A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory 1915

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1915.

(Compiled and Printed at the “Belfast News-Letter” Office, 55, 57, & 59 Donegall Street, Belfast, 1915.)
Volume XXXVI.




Is a linen and cambric manufacturing town in the north-east of County Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from the City of Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and a mile and a half south from Lough Neagh. The population of Lurgan at last census was 12,553, an increase of 783, or 7.0 per cent, over previous census. The annual value of rateable property amounts to over £28,501, and the township is annually increasing. In the year 1831 the population of Lurgan was 3,760, and the ratable property was then £5,578. The municipal affairs of Lurgan are managed by an Urban Council, incorporated under the local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898. Fairs are held on the second Thursday of each month, and markets every Thursday. The markets since the provision of an enclosed egg and butter market, erected in 1909, in which tolls have been charged since January, 1911, show increasing prosperity. The fair shows evidence of ever-increasing improvement, and though the main central thoroughfare is very wide, it is taxed to its upmost. An unlimited supply of pure water is obtained from Lough Neagh, the intake being at Castor Bay, on the south-east of the lake, the works, which were opened in 1894, being thoroughly up to date in every detail.  Brownlow House and terrace grounds, formerly the seat of Lord Lurgan, were purchased by the Orangemen of Lurgan and district some years ago, and is now in the occupation of the 16th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles; while the demesne (some 500 acres in extent), which was formerly in the hands of the Lurgan Real Property Company, has now been practically all disposed of, with the exception of a few acres in Windsor Avenue retained for building ground. The Town Council five years ago acquired 73 acres of the choicest part of the demesne immediately adjacent to the town and opposite Brownlow House, for the purpose of a public park for the town. This has been laid out at very considerable expense, and was formerly opened by the Lord Lieutenant and Lady Aberdeen on the 31st of July, 1909. The Council has also secured the 63 acres of ornamental lake bordering on the park, and this is used for fishing and similar purposes, while some three years ago the Council purchased a further three acres of land bordering on the lake for the purpose of providing a carriage drive. Lurgan may be said to be the cradle of the Irish linen cambric industry, and to the success and skill of its inhabitants and those of the surrounding villages in the fine linen and damask manufacture, and is later years the handkerchief hemstitching and finishing business, is to be attributed the progress of the town. It is to be regretted that hand-loom cambric weaving can scarcely be regarded as anything else than an expiring industry, the diminished demand in damask goods being very marked; but power-loom production is highly prosperous. In and around Lurgan is to be found some of the finest factories in the world, all equipped with the most up-to-date machinery, and manufacturing goods which are sent all over the world. The Church of Ireland, standing in the centre of the town, is a large and commodious Gothic structure, and has a fine peal of eight bells, in addition to an illuminated clock, which, from its commanding position, is visible from a long distance. An excellent Parochial Hall, is also situated in Church Place, and there is also a handsome and spacious Church of Ireland Mission Hall and schoolhouse in John Street. There are in addition Lurgan College and the Model School, a number of National Schools, two of which are in immediate connection with St. Peter’s Church and St. Joseph’s Convent. There are commodious houses of worship for Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, and Society of Friends, the Salvation Army and Plymouth Brethren. The Urban Council having adopted the provisions of the Technical Instruction Acts, a promising school is carried on in spacious premises in Union Street, under the direction of a capable staff. The Town Hall contains an Assembly Hall, with platform and footlights; the Council Chamber and Town Office are located on the top floor. A very fine Free Library is situated in Carnegie Street, the cost of which was defrayed by a £2,000 grant from Dr. Carnegie, after whom the library and street in which it stands are named. The library has been admirably furnished and equipped from local funds raised and expended by a committee, of which Mr. George Lunn is chairman. The building is a credit to the town, as well as a resort of pleasure to the public generally. The Mechanics’ Institute is a handsome structure situate at the corner of Market Street and Union Street, and adjoins the Town Hall. A fine Masonic Hall stands in Windsor Avenue, the site of the former avenue to Lord Lurgan’s castle.  The petty sessions are held in the County Courthouse on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The quarter sessions for the northern portion of the County Armagh are also held in Lurgan.


Newsagent, Stationer, and Tobacconist,
Telephone 3YI.                                                      8 HIGH STREET, LURGAN,


The Great Furniture and Hardware House,
Also, Saw Mills and Timber Yards, Builders’ Providers; Grates, Ranges, Mantelpieces,
Clay Goods and Cement. Agricultural Machinery, Bar, Iron Steel and Galvanised
Sheets (all sorts). Makers Wheelbarrows, Ladders, and Deal Furniture.
                                                                         Phone 42.


Stationer, Tobacconist, and Newsagent.
Agent for “The Belfast News-Letter” and “Belfast Weekly News.”.



