MilliganWilliamBuilder - North Street and Omeath and Banbridge
MontgomeryWilliamCoachbuilder and Jobbing Smith - Market Street
MooreDunlopSaddler and Harness Maker - Main Street
MorganMaryStationer - William Street
MorrisW. B.Clerk of the Petty Sessions - Market Street
MurchieArchibaldTailor - High Street
MurphyJosephLinen Yarn Merchant - William Street
MurrayEdwardUlster Railway Hotel, Posting Establishment - William Street
MurrayWilliamPublican, Grocer and Butter Merchant - Market Street
MurrowR. L.Organist of Lurgan Church - Union Street
McAllister & Co.JamesDamask Manufacturers - Annesbro' House
McCabeEdwardWilliam Street
McCaw and Carlisle-Linen Manufacturers - Tegnavin
McCawRobertof McCaw and Carlisle - Tegnavin
McClureWilliamWholesale and Retail Grocery and Ironmongery Warehouse - High Street
McConnellRobertBuilder and General Contractor - William Street
McConvill-Linen Yarn Merchant - Market Street
McCorryCharlesLinen, Lawn and Cambric Manufacturer - Kilmore
McCorryJamesProvision Merchant - Market Street
McCorryJohnPublican - Market Street
McCroryJaneBonnetmaker - Castle Lane
McCroryJohnPublic Weighmaster - Castle Lane
McCullaghWilliamBaker - High Street
McGeownP.Publican - Church Square
McIlveenSt. JohnBaker and General Grocer - Church Square
McKeeJamesLeather Seller and Old Clothes Dealer - Market Street
McKeownAlexanderStucco and ornamental Plasterer - William Street
McKeownEdwardPublican - Church Square
McKeownHughGrocer and Leather Seller - Market Street
McKeownThomasStucco and ornamental Plasterer - William Street
McKernanHughButcher - Market Street
McMullanJohnTinsmith and China and Delph Shop - Market Street
McMullenHenryCambric Manufacturer - Comecinegar
McNallCharlesPlumber - North Street
McVeighJosephBlacksmith - Portadown Street
NeillWilliamBridewell Keeper - William Street
NelsonRobertPublican - Church Square
NettletonThe MissesDressmakers &c. - High Street
NicholsonJamesManufacturing Agent for Hazelton & Sheppard - William Street
NicholsonRobertPublican - Church Square
O'BrienEdwardGrocer and Publican - Church Square
O'BrienCharlesPublican - Church Square
ParkinsonE. J.Lapper of Linen and Cambric Goods on Commission - Edward Street
Paul & Co.-Woollendrapers, Haberdashers, Hosiers, Hatters, &c. - Market Street
PaulWentworth Williamof Paul & Co. - Market Street
PauleyJohnManufacturing Agent for Samuel McCullagh - High Street
PelanJohnBuilder - Union Street
PentlandAllen JohnCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - William Street
PentlandWilliamRegistrar of Marriages - William Street
Pickering and Richardson-Milltown Bleachworks
RidgewayJohnBoot and Shoemaker - Market Street
Ritchie, Woods & Co. -Plain and Ornamental Stucco Plasterers - North Street
RobertsWalterLinen Lapper - High Street
RobinsonJamesPainter and Glazier - Church Square
RobinsonJohnPainter and Glazier - Market Street
RogersSamuelSurgeon and Apothecary - Market Street: Residence - Hill Street
RoneyJohnChandler and Soap Boiler - William Street
RossJohnRepresentative of the Lurgan Cambric Company, Glasgow - High Street
RossRobertLinen Yarn Merchant - High Street
RossWilliamPublican - Market Street
RuddellGeorgeWine and Spirit Merchant and General Grocer - Market Street
RuddellJamesClerk of the Lurgan Union - Market Street
RuddellSamuelSpirit Grocer - Church Square
RussellDorahMilliner - Middle Row
RussellGeorgeProvision Dealer - William Street
ScottJohnGrain Merchant - North Street
ShannonSandyForeman of Armstrong & Co.'s Steam Saw Mill
ShawWilliamSurgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
SmithAlexanderGrocer and Publican - Church Square
SmythMrs.Publican - Market Street
SmythWilliamGrocer - Market Street
StanleyT. D.Publican - Market Street
StarkeyCharlesSaddler - Church Square
Stevenson & Co.-Linen Bleachers &c. - Newforge Green, Magheralin
StewartWilliamDamask Manufacturer - William Street
SummervilleJanePublican - Castle Lane
TaaffeWilliamCabinet Maker - Market Street
TateMissesDressmakers and Milliners - William Street
TaylorJamesWholesale and Retail Grocer and Wine and Spirit Merchant - Market Street
ThompsonThomasReedmaker - Church Square
ThompsonJ.Reedmaker - Church Square
TonerBernardWoollendraper and Haberdasher - Market Street
TurkingtonWilliamBaker - High Street
UprichardJamesLawn Manufacturer - Church Square
UprichardLeonardCambric Manufacturer - High Street
VanceJohnPublican - Queen Street
WaiteJohnPublican - Market Street
WarrenJohnParish Sexton - Portadown Street
Watson & Sons.RobertCambric Handkerchief and Damask Manufacturers - Flush
WatsonJamesGrocer and Hardware Merchant - Market Street
WellsDavidLandstewart to Lord Lurgan - Lake Street
WellsMatthewCambric and Linen Manufacturer and Pawnbroker - Market Street
WilkinsonJamesManager of the Ulster Railway Station - William Street
Wilson & Co.JosephLinen Yarn Merchants and Manufacturers - Market Street
WilsonJosephof Joseph Wilson & Co. - Derry Lodge
Young & Co.S.Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants - Market Street
YaugesMrs.General Refreshment Rooms and Restaurant - High Street


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