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Slater’s National Commercial Directory For 1846: Isaac Slater

I. Slater’s National Commercial Directory of Ireland: Including in Addition to the Trades’ Lists, Alphabetical Directories of Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Limerick. To which are Added, Classified Directories of The Important English Towns of Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol; and in Scotland, Those of Glasgow and Paisley.
Embellished With a Large New Map of Ireland, Faithfully Depicting The Lines of Railways in Operation or in Progress, Engraved on Steel.

(Compiled and Published Isaac Slater, Fountain-Street, Manchester and Fleet-Street, London. 1846.)



More than twenty years have passed away since the late firm (with whom the proprietor of the work now issued was connected for a quarter of a century), published a Directory of Ireland. During this interval Commerce and Intelligence have made rapid progress throughout this important section of the British Empire. In a work, therefore, like the present, an onerous obligation devolved upon those to whom its compilation was confided–to watch, with unceasing solicitude, the character, point and faithfulness of the various materials, as they gradually accumulated, to swell the Volume now submitted to the Public.
            The Work has been arranged chiefly after the model of the Directories, published by Pigot & Co., for the United Kingdom; while improvements, the result of experience acquired during the long period referred to, have been introduced, and the suggestions of several intelligent personages rendered available to the purposes, and value of the Directory. Nor is the proprietor reluctant to confess, that in addition to the estimation for their truthful topography, and upon others for their statistical accuracy. He is besides deeply beholden to many talented principals of the learned Institutions of Ireland, who have obligingly aided, by their genuine contributions, the historical department of the Work. Much, indeed of its correctness, and consequent utility, may be truly ascribed to the courtesy with which the inquiries of the proprietor’s agents have been met, and responded to, generally throughout the kingdom.
            These observations may be said to apply equally to the commercial as to the historical portions. With reference to the former a great improvement will be recognised in the classification of the professions and trades; and the ramifications of the latter have been assisted and simplified by occasional references thereto. Dublin, from its metropolitan consequences, is peculiarly distinguished by an elaborate alphabetical index to its trade heads, and their subordinate branches; while the general table of contents may, with confidence, be consulted as a key to the arrangements of all the multifarious subjects contained in the Work.
            The Directory of Ireland, as a commercial publication-which it professes to be, could scarcely be considered complete without having appended to it other Seats of Commerce with which it is connected-this the proprietor felt, and he, therefore-undismayed by the great additional expense, determined upon introducing TRADES’ DIRECTORIES of some of the principal English towns, and others in Scotland-the latter appropriate from their approximation to the great northern Marts of Irish Manufacturers.
            Those to whom was intrusted the task of gathering together materials for the following pages, travelled through the land-strangers in it-‘pursuing the even tenor of their way’-uninfluenced by particular or partial interests, and, regardless of conflicting opinions-keeping in view one only object-having one only ‘bent’-that of producing a work impartial to all-offensive to none, and one that might be exhibited as representing the commercial and trading attributes of a large integral portion of a Great Empire.
            The proprietor has little more to add than that of addressing himself gratefully to his subscribers-whose number has far outstripped his most sanguine hopes, and the countenance of whom has encouraged him from the commencement to the termination of his labours. Of all literary tolls, those employed in the production of a Directory are perhaps the most anxious; and from the mutability of the subject matter, by which such works are peculiarly distinguished, are rendered more liable to error than any other class of literature. It is upon this score-and this score alone, that the proprietor trusts indulgence may be conceded to inaccuracies, that may be detected in the pages of the IRISH DIRECTORY.
Isaac Slater.
Manchester, 1846.