Very Rev. R. S. O'Loughlin (D.D.)Dean of Dromore, Rector
Rev. F. H. Wilkinson (M.A.)Curate
Rev. W. J. Sirr (B.A.)Curate
Horace Wilson (A.R.C.O)Organist
Rev. W. B. Sproule (B.A.)-
Rev. Andrew Gibson (B.A., B.D.)-
Rev. William McVitty-
Rev. Moses Lewis-
Rev. Henry Shire-
Pastor W. Campbell (B.A.)-
Very Rev. M. B. McConville (P.P., V.F. )-
Rev. A. Lowry (C.C.)-
Rev. P. McAvoy (C.C.)-
Father Wyims (C.C.)-
Father Doran (C.C.)-
Mr. John H. Baird (B.A.)Hill Street
Mr. James Calvert-
Dr. S. AgnewDispensary - Union Street
Miss A. AgnewAssistant
Mr. James Cowan (M.A.)Head Master
Mr. Joseph HarrisonHead Master
Mr. W. J. KeatleyAssistant
Mr. A. S. P. LightbodyAssistant
Mr. MercerAssistant
Miss KennedyHead Mistress (Girls' School)
Miss MitchellFirst Assistant
Miss GreerHead Mistress (Infants' School)
Miss McConkeyFirst Assistant
Robert BurnsSuperintendent
Rev. W. B. Sproule (B.A.)Patron
J. Kyle (B.A.)Principal (Boys)
Mrs. SmithPrincipal (Girls)
Miss ShieldsAssistant
Mrs. KyleAssistant
Miss D. BrownAssistant
Mr. Alex. ShieldsAssistant
Dr. Jas. M. MoorePatron
John SmithPrincipal
Miss EvansPrincipal
Miss LivingstonAssistant
Miss SholdisAssistant
R. NeillAssistant
Rev. Andrew GibsonPatron
W. Brown (B.A.)Principal
Mrs. BrownAssistant
Miss S. ShieldsAssistant
Very Rev. Dr. O'LoughlinPatron
Francis Sloan (B.A.)Principal
Wm. McConkeyTeacher
Miss S. BuntingTeacher
Miss MurphyTeacher
Miss DicksonTeacher
Miss HaireTeacher
Miss BairdTeacher
Very Rev. M. B. McConville (P.P. )Patron
T. P. KevillePrincipal
Peter MurrayAssistant
James KellyAssistant
James ArmstrongAssistant
J. O'SheaAssistant
Very Rev. The Dean of DromorePatron
D. J. KylePrincipal
Mrs. KyleAssistant
Miss LonsdaleAssistant
- GraceyAssistant
Mrs. HerbertPrincipal
Miss AndersonAssistant
Miss LivingstoneAssistant
James McCannTeacher
Miss MullenTeacher
Mr. WellsTeacher
Very Rev. Dr. O'LoughlinChairman
Robert McGeownOfficer
John W. PollockSecretary
W. J. LarkPrincipal and Secretary
J. W. PollockAssistant Secretary
J. H. W. HamiltonManager
G. A. AllisterManager
N. G. LeeperManager
W. TallentireManager
Fred. W. MagahanSecretary
J. RodgersStationmaster
Dr. S. Agnew (M.A.)Chairman of Committee
Herbert C. MalcolmHon. Secretary
C. JohnstonHon. Treasurer
George TaylorLibrarian
Charles McGuiganLibrarian
R. KennedyChairman of Committee
John KennedyHon. Secretary
Nicholson BestChairman of Committee
C. W. NeillHon. Secretary
H. B. VintSecretary
There are three Constabulary Stations in Lurgan, the Principal being situated in Church Place, and the others in Queen Street and Edward Street.
They are occupied by a force of about thirty men, commanded by District-Inspector Joseph Ryan
(Board of Guardians meet every Thursday at eleven o'clock)
James CalvertClerk
John H. O'NeileMaster
Mrs. O'NeileMatron
Robert JonesRate-Collector
John TaylorRate-Collector
W. H. StevensonRate-Collector
Dr. DarlingMedical Officer
Dr. RevingtonMedical Officer
W. G. HewittChairman
Thomas MoffettClerk
There are three Rural District Councils in this union, viz : - Lurgan, Moira, and Aghalee.
Lurgan and Moira Councils hold their monthly meetings in Lurgan, and Aghalee Council meet at Aghalee.
George Calvert (J.P.) - PortadownChairman Lurgan Rural District Council
George Baillie (J.P.) - AnnaghanoonChairman Moira Rural District Council
Wm. Fitzgerald (J.P.) - The TunnyChairman Aghalee Rural District Council
W. J. CornerClerk of Lurgan and Moira Councils
Wm. Sinclair - LisburnClerk of Aghalee Council
Mr. J. Mahaffy (J.P.)Chairman
William Waite (C.C.)Vice-Chairman
F. W. PollockClerk and Registrar of Stock
H. Shillington (M.A., C.E.)Surveyor
J. W. PollockAssistant Clerk
Samuel Agnew (M.A., M.D.)Medical Officer of Health
R. ElliottSub-Sanitary Officer
Robert JonesRate-Collector
W. J. GibsonWeighmaster
H. DunbarWater Inspector
All the members of the council.-
W. RossPresident
Hugh RossVice-President
George McCarrisonHon. Secretary
J. TalbotHon. Treasurer
J. GeddisHon. Treasurer
Mrs. BellPresident
Miss WellsHon. Treasurer
Miss RossHon. Secretary
Miss N. HamiltonLady Superintendent
Brownlow ArmsMiss Lucy Eyre
Great NorthernMr. Edward Berwick
CommercialMr. John McGrath
Grand CentralMr. P. Doyle
Star (Temperance)Mr. R. H. Pentland
William Street TemperanceMiss Clendinning
Adrian, Alex.Cutter - High Street
Agnew, Samuel (M.D.)High Street
Alexander, JamesGrocer - Brownlow Terrace
