A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Belfast And Northern Ireland Directory 1955

The Belfast And Northern Ireland Directory For 1955.

(Compiled, Printed, And Published By The Belfast News-Letter, Ltd. 1955.)
Volume LXXV.



There is a market each Thursday and fairs the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.
Shops’ half-holiday, Wednesday.
Population at 1951 census, 16,183.


Established 1890. “THE LURGAN MAIL” Every Friday.
  Covers North Armagh, West Down, South Antrim  
  Ask for Rate Cards and Specimen Copies  
  Phone: Lurgan 40  

  (Jos. C. R. Mahon)  
  Valuations for Mortgages, Probate, Insurance, etc.  
  :: Auctioneers to the Court of Bankruptcy ::  
  Phone : Lurgan 38.              HIGH STREET, LURGAN.  

  One shilling opens an account – add to it every week – you’ll be surprised how your money will grow. Interest 2½% per annum.  
23 MARKET STREET, LURGAN   Phone: Lurgan 413



F. A. Monroe (O.B.E., J.P.)Mayor, Alderman
Joseph Twyble (J.P.)Deputy Mayor, Alderman
W. G. BestTown Clerk
W. H. Fairley (J.P.)Alderman
Keogh W. ArmstrongCouncillor
Alex. H. Cushnie (J.P.)Councillor
George Hill (J.P.)Councillor
Wm. J. GordonCouncillor
Thomas C. StevensonCouncillor
Alexander WrightCouncillor
W. J. BothwellCouncillor
A. E. HoustonCouncillor
R. J. MitchellCouncillor
J. McCollumCouncillor
J. W. PalmerCouncillor
R. RodgersCouncillor
Thos. H. McClimond-
Robt. Burns, jun-
Rupert J. Farmer (M.I.Mun.E., M.R.S.I.)-
W. G. WalkerManager
Dr. G. M. Marshall-
James McConville-
Thos. G. Edwards-
Samuel Hutchison-
Nurse M. Spence-
Nurse E. Gracey-
Nurse M. Hopper-
R. J. AllenPostmaster
Isaac E. BellClerk of Union
R. Jones, jun.Secretary
W. G. BestSecretary
J. W. YoungManager
J. A. AllenMarket Street
J. BostonHon. Secretary
J. JonesHon. Secretary
J. W. MaxwellHon. Secretary
E. HollywoodLibrarian
J. F. KellyHon. Secretary
George H. NelsonDistrict Inspector
I. E. BellClerk
William TaylorRate Collector
Henry J. GraceyRate Collector
Thos. McConnell-
J. T. Sowney68 Wood Lane
E. G. Calvert (A,S.A.A.)Secretary, High Street
John Morton (J.P.)Chairman
S. S. CorbettVice-Chairman
James Allen (J.P.)-
Saml. Green-
Mrs. D. McNabb (B.A., M.P.)-
Mrs. M. Alison Bell-
F. A. Monroe (O.B.E., J.P.)-
Mrs. R. McGredy-
J. N. Brown-
L. Donnelly-
Dr. G. Dougan-
Dr. J. R. Miller-
Miss Mary Lutton-
J. R. McConnell-
W. W. Bassett (F.R.C.S.)Senior Medical Officer
Miss MilliganMatron
F. A. Monroe (O.B.E., J.P.)Chairman
J. H. Walsh (J.P.)Vice-Chairman
W. H. Fairley (J.P.)-
T. C. Stevenson-
George Hill (J.P.)-
A. Gilpin (J.P.)-
Albert A. Peel (J.P.)-
William Balmer-
Samuel Green-
G. McCartney-
S. J. Watson (J.P.)-
J. C. G. McQuoid-
A. Russell-
R. J. Mitchell-
S. D. Gibson (J.P.)-
R. J. Brown-
R. Best-
S. J. FoyeClerk
There are three Rural District Councils in this union, viz: - Lurgan, Moira and Aghalee.
Lurgan and Moira Councils hold their monthly meetings in Lurgan, and Aghalee Council meet at Aghalee.
S. J. FoyeClerk of Lurgan and Moira Council
OLD PEOPLES' HOMEManor House, Edward Street
OLD PEOPLES' HOMEHoop Hill, Union Street
Mrs. M. A. BellSecretary - Solitude
H. C. McClenaghanManager
M. CaseySecretary - Textile Hall, Wellington Street
W. C. Rawle W. C.Secretary - Demesne Avenue
J. MortonPresident
Arthur Ringer-HewettSecretary
Rev. W. J. Gransden (M.A.)(Archdeacon of Dromore)
Rev. Thomas McIlroy (M.A.)-
Rev. W. J. McClure (B.A., B.D.)-
Rev. W. Bingham-
Rev. John Glass-
ELIM CHURCHWindsor Avenue
Major Ernest Ripley-
JEHOVAH'S WITNESSESGlenavon Football Club Room, Windsor Avenue
James Trewsdale (B.A.)Headmaster
W. H. L. Thornberry (B.A.)Principal
Rev. Mother Mary A. BrysonPrincipal
A. Black (B.A.)Principal
C. R. J. Anderson (B.A.)Principal
Peter MurrayPrincipal
Jos. WhitePrincipal
G. C. Tyrell (B.Sc.)Principal
NURSERY SCHOOLSVictoria Street, Sloan Street, Queen Street
Mrs. BellSecretary (Solitude)
J. O'NeillAgent, T.N.: Lurgan 125
Robt. HayesManager, T.N.: Lurgan 31
S. A. WilsonManager - Market Street, T.N.: Lurgan 413
W. H. G. MillikinManager, T.N.: Lurgan 93
F. R. AstonManager - Market Street, T.N.: Lurgan 46
"The Lurgan Mail"Windsor Avenue
Abercromby & Co.Confectioners - 25a High Street
Abraham, F.10b Russell Drive
Abraham, HowardThe Service Garage - Avenue Road
Acheson, Wm.51 Trasna Way
Adair, William98 Hill Street
Adair, Wm. J.Electrician - Windsor Avenue
Adamson, G. A.3 Regents Park
Adamson, HarryBuilder - Church Walk
Addis, E.76 Wood Lane
Addis, Geo.Greengrocer - Queen Street & High Street
Addis, G.28 Larkfield Square
Addis, R. J.40 Ashleigh Crescent
Agnew, Samuel J.10 Larkfield Square
Alexander, A.17 Trasna Way
Allen, Annabella183 Union Street
Allen, Archibald10 Francis Street
Allen, David134 Lough Road
Allen, Edward72 William Street
Allen, Fredk.Cattle Dealer - Grassmere, Maralin
Allen, James (J.P.)High Street
Allen, Robt., & SonVictuallers - William Street
Allen, R. J.Postmaster - Pines Park
Allen, Thos. H. (M.R.C.V.S.)High Street
Allen, WilliamQueen Street
Anderson, DonaldSeed Merchant - 15 High Street
Anderson, H. M. (M.B.E.)Accountant - William Street
Anderson, H. W. D. (J.P.)Lough Road
Anderson, John42 Ardboe Drive
Anderson, Miss E. F.41c Portlec Place
Anderson, Robert85 North Street
Andrews, Joseph3 Lawrence Square
Archer, Annie B.20 Queen Street
Archer, E. S.23 Portlec Place
Archer, G.36 Carrick Drive
Archer, Mrs.60 Gilford Road
Archer, ThomasHairdresser - 66 Union Street
Archer, Thomas W.134 Avenue Road
Archer, V.Boot & Shoe Retailer - High Street
Arkley, Alfred G.71 Ashleigh Crescent
Armour & Co., Ltd.Produce Merchants - Frederick Place
Armstrong, JamesCabinetmaker & French Polisher - 66 Queen Street
Armstrong, K. W.Boot Merchant - Market Street
Armstrong, S.Jeweller - Church Place
Arnold, DennisArt Teacher - Queen Street
Arnold, R.50 Ardboe Drive
Ashe, Mrs. A.36 Russell Drive
Atkinson, Thomas J.24 Lake Street
Aubury, Brian F.32 Larkfield Square
Auld, T.12 Wheatfield Drive
Averley, GeorgeGilford Road
Bacon, Elizabeth6 Ulster Street
Baillie, JosephAntrim Road
Baird, Charles6 Glenview Drive
Baird, Robert35 Larkfield Square
Baird, W. F. B., & Co. Ltd.Weavers of Cambric Sheers and Pillow Linen - Union Street
Ballagh, Miss W. A.72 Ardboe Drive
Balmer, John H. H. (F.R.C.S.)11 High Street
Banks, Wm.10 Ashleigh Crescent
Barr, E. W.24 Carrick Drive
Barry, Martha32 Hawthorne Avenue
Bassett, Dr. William W.Upper Toberhewny Lane
Baxter, D.Fruitier - 85 Queen Street
Baxter, James41 Ardboe Drive
Baxter, Miss15 Avenue Road
Baxter, R.75 Trasna Way
Baxter, Samuel6 Wood Lane
Baxter, Samuel16 Monroe
Baxter, Dr. Samuel50 Lake Street
Baxter, ThomasWilliam Street
Baxter, WalterChemist - Market Street
Baxter, WalterGilford Road
Baxter, William39 High Street
Beattie, A.10 Trasna Way
Beattie, John45 Ardboe Drive
Beattie, JohnAvenue Road
Beattie, JosephParkview Garage, Portadown Road
Beattie, Joseph5 Gilford Road
Beattie, Wm. G. A.8 Trasna Way
Beaumont, Eric W.Architect - Union Street and Waringfield, Moira
Beavis, John E.51 Ardboe Drive
Beckett, Alfred4 Russell Drive
Beckett, Cecil75 William Street
Beckett, EvelynDraper - 34 High Street
Beckett, Matthew9 Gilford Road
Beckett, Sidney143 Hill Street
Bell, A.107 Union Street
Bell, DavidDraper - William Street
Bell, Edward2 Cherry Tree Walk
Bell, FrancisGrocer - 12 and 21 Albert Street
Bell, Gerald4 Prospect Way
Bell, G. PhillipSolitude
Bell, I. E.Clerk of Lurgan Union - Belfast Road
Bell, Mrs. Margaret E.177 Union Street
Bell, Wm. A.84 Gilford Road
Belshaw, W. J.Pines Park
Bennett, Albert159 Avenue Road
Bennett, J.45 Ashleigh Crescent
Bennett, J., & Co.Shirt Manufacturers - Factory Lane
Bennett, S.59 Ashleigh Crescent
Bennett, W. C.29 Trasna Way
Berwick, EdwardPublican - William Street
Berwick, James, & Co.Publican - Queen Street
Bessbrook Spinning Co., Ltd.North Street
Best, Albert82 Ardboe Drive
Best, Alexander46 Wood Lane
Best, CecilDraper - 47 Church Place
Best, Ernest W.Dentist - 67a William Street
Best, John29 Portlec Place
Best, J. A., & Co.Boxmakers - Queen Street
Best, J. G.102 Ardboe Drive
Best, Mary39 Gilford Road
Best, S. H.7 Trasna Way
Best, W. D.31 Ashleigh Crescent
Bibb, Albert C.38 Trasna Way
Bingham, G.2 Russell Drive
Bingham, Dr. Wm.47 High Street
Black, A.18 Carrick Drive
Black, R.116 Ardboe Drive
Black, Thos.20 Ardboe Drive
Black's Medical HallChemists - 56 Church Place
Blakely, Jackson A.Architect & Surveyor - 38 Market Street
Blakely, Jackson A. (C.E.)Avenue Road
Blane, C.140 Avenue Road
Blane, J. M. The Pines
Blaney, John9 North Street
Blaney, JohnPublican - Church Place
Blaney, M.Stationer - 114 Edward Street
Blaney, W. H.Publican - Edward Street
Blanton, Charles2 Lake Street
Bleakley, Saml.48 Ashleigh Crescent
Boal, T.63 Ardboe Drive
Booth, Norman, & Co.Incorporated Accountants - 19 Market Street
Bordessa, R.10 Orient Circle
Boston, JamesPawnbroker - High Street
Boston, James49 Gilford Road
Boston, John19 Garland Avenue
Boston, Samuel108 Lough Road
Bothwell, William J.Windsor Avenue
Bovril Creameries Ltd.North Street
Bowman, M. R.30 Colban Crescent
Boxmore, Coy.Dollingstown
Boyce, Charles183 Avenue Road
Boyce, JamesMilk Purveyor - Windsor Avenue
Boyce, Mrs. E.14 Trasna Way
Boyd, Alexander6 Colban Crescent
Boyd, Fred. A., & Co.George Street
Boyle, Desmond6 Lake Street
Boyle, Thomas22 Silverwood Drive
Boyle, Timothy6 Silverwood Drive
Bradley, Matthew20 Colban Crescent
Bradley, MissDressmaker - Church Place
Bradshaw, Georgina100 William Street
Brady, AgnesConfectioner - Edward Street
Brady, Edward9 Portlec Place
Brady, FrancisParkview Street
Brady, F.11 Portlec Place
Brady, JamesTurf Accountant - 9 North Street
Brady, Thomas37 Beaumont Square
Bratty, Annie45 Windsor Avenue
Bratty, WilliamLough Road
Breasley, R.30 Avenue Road
Breen, Patrick13 Prospect Way
Brennan, Robert21 Church Place
Brennan, T.13 Ardboe Drive
Bridges, Robert30 Windsor Avenue
Bridgett, Martha87 Avenue Road
Bridgett, ThomasDraper - 63 Market Street
Briggs, AlfredManufacturer of Alwood Furniture, Alwood Cabinet Works. T.N.: Lurgan 737-8.