Lurgan is a thriving market town, in the parish of Shankill, barony of Oneilland East, county of Armagh, 85 miles N. from Dublin, 60 S. S. E. from Coleraine, 22 S. W. from Belfast, 19 S. from Antrim, 17 N. E. by E. from Armagh, 14 W. S. W. from Lisburn, 12 S. by W. from Crumlin, 9 N. N. W. from Banbridge, and 5½ N. E. by E. from Portadown; eligibly situated about three miles south of the south-east corner of Lough Neagh, and near the line of the Ulster railway, for which the town is a station. The surrounding country is flat, fertile and luxuriant, populous and replete with evidences of industry, and consequent comfort and respectability. The principal street, which indeed, is the principal part of the town, extends for nearly a mile, along the Belfast and Armagh road, and is spacious, airy, well-built, remarkably clean, and may really be termed handsome. That which may be considered the suburban part of Lurgan is extensive and populous, for numerous lines of houses and detached dwellings stand along nearly all the radiating roads, and form, as it were, villages for a considerable distance. Lurgan-Castle demesne, the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, proprietor of the town, extends along the whole of the north-east of it, and the entrance is by an elegant lodge from near the centre of the street. The mansion has been re-built lately in the Elizabethan style, with beautiful free-stone brought from Scotland. The grounds, which are generously thrown open to the public, are richly embellished with thriving plantations, reflected in a fine sheet of water, which abounds with various water-fowl, and is encompassed by a well-kept gravel walk. In the square, or market-place stands the court-house, a handsome building of stone, and the brown linen hall is a spacious building, erected in 1825. The linen and muslin manufacture is the staple of Lurgan, and in producing the variety of fabrics, as cambric’s, lawns, diapers, damasks, &c., a large proportion of the population of the town and its vicinity are employed; while some of the establishments of the yarn and linen merchants are extensive. Two noted breweries, and the hotels, are the other principal establishments – among the latter, Moore’s Commercial and Family Hotel, in Main-street, is one of the best and most comfortable inns in the county. The Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, the Provincial Bank, and the Ulster Bank, have each a branch in operation here, and there is a savings’ bank admirably and beneficially conducted. A facility of intercourse with Belfast is afforded by Lough Neagh and the Lurgan navigation. The general quarter sessions of the county are held in Lurgan, and petty sessions, every Friday; and a section of the constabulary police is stationed in the town. The parish church of Shankill is a handsome structure, with a finely-proportioned octagonal spire, containing a good clock. The interior of the church is neatly fitted up, and furnished with a fine-toned organ. The Roman Catholic parochial chapel is a neat Gothic building. There are places of worship for Presbyterians, the Society of Friends, and Wesleyan, Primitive, and the new connexion of Methodists. The free educational establishments are a subscription school, one for infants, and one of the church society’s schools. The other charities are a dispensary and a union workhouse. The market, which is held on Friday, is abundantly supplied with provisions, and is besides a considerable one for the manufacture of the town and district. Fairs August 5th and November 22nd. The population of the town, in 1841, was 4,677.

POST OFFICE – Main Street, Lurgan, William B. Morris, Post Master – Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at five, and are despatched every evening at twenty minutes past seven. Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every night at twenty minutes before ten, and are despatched every morning at three.

Letters from Antrim and other parts of the North of Ireland arrive every morning at twenty minutes before eight, and are despatched every morning at five. Letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every morning at three, and are despatched every night at twenty minutes before ten.

To Antrim, a mail car, from the Post office, every morning at five.
To Banbridge, a Mail Car, from the Post Office, every evening at twenty minutes past seven – and a Car, from Charles Starkey’s, Main Street, every forenoon (Sunday excepted) at eleven.
To Belfast, the Royal Mail (from Enniskillen), calls at the Post office, every morning at three; goes through Lisburn – also by Railway.
To Dromore, a Car, from Charles Starkey’s, Main Street, every evening (Sunday excepted) at six.
To Enniskillen, the Royal Mail (from Belfast), calls at the Post office, every evening at twenty minutes before ten; goes through Portadown, Armagh, Middleton, Monaghan, Clones and Maguire’s Bridge.
To Newry, a Car, from Charles Starkey’s, Main Street, every evening (Sunday excepted) at half-past five.

CONVEYANCE BY RAILWAY Between Belfast, Lisburn, Moira, Lurgan & Portadown.
Station William St. – Thomas Steel, agent. Particulars of the arrival and departure of the Trains are furnished by the Railway Tables.