Allen, EdwardCycle Agent - Union Street
Allen, R. J. & SonsButchers - Windsor Avenue
Allen, Wm.Yarn Merchant - High Street
Allen, Wm. Jas. (J.P.)Manufacturer - Linwinny House
Allen, W. J.Manufacturer - Windsor Factory
Allister, G. A.Bank Manager - Market Street
Anderson, Geo.Seedsman - Windsor Avenue
Anderson, G. A.Stationer and Tobacconist - 8 High Street
Anderson, SamuelClerk - Union Street
Archer, ThomasShoemaker - James Street
Armour & Co., Ltd.Produce Merchants - William Street
Armstrong, MissWilliam Street
Baird, CharlesCarpenter - Union Street
Baird, John H.Postmaster - Hill Street
Baird, ThomasCarpenter - Avenue Road
Baird, W. F. B., & Co.Manufacturers - Union Street Road
Ballance, MissDrapery Warehouse - High Street
Ballentine, Wm.Tailor - Union Street
Baxter, ThomasClerk - William Street
Bell, AlfredPublican - William Street
Bell, G. A.Solitude
Bell, Henry L.Factory Manager - Windsor Avenue
Bell, Samuel (J.P.)Bellevue
Bell, S. A., & Co.Manufacturers - Bellevue
Belshaw, WilliamAvenue Road
Berwick, EdwardGreat Northern Hotel - William Street
Berwick, JamesPublican - Queen Street
Best, Wm. RobertFancy Boxmaker and Handkerchief Finisher - Queen Street
Bingham, Clem.Bootmaker - Church Place
Black, JohnChemist - Church Place
Black, RobertCarowner - Hill Street
Black, ThomasChurch Place
Black, WilliamCastle Lane
Bleakley, J. T.Cycle Agent - High Street
Booth, Norman, & Co.Chartered Accountants - Mechanics' Institute, Market Street
Boston, FrancisPawnbroker - High Street
Boyce, Wm. H.Machine Maker - Union Street
Bracken, George (M.B.)High Street
Bratty, W. J.Manufacturers' Agent - Windsor Avenue
Breen, PeterGrocer - North Street
Briggs, Geo.Windsor Avenue
Brown, JamesClerk - Avenue Road
Brown, J.Mechanic - Avenue Road
Brown, ThomasGarland Avenue
Brown, Wm.Saddler - William Street
Brown, W. H. E.Manufacturer - The Limes
Brownlee, W. H. M.Clerk - Avenue Road
Buckley, T. J.Carowner - High Street
Bullick, Thos.Shuttlemaker - Queen Street
Bullick & DouglasCoachbuilders - Queen Street
Bullick, Mrs.High Street
Bunting, AnthonyManufacturer - Annadale
Bunting, FrancisGarland Avenue
Bunting, WilfredManufacturer - Sunnyside
Burke, JamesRent Agent - North Street
Burnison, Sam.Tenter - Brownlow Terrace
Burns, ArthurButcher - Edward Street
Burns, Wm.Carpenter - George's Street
Byrne, Mrs.Tobacconist - Edward Street
Cafolla, Jos.Confectioner - Church Place
Callaghan, -Head Constable R.I.C. - Church Place
Callaghan, Wm.Contractor - Hoop Hill
Calvert, DavidDraper - Market Street
Calvert, HenrySeedsman - Brownlow House
Calvert, JamesClerk of Union - Avenue Road
Campbell, AndrewSolicitor - William Street
Campbell, BrosMerchants - Market Street
Campbell, GeorgeFactory Lane
Campbell, HughMerchant - North Street
Campbell, Wm. H.Tailor and Clothier - Church Place
Cargin, HughClerk - Market Street
Carrick, John S.Merchant - High Street
Carson, IsaacAvenue Road
Carson, JamesMerchant - Market Street
Carson, Wm.Fowldealer - High Street
Carson, Wm. J.Painter, &c. - Queen Street
Cartwright, Robt.Edward Street
Casey, HughVictualler - William Street
Cassells, RichardPlumber - Lough Road
Cassidy, JamesGrocer - Victoria Street
Chambers, Jos.Breadserver - Lough Road
Chambers, Thos.Insurance Agent - Hill Street
Charles, Saml.Old Portadown Road
Cherry, AndrewMarket Street
Christie, JohnManager, Lipton Ltd. - Wellington Street
Clarke, WalterHigh Street
Clendinning, James, & SonsManufacturers - High Street
Clendinning, Jas.Handkerchief Printer - High Street
Clendinning, MargaretTemperance Hotel - William Street
Clendinning, MissHigh Street
Cochrane, Mrs.Grocer - Queen Street
Cole, Thos. L.Surgeon Dentist - Market Street
Collins, Mrs.Dress and Mantle Maker - Hill Street
Combe, J. C.Traveller - Windsor Avenue
Connelly, Wm.Manager - Queen Street
Cordner, Wm.Poulterer - William Street
Corner, W. J.Clerk of Rural Councils - Windsor Avenue
Cowan, James (M.A.)Lurgan College
Cranston, SamuelManager - Queen Street
Crawford, W. H., & Co.Bottling Works - William Street
Creaney, MissesHill Street
Crothers, Fred. W.Mineral Water Manufacturer - William Street
Culbert, BenjaminShoemaker - Edward Street
Culbert, Benjamin, jun.Clerk - Edward Street
Cullenan, Bernard, & Co.Drapers - Castle Street
Cummins, JosephCarpenter - Union Street
Daly, Edwd., & SonsPork Butchers - North Street
Daniel, HenryCarowner - Hill Street
Darling, John S. (M.D.)High Street
Davis, MissBrownlow Terrace
Deeny, Michael (M.B., J.P.)Physician - Church Place
Deeves, SamuelRetired Head-constable - Union Street
Dewart, Mrs.Confectioner - Market Street
Dobbin, OwenFishmonger - Edward Street
Dobson, Mrs.Publican - Queen Street
Donnelly, Andrew (Co.C.)Church Place
Donnelly & O'NeillPublicans and Grocers - Church Place
Doran, DanielHairdresser - Edward Street
Douglas, HenryManufacturer - Avenue Road
Douglas, Jas.Blacksmith - Queen Street
Douglas, JohnManufacturer - High Street
Douglas, Mat.Blacksmith - Castle Lane
Douglas, MissesMilliners - Queen Street
Douglas, Wm.Manufacturer - High Street
Douie, JohnCarpenter - Lough Road
Douie, MissDressmaker - Lough Road
Doyle, PatrickPublican - Market Street
Drennan, DanielWilliam Street
Drummond & Co.Boxmakers - Charles Street
Drysdale, Robt.Grocer - John Street
Duffy, JohnPainter - Union Street
Duke, Jos.Manufacturer - Union Street
Duke, Robt.Farmer - Union Street
Duke, ThomasManufacturer - Union Street
Dunbar, HenryWater Inspector - Wellington Street
Dunwoody, MissesUnion Street
Elliott, JohnMechanic - Garland Avenue
Elliott, RichardTown Inspector - Union Street
English, James (J.P.)Manufacturer - Oakley
English, ThomasGrocer - Edward Street
Esdale, Mrs.Publican - Market Street
Evans, MissTeacher - William Street
Ewart, JamesTown Hall Caretaker - Union Street
Ewart, SamuelClerk and House Agent - Windsor Avenue
Eyre, MissBrownlow Arms Hotel, Market Street
Fairley, Thos.Clerk - Windsor Avenue
Faloon, Thos. (J.P.)Manufacturer - College Walk
Faloon & Co.Hemstiching Factory - Victoria Street
Ferguson Bros.Printers - Wellington Street
Ferguson, G., jun.Clerk - Union Street
Ferguson, G.Insurance Agent - Union Street
Ferguson, Saml.Boot Merchant - Church Place
Filbin Bros.Bakers - Lurgantarry and Edward Street
Fitzsimons, Jas.Clerk - Avenue Road
Fitzsimons & Co.Drapers - Market Square
Fleming, Geo.Clerk - Union Street
Fleming, John (J.P.)Publican - Market Street
Fleming, W. J. (B.A.)Solicitor and Estate Agent - Market Street
Forsyth, R. H.Publican - Market Street
Foster, Alex.Boot Warehouse - Market Street
Foye, S.Watchmaker - Church Place
Frazer, DavidDentist - Windsor Avenue
Frazer, MissLadies' School - Church Place
Gallery, MissNewsagent, Stationer, and Fancy Goods - William Street
Gamble, MissPawnbroker - William Street
Gardner, JohnEdward Street
Gaskin, Wm.Sunnyside
Geddis, Alex.Bootmaker - High Street
Geddis, J.Confectioner - High Street
Gibson, Rev. Andrew (B.D.)The Manse, Old Portadown Road
Gibson, W. J.Weighmaster - Union Street
Gilbert, SimpsonWilliam Street
Gilchrist, John (J.P.)Retired Draper - Knocknashane
Gilchrist, John, & Sons, Ltd.Drapers - Market Street
Gilchrist, SamuelHill Street
Gilchrist, ThomasKnocknashane
Gilchrist, Wm.Market Street
Gillespie, JamesRetired Teacher - Union Street
Gilmore, Ed.Delph Merchant - High Street
Gilpin, Thos.Boot Merchant - Market Street
Girvan, IsaacHandkerchief Printer - Hill Street
Girvin, A. M.Jeweller - Market Street
Glenn, JamesMerchant Tailor - Church Place
Gracey, DanielGrocer - Edward Street
Gracey, ThomasCarpenter - Edward Street
Gracey, Wm.Manager - Hill Street
Graham, Robt.Auctioneer - Lough Road
Green, ErnestCoal Merchant - Silverwood
Green, W. J.Coal Merchant - Kinnego
Greer, Major G. W.The Wilderness
Greer, Mrs. C.Woodville
Haig, AlbertMechanic - Queen Street
Halfpenny, Wm.Tinsmith - Castle Lane
Hall, Alex.Factory Manager - Hill Street
Hall, James L.Grocer - Market Street
Hall, John J.Baker - Avenue Road
Halliday, JamesBootmaker - Church Walk
Hamilton, A. K.Bank Cashier - High Street
Hamilton, JamesClerk - Avenue Road
Hamilton, J. H. W.Manager - Belfast Bank
Hanna, Wm.Confectioner - William Street
Hare, W. H.Grocer - Hill Street
Harrison, JosephTeacher - Church Place
Harte, DanielClothier - Church Place
Hayes, HughSolicitor - High Street
Hazelton, RobertMarket Street
Hazley, MatthewScripture Reader - James Street
Henderson, W. C.Bank Cashier - High Street
Henry, ThomasWindsor Avenue
Herbert, AbrahamDraper - North Street
Herbert, JamesFruiterer - Church Place
Herbert, JosephDraper and Furnisher - North Street
Herbert, LeoDraper - North Street
Herbert, Mrs.Teacher - Queen Street
Hewitt Bros.Coal Merchants and Pawnbrokers - William Street and Edward Street
Higgins, JamesSpirit Grocer - Queen Street
Higgins, JohnSpirit Grocer - Queen Street