Briggs, AlfredWoodbank, Factory Lane
Brosnan, M. J.Lough Road
Brown, Ben, & SonsGilford Road
Brown, Cecil (J.P.)Ceara, Lough Road
Brown, David Y.43 Ardboe Drive
Brown, George89 Hill Street
Brown, HaroldCollege Walk
Brown, JamesDental Mechanic - Market Street
Brown, JamesPines Park
Brown, J. C.30 Wheatfield Drive
Brown, R. J.Karenza, Gilford Road
Brown, Thomas44 Trasna Way
Brown, W. J.Tailor - Union Street
Brownlow Arms Hotel (Mrs. McCaffrey) - Market Street
Brownlow Hemstitching Co.William Street
Buckley, A. H.47 Trasna Way
Buckley, A. H.4 Larkfield Square
Buckley, Samuel151 Union Street
Buckley, S. H. W.Draper - High Street
Buckley, Thos.14 Frederick Place
Buckley, T. J.Car Hirer and Service Station - 19 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 59
Bullick, GeorgeGrocer - Union Street
Bullick, John70 Queen Street
Bullick, Miss Emily72 Queen Street
Bullick, T., & Co.William Street
Bunting, G.29 Wheatfield Drive
Bunting, JohnGrocer - Castle Lane
Burns, Adeline189 Union Street
Burns, Cecil147 Union Street
Burns, Edward72 Lake Street
Burns, Francis G.11 Cyprus Gardens
Burns, H.31 Ardboe Drive
Burns, JosephCarpenter - George's Street
Burns, Joseph34 Banbridge Road
Burns, J.1 Larkfield Square
Burns, Kathleen11 Lawrence Square
Burns, Mary A.Hairdresser - 39 High Street
Burns, Mrs. MargaretUnion Street
Burns, Thomas9 Hawthorne Avenue
Burrell, Elizabeth36 Avenue Road
Burrell, GeorgeGilford Road
Bush, IsabellaPark Avenue
Bush, James13 Park Avenue
Bushe, John24 Ashleigh Crescent
Bustard Bros.Boot Merchants - 58 Church Place
Byrne, ArthurButcher - Edward Street
Byrne, ArthurChurch Place
Byrne, Charles77 Francis Street
Byrne, Mrs. M.26d Russell Drive
Caffolla Ices SaloonChurch Place and Carnegie Street
Cahillane, M. J.34 Ardboe Drive
Cairns, R.40 Ardboe Drive
Cairns, W. H.Grocer - William Street
Cairns, W. J.20 Wood Lane
Caldwell, T.28 Carrick Avenue
Caldwell, William J.6 Albert Street
Callaghan, Charles J.Builder - Gilford Road
Callender, Rev. Wm.48 Hill Street
Calvert, David102 Avenue Road
Calvert, DavidDraper - Market Street
Calvert, Eliz.Stationer and Confectioner - Lough Road
Calvert, Ernest G.66 Gilford Road
Calvert, Ernest G., & Co.Incorporated Accountants - 17 High Street, T.N.:Lurgan 69
Calvert, Sons & Co.Linen Manufacturers - Factory Lane
Campbell, A.32 Wheatfield Drive
Campbell, HenryWindsor Avenue
Campbell, H.20 Carrick Drive
Campbell, Jane20 Avenue Road
Campbell & McGibbonFurniture Dealers and Auctioneers - Market Street
Campbell, Robert, & SonsBuilders - High Street
Campbell, Robt.4 Regents Park
Campbell, Saml. S.47 Colban Crescent
Campbell, Thomas14 Lake Street
Cantrell & Cochrane Ltd.Windsor Avenue
Carrick, LynnHigh Street
Carrol, Thos.70 Windsor Avenue
Carroll, W. J.120 Ardboe Drive
Carson & Co., Ltd.Grocers - Market Street
Carson, David34 Gilford Road
Carson, David J.55 Queen Street
Carson, Ed.11 Larkfield Square
Carson, Fred.Baker - 57 Church Place
Carson, Harold1 Glenview Drive
Carson, Dr. Jas.College Walk
Carson, J.29 Colban Crescent
Carson, J. T. (M.B.)Market Street
Carson & SonSawmills - Tandragee Road
Carson, SamuelTandragee Road
Carson, Samuel6 Banbridge Road
Carson, William J.Painter - Queen Street
Carson, Wm.114 Ardboe Drive
Carter, Mary A.9 Ulster Street
Cartwright, AgnesWestfield Gardens
Casey, CatherineVictualler - William Street
Casey, DavidChurch Place
Casey, H.17 Hawthorne Avenue
Cassells, James32 Gilford Road
Cassells, Richard37 Union Street
Cassells, Wm.8 Festival Square
Cassidy, J.36 Colban Crescent
Cassidy, J.32 Colban Crescent
Cassidy, Thomas K.39 Beaumont Square
Castles, BertieMonumental Works - Queen Street
Castles, B.52 Lake Street
Castles, J.8 Glenview Drive
Castles, J.Newsagent and Tobacconist - 23 William Street
Castles, Wm. R.Confectioner - 2 Avenue Road
Caulfield, Eric W.112 Ardboe Drive
Cave, Wm.5 Park Avenue
Chambers, DinahLough Road
Charlton, C. J.Gilford Road
Cheevers, R. M.31 Colban Crescent
Cherry, Joseph4 Carrick Drive
Cherry, Saml.175 Sloan Street
Christie, Thomas J.106 Avenue Road
Clarke, James20 Gilford Road
Clarke, James2 Banbridge Road
Clarke, John12 Monroe Avenue
Clarke, John H.2 Albert Street
Clarke, MargaretDemesne Avenue
Clarke, S. I.94 Ardboe Drive
Clarke, T. J. E.62 Trasna Way
Clayton, Thomas30 Gilford Road
Cockcroft, P.52 Trasna Way
Coleman, B.8 Wheatfield Drive
Coleman, James13 Elmwood Terrace
Collen, Hugh20 Pines Park
Collins, Samuel4 Trasna Way
Connolly, WilliamQueen Street
Constable, K.4 Ashleigh Crescent
Convent of MercyEdward Street
Cooke, Henry L.10 Wood Lane
Cooke, Jemima70 Union Street
Cooke, Mary A.100 Avenue Road
Cooper, AliceWestfield Gardens
Cooper & CollenChemists - 1 High Street
Cooper, Norman37 Gilford Road
Cooper, S.Builder and Contractor - Monbrief
Copeland, Cyril144 Avenue Road
Copeland, C. & L.Grocers - William Street
Copeland, LesliePines Park
Cordner, John55 Trasna Way
Corkin, JohnGilford Road
Corkin's Furnishing StoresMarket Street
Cormack, W. B.20 Orient Circle
Corner, MissUnion Street
Corner, Mrs. MaryHigh Street
Corr, Eileen28a Russell Drive
Cosby, Mrs. A. F.6 Larkfield Square
Courtney, W. E.16 Lawrence Square
Cousins, Cecil16 Colban Crescent
Cousins, E.20 Russell Drive
Cousins, George98 Avenue Road
Cousins, I.13 Orient Circle
Cousins, James54 Lake Street
Cousins, John171 Sloan Street
Cousins, Mrs.Confectioner - Union Street and 59 Queen Street
Cousins, Saml.104 Ardboe Drive
Cousins, Saml.Clerk - Gilford Road
Cousins, S.21 Ashleigh Crescent
Cowden, Mrs.Draper - High Street
Coyle, Elizabeth30 Hawthorne Avenue
Crabbie, S.48 Ardboe Drive
Craig, James47 Silverwood Drive
Craig, W.Solicitor - 41 Church Place
Crane, James H.74 Wood Lane
Crawford, D.106 Ardboe Drive
Crawford, John R.80 Ardboe Drive
Crawford, Dr. W. H.144 Avenue Road
Crawford, W. H., & Co.Bottling Works - William Street
Creamline Products, Ltd.Milk Processors - Gilford Road
Creaney, Ellen31 Elmwood Terrace
Creaney, HughAccountant - 79 Edward Street
Creaney, JohnWellington Street
Creaney, Wm. John11 Prospect Way
Creery, J. L.28 Trasna Way
Creeth, Agnes3 Victoria Street
Crewe, Joseph21 Silverwood Drive
Crewe, Matthew12 Beaumont Square
Cooks, M.35 Ashleigh Crescent
Cross, Alexander & SonsNorth Street
Crossen, Wm. J.60 Ardboe Drive
Crossey, Daniel49 Silverwood Drive
Crossey, Hugh51 Silverwood Drive
Crossey, James1 Cypress Gardens
Crozier, Annie10a Russell Drive
Crozier, James37 Colban Crescent
Crozier, Margaret83 Gilford Road
Crozier, Mrs. W.Avenue Road
Crozier, RobertTweed Manufacturer - 4 Gilford Road
Crozier, W.5 Queen Street
Cull, C.32 Ardboe Drive
Cull, J. E.100 Factory Lane
Cull, Wm.13 Wheatfield Drive
Cullen, Ethel91 Avenue Road
Cullinan, H.1 Ardboe Drive
Cully, Leslie G.149 Union Street
Cummings, Jas.17 Mourneview Avenue
Cummins, HenryLough Road
Cummins, H.Newsagent - 3 Railway Terrace
Cummins, James35 William Street
Cummins, JosephBuilder - Lough Road
Cummins, J.Newsagent - Festival Square
Cummins, S.82 Hill Street
Cunningham, Annie83 Avenue Road
Cunningham, Edward41 Union Street
Cunningham VulcanisersTyre Sales and Service Station, 62 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 195
Cunningham, Walter193 Union Street
Curran, J.3 Orient Circle
Curran, Patrick45 North Street
Currie, W.1 Ashleigh Crescent
Curry, William John62 Ardboe Drive
Cush, J.4 Wheatfield Drive
Cushnie, Alex. (M.B.E., J.P.)Secretary - Windsor Avenue
Cushnie, Eliz. J.4 Albert Street
Cushnie, Robert12 Avenue Road
Cushnie, R.Draper - Union Street
Daisley, G.23 Wheatfield Drive
Dale, T.18 Russell Drive
Davidson, John H.Dentist - 52 High Street
Davidson, Robert43 Colban Crescent
Davis, A.Confectioner - High Street
Davis, Joseph42 Belfast Road
Davis, L.38 Ardboe Drive
Davis, S.73 Trasna Way
Davis, Wm. J.47 Avenue Road
Dawson, Iassc78 Wood Lane
Dawson, William J.66 Wood Lane
Deeny, Donnell (M.D., J.P.)22 Church Place
Dell, N.33 Larkfield Square
Devlin, CeciliaHairdressing Salon - High Street
Devlin, J. G.24 Hawthorn Avenue
Devlin, PeterDemesne
Dickson, Henry2 Beaumont Square
Dickson, H.13 Larkfield Square
Doak, D. F.28 Ardboe Drive
Doak, Joseph38 Gilford Road
Dobbin, Hugh24 Cherry Tree Walk
Dobbin, James G.Publican - Church Place
Dobbin, Margaret5 Edward Street
Dobson, Mrs.Waringstown Road
Dobson, SusanPublican - Market Street
Doherty, Samuel17 Ardboe Drive
Donaldson, Cecil50 Trasna Way
Donaldson, EdmondCoachbuilder - 95 Union Street