BoydMrs. AnnMain Street
BurkeMrs. AnnMain Street
ChristyJoseph, Esq.Main Street
CunninghamRev. John R.Chapel House
CuppageThomas, Esq.Silverwood
DobbinRev. HamiltonMain Street
DouglassCharles, Esq.Grace Hall
FaloonRev. CharlesGlebe House
FlemingMrs. ElizaMain Street
FlemingJames, Esq.Main Street
FordFrancis, Esq.Raughlin
GreerGeorge, Esq. (J.P.)Wood Vale
GreerMiss JaneMain Street
GreerSamuel, Esq.Church Square
HancockJohn, Esq (J.P.)Main Street
HazlettMrs.Church Square
JohnstonRev. JamesSouth Street
JohnstonMrs. MarthaMain Street
LurganThe Right Honourable LordBrownlow House
McKeeMrs. AnnSouth Street
McKeeRev. JamesSouth Street
MercerCaptain HenryLaurel Vale
MillarJoseph, Esq.Wilderness
MulliganRev. JamesLurgan Ville
O'BrienRev. WilliamChapel House
OultonRev. William P.Main Street
OverendMiss BettyChurch Square
ShawJohn, Esq.Main Street
ToddMrs. JaneMain Street
WaringThe Very Rev. Holt (Dean)Waringstown
WaringThomas, Esq.Waringsfield
WatsonFrancis, Esq.Lake View
WatsonFrancis, Esq.Main Street
WynneRev. William HenryGlebe House
BennianWilliamSchool - William Street
ChisholmElizabethBoarding School - Main Street
CarrollPatrickMaster, Free School - Back Lane
AndersonAnnMistress, Free School - Back Lane
HewittJosephSchool - Main Street
MorrowFannyMistress, Infants School - South Street
TaylorSamuelSchool - South Street
GreerHenryAttorney - Main Street
HazlettJohnAttorney - Church Square
Morris (and Proctor)RobertAttorneys - Main Street
BullockeThomasBaker - Main Street
KennedyJohnBaker - Main Street
ShannonJamesBaker - Church Square
GreerMessers. J. F. & H.Agents for Belfast Banking Company (Branch) - Woodville
ShawMr. JohnManager of Northern Banking Company (Branch) - Main Street
HallMr. ThomasManager of Provincial Bank of Ireland (Branch) - Main Street
ChristyMr. JosephManager of Ulster Banking Company (Branch) - Main Street
GreerMr. HenryActuary of Savings' Bank - Main Street
ChapmanJohnBlacksmith - Main Street
CollinsWilliamBlacksmith - Main Street
DowneyJohnBlacksmith - Main Street
GallagherJamesBlacksmith - Church Square
QuinnJohnBlacksmith - Main Street
EvansRichard JohnStationer and Printer - Church Square
ReillyHenry W.Stationer and Printer - Main Street
ReillyRobertStationer - Main Street
ArmstrongThomasBoot and Shoemaker - South Street
BlackJohnBoot and Shoemaker - Church Square
CornerRobertBoot and Shoemaker - South Street
LittleAndrewBoot and Shoemaker - Pond River
ReillyRobertBoot and Shoemaker - Main Street
ReillyRobert, (Jun.)Boot and Shoemaker - Castle Lane
RidgwayRobertBoot and Shoemaker - Main Street
RidgwayWilliamBoot and Shoemaker - Main Street
Boyd & Watts-Brewers and Maltsters - Main Street
JohnstonJohnBrewer and Maltster - Main Street
MageeCharlesButcher - Main Street
McKernanHughButcher - Main Street
McKernanRichardButcher - Main Street
MercerDukeButcher - Main Street
MercerDuke, (Jun.)Butcher - Main Street
AndersonWilliamCabinet Maker - Back Lane
CherryJosephCabinet Maker - Main Street
HarperJamesCabinet Maker - Main Street
TaaffeWilliamCabinet Maker - Main Street
Armstrong Brothers-Cambric Manufacturers - Main Street
BellThomas & SamuelCambric Manufacturers - Main Street
ByrneEdwardCambric Manufacturer - South Street
MalcolmJamesCambric Manufacturer - Main Street
MurphyJosephCambric Manufacturer - Main Street
MurrayWilliamCambric Manufacturer - Church Square
SmythAlexanderCambric Manufacturer - Main Street