Hill, AlbertCycle and Motor Agent - Market Street
Hill, Wm., & Co.Manufacturers - Market Street
Hobbs, JamesCattle Dealer - Queen Street
Holmes, JeremiahMineral Water Manufacturer - William Street
Holland, Jos.Carpenter - Union Street
Hopps, JohnProvision Merchant - Hill Street
Houston, AlfredCompositor - Hill Street
Houston, RobertBootmaker - North Street
Hughes, JohnGrocer - North Street
Irwin, Alex.Mechanic - Wellington Street
Irwin, RobertPawnbroker - Edward Street
Irwin, Wm.Victualler - Market Street
Jennings, EdwardReedmaker - William Street
Johnston, AlbertClerk - Avenue Road
Johnston, Allen, & Co.Manufacturers, Woodville Factory - Victoria Street
Johnston, C.Solicitor - High Street
Johnston, David E.Sub-sanitary Officer - High Street
Johnston, James (J.P.)Manufacturer - High Street
Johnston, John, jun.Manufacturer - Lough Road
Johnston, SamuelSaddler - High Street
Johnston, T. B.Manufacturer - The Demesne
Johnston, Wm.Ironmonger, &c. - High Street
Johnston, Wm.High Street
Jones, RobertRate Collector - Church Place and Hill Street
Jordan, T., & SonManufacturers - Edward Street
Jordan, Jos.Manufacturer - North Street
Jordan, Wm. J.Manufacturer - North Street
Jordan, Wm. J.Manufacturer - Edward Street
Kelly, HenryGrocer - North Street
Kelly, JamesCivil Bill Officer - Edward Street
Kelly, John H.Clerk - Union Street
Kelly, P.Fruit and Fish Store - William Street and Market Street
Kennedy Bros.Bakers and Grocers - High Street
Kennedy, CharlesEdward Street
Kennedy, RichardGrocer - Edward Street
Kerr, T. J.Merchant Tailor - High Street
Keville, T. P.School Teacher - Church Place
Kinkade, Thos.Manufacturer - Sunnyside
Knox, AndrewGrocer - Edward Street
Kyle, D. J.Teacher - Windsor Avenue
Kyle, John (B.A.)Teacher - Union Street
Lark, W. J.Alexandra Terrace
Lauder, JamesClerk - Frederick Place
Lavery, PhilipPublican - Edward Street
Leader, MajorBrownlow House - Officer Commanding 16th Battalion R.I.R.
Leathem, JosephFactory Manager - Garland Avenue
Leeper, Nathl. G.Bank Manager - Market Street
Lightbody, A. S. P.Teacher - Hill Street
Lindsay, Mrs.ex-Postmistress - William Street
Lindsay, WilliamPainter - Queen Street
Lipton LimitedChurch Place
Livingston, HamiltonClerk - High Street
Livingston, RichardButcher - High Street
Livingston, RichardSaddler - Hill Street
Livingston, R. H.Factory Manager - Hill Street
Livingston, ThomasShoemaker - Union Street
Livingston, W.Linen Manufacturer - Annsborough
Livingston & Co.Drapers - Market Street
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. - Agent, F. W. Pollock, Town Hall
Long Bros.Plumbers - William Street
Long, W. J.Postal Official - North Street
Lonsdale, R. G.Manufacturer - William Street
Lonsdale, Wm.Carpenter - Avenue Road
Lowry, Rev. Andrew (C.C.)Parochial House
Lunn, EdwardShoemaker - Edward Street
Lunn, George, jun. (D.D.M.)Lurgan District L.O.L. - Hill Street
Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd.Manufacturers - Ulster Street
Lyle, JohnBoot Merchant - High Street
Lynn, R.Architect - High Street
Lynn, SamuelPlumber - High Street
Magahan, Frederick W.Secretary, Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees and Lurgan Gas Works - Church Place
Magee, MissesPublicans
Magill, EdwardNewsagent - 23 William Street
Magill, Ed.Tobacconist and Phonograph Agent - 23 William Street
Magowan, SamuelClothier - Union Street
Magurran, JamesHardware Store - Market Street
Maguire Bros.Painters - High Street
Mahaffy, JamesRent Agent - Church Place
Mahaffy, JohnIncome-Tax Collector - Church Place
Mahaffy, HenrySchool Attendance Officer - Avenue Road
Malcolm, Herbert C.Manufacturer - Bengal Place
Malcolm, S.Grocer - Victoria Street and Church Place
Malcomson, Albert G.Merchant - Church Place
Malcomson, JamesMerchant - Windsor Avenue
Malcomson, JohnUndertaker - Market Street
Malcomson & Co.Auctioneers - Market Street
Mann, Alfred W.Chemist - Market Street
Martin, Robt. J.Clerk - Avenue Road
Martin, ThomasCarpenter - North Street
Martin, W. J.Carpenter - Union Street
Mathers & BuntingManufacturers - Mary Street
Mathers, H. (J.P.)Manufacturer - Mary Street
Matier, Henry, & Co.Linen Manufacturers - High Street
Matthews, Thos.Property Owner - Avenue Road
Matthews & Co.Drapers - Union Street
Mawhirt, E.Refreshment Rooms - High Street
Megarry, HenryInsurance Agent - Hill Street
Megarry, Mrs.High Street
Menary Bros.Drapers - Market street
Menary, JamesMarket Street
Menary, ThomasHill Street
Menary, T. G.Solicitor - Church Place
Mercer, CharlesLaw Clerk - Hill Street
Mercer & BrownSewing Factory - Union Street
Metcalf, JohnWarper - Windsor Avenue
Metcalf, SamuelDresser - North Street
Metcalf, SamuelCarowner - Union Street
Millar, Wm.Farmer - Garland Avenue
Mitchell, Thos.Laundryman - James Street
Moffett, BrownGrocer - William Street
Moffett, E. R.Law Clerk - Market Street
Moffett, Robt.Shoemaker - Market Street
Moffett, Thos.Clerk of Petty Sessions - Windsor Avenue
Moffett & Co.Photographers - Windsor Avenue
Moffett & Co.Grocers - Queen Street
Molloy, AmeliaCafe - North Street
Moore, Dr. J. M.High Street
Moore, Stewart (C.E.)Assistant Engineer, Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees - Market Street
Moore & JohnstonSolicitors - High Street
Moore, W. H. D. (M.A.)Westfield
Morrow, John G.Clerk - Hill Street
Mullen, Miss LouisaTeacher - Windsor Avenue
Mullen, Thos.Poulterer - Avenue Road
Murphy, JamesManager - Avenue Road
Murphy, L. J.Ironmonger - Church Place
Murphy & StevensonManufacturers - High Street
Murray, A.Painter and Glazier - William Street
Murtagh, HenryPublican - Castle Lane
MacGeagh, H. G. (D.L.)Managing Director of Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd. - High Street
McAlinden, JohnInsurance Agent - North Street
McAlinden, Mrs.Publican - William Street
McCabe, StephenTailor - William Street
McCallum, Jas.Caretaker - Orange Hall
McCann, FelixCarpenter - Charles Street
McCann, JamesTeacher - Hill Street
McCann, John H.Manager - William Street
McCarrison, Geo.Clerk - Union Street
McCarrison, Robt.Compositor - Union Street
McCarter, JamesDraper - Market Street
McCaughey, JamesChurch Place
McCauley, Wm. R.Mechanic - Queen Street
McClimmond, Jas. (J.P.)Waringstown
McClure, Saml.Manager - Avenue Road
McCollum, Jas.Confectioner - William Street
McConkey, Wm.Teacher - Queen Street
McConnell, DavidGrocer - William Street
McConnell, MissNorth Street
McConvill, PatrickDraper - Edward Street
McConville, DanielClothes Dealer - North Street
McConville, Very Rev. (M.B., P.P.)North Street
McCrory, JohnWatchmaker - Market Street
McCrory, MissConfectioner - High Street
McCullough, JohnPoulterer - Avenue Road
McCullough, Thos.Poulterer - Avenue Road
McCusker, Mrs.Victualler - Church Place
McDowell, JamesClerk - Sunnyside
McEntee, MichaelPublican - Church Place
McEvoy, Rev. Peter (C.C.)Parochial House
McGeown, JamesHairdresser - William Street
McGeown, Mrs.Publican - Church Place
McGeown, RobertSchool Attendance Officer - Union Street
McGhee, GeorgePoulterer - William Street
McGhee, Richard (M.P.)North Street
McGibbon, Wm.Contractor - Parkview Street
McGibbon, Wm.Plasterer - North Street
McGrath, J.Commercial Hotel - Church Place
McGreevy, HughTinsmith - Castle Lane
McGuigan, Chas.Librarian - Church Place
McGuigan, HughButcher - Edward Street
McGranaghan, W. J.Publican - Church Place
McIlhargey, MissConfectioner, Stationer, and Newsagent - Edward Street
McIlwaine, S.Linen Manufacturer - Dollingstown
McIlwaine, SolomonContractor - Aughnacloy
McIlwaine, W.Hairdresser - Windsor Avenue
McIntyre Bros.Painters - Edward Street
McIntyre's Temperance Hotel9a High Street
McKeown, FrankGrocer - Union Street
McKeown, Mrs.Newsagent and Fancy Goods - Church Place
McLarnon, Wm.Laundry Manager - Union Street
McMenamy, Thos.Grocer - North Street
McNally, AustinAvenue Road
McVeigh, JamesPublican - Edward Street
Neill, CharlesBootmaker - Edward Street
Neill, C. W.Solicitor - Heddington House
Neill, Jas.Post Office Official - Frederick Place
Neill, Robt.Teacher - Edward Street
Neill, Thos.Law Clerk - Avenue Road
Ogle, JamesBootmaker - Union Street
Orr, JamesBootmaker - Charles Street
Osborne, MeredithAvenue Road
O'Hagan, ArthurEdward Street
O'Hagan, Ed.Solicitor - Edward Street
O'Hara, Jas.Publican - Edward Street
O'Hare, Jas.Tinsmith - Castle Lane
O'Loughlin, Very Rev. R. S. (D.D.)Dean of Dromore - The Rectory
O'Neill, CharlesPublican - Church Place
O'Neill, EdmundChurch Place
O'Neill, PaulChurch Place
O'Neill, The MissesPublicans - Church Place
O'Reilly, John C.Solicitor - North Street
Page, Robt.Dairyman - Queen Street
Parks, DavidCarter - Wellington Street
Patterson, Pastor E. T.Hill Street
Patton, Wm.Boot Warehouse - Market Street
Pedlow, DavidSpirit Merchant & Motor Agent - Church Place. Telephone No. 71.
Pedlow, Thos. B. (M.B.)Surgeon - Market Street
Pentland, Robert H.Star Hotel - William Street
Plenderleith, PeterBeech Hill House
Plenderleith, ThomasFactory Manager - Beech Hill House
Pollock, F. W.Town Clerk - Florence Villa
Pollock, J. W.Asst. Town Clerk - Queen Street
Ramsay, Thos.Draper - Market Street
Rea, Thos.Postal Official - William Street
Reid, Jas.Publican - Edward Street
Reid, MissDraper - Market Street
Richardson, John H.Mechanic - Avenue Road
Richardson, LouisPrinter, and Proprietor "Lurgan Mail" - High Street
Ripley, JohnPhotographer - William Street
Robinson, FrancisPainter - Union Street
Robinson, JamesClerk - William Street
Robinson, SamuelClerk - William Street
Rocks, BernardTailor - Edward Street
Rocks, MichaelTailor - Edward Street
Rogers, JohnStationmaster - Frederick Place
Ross, CharlesManufacturer - High Street
Ross, HughYarn Merchant - High Street
Ross, John, & Co.Hemstiching Factory - High Street
Ross, Thos.Manufacturer - High Street
Ross, Wm. R.Manufacturer - High Street
Rowan, Thos.Dealer - Church Place
Ruddell, GeorgeVictualler - Church Place
Ruddell, JohnGrocer - Edward Street and Hill Street
Rusk, Thos.Clerk - Hill Street
Rusk, Wm.Clerk - Hill Street
Russell, GeorgeGrocer - Church Place
Ryan, Joseph D. I. (R.I.C.) - Church Place
Scott, Thomas J.Grocer - Queen Street
Seawright, Douglas, & Co.Finishers - Avenue Road
Seawright, W. J.Manufacturer - Windsor Avenue
Shaw, MissDressmaker - William Street
Shillington, Henry (C.E.)Town Surveyor - Hill Street
Shire, Rev. HenryAvenue Road
Sloan, Francis (B.A.)Teacher - Windsor Avenue
Smith, JohnTeacher - William Street
Soye, J.Property Owner - Victoria Street
Soye, RichardThe Home Farm
Soye, W. J.Factory Manager - Union Street
Speers, JamesCarowner - Market Street
Sproule, Rev. W. B. (B.A.)The Manse - Avenue Road
Stevenson, RichardClerk - Gilford Road
Stevenson, T. C.Clerk - Queen Street
Stewart, JamesQueen Street
Stothers, JacksonConfectioner - Windsor Avenue
Sullivan, Edwd.Confectioner, Hardware and Fancy Goods Merchant - Queen Street
Sweeney, Jos.Builder and Contractor - Edward Street
Symington, RobertHairdresser - William Street
Talbot, JohnGrocer - Sunnyside
Tallentire, W.Manager, Gas Works - William Street
Taylor, MissChurch Place
Temperance HotelWilliam Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Thomas Faloon - Victoria Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Robert H. Pentland - 48 William Street
Thompson, MaxwellClothier - William Street
Thompson, R. W. (M.R.C.V.S.)Church Place
Thompson, RobertConfectioner - High Street
Thompson, R., & SonAuctioneers - William Street
Thompson, W. J.Reedmaker - Church Place
Thom's RestaurantMarket Street
Thornton, Jas.Pork Merchant - Church Place
Thornton, JohnCarowner - Church Place
Turkington, Mrs.Grocer - Church Place
Turner's Fruit StoresChurch Place
Uprichard, JohnGrocer - High Street
Uprichard, RobertManufacturer - Union Street
Uprichard, Thos.Manufacturer - William Street
Vint, H. B. Press Correspondent and Secretary, Lurgan Agricultural Association - Windsor Avenue
Waddell, ThomasAvenue Road
Waddell, W. J.Pawnbroker's Assistant - Avenue Road
Waite, Wm.Handkerchief Printer - Mark Street and Derry Lodge
Warren, MissMusic Teacher - Hill Street
Watson, Fred.Cabinetmaker - Avenue Road
Watson, Robert & SonsManufacturers - Flush Works
Watson & NeillSolicitors - William Street
Wells, MissHigh Street
Wells, SamuelClerk - Avenue Road
White, WilliamPrinter, Stationer and Proprietor "Lurgan Times" - William Street
White, W. J.Furniture Maker - Queen Street
Wilkinson, Rev. F. H. (M.A.)High Street
Wilson, CrozierDraper - Market Street
Wilson, Horace (A.R.C.O.)Organist - High Street
Woods, JohnPlasterer - William Street
Woods, ThomasMechanic - Avenue Road
Abraham, HenryArdmore
Adamson, T. L. (J.P.)Ballydugan
Allen, R. J.Maralin
Atkinson, Ven. Archdeacon (LL.B.)Waringstown
Bailie, George (J.P.)Annaghanoon
Beattie, Robt.Donagh Cottage, Donacloney
Berry, John H.Maralin
Best, F. GormanBroommount, Aghalee
Best, NicholsonThe Cairn, Aghalee
Blane, JamesBallydugan
Blaney, JamesBallinamoney
Bridgett, John H.Monbrief
Brownrigg, Dr. T. H. (J.P.)Moira
Boucher, C. J. (M.B.)Donacloney
Bunting, ThomasFairview, Aghalee
Cairnes, JamesBallynamoney
Calder, JamesCorcreaney
Calder, RobertCorcreaney
Christie-Miller, Mrs.Kircassock
Clarendon, Rev. Canon (B.D.)Maralin
Clarke, ThomasFarmer - Springfield
Combe, Abram (J.P.)Donacloney House, Donacloney
Cubbage, MissSilverwood
Cummins, JohnMoyraverty
Cummins, Wm.Tullygally
Davies, M.Factory Manager - Waringstown
Dennison, J. S.Manufacturer - Springhill
Dobson, Geo.Gaskin's Grove, Bleary
Douie, James L. (J.P.)Moira
Duff, Dr. W. W.Aghalee
Eccles, W. R. P. (LL.D)Turmoyra
Elliott, Thos.Kilmore
Ellis, GeorgeKilmore
Ellis, James A.Tullydegan House
Ellis, RobertKilmore
Ellis, ThomasAghagallon
Ellis, Wm.Tullydegan House
Ellis, Wm. JohnDrumaleet House
Ferguson, MissPublican and Grocer - Donacloney
Ferris, JosephBeechpark
Ferris, Thomas Wm.Beechgrove, Aghagallon
Fforde, F. C.Raughlan
Fforde, MissTanaghmore Lodge
Fforde, The MissesRaughlan
Fitzgerald, Wm. (J.P.)The Tunny
Frier, Dr. WilliamWaringstown
Gamble, JohnBallyleney
Gaskin, W. J.Kilvergan
Geary, Ed.The Close, Waringstown
Gilbert, IsaacRyefield, Aghagallon
Gilbert, JamesAghagallon
Gilbert, StephenAghagallon
Gillespie, Rev. A. J.Waringstown
Gilpin, ThomasClanroll
Gordon, DanielBoconnell
Gracey, JohnLegahorry
Green, S.Aghalee
Greer, Major G. W.The Wilderness
Greer, H. O'Brien (J.P.)Woodville
Greer, Mrs. C.Woodville
Harrison, JamesCorcreaney
Hayes, HughMoorfield
Hewitt, JosephKnockramer
Hewitt, RalphTegnavin
Holmes, JohnKilycomain
Holmes, RobertClanrolla
Hopps, Wm.Legahorry
Humphries, John A.Derryadd
Hurst, Rev. W. G. (M.A.)Rector - Moira
Hylands, GeorgePoulterer - Tullyheron
Johnson, F. M.Knockmenagh
Johnston, DavidGrace Hall
Kane, MichaelTurmoyra
Kennedy, AbramMilltown
Kennedy, Thos.Auctioneer - Laurel Hill
Kerr, JohnTullygally
Kerr, Wm. G.Kilminogue
Knox., Geo.Kilmore
Lavery, HenryKilvergan
Lavery, JohnKilvergan
Lennon, ThomasDerryadd
Liddell, Mrs.Winona, Donacloney
Liddell, R. M. (J.P.)Banoge House, Donacloney
Livingston, JohnMagerana, Waringstown
Lynass, RobertCarn
Lyness, ArchibaldAghagallon
Lyness, Thos. W.Publican and Grocer - Waringstown
Lyness, JosephKilfullert
Macoun, Wm.Kilmore
Magenniss, JamesBallymacrandle
Magowan, JohnCorcreaney
Mairs, DavidGawley's Gate
Martin, FrankKilvergan
Martin, JohnClara, Waringstown
Martin, Robt. T.Lilyvale, Ballinderry
Mathers, Henry (J.P.)Manufacturer - Maralin
Maxwell, AlexanderBleary
Moore, W. H. D. (M.A.)Westfield
Morrison, Jas.Publican & Grocer - Waringstown
Mulholland, JohnWaringstown
Murphy, RobertDerryadd
Murray, JosephBallynary
Murtagh, HenryBallynamoney
McConville, Jas.Ballynamoney
McCorry, FrancisWhitehall
McCullough, RobertCornrainy
McEvoy, PatrickTanaghmore South
McFarland, Rev. R. G. (B.A.)Moira
McGeown, JohnDrumnagoon
McGown, JosephKilmore
McKay, ArthurKilmore
McKinstry, J.Tullygally
McNabb, CharlesDrumgor
McStravick, HenryKilmore
Patterson, HughDrumnakerne
Patterson, JamesBanoge
Patterson, Rev. R. D. (B.A.)Rector - Ardmore
Pennington, Jas.Damask Manufacturer - Waringstown
Reid, Dr. HughDerryadd
Rennix, JervisDrumgusk
Robinson, RobertArdmore
Rodgers, Geo. (J.P.)Waringstown
Ruddell, NelsonAghacommon
Scott, Samuel D.Toberhuney
Scott, Wm.Manufacturer - Waringstown
Seawright, Alex.Harrymount
Sheppard, W. G.Draper Hill, Waringstown
Smith, J. W.Clanrolla
Spence, GeorgeCorcreaney
Spence, LewisDrumnagoon
Spence, Thos.Manufacturer - Maralin
Stevenson, C.Derrytrasna
Stevenson, JohnCorcreaney
Stevenson, JosephDerrytrasna
Stevenson, JosephSandbank, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Thos.Ballyleney, Maralin
Stevenson, Wm. HenryDerryadd
Stewart, ValentineCorcreaney
Tallon, DanielBallycairn, Aghalee
Taylor, Wm.Clougher, Ballyleney
Taylor, WilliamKilfullert
Todd, Wm. JohnWoodlands
Turtle, Augustus (J.P.)Aghalee
Turtle, W. T.Kilmore
Turkington, StevensonDerryadd
Uprichard, James H.Tanaghmore West
Uprichard, JamesCorcreaney
Waddell, Alfred (J.P.)Maralin
Walkington, H.Oatlands, Ballinderry
Waring, Holt (D.L.)Waringstown
Watson, H. P.Beechpark
Watson, JosephLakeview
Watson, Mrs. H.Beechpark
Watson, Thomas (Co.C.)Lakeview
Weir, EdwardBallymacteer
Wells, CharlesBleary
Wells, JamesBleary
Wells, JohnCorcreaney
White, RobertBocombra
Wilson, JamesDerryinver
Wright, JamesCorcreaney

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