Donaldson, J.3 Albert Street
Donaldson, ThomasCycle Dealer - 90 Union Street
Donnelly, FrancisWilliam Street
Donnelly, Frank48 North Street
Donnelly, Leo. (J.P.)The Mile House
Donnelly & O'NeillPublicans - Church Place
Donnelly, W. J.15 Ashleigh Crescent
Doran, DanielHairdresser - Edward Street
Doran, Edward53 North Street
Doran, Felix B.59 Silverwood Drive
Doran, K.33 Silverwood Drive
Dougherty, F., & Co.Drapers - Market Street
Dougherty, WilliamDraper - 9 Windsor Avenue
Douglas, Fred.Blacksmith - Moore's Lane
Douglas, Fred.5 Colban Crescent
Douglas, I. M.12 Ashleigh Crescent
Douglas, Mrs. JeannieAvenue Road
Douglas, Mrs. Lucy4 Monroe Avenue
Douglas, Samuel W.138 Avenue Road
Dowds, Fred.2 Ashleigh Crescent
Dowey, E.7 Carrick Drive
Dowey, James12 Lake Street
Dowey, Robert26 Lough Road
Dowey, Robt.20 Ashleigh Crescent
Dowey, R. J.25 Portlec Place
Dowey, SarahLough Road
Dowey, Wm.10 Victoria Street
Dowie, C. J., & SonsFleshers - 46 Church Place
Dowling, James48 Gilford Road
Downey, J.Francis Street
Downey, Patrick F.Antrim Road
Doyle, Michael8 Lake Street
Drennan, Mrs. J.William Street
Drennan, Robert J.Grocer - 15 Mourneview Avenue
Drummond, Thos.6 Park Avenue
Dryburgh, J.5a Portlec Place
Duffy, Mrs. M.Grocer - 196 Union Street
Duffy, Teresa58 North Street
Duke, William17 Gilford Road
Duke, Wm.39 Ashleigh Crecent
Dummigan, Gerald12 Hawthorne Avenue
Dummigan, James3 Ulster Street
Dunlop, James70 Trasna Way
Dynes, Herbert12 Festival Square
Dynes, M. E.19 Elmwood Terrace
Dynes, Oliver55 Hill Street
Dynes, Thomas48 Gilford Road
Dynes, William85 Edward Street
Eady, F. C.5d Portlec Place
Eastman, Trevor E.24 Trasna Way
Edgar, Elizabeth26 Windsor Avenue
Edwards, Thomas G.Sanitary Officer - Gilford Road
Egg Packing, Ltd.68 High Street
Elliott, Charles H.1 Trasna Way
Elliott, FlorenceThe Mapes, Glenavon Lane
Elliott & SonManufacturers - High Street
Elliott, Wm. J.1 Garland Avenue
Ellis, J.2 Orient Circle
Emerson, J. & N.Sand Merchants - Portadown Road
England, WilliamBootmaker - Union Street
English, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
English, JosephFarmer - Banbridge Road
English, Jos.13 Trasna Way
Evans, Frank S.66 Trasna Way
Ewart, S.Auctioneer and Estate Agent - 41a Church Place
Fagan, G.1 Ardboe Drive
Fagan, P.6 Wheatfield Drive
Fairfield, S. C.Stationery and Fancy Goods - 30 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 466
Fairley, W. H. (J.P.)Tobacconist - Windsor Avenue
Farmer, Rupert J. (M.I.Mun.E., M.R.S.I.)Borough Engineer - Toberhewny Lane
Faulkner, L.34 Lake Street
Ferguson, Francis44 Market Street
Ferguson, Mrs. CarolinePines Park
Ferguson, Mrs. E.Boot Merchant - William Street
Ferguson, Mrs J. E.Lough Road
Ferguson, W. J.3 Gilford Road
Ferguson, W. J.42 Wood Lane
Ferran, Alexander11 Monroe Avenue
Ferris, Bernard108 Ardboe Drive
Ferris, Daniel27 Silverwood Drive
Ferris, Fred.64 Queen Street
Ferris, F.59 Ardboe Drive
Ferris, Joseph157 Avenue Road
Ferris, R.15 Queen Street
Ferron, Patrick11 Elmwood Terrace
Filbin Bros.Bakers - Dougher and Church Place
Filbin, JohnLake Street
Findlay, R. J. 30 Russell Drive
Finlay, B. M.132 Avenue Road
Findon, John178 Edward Street
Finnigan, Hugh46 Lake Street
Fisher, Walter6 Trasna Way
Fisher, William151 Avenue Road
Fitzpatrick, Robert60 Wood Lane
Fitzsimmons, James27 Larkfield Square
Fitzsimons, JamesClerk - Pines Park
Fitzsimons, W. S.28 Wheatfield Drive
Follis, Joshua63 Ashleigh Crescent
Follis, ThomasCharles Street
Foote, Jas.Gilford Road
Forbes, C. W. (F.N.A.O.)Optician - High Street
Forbes, Walter16 Wood Lane
Foster, Alexander89 Avenue Road
Foster, Eva41 Market Street
Foster's Picture HouseCarnegie Street
Foye, Alexander20 Banbridge Road
Foye, MonaJeweller - Market Street
Foye, Mona101 Hill Street
France, B.19 Hawthorne Avenue
Francey, F. J.124 Lake Street
Franklin, Alfred J.161 Avenue Road
Frazer, G.11 Orient Circle
Frazer, Mrs.Teacher - Windsor Avenue
Frazer, William40 Lake Street
Freeburn, Thomas60 Trasna Way
Freeburn, T.19 Ashleigh Crescent
French, JosephPublican - Castle Lane and Church Place
French, Laurence14 Cherry Tree Walk
French, Thomas98 Edward Street
Frost, A. E.98 Factory lane
Fryar, J.5 Carrick Drive
Fugard, Benjamin11 Gilford Road
Fugard, T.31 Wheatfield Drive
Fulton, E.Grocer - 55 Queen Street
Fulton, James22 Gilford Road
Fulton, J. H.42 Colban Crescent
Funston, R. J.Insurance Broker - Market Street
Funston, R. J.18 Orient Circle
Furphy, Daniel22 Cherry Tree Walk
Furphy, John J.23 Silverwood Drive
Gallagher, P. B.19 Portlec Place
Gallery, JohnCarrier - Garland Avenue
Gallery, JohnSolicitor - Church Place
Gamble, R. J.79 Avenue Road
Gardiner, A.34 Carrick Drive
Gaskin, Mrs. JanieLough Road
Gaynor, Daniel7 Prospect Way
Geddis, David99 Hill Street
Geddis, Ed. J.47 Union Street
Geddis, Henry7 Westfield Gardens
Geddis, W. J.Dairy - George's Street
Gibson, Dr. George B.50 High Street
Gibson, James35 Ardboe Drive
Gibson, Margaret81 Avenue Road
Gibson, T.41 Trasna Way
Gilchrist, A.Sunnyside, Lough Road
Gilchrist, John G.Garland Avenue
Gilchrist, John, & Sons, Ltd.Drapers - 38 Market Street
Gilchrist, Mrs. Jane A.Waringstown Road
Gilchrist, Thomas J. (J.P.)Ardtole, Lough Road
Gilkinson, William16 Banbridge Road
Gilkinson, Wm.23 Ashleigh Crescent
Gillespie, George80 Hill Street and Sloan Street
Gillespie, Joseph173 Sloan Street
Gillespie, MaryGrocer - Hill Street and Victoria Street
Gilliland, J.57 Ashleigh Crescent
Gilmore, Agnes12 Church Place
Gilmore, John B.17 Prospect Way
Gilpin, Alfred (J.P.)The Wilderness
Gilpin, Isabel25 Larkfield Square
Gilpin, Sarah L.13 Gilford Road
Gilpin, ThomasBoot Merchant - Market Street
Giltrap, William179 Avenue Road
Girvan, Frank39 Trasna Way
Girvan, J.31 Portlec Place
Girvan, Mrs. Sarah30 Trasna Way
Girvan, RobertGarage - Moore's Lane
Girvan, R.43 Union Street
Glenbroome Manufacturing Co.Queen Street
Glenn, T. A., & SonTailors - Church Place
Golden Arrow Shoe Repair DepotChurch Place
Gordon, J. D. (B.Sc.)County Planning Officer - Windsor Avenue
Goretti,Ladies' Hairdressing Salon - 8 Market Street
Gorman, James McD.Banbridge Road
Gorman, Mrs.Ladies Outfitting - Windsor Avenue
Gorman's Medical HallMarket Street
Gough, Wm. F.118 Lough Road
Gracey, A.Chemist - 56 Church Place
Gracey, CatherinePark Avenue
Gracey, David G.Hill Street
Gracey, Elizabeth26c Russell Drive
Gracey, F. E.21 Trasna Way
Gracey, George6 Queen Street
Gracey, George, & Co.Handkerchief Manufacturers - High Street
Gracey, Isabella77 William Street
Gracey, Marion191 Union Street
Gracey, Miss Elizabeth28 Windsor Avenue
Gracey, Mrs.30 Windsor Avenue
Gracey, Mrs.77 William Street
Gracey, R.10 Carrick Drive
Gracey, Thomas75 Edward Street
Gracey, Thomas43 Gilford Road
Gracey, WilliamGrocer - 33 High Street
Gracey, W. H.Gilford Road
Graham, David31 Union Street
Graham, David12 Banbridge Road
Graham, Jacob38 Avenue Road
Graham, Robert, & Co.Auctioneers - 13 High Street
Gransden, Rev. W. J. (M.A.)Archdeacon of Dromore - Waringstown Road
Grattan, VictorChemist - Windsor Avenue
Grattan, WilliamCoal Merchant - Windsor Avenue
Grattan, William, & SonGrocers - Avenue Road
Gray, F.1 Portlec Place
Green, Fredk. H.College Walk
Green, KathleenGrocer - Edward Street
Green, Mary C.Grocer - 176 Edward Street
Green, Sarah A.10 Beaumont Square
Green, Thomas J.Hairdresser - 36 Union Street
Green, W. J., Ltd..Coal Merchants - William Street
Greer, Florence62 William Street
Greer, Hugh O'B. (J.P.)Woodville, Lough Road
Greer, MajorOakley
Greer, Mrs. M. E.22 Russell Drive
Gregory, Brian9 Trasna Way
Gregson, A.14 Ardboe Drive
Gregson, E.22 Larkfield Square
Gregson, Thomas32 Queen Street
Griffin, William8 Silverwood Drive
Grimason, Mrs. E.14 Victoria Street
Grimason, Mrs. Margaret94 Factory Lane
Grimes, Bella7 Francis Street
Grove Hatcheries, Ltd.46 High Street
Haddock, John22 Lake Street
Haddock, Mary17 Wheatfield Drive
Haddock, Robert18 Lake Street
Haddock, Wm.25 Trasna Way
Haire, James5 Monroe Avenue
Hall, David21 Gilford Road
Hall, Georgina24 Banbridge Road
Hall, Harriet62 Windsor Avenue
Hall, James L., & SonGrocers - 36 Market Street
Hall, John L.Gilford Road
Hall, Miss97 Hill Street
Hall, SamuelDairyman - Wood Lane
Hall, Thomas11 Park Avenue
Hall, Thomas (B.Sc.)Waringstown Road
Hall, WesleyBaker - 33 Union Street
Hamilton, Elizabeth36 Wood Lane
Hamilton, Fred.William Street
Hamilton, GeorgePines Park
Hamilton, G.9 Colban Crescent