WatsonHendersonCambric Manufacturer - Main Street
Watson & SonsRobertCambric Manufacturers - Flosh
FaloonCharlesCarpenter - Church Square
FarrisJamesCarpenter - Church Square
McCammJamesCarpenter - Castle Lane
McGeownPatrickCarpenter - Church Square
PelanJamesCarpenter and Builder - Main Street
CampbellJohnCorn Merchant - William Street
NettletonGeorgeCorn Merchant - South Street
CaulfieldJaneEarthenware Dealer - South Street
FaloonJohnEarthenware Dealer - Main Street
GilbertJohnEarthenware Dealer - Main Street
HumphriesMaryEarthenware Dealer - South Street
HallThomasAlliance (Life) and Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - Main Street
ChristyJosephBritannia (Life)
HazlettJohnStandard (Life) - Church Square
CapperJohnStar (Life) - Main Street
MorrisonJamesWest of England - Main Street
ArmstrongWilliamGrocer - Main Street
BeattyAnnGrocer - Church Square
CrawfordSelinaGrocer - Main Street
GilbertJohnGrocer - Main Street
McCulloughEdwardGrocer - Main Street
GirdwoodJohnBrownlow Arms (Commercial and Posting-House) - Main Street
MooreDunlopFamily and Commercial Hotel - Main Street
ArmstrongWilliamIronmonger and Hardware - Main Street
ReillyHenry WoodwardIronmonger and Hardware - Main Street
StanleyRobertIronmonger and Hardware - Main Street
StanleyThomasIronmonger and Hardware - Main Street
ArmstrongThomasLeather Seller - South Street
BeattyAnnLeather Seller - Main Street
McKeeJamesLeather Seller - Main Street
McKeownHughLeather Seller - Main Street
Armstrong & SonWilliamLinen & Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers - Main Street
BrownYoungsonLinen & Woollen Draper and Haberdasher - Main Street
GilbertThomasLinen & Woollen Draper and Haberdasher - Church Square
PaulAnnLinen & Woollen Draper and Haberdasher - Main Street
TrailRobertLinen & Woollen Draper and Haberdasher - Main Street
WellsWilliamLinen & Woollen Draper and Haberdasher - Main Street
ByrneRoderickLinen Manufacturer - Main Street
GilbertJohnLinen Manufacturer - Main Street
Greer & Co.GeorgeLinen Manufacturers and Bleachers - Milltown House, Woodville
LockhartGeorgeLinen Manufacturer - South Street
LockhartJohn & HughLinen Manufacturers - Main Street
MoffettJohnLinen Manufacturer - Main Street
MolloyDavidLinen Manufacturer - South Street
Watson & SonsRobertLinen and Diaper, Damask and Sheeting Manufacturers - Flosh
JacksonThomasLinen Merchant - South Street
LockhartJohnLinen Merchant - South Street
LockhartJohn & HughLinen Merchants - Main Street
MalcolmJamesLinen Merchant - Main Street
MoffettJohnLinen Merchant - Main Street
RossJohnLinen Merchant - Main Street
WatsonHendersonLinen Merchant - Main Street
Watson & SonsRobertLinen Merchants and Bleachers - Flosh
AdamsSamuelLinen Yarn Merchant - Church Square
Armstrong Brothers-Linen Yarn Merchants - Main Street
BellThomas & SamuelLinen Yarn Merchants - Main Street
CalvertWilliam JohnLinen Yarn Merchant - Main Street
CapperJohnLinen Yarn Merchant and Commission Agent - Main Street, and Dobbin Street, Armagh
CowanAndrewLinen Yarn Merchant - Church Square
CowanWilliamLinen Yarn Merchant - Pond River
Cuppage & Co.JohnLinen Yarn Merchants and General Agents - Main Street
GilbertJohnLinen Yarn Merchant - Main Street
JohnstonJohnLinen Yarn Merchant - South Street
MalcolmJamesLinen Yarn Merchant and Dealer in Foreign Yarns - Main Street
MorrisonJamesLinen Yarn Merchant - Main Street
MurphyJosephLinen Yarn Merchant - Main Street
RossJohnLinen Yarn Merchant - Main Street
Wilson & Co.JosephLinen Yarn Merchants - Main Street
CarrMaryMilliner and Dressmaker - Main Street
FarrisSarah & JaneMilliners and Dressmakers - Main Street
HenrySarah & MaryMilliners and Dressmakers - Main Street
MelvinMaryMilliner and Dressmaker - South Street
TaylorAnnMilliner and Dressmaker - South Street
ThompsonHannahMilliner and Dressmaker - Main Street
RobinsonJohnPainter and Glazier - Main Street
YoungJamesPainter and Glazier - Main Street
HazletonJohnPawnbroker - Main Street
MooreDunlopPawnbroker - Main Street
TurkingtonMaryPawnbroker - Castle Lane
BellRobertPhysician and Surgeon - Main Street
CookeRichard Woods (M.D.)Physician and Surgeon - Main Street
HannayRobert StricklandPhysician and Surgeon - Main Street
McMullanJohn (M.D.)Physician and Surgeon - Main Street
PhillipsJohnPhysician and Surgeon - Main Street
RogersSamuelPhysician and Surgeon - Church Square
BullockeThomasProvision Dealer - Main Street
CampbellAnnProvision Dealer - Main Street
CapperAnnaProvision Dealer - Main Street
DonnellyArthurProvision Dealer - Church Square
FaloonJohnProvision Dealer - Main Street
GilbertThomasProvision Dealer - Church Square
HannaWilliamProvision Dealer - Main Street
HumphriesMaryProvision Dealer - South Street
NeilBernardProvision Dealer - Main Street
NettletonGeorgeProvision Dealer - South Street
RossWilliamProvision Dealer - South Street
ScottJohnProvision Dealer - Back Lane
StanleyRobertProvision Dealer - Main Street
StanleyThomasProvision Dealer - Main Street
WhiteSampsonProvision Dealer - South Street
MidgleyJamesReed Maker - South Street
MidgleyJohnReed Maker - South Street
ThompsonJohnReed Maker - Church Square
ThompsonThomasReed Maker - Church Square
MooreDunlopSaddler and Harness Maker - Main Street
StarkeyCharlesSaddler and Harness Maker - Main Street
BradshawJamesShuttle and Temple Maker - Main Street
NelsonCharlesShuttle and Temple Maker - Church Street
TaylorJonathanShuttle and Temple Maker - South Street
AlexanderJamesSpirit Dealer - Main Street
BarrieThomasSpirit Dealer - South Street
BeattyAnnSpirit Dealer - Church Square
BelshawMarySpirit Dealer - Main Street
BlackJonathanSpirit Dealer - Main Street
BlaneyJohnSpirit Dealer - Church Square
BrownYoungsonSpirit Dealer - Main Street
ByrnEleanorSpirit Dealer - Church Square
ByrneEdwardSpirit Dealer - South Street
CherrySamuelSpirit Dealer - Main Street
CooperJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
DonnellyArthurSpirit Dealer - Church Square
DonnellyJohnSpirit Dealer - South Street
DonnellyJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
DouglassJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
DrakeJosephSpirit Dealer - William Street
EllisWilliamSpirit Dealer - Church Square
FaloonMarySpirit Dealer - Castle Lane
GaddisCharlesSpirit Dealer - Main Street
HallidayAndrewSpirit Dealer - Church Square
HewittJosephSpirit Dealer - Main Street
KellyPatrickSpirit Dealer - Main Street
KennedyJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
McCannJohnSpirit Dealer - Church Square
McCombJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
McCorryJohnSpirit Dealer - Main Street
McCorryRichardSpirit Dealer - Main Street
McKinleyGeorgeSpirit Dealer - Main Street
McLivernPatrickSpirit Dealer - Pond River
McSteaDanielSpirit Dealer - Main Street