Hamilton, Jacob18 Banbridge Road
Hamilton, James51 Windsor Avenue
Hamilton, Jas. (J.P.)Paper Merchant - 97 Avenue Road
Hamilton, Jessie61 Ardboe Drive
Hamilton, J.4 Orient Circle
Hamilton, J. L..21 Colban Crescent
Hamilton, L.Newsagent - 30 Hill Street
Hamilton, Miss D. E.41d Portlec Place
Hamilton, T. B.27 Portlec Place
Hamilton, William27 Colban Crescent
Hamilton, William J.24 Russell Drive
Hamilton, Wm. L.5b Portlec Place
Hamilton, W. J.40 Trasna Way
Hamilton, Wm.32 Trasna Way
Hancock, DavidHairdresser - High Street
Hand, J.4 Colban Crescent
Hand, Robt.Building Contractor - Wesley Place
Handwoven Tweeds (Ulster), Ltd.Gilford Road
Hanlon, Samuel35 Cypress Gardens
Hanlon, William9 Glenview Drive
Hanna Bros.Plumbers - 5 High Street
Hanna, F.17 Ashleigh Crescent
Hanna, J.5 Larkfield Square
Hanna, J.14 Orient Circle
Hanna, Robert J.52 Gilford Road
Hanna, Wilson33 Ardboe Drive
Hanna, Wm. H.57 Avenue Road
Hanna, W.30 Larkfield Square
Harbinson, Edward8 Prospect Way
Harbinson, James10 Prospect Way
Hare, W. H.Grocer - Hill Street
Harland, E.9 Orient Circle
Harland, G.10c Russell Drive
Harpin, G.4 Park Avenue
Harrison, George8 Banbridge Road
Harrison, G.53 Trasna Way
Harrison, HenryWestfield Gardens
Harrison, H.1 Orient Circle
Harrold, Thomas M.9 Ardboe Drive
Harte, E.Antrim Road
Harte, James F.40 Beaumont Square
Harte, J.7 Wheatfield Drive
Harte, Wm.13 Cypress Gardens
Harvey, Alice12 Carrick Drive
Harvey, Joan1 Monroe Avenue
Harvey, John34 Ashleigh Crescent
Haskins, Wm.22 Trasna Way
Hassey, Elizabeth7 Park View Street
Hatchell, C.44 Ashleigh Crescent
Hatchell, George16 Silverwood Drive
Hatchell, Wm.5 Wheatfield Drive
Haughey, Edward133 Edward Street
Haughey, JohnDraper - Church Place
Haughey, Ruth9 Ashleigh Crescent
Haughian, John17 Silverwood Drive
Haughian, J.4 Cyprus Gardens
Haw, Bianeo33 Church Place
Hawthorne, James92 Ardboe Drive
Hawthorne, J. B.6 Ardboe Drive
Hawthorne, William R.7 Larkfield Square
Hayes Hugh, & SonSolicitors - High Street
Heaney, Henry53 Francis Street
Heaney, James18b Lake Street
Heaney, James44 Wood Lane
Heaney, James H.Edward Street
Heaney, LilyHairdresser - 57 North Street
Heaney, Mary K.Grocer - 62 North Street
Heaney, R.17 Orient Circle
Heaney, W., Ltd.Chemists & Druggists - 23 North Street
Hearty, M. G.3 Colban Crescent
Heather, Jack, & Co.Auctioneers and Valuers - 38 Market Street
Henderson, Dr. F. E.60 High Street
Henderson, Henry18 Antrim Road
Henderson, J. J.34 Hawthorne Avenue
Henderson, W. E. (L.D.S.)52 High Street
Henry, A. F.Herbalist - Mechanics' Institute
Herbert, Ed. J. S.167 Avenue Road
Herbert, J., & SonDrapers - North Street
Herbert, Margaret7 High Street
Heron, W. J.5 Ashleigh Crescent
Herron, SarahHairdresser - 92 William Street
Hewitt, AdamCoal Merchant - William Street
Hewitt, Mrs. M.48 Church Place
Hewitt, RingerAvenue Road
Higgins, Miss MarieQueen Street
Higginson, J.32 Ardboe Drive
Higginson, William5 Orient Circle
Higginson, William33 Ashleigh Crescent
Hildebrand, W. R. P.12 Wood Lane
Hill, Cecil27 Ardboe Drive
Hill, George (J.P.)Manufacturer - 27 Avenue Road
Hill, Robt.Manager, Bleach Works - Avenue Road
Hinds, Thomas41 Gilford Road
Hobbs, Joseph69 Ashleigh Crescent
Hobbs, Joseph10 Park Avenue
Hobbs, Mrs. Mary E.Flesher - High Street and Queen Street
Hobbs, ThomasQuaker Buildings - High Street
Hobbs, Wm.Parkview Street
Hobson, R.3 Carrick Drive
Holland, Jane W.44 Gilford Road
Hollywood, Alex.74 Ardboe Drive
Hollywood, A., & SonPainters and Decorators - 3-3a Carnegie Street
Hollywood, Edmund49 Trasna Way
Holmes, James1 Park Avenue
Home & Colonial StoresChurch Place
Hopps, FlorenceGrocer - 81 Hill Street
Hopps, JohnProvision Merchant - Hill Street
Hopps, Margaret26 Wellington Street
Hopps, ThomasBeauparc, Tandragee Road
Hopwood, A.54 Ardboe Drive
Horan, Dr. Michael A.58 Windsor Avenue
Hostage, Walter64 Wood Lane
Houston, Albert E.Lough Road
Houston & BeaumontArchitects - 6 Union Street
Houston, Benjamin83 Union Street
Houston, Miss S. E.28b Russell Drive
Houston, R. S. L.56 Ardboe Drive
Houston, SamuelWilliam Street
Howard, Peter8 Carrick Drive
Hoy, William5 Silverwood Drive
Hughes, Abraham26b Russell Drive
Hughes, Joseph3 Wheatfield Drive
Hughes, M.35 Trasna Way
Hughes, Raymond J.16 Ardboe Drive
Hughes, ChemistsChurch Place
Hull, Elizabeth74 Gilford Road
Hull, George42 Avenue Road
Hull, Thomas C.44 Avenue Road
Humphries, Thomas H.Westfield House
Hunter, Jas., Ltd.Seed Merchants - 61 Edward Street
Hunter, Jas., Ltd.Handkerchief Manufacturers - 2-6 Arthur Street
Hunter, John W.Clerk - 32 Avenue Road
Hurst & Son, Ltd.Seed Merchants - 15 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 513
Hutchinson, James P.24 Avenue Road
Hutchinson, J. P.Chemist - 20a High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 97
Hutchinson, Samuel18 Ashleigh Crescent
Hutchinson, Wm. G.Prince's Street
Hutton, Victor67 Trasna Way
Hynes, Mrs. Irene126 Lough Road
Ideal Wine Co.High Street
Ingleby, Ronald1 King's Park
Inglis & Co. Ltd.Depot - 51 Windsor Avenue
Irwin & Co.Shirt & Collar Manufacturers - High Street
Irwin, James Edward16 Gilford Road
Irwin, James R.Boot Merchant - Market Street
Irwin, James R.50 Union Street
Irwin, John43 Gilford Road
Irwin, Lilly6 Orient Circle
Irwin, MargaretHill Street
Irwin, Thomas J.130 Lough Road
Irwin, T. H. B.22 Carrick Drive
Irwin, William M.29 Ashleigh Crescent
Jackson, M.8 Colban Crescent
Jamison, Chas.109 Edward Street
J. C. Vulcanisers, Ltd.68 High Street
Jeffers, John48 Lake Street
Jefferson, Mrs. Agnes50 High Street
Jenkinson, E.3 Ashleigh Crescent
Jennings, AnnieWilliam Street
Johnston, Allen, & Co., Ltd.Manufacturers - Woodville Factory, Victoria Street
Johnston, ArthurAnnadale, Lough Road
Johnston, Dr. BrianCollege Walk
Johnston, CarterNorth Lodge, Kilmore Road
Johnston, David128 Lough Road
Johnston, Elizabeth19 Mourneview Avenue
Johnston, Emily185 Union Street
Johnston, James E. (B.A.)Fallowfield, Lough Road
Johnston, K. K.Windsor Avenue
Johnston, MinnieLough Road
Johnston, MissDressmaker - North Street
Johnston, Miss Jane B.43 High Street
Johnston, Ronald38a Lake Street
Johnston, Samuel169 Avenue Road
Johnston, T. B. (D.L.)Manufacturer - The Demesne
Johnston, William H.21 Ardboe Drive
Johnston, William, Son & Co., Ltd.Ironmongers - 14 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 42
Jones, Robert74 Hill Street
Jones, Robert (jun.)Belfast Road
Jones, Waring30 Ashleigh Crescent
Jones, WilliamGrocer - Queen Street
Jones, Wm J.71 Trasna Way
Jordan, Denis36 Trasna Way
Jordan, Francis17 Cypress Gardens
Jordan, HenryKilmore House
Jordan, JamesStationer - 20 Edward Street
Jordan, James1 Arthur Street
Jordan, John28 Banbridge Road
Joyce, David47 Ardboe Drive
Judge, James12 Colban Crescent
Kane, Isobel20 Larkfield Square
Kane, Mrs. Margaret L.179 Union Street
Kavanagh, P. F.15 Hawthorne Avenue
Kearns, Margaret9 Larkfield Square
Keegan, T. K.9 Larkfield Square
Keegan, T. R.32 Russell Drive
Keenan, John19 Cyprus Gardens
Keenan, Michael24 Edward Street
Kelly, Francis21 Elmwood Terrace
Kelly, George47 William Street
Kelly, John F.Parkview Street
Kelly, J. F.Draper and Outfitter - Church Place
Kelly, Letitia23 North Street
Kelly, Mrs. M.Draper - 1a High Street
Kelly, PatrickFruiterer - 53 Church Place
Kelly, Patrick J.12 Cypress Gardens
Kelly, P.The Orchard, Fruiterer - Market Street
Kelly, P., & SonsFruiterers - 18 Market Street
Kendal, Charles14 Banbridge Road
Kendall, C.41 Ashleigh Crescent
Kendall, Walter14 Larkfield Square
Kennedy, Stewart64 Lake Street
Kennedy, T.16 Orient Circle
Kennedy, William33 Colban Crescent
Kennedy, W. T.16 Russell Drive
Kernohan, John46 High Street
Kerr, HenryTeacher - 32 Union Street
Kerr, JamesCycle, Radio & Electrical Retailer - 9 Market Street and Antrim Road
Kerr, L. A.Chemist - 36 High Street
Kerr, Margaret52 North Street
Kerr, RobertGilford Road
Kerr, R.Chemist and Optician - 34 Market Street
Kerr, T. J. (J.P.)Merchant Tailor - 10 Market Street
Kerr, William38 Banbridge Road
Kerr, Wm.96 Avenue Road
Kidd, G.16 Carrick Drive
King, Howard46 Trasna Way
King, R.2 Lawrence Square
Kinkead, Basil187 Union Street
Kinkead, Thomas, & SonsUnion Street
Kinkead, William24 Hamilton Street
Kirk, Miss88 High Street
Kirkpatrick, Robt.60 Wood Lane
Kirkwood, Anna8 Park Avenue
Kirkwood, Cecil104 Avenue Road
Kirkwood, David I.17 Pines Park
Knox, AndrewGrocer - Edward Street
Knox, I.26 Larkfield Square
Kyle, David J.Lough Road
Lambert, Norman2 Queen Street
Larkin, Patrick L.26 Colban Crescent
Lauder, Samuel44 Ardboe Drive
Lavery, AnnieAntrim Road
Lavery, Annie M.1 Avenue Road
Lavery, Charles124 Edward Street
Lavery, Chas.2 Wellington Street
Lavery, DavidFrancis Street
Lavery, D.40 Colban Crescent
Lavery, Elizabeth28 Colban Crescent
Lavery, H.24c Lake Street
Lavery, James77 Edward Street
Lavery, JohnHairdresser - Edward Street
Lavery, J.9 Cyprus Gardens
Lavery, Mrs.Hairdresser - Edward Street
Lavery & McCannPainters - Edward Street
Lavery, OwenFrancis Street
Lavery, OwenGrocer - 12 North Street
Lavery, RobertBarber - Edward Street
Lavery, Rose A.Tobacconist - 6 Edward Street
Lavery, S.2 Larkfield Square
Lavery, Thomas9 Ardboe Drive
Lavery, WilliamFruiterer - Market Street
Lawther, James23 Colban Crescent
Lawther, Thos. H.58 Trasna Way
Leake, J.40 Russell Drive
Leathem, George50 Gilford Road
Leathem, James57 Silverwood Drive
Leathem, John18 Victoria Street
Leathem, Joseph50 Wood Lane
Leathem, Joshua44 Edward Street
Leathem, Saml.12 Victoria Street
Lennon, Agnes7 Ulster Street
Lennon, Catherine1a Mary Street
Lennon, Francis G.Confectioner - 6 Festival Square and 10 Banbridge Road
Lennon, Hugh8 Edward Street
Lennon, William35a Portlec Place
Lennon, William3 Trasna Way
Leonard, William S.35 Colban Crescent
Lester, Thomas E.Wood Lane
Levis, GeorgePines Park
Lewis, Wm. J.21 Trasna Way
Liddell, George T.63 Gilford Road
Lightbody, A. S. P.Hill Street
Lightbody, Ernest88 Hill Street
Lin Erin, Ltd.Linen Merchants - Victoria Street
Lindsay, Albert10 Queen Street
Lindsay, J.12 Ardboe Drive
Lindsay, J.3 Portlec Place
Linton, R. J.Tandragee Road
Lipton, LimitedMarket Street
Little, JamesSunnyside, Lough Road
Livingston, C.Linen Merchant - Albert Street
Livingston, Percival H.55 Ardboe Drive
Livingston, RichardSaddler - Hill Street
Livingston, Thomas H.90 High Street
Livingstone, George34 William Street
Livingstone, ThomasBoot Repairer - 58 Union Street
Livingstone, W. J.24 Ardboe Drive
Lockhart, George F.43 Avenue Road
Logan, J.Newsagent - 57 Queen Street
Lomas, Sidney173 Avenue Road
Loney, Joseph26 Wood Lane
Long, Constance M.34 Wood Lane
Long, J.1 Wheatfield Drive
Lough Neagh Sand Co.Boxmore Works
Loughan, M. A.15 Lawrence Square
Loughran, Ellen J.83 Edward Street
Loughran, John9 Prospect Way
Lowe, Wm. A.Westfield Gardens
Lunn, Mrs. F.62 Trasna Way
Lurgan Block Printing Co.High Street
Lurgan Box-Making Co. Ltd.Boxmore Works
Lurgan Catholic AssociationChurch Place
Lurgan Finishing Co.Windsor Avenue
Lurgan Hand Printing Co. LtdTextile Printers - Lake Street
Lurgan Mail Press, TheWindsor Avenue
Lurgan Manufacturing Co.Avenue Road
Lurgan Milling Co.High Street
Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd.Manufacturers - Ulster Street
Lutton, S.29 Larkfield Square
Lynass, John7 Gilford Road
Lynch, Charles182 Lake Street
Lynch, J. P.37 Ardboe Drive
Lynch, Michael18 Francis Street
Lynch, Mrs. Sarah21 Cypress Gardens
Lyness, E.24 Wheatfield Drive
Lyness, Gerald9 Beaumont Square
Lyness, James84 Ardboe Drive
Lyness, John2 Cypress Gardens
Lyness, Robt.37 Ashleigh Crescent
Lynn, Mrs. ElizabethHigh Street
Lyons, JamesSpirit Merchant - Queen Street
Lyons, James68 Gilford Road
Lyric Picture HouseUnion Street
Lyttle, Rev. FirthHill Street
Lyttle, M.7 Festival Square
Lyttle, Victor B.18 North Street
Magee, Arthur J.8 Cypress Gardens
Magee, HenryGrocer - 162 Edward Street
Magee, JamesGrocer - 160-162 Edward Street
Magee, M.15 Silverwood Drive
Magee, N.34 Larkfield Square
Magee, P.Fruit and Fish Dealer - Edward Street
Magill, James1 Mourneview Avenue
Magill, Martha15 Monroe Avenue
Magill, RobertGarage Proprietor - Church Walk
Magill, Robt.10 Antrim Road
Magill, Robt. E.96 William Street
Magill, Terence35 Silverwood Drive
Maginn, G.10 Lawerence Square
Maginn, James46 Edward Street
Maginn, M.14 Prospect Way
Maginnis, P.26 Hawthorne Avenue
Magowan, J.26 Wheatfield Drive
Magowan, Thos. W.62 Avenue Road
Maguiness, Patrick2 Prospect Way
Maguiness, Thomas38 Beaumont Square
Maguire, Albert17 Avenue Road
Maguire Bros.Painters - High Street
Maguire, Cecil32 Carrick Drive
Maguire, Dr. Diarmuid78 William Street
Maguire, JosephParkview Street
Maguire, J.24 Colban Crescent
Maguire, Patrick25 Prospect Way
Magurran Ltd.Hardware Merchants - Market Street
Magurran, Robert N.19 Windsor Avenue
Mahaffy, James31 Trasna Way
Mahaffy, JamesRent Agent - Church Place
Mahaffy, JohnstonLinen Manager - Gilford Road
Mahon, Wm.The Rosses, Portadown Road
Malley, Samuel38 Wood Lane
Malcolm, MarthaPrincess Street
Malcolm, MissBengal Place, High Street
Malcolmson, Albert G.Waringstown Road
Malcolmson, John, Ltd.Undertakers - Market Street
Malcolmson, T. J.136 Lough Road
Malcolmson, VioletWindsor Avenue
Mallon, Alice5 Ulster Street
Mallon, Ed.25 Elmwood Terrace
Mallon, Isabel23 Cypress Gardens
Mallon, William J.85 Factory Lane
Maloney, Denis83 North Street
Marley FruiterersChurch Place
Marsden, Matthew D.16 Francis Street
Marshall, G.45 Trasna Way
Marshall, Joseph7 Factory Lane
Marshall, T.High Street
Martin, Agnes55 Francis Street
Martin, EdwardRiding School - Watson's Lane
Martin, F.38 Hawthorne Avenue
Martin, James45 Silverwood Drive
Martin, Jos.63 Trasna Way
Martin, Patrick15 Prospect Way
Martin, Saml.Watson's Lane
Martin, William100 Edward Street
Mates, Mrs. Edith70 Gilford Road
Mathers, F. J.14 Carrick Drive
Mathers, George16 Trasna Way
Matthews, G.2 Wheatfield Drive
Matthews, Isaac49 Union Street
Matthews, J.Hairdresser - Avenue Road and 57 Trasna Way
Mawhinney, James69 Ardboe Drive
Maxwell, AllanLake Street
Maxwell, F.88 Ardboe Drive
Maxwell, L.18 Colban Crescent
Maxwell, RichardHome Bakery - 16 Festival Square
Maxwell, WilliamConfectioner - 141 Edward Street
Maxwell, William28d Russell Drive
Maxwell, Wm.20 Victoria Street
May, Brendan5 Elmwood Terrace
May, Wm. L.12 Silverwood Drive
Mayne, JamesMourneview Avenue
Mayers, Richard (J.P.)Rock House, Aghagallon
Meehan, John18 Edward Street
Megarrell, ThomasTobacconist and Newsagent - High Street
Menabney, John95 Hill Street
Menabney, Norman175 Union Street
Menary Bros.General Drapers, Clothiers and Milliners - 44-46 Market Street
Menary, James6 Cherry Tree Walk
Menary, John P.8 Beaumont Square
Menary, T. G., & Co.Solicitors - Church Place
Mercer & BrownLaunderers - Union Street
Mercer, CharlesBrooklyn House, Garland Avenue
Mercer, HaroldWestfield Gardens
Mercer, JamesGarland Avenue
Mercer, James R.8 Orient Circle
Metcalf, A.Castle Gardens
Metcalfe, Alexander169 Sloan Street
Metcalfe, Saml. B.Gilford Road
Milligan, Richard14 Gilford Road
Milltown Bleaching Co.Donaghcloney (near Lurgan)
Minnis, AlexanderLough Road
Mitchell, Agnes G.Teacher - High Street
Mitchell, Andrew32 Ashleigh Crescent
Mitchell, John73 Edward Street
Mitchell, John92 Hill Street
Mitchell, Jos. H.15 Trasna Way
Mitchell, Moses34 Union Street
Mitchell, M.25 Ashleigh Crescent
Mitchell, Robert J.Rectory, Charles Street
Mitchell, Thomas11-13 James Street
Mitchell, Walter64 Ardboe Drive
Mitchell, William J.Wood Lane
Modern Printing CompanyCommercial Artists - 19a Queen Street
Moffett & Co.Grocers - Queen Street
Moffett, JohnBelfast Road
Moffitt, James B.Belfast Road
Moffitt, W. J., & SonHardware Merchants - 26 High Street
Monroe, Fredk. A. (O.B.E., J.P.)Designer - 15 Windsor Avenue
Montgomery, Wm. G.96 Ardboe Drive
Morgan, John18 Silverwood Drive
Moody, William132 Lough Road
Moore, C.8 Hawthorne Avenue
Moore, HenryWindsor Avenue
Moore, James1 Prospect Way
Morrison, SamuelSunnyside
Morris, Wilkinson & Co. (Lurgan), Ltd.High Street
Morrow, Arthur28 Hawthorne Avenue
Morrow, CecilUnion Street
Morrow, FrederickBoot Merchant - High Street
Morrow, GeorgeGarland Avenue
Morrow, Henry3 Cypress Gardens
Morrow, JosephBoot Merchant - 181 Union Street
Morrow, William18 Gilford Road
Morton, John (J.P.)Glenmore, Lough Road
Mourne Linen Co.Union Street
Mulholland, John5 Beaumont Square
Mulholland, Patrick37 Silverwood Drive
Mullholland, William103 Hill Street
Mullholland, Wm. S.55 Silverwood Drive
Mullan, JamesGilford Road
Mullen, MissNewsagent - William Street
Mullin, Anna49 North Street
Mullin, HughPublican - 39 William Street
Murphy, Catherine27 Wheatfield Drive
Murphy, James29 Elmwood Terace
Murphy, Mary E.8 Ulster Street
Murphy, P. J.52 Ardboe Drive
Murray, A.Painter & Glazier - William Street
Murray, Catherine9 Brownlow Terrace
Murray, Edward65 North Street
Murray, EdwardGrocer - Brownlow Terrace
Murray, JamesLake Street
Murray, James4 Lake Street
Murray, John20 Silverwood Drive
Murray, John2 Hawthorne Avenue
Murray, John J.Francis Street
Murray, Joseph4 Francis Street
Murray & McAvoyAuctioneers and Valuers - Church Place and Church Walk
Murray, Peter81 North Street
Murtagh, Hugh19 Edward Street
Murtagh, James76 William Street
McAlearnon, Edward9 Park Avenue
McAlearnon, G.38 Lake Street
McAleese, HughShoe Merchant - Church Place and Francis Street
McAlinden, A.12 Lawerence Square
McAlinden, Chas.114 Lough Road
McAlinden, JohnFrancis Street
McAlinden, J.Fish Merchant - Carnegie Street
McAlister, HughFactory Lane
Anally, David39 Cypress Gardens
McAreavey, H.11 Hawthorne Avenue
McAreavey, JosephPublican - Market Street
McAtamney, A.21 Elmwood Terrace
McAtasney, James19 Silverwood Drive
McAvoy, FrankFrancis Street
McAvoy, J. J.Parkview Street
McAvoy, L.Motor and Cycle Dealer - 72-74 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 419
McBratney, G.33 Wheatfield Drive
McBride, Wm.42 William Street
McBrien, S.4 Pines Park
McCabe, Charles37 Cypress Gardens
McCabe, M.36 Wheatfield Drive
McCabrey, T.William Street
McCaffrey, Brian B.1 Beaumont Square
McCaffrey, Dr. H.Church Walk and Derry Lodge, Lough Road
McCaffrey, Mrs. A.Brownlow Arms Hotel
McCambley, James7 Elmwood Terrace
McCann, AliceConfectioner - 96 Edward Street
McCann, Bernard5 Hawthorne Avenue
McCann, Bernard6 Prospect Way
McCann, Edward87 William Street
McCann, Frances14 Colban Crescent
McCann, John P.26 Cherry Tree Walk
McCann, Jos.6 Hawthorne Avenue
McCann, J.Publican - Queen Street
McCann, Margaret10 Cherry Tree Walk
McCann, Mary7 Beaumont Square
McCann, M.22 Hawthorne Avenue
McCann, W. H.8 Lawerence Square
McCappin, J.16 Larkfield Square
McCappin, J. T.11 Trasna Way
McCarroll, CunninghamLough Road
McCarroll, G. W.Chemist - 44a William Street
McCarroll, W.8 Larkfield Square
McCarron, JohnPublican - 10 William Street
McCarron, P.Publican - 9 Edward Street
McCarter, James (J.P.)Draper - Market Street
McCarter, T. G.56 Gilford Road
McCartney, EdwardJournalist - Windsor Avenue
McCartney, James48 Wood Lane
McCartney, Miss A.41b Portlec Place
McCaughey, AlbertConfectioner - 43 Market Street
McCaughey, A.29 Silverwood Drive
McCaughley, J. P.26 Lake Street
McCaughley, Mary J.4 Silverwood Drive
McCoughley, Thomas18 Cherry Tree Walk
McCaw, Allan, & Co., Ltd.Household Linens and Handkerchiefs - Taghnevan
McClatchey, Joseph59 Avenue Road
McClean, HarryHairdresser - Queen Street
McCleary, James13 Avenue Road
McCleary, Joseph23 Gilford Road
McCleery, Mrs.Flush Place
McClelland, H. R. N.2 Trasna Way
McClelland, R.55 Ashleigh Crescent
McClelland, William7 Glenview Drive
McClimmond, T.Rate Collector - 26 Banbridge Road
McClure, Frank38 Carrick Drive
McClure, SamuelDraper - William Street
McClure, Samuel33 Gilford Road
McClure, Rev. W. J. (B.A., B.D.)The Manse, Old Portadown Road
McCluskey, Hugh21 Prospect Way
McCluskey, Joseph8 Wellington Street
McCluskey, Joseph G.Chemist - 30 Church Place
McCluskey, Joseph G.60 Windsor Avenue
McCollum, Alex.153 Union Street
McCollum, John72 Hill Street
McCollum, JohnLinen Manufacturer - 53 Queen Street
McCollum, S.56 Trasna Way
McCollum, WilliamGrocer - 65 Union Street
McCollum, Wm.21 Portlec Place
McCollum, Wm.182 Union Street
McComb, S.40 Carrick Drive
McComb, Wm.Pines Park Avenue
McConaghy, David29 Cypress Gardens
McConaghy, Gerald8 Cherry Tree Walk
McConaghy, Thomas22 Colban Crescent
McConnell, James90 Ardboe Drive
McConnell, J. R.Accountant - 14 High Street
McConnell, Mrs. M.3 Festival Square
McConville, B.Chemist - Edward Street
McConville, Charles46 Lake Street
McConville, Edward J.1 Silverwood Drive
McConville, EleanorBoot Merchant - North Street
McConville, Hugh P.5 Glenview Drive
McConville, James6 Victoria Street
McConville, John69 Lake Street
McConville, MargaretGrocer - 120 Victoria Street
McConville, Mrs. Eleanor97 North Street
McConville, Mrs. ElizabethGilford Road
McConville, Mrs. ElizabethThe Bungalow, Union Street
McConville, P. J.Solicitor - Church Place
McConville, ThomasAntrim Road
McConville, WilfredWindsor Avenue
McCormack, J.Toberhewney Lane
McCormick, J.10 Wheatfield Drive
McCormick, S. J.46 Ardboe Drive
McCormick, William8 William Street
McCorry, Bella4 Wellington Street
McCorry Bros.Church Place
McCorry, James13 Edward Street
McCorry, PatrickFrancis Street
McCorry, WilliamVictualler - Edward Street
McCourt, William21 Avenue Road
McCready, Gerald30 Lake Street
McCreanor, Henry13 Silverwood Drive
McCreanor, J.20 Colban Crescent
McCreanor, L.14 Russell Drive
McCreanor, RichardBaker - William Street and Gilford Road
McCrory, James6 Beaumont Square
McCrory, Patrick41 Silverwood Drive
McCrory, Peter11 Wheatfield Drive
McCrory, P. J.14 Hawthorne Avenue
McCrory, Thos.3 Prospect Way
McCrudden, S., & Co., Ltd.Factory - Factory Lane
McCullough, Edith23 Queen Street
McCullough, Gordon56 Wood Lane
McCullough, J.7 Monroe Avenue
McCullough, J.67 Ardboe Drive
McCullough, Lloyd153 Avenue Road
McCullough, MargaretDraper - Market Street
McCullough, Mrs. J.Poulterer & Florist - Avenue Road
McCullough, ThomasLaundry - Windsor Avenue
McCullough, WesleySnackery - 67 Queen Street
McCusker, HughVictualler - Church Place
McCusker, Mary2 Francis Street
McCusker, Patrick71 Edward Street
McDermott, E. A.Cashier, Ulster Bank - Belfast Road
McDonald, E.2 Silverwood Drive
McDonald, George P. (B.D.S.)20 Church Place
McDonald, John18 Prospect Way
McDonald, J.Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" - 40 North Street and Market Street
McDonald, William, V.27 Cypress Gardens
McDowell, D. (M.A.)Teacher - Portadown Road
McDowell, JaneDraper - 64 Church Place
McDowell, Jane3 Pines Park
McDowell, J.14 Ashleigh Crescent
McDowell, Sadie26b Russell Drive
McDowell, S.124 Ardboe Drive
McDowell, T.25 Ardboe Drive
McDowell, William98 Ardboe Drive
McEvoy, John F.Solicitor - Church Place
McEvoy, J.49 Ardboe Drive
McFerran, Walter (M.R.C.V.S.)35 Avenue Road
McGeown, B.7 Portlec Place
McGeown, Edmund5 Ardboe Drive
McGeown, P. 21 Wheatfield Drive
McGibbon, Andrew W.Furniture Merchant - William Street
McGibbon, JamesFrancis Street
McGibbon, -18 Hawthorne Avenue
McGibbon,The Orchard, Market Street
McGrann, J.33 Portlec Place
McGrath, Chas.Parkview Street
McGrath, Thomas14 Wood lane
McGreavy, Patk. Commercial Hotel, Church Place
McGreevy, H.16 Prospect Way
McGreevy, J.23 Prospect Park
McGuiness, Henry16 Hawthorne Avenue
McGurran, JohnMonumental Sculptor - Carnegie Street
McGurran, J.Francis Street
McIldoff, JamesButcher - North Street and Church Place
McIlroy, Agnes45 Avenue Road
McIlroy, James A.8 Avenue Road
McIlroy, John2 King's Park
McIlroy, K.Radio and Electrical Engineer - 36a High Street
McIlroy, W. J.5 Prospect Way
McIlwaine, James15 Portlec Place
McIlwaine, James64 Trasna Way
McIlwaine, Joseph68 Trasna Way
McIlwaine, S.10 Ardboe Drive
McIntyre Bros.Painters - Edward Street
McIntyre, Charles7 Silverwood Drive
McIntyre, Daniel43 Silverwood Drive
McIntyre, RobertBaker - 66 High Street
McIvor, AnnaLake Street
McIvor, Rev. F. H.35 Avenue Road
McKavanagh, D.Lake Street
McKavanagh, John14 North Street
McKavanagh, JohnHemstitcher - William Street
McKavanagh, J. F.39 Silverwood Drive
McKavanagh, Patk.Publican - 28 Market Street
McKeag, S.8 Carrick Drive
McKee, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
McKendry, J.7 Ardboe Drive
McKenna, J. D.5 Lawerence Square
McKenna, Mary J. S.17 Edward Street
McKenna, Vincent8 Albert Street
McKeown & Co.Newsagents - Market Street
McKeown, D.6 Colban Crescent
McKeown, Henry10 Albert Street
McKeown, H. G.Newsagent and Fancy Goods Agent - 59 Church Place
McKeown, James15 Colban Crescent
McKeown, TerencePublican - 7 Castle Lane
McKeown, Tessie5c Portlec Place
McKerr, GeorgeDraper and Hardware Merchant - 9-9a High Street
McKerr, GeorgeAvenue Road
McKerr, Joseph53 Ardboe Drive
McKerr, J.2 Monroe Avenue
McKerr, Matthew33 Cypress Gardens
McKerr, Pat.6 Silverwood Drive
McKerr, Thomas23 Cherry Tree Walk
McKinley, J.19 Colban Crescent
McKinley, Mrs. M.Solitude Cottage
McKinley, Thomas20 Lake Street
McKinley, Wm.16 Lake Street
McKinley, W.8 Monroe Avenue
McKinney, JamesLough Road
McKinney, Jas.Flesher - 19 Market Street and 28 Union Street
McKinney, John30 Wood Lane
McKinstry, Brian36 Hawthorne Avenue
McLaughlin, D. H.3 Hawthorne Avenue
McLaughlin, James28 Colban Crescent
McLeod, Ian N.22 Wood Lane
McLernon, JohnUndertaker - North Street
McLearnon, M.3 Ardboe Drive
McMahon, Brendon26 Trasna Way
McMahon, H.13 Hawthorne Avenue
McMahon, J.38 Colban Crescent
McMahon, Peter122 Edward Street
McMahon, Wm.13 Monroe Avenue
McManus, J.13 Lawerence Square
McManus, Mary M.4 Ulster Street
McMenamy, Bernard31 William Street
McMenamy, ThomasGrocer - North Street
McMorrow, Mrs. A.8 Ardboe Drive
McMullen, ThomasPublican - Edward Street
McMurray, Iain65 Ashleigh Crescent
McMurray, J. A.Linen Manufacturer - Market Street
McMurray, NoelPines Park
McMurray, Thomas61 Avenue Road
McMurray, WilliamTobacconist - Market Street
McNabb, Mrs. Dinah (B.A, M.P.)Aughnacloy House - Union Street
McNabb, Thomas (F.R.C.V.S.)Aughnacloy House - Union Street
McNabb, WilliamChemist - Market Street
McNaghten, JamesPlumber - Avenue Road
McNally, A.31 Larkfield square
McNally, John23 Ardboe Drive
McNally, Peter27 Prospect Way
McNally, Wm.13 Colban Crescent
McNeill, Donald R.136 Avenue Road
McNeill, F. W.6 Russell Drive
McPartland, Henry52 Windsor Avenue
McQueen, W.19 Trasna Way
McQuilkin, Mrs. V. M.Pines Park
McRoberts, James58 Wood Lane
McRory, A.118 Ardboe Drive
McShane, Albert78 Ardboe Drive
McShane, John7 Hawthorne Avenue
McSherry, D.21 Hawthorne Avenue
McSherry, Edward20 Cherry Tree Walk
McSherry, James17 Elmwood Terrace
McStay, W.41a Portlec Place
McVeigh, Arthur14 Monroe Avenue
McVeigh, Ellen28 Francis Street
McVeigh, George70 Wood Lane
McVeigh, JohnPublican - Edward Street
McVeigh, Mrs. K. E.Teacher - 46 North Street
McWilliams, Brian24 Larkfield Square
McWilliams, Joseph10 Avenue Road
Nangle, James A.45 Colban Crescent
Neill, James3 Larkfield Square
Neill, JamesSolicitor - 130 Avenue Road
Neill, Mrs. C. A.Headington House
Neill, Mrs. Margaret40 Gilford Road
Neill, NormanHairdresser - William Street
Neill, William F.57 Ardboe Drive
Nelson, S.35c Portlec Place
Nesbitt, JamesWaringstown Road
News, JohnPublican - 35 Edward Street
Noade, James P.23 Trasna Way
Nolan, T.34 Colban Crescent
Orbinson, T.15 Ardboe Drive
Orr, Joseph10 Colban Crescent
Osborne, Mrs. SarahLough Road
Owens, D. I.1 Regents Park
O'Brien, F.59 Trasna Way
O'Connor, FrederickVictualler - Church Place
O'Connor, P.Gilford Road
O'Connor, ThomasNorth Street
O'Hagan, FrancisChurch Place
O'Hagan, H., & Sons, Ltd.Poultry Merchants - Edward Street
O'Hagan, John14 Silverwood Drive
O'Hagan, Joseph B.85 Gilford Road
O'Hagan, Hugh31 Cypress Gardens
O'Hanlon, James P.9 Silverwood Drive
O'Hanlon, JohnFrancis Street
O'Hanlon, J.23 Elmwood Terrace
O'Hara, Henry6 Wellington Street
O'Hara, Mrs. Elizabeth42 Edward Street
O'Hare, Annie9 Monroe Avenue
O'Hare, Margaret4 Cherry Tree Walk
O'Hare, Patrick L.Cypress Gardens
O'Kane, A.4 Hawthorne Avenue
O'Neill, Charles S.Publican - Church Place
O'Neill, EdmundChurch Place
O'Neill, IsobelAntrim Road
O'Neill, J. F. (B.D.S.)52 William Street
O'Neill, K.1 Lawerence Square
O'Neill, L.35 Wheatfield Drive
O'Neill, Mrs.Sunnyside
O'Neill, T. M.25 Cypress Gardens
O'Reilly, EdwardEdward Street
O'Toole, George16 Cherry Tree Walk
Pakenham, Chas.Tandragee Road
Palmer, James W.Grocer - Market Street
Paragon Linen Co.William Street
Park, JohnGrocer - Queen Street
Parkinson, J. W.50a High Street
Parks, David16 Avenue Road
Parks, MargaretConfectioner - 61 William Street
Parks, W. J.2 Ardboe Drive
Patience, T. H.3 Portlec Place
Patrick, Martha90 William Street
Patterson, DavidNewsagent - 33 William Street
Patterson, Elizabeth16 Ashleigh Street
Patterson, JosephDraper - 101 Avenue Road
Patterson, Jos.Radio - Union Street and 11 Glenview Drive
Patterson, J.13 Wheatfield Drive
Patterson, J. E.36 Lake Street
Patterson, ThomasHigh Street
Patterson, Thomas12 Prospect Way
Patterson, William54 Wood Lane
Patterson, Wm. J.Dollingstown
Patterson, W.13 Ashleigh Road
Patterson, W. J.Draper - High Street
Patton & Co.Leather Merchants - 13 Union Street
Patton, Matilda32 Windsor Avenue
Paul, Robert J.Grocer - 2 and 4 Festival Square
Pearson, F.35d Portlec Place
Pearson, J. L.17 Portlec Place
Pearson, Thos.32 Banbridge Road
Pearson, V. C.96 Factory Lane
Pearson, William173 Union Street
Pedlow, Alexander65 Trasna Way
Pedlow, Robert (M.B.)45 & 60 High Street
Peel, Duncan106 William Street
Peel, RobertWindsor Avenue
Pentland, John Wesley36 Ardboe Drive
Pentland, StewartConfectioner - 54 Union Street
Pepper, Edmund37 Avenue Road
Percy, J. H.Cycle Agent - High Street
Pettican, Eric66 Wood Lane
Phoenix, William24 Gilford Road
Polin, K.10 Cypress Gardens
Pollock, TrevorCollege Walk
Poots, J.Undertaker - Church Place
Porter, John J.14 Cypress Gardens
Porter, Robert6 Avenue Road
Power, Annie M.22 Francis Street
Prentice, Mrs. R. J.Grocer - Church Street
Prior, Ed. C.43 Trasna Way
Prudential Insurance Co., Ltd.55 Church Place
Purnell, JacobAshleigh Crescent
Purvis, George11 Colban Crescent
Quaile, Robert12 Trasna Way
Quinn, Brian20 Lake Street
Quinn, D.19 Prospect Way
Quinn, Hugh94 Avenue Road
Quinn, John, Ltd.Provision Merchants - 2-3 Church Place, T.N.: Lurgan 199
Radford, J.49 Ashleigh Crescent
Rankin, David69 Trasna Way
Rawle, WilfredCashier - Hill Street
Rea, Annie67 Edward Street
Redpath, Mrs. K.26 Banbridge Road
Reid, Alex.47 Ashfield Crescent
Reid, William R.29 High Street
Reilly, Mrs. S.1 Festival Square
Revels, John79 Gilford Road
Richardson, Alfred E.Lough Road
Richardson, John H.64 Avenue Road
Richardson, Wm. F.20 Trasna Way
Ripley, Ernest(Major, S. Army) - 93 Hill Street
Ripley, JohnPhotographer - Windsor Avenue
Robb, Robt. L.49 Avenue Road
Robinson, JamesClerk - William Street
Robinson, John17 Colban Crescent
Robinson, J.Gilford Road
Robinson, Mary M.Milliner - Church Place
Robinson, Robert1 Gilford Road
Robinson, Robert S.18 Wood Lane
Robinson, R., & SonDrapers - 18a High Street
Robinson, Thomas A. (J.P.)Ardmore House
Robinson, T. K.30 Ardboe Drive
Rodgers, James28 Lake Street
Rogers, Mrs. A.74 Gilford Road
Rooney, David D.27 Trasna Way
Rooney, R.61 Trasna Way
Rosser, RonaldSolicitor - Market Street
Rosser, R.11 Windsor Avenue
Ross, CharlesWindsor Avenue
Ross, James48 Trasna Way
Rowney, S. G.5 Trasna Way
Royal Liver Friendly Society12 Windsor Avenue
Rusk, Frederick12 Gilford Road
Rusk, JohnGrocer - 74 Union Street
Rusk, Thomas68 Ardboe Drive
Rusk, Wm. J.19 Ardboe Drive
Russell, JamesWellington Street
Russell, Robt.9 Elmwood Terrace
Russell, R. V.34 Wheatfield Drive
Russell, S.8 Russell Drive
Russell, Wm.46 Ashleigh Crescent
Russell, W. G. (F.A.A.)Estate Agent - 21 High Street
Russell, W. G.Estate Agent - Park Avenue
Ryan, Dennis24 Wood Lane
Ryan, Gerald (M.B.)William Street
Ryder, Joseph18 Ardboe Drive
Sandford, WilliamAvenue Road
Sands, George26 Gilford Road
Sands, Henry11 Ardboe Drive
Sands, J. (M.S.F.)Masseur - High Street
Sands, William N.122 Ardboe Drive
Savage, JohnGilford Road
Scullion, James7 Cypress Gardens
Seargant, S. J.Mourneview Avenue
Seawright, Douglas, & Co., Ltd.Linen & Handkerchief Manufacturers - Avenue Road
Seawright, JosephWood Lane
Seawright, Mrs. MargaretBelfast Road
Seawright, WalterWindsor Avenue
Seyton, M.Ladies' and Children's Wear - 34 Market Street
Seyton, WilliamVictualler - Market Street
Shane, W. B. (M.D.)Bengal Place and 93 William Street
Shanks, Dermot13 Silverwood Drive
Shanks, James63 Edward Street
Shanks, James J.34 Trasna Way
Shanks, Moses56 Lake Street
Shanks, RichardFlesher - Carnegie Street
Shanks, Richard36 Banbridge Road
Shanks, Rose25 Silverwood Drive
Shanks, Thomas D.36 Lake Street
Sharpe, GeorgeGilford Road
Shields, Helen M.Publican - Union Street
Shilliday, S. J.Gilford Road
Sholdis, James25 Gilford Road
Sholdis, MissQueen Street
Sholdis, RichardTailor - William Street
Silcock, George92 Factory Lane
Silcock, Joseph21 Tandragee Road
Simmons, Samuel D.71 Ardboe Drive
Simms, J. H.Grocer - Church Place
Simms, Mrs. Elizabeth (J.P.)Grocer - Market Street and 54 Windsor Avenue
Simpson, Millicent E.32 Wood Lane
Sloan, H.18 Larkfield Square
Sloan, I.90 Hill Street
Sloan, J. H.12 Russell Drive
Sloan, Mrs. Jane119 Victoria Street
Sloan, R. H.6 Monroe Avenue
Sloan, W. H.39 Ardboe Drive
Smylie, JohnWood Lane
Smylie, Joseph52 Wood Lane
Smyth, Cecil (A.C.A.)61 Market Street
Smyth, Patrick A.37 Portlec Place
Smyth, Samuel90 Factory Lane
Smyth, W. J.Manufacturer - Gilford Road
Somers, E. M.21 Larkfield Square
Somerville, J.2 Carrick Drive
Somerville, Thos.17 Park Avenue
Somerville, T.39 Portlec Place
Sowney, J. T.Welfare Officer - 68 Wood Lane
Soye, David W. F.Teacher - Gilford Road
Soye, JamesVictoria Road
Soye, John A.2 Glenview Drive
Soye, WilliamFarmer - Home Farm, North Street
Sparks, John F.High Street
Sparks, Wm. A. H.54 Trasna Way
Speers, ThomasCar Owner - Market Street
Speers, Thomas W.42 Ashleigh Crescent
Spence, H.53 Ashleigh Crescent
Spence & Menzies Ltd.Linen Manufacturers - Maralin
Sproule, Mrs.Linwinney House, Lough Road
Squire, FrankLough Road
St. Clair, J.65 Ardboe Drive
Staunton, U.19 Pines Park
Steele, William A.39 Colban Crescent
Sterritt, RobertLough Road
Stevenson, Ed.10 Silverwood Drive
Stevenson, John87 Victoria Street
Stevenson, R.Plumber - Church Place
Stevenson, R. M.83 William Street
Stevenson, T. C.Gilford Road
Stevenson, W.35b Portlec Place
Stewart, Annie22 Banbridge Road
Stewart, James47 Queen Street
Stewart, James67 Ashleigh Crescent
Stewart, JamesPrinter - High Street
Stewart, James R.18 Trasna Way
Stewart, JohnGilford Road
Stewart, S.Grocer - 69 Queen Street
Stewart, Thomas4 Banbridge Road
Stewart, Wm. H.80 Wood Lane
Stewart's Cash StoresHigh Street and Church Place
Storey, George S.100 Ardboe Drive
Storey, HaroldTeacher - 40 Wood lane
Storey, Mrs. A. M.12 Orient Circle
Sturgeon, N.19 Larkfield Square
Sullivan, EdwardGilford Road
Supera Cafe44-46 Market Street
Sweeney, HughAntrim Road
Sweeney, JosephBuilder - Edward Street
Tallentine, MissWilliam Street
Tallon, Patrick P. (J.P.)Drumaleet, Aghagallon
Tatnell, H. W.Francis Street
Taylor, HenryCarrier - 85 Gilford Road
Taylor, H. W.76 Ardboe Drive
Taylor, JohnFurniture Remover - Church Place
Taylor, Mrs. Ellen75 Union Street
Taylor, WilliamRate Collector - 23 Avenue Road
Taylor, W. A.6 Carrick Drive
Thompson, Arthur P.22 Wheatfield Drive
Thompson, David110 Ardboe Drive
Thompson, EvelynCostumier - High Street
Thompson, E.36 Ashleigh Crescent
Thompson, George29 Ardboe Drive
Thompson, JamesGilford Road
Thompson, JamesInsurance Agent - Gilford Road
Thompson, JamesSchool Teacher - William Street
Thompson, John5 Cypress gardens
Thompson, John16 Windsor Avenue
Thompson, Joseph53 Silverwood Drive
Thompson, MauriceLake Street
Thompson, Mrs. LucyChurch Place
Thompson, Rodgers & Co.Fancy Box Manufacturers - Mark Street
Thompson, R., & SonAuctioneers - William Street
Thompson, W.69 Ardboe Drive
Thompson's Dye WorksChurch Place
Thornbury, Alex.Francis Street
Thornbury, Alex.27 Elmwood Terrace
Thornbury Bros.Builders - Banbridge Road
Thornbury, Liam3 Elmwood Terrace
Thornbury, William F.7 Colban Crescent
Tipping, BernardLake Street
Tipping, F.1 Elmwood Terrace
Tipping, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
Tipping, MatthewGrocer - Edward Street
Tipping, M. J.31 Silverwood Drive
Titterington, I.Electrical Contractor - Tullygally
Toal, C.15 Cypress Gardens
Toland, Nathaniel12 Cherry Tree Walk
Toland, P. L.4 Lawerence Square
Toman, C.10 Hawthorne Avenue
Toman, Joseph2 Ulster Street
Toman, K.58 Ardboe Drive
Toman, Patrick15 Elmwood Terrace
Toner, Albert11 Ashfield Crescent
Topping, Elizabeth19 Gilford Road
Treanor, Mary10 Lake Street
Treanor, N.7 Ashleigh Crescent
Trewsdale, James (B.A.)Florence Villa, College Walk
Trimble, Andrew8 Ashleigh Crescent
Turkington, A. A.Windsor Avenue and Brown's Lane
Turkington, C.6 Ashleigh Crescent
Turkington, Emily30 Queen Street
Turkington, E.51 Ashleigh Crescent
Turkington, John J.Clothier - High Street
Turkington, Lilly73 William Street
Turkington, Mary K.5 Festival Square
Turkington, MatthewParkview Street
Turkington, MatthewSand Merchant - Ulster Street
Turkington, Mrs. G.William Street
Turkington, Sarah13 Windsor Avenue
Turkington, Thomas42 Trasna Way
Turkington, T. H.3 Portlec Place
Turkington, Wesley19 Avenue Road
Turkington, WesleyMotor Engineer - Queen Street, T.N.: Lurgan 180
Turley, Peter61 Gilford Road
Turner, AlfredGrocer - Carnegie Street
Turner, AlfredWestfield Gardens
Turner, A. W. A.Toberhuney Lane
Turner, I.9 Wheatfield Drive
Turner, Wm. J.118 Avenue Road
Turner, W. J.Gilford Road
Turtle, JosephPines Park
Tweedie, J.13 Portlec Place
Twyble & Co.Hemstitchers and Finishers - William Street
Twyble, Joseph (J.P.)Hillview - Gilford Road
Tyrell, G. C. (B.Sc.)Principal - Lough Road
Ulidia Clothing Co.Union Street
Ulster Farmers' Mart Co., Ltd.Fairgreen
Ulster Meats, Ltd.The Abattoir, T.N.: Lurgan 328
Ulster Transport Authority (Passenger)Market Street
Ulster Transport Authority (Freight)Frederick Place
United Kingdom Optical Co., Ltd.Avenue Road
Uprichard, C.8 Orient Circle
Uprichard, DavidGrocer - 104 Queen Street, T.N.: Lurgan 287
Uprichard, Fred. G.Pines Park
Uprichard, Henry James (J.P.)Fair View
Uprichard, HughHardware Merchant and Ironmonger - 3 High Street, T.N.: Lurgan 29
Uprichard, James8 Victoria Street
Uprichard, Jane E.30 Carrick Drive
Uprichard, John12 Larkfield Square
Uprichard, Margt.189 Avenue Road
Uprichard, Miss Martha82 High Street
Uprichard, Mrs. JeannieWilliam Street
Uprichard, Mrs. MargaretDraper - Market Street
Uprichard, Norman15 Westfield Gardens
Uprichard, RobertParkview Street
Uprichard, Robt., & Co. Ltd.Hemstitchers - Charles Street
Uprichard, R.28 Ashleigh Crescent
Uprichard & ShillidayGrocers - 24 High Street
Uprichard, Thomas19 Westfield Gardens
Uprichard, William177 Sloan Street
Uprichard, William23 Ardboe Drive
Uprichard, W. R.16 Victoria Street
Uprichard, W. T.70 Ardboe Drive
Voight, Paul H.65a Queen Street
Waid, Herbert (L.D.S.)23 High Street
Waite, Mrs. MarthaAvenue Road
Wainwright, Arthur72 Wood Lane
Walker, C.26a Russell Drive
Walker, Mrs. M.Grocer - 124 Union Street
Walker, T. D.10 Monroe Avenue
Walker, William10d Russell Drive
Wallace, Watson4 Glenview Drive
Walls, Hugh18 Antrim Road
Ward, Mrs. Mona2 Regents Park
Warp Knitters, Ltd.Queen Street
Warren, Thos. J.Grocer - 15 Mountview Avenue and Garland Avenue
Watson, D.9 Lawerence Square
Watson, Eric63 Avenue Road
Watson, ErnestIce Saloon - Edward Street
Watson, Fred. C.Cabinetmaker - Edward Street
Watson, G.66 Ardboe Drive
Watson, Henry P. (J.P.)Beech Park
Watson & NeillSolicitors - William Street
Watson, Robert, & Sons (Lurgan), Ltd.Handkerchief Manufacturers - The Flush, Flush Place
Watson, Sydney28 Wood Lane
Watson, Thomas37 Trasna Way
Weatherall, Miss FlorenceLaundry - George Street
Webb, James6 Lawerence Square
Webb, Jane A.Victoria Street
Webb, S. J.15 Orient Circle
Weir, Cecil1 Carrick Drive
Weir, Thomas122 Lake Street
Weir, William72 Victoria Street
Welfare CentreAlexandra Square
Wells, ElizabethGarland Avenue
Welsh, J.25 Colban Crescent
Wheelan, William R.Quantity Surveyor - Market Street
Wheelan, William R.84 Wood Lane
White, Elizabeth195 Union Street
White, E.23 Larkfield Square
White, Jos. P.Teacher - Lake Street
Whiteside, W. J.4 Avenue Road
Whitley, Mrs. Sarah15 Larkfield Square
Whittaker, Roy25 Wheatfield Drive
Wilkinson, J.26 Ardboe Drive
Wilkinson, R.61 Ashleigh Crescent
Williams, G.19 Orient Circle
Williams, J.86 Ardboe Drive
Williams, T. J.4 Ardboe Drive
Williamson, George17 Queen Street
Williamson, GeorgeRadio Electrical - 25 High Street
Wilson, George38 Ashleigh Crescent
Wilson, HerbertMotor Engineer - Alexandra Square
Wilson, Herbert64 Windsor Avenue
Wilson, John5c Portlec Place
Wilson, John43 Ashleigh Crescent
Wilson, John E.106 Lough Road
Wilson, Mrs. S. J.Confectioner - Market Street
Wilson, R.22 Ashleigh Crescent
Wilson, S. I.Grocer - 54 High Street
Windsor Laundry Dry Cleaning Co., Ltd.High Street and Church Place
Windsor LaundryWatson's Lane
Windsor Pharmacy2 High Street
Winton, Matthew7 Orient Circle
Withers, FrancisFruiterer - Castle Lane
Withers, J.19 Wheatfield Drive
Withers, J. P.1 Hawthorne Avenue
Withers, Mary187 Avenue Road
Withers, W. J.14 Lawerence Square
Woods, S. J.38 Russell Drive and 58 Queen Street
Woods, William76 Lake Street
Woolworth, F. W., & Co., Ltd.Market Street
Wray, Warren6 Colban Crescent
Wright, Alex.17 Larkfield Square
Wright, CyrilManager - Francis Street
Wright, D.26 Carrick Drive
Wright, M.3 Glenview Drive
Wright, Saml. H.Radio Dealer - 45 Market Street
Wright, Wm. G.1 Hamilton Street
Wright, Wm. J.33 Trasna Way
Wynn, Miss L. M.Francis Street
York Street Flax Spinning Co., Ltd.Union Street
Young, J. W.Gas Manager - William Street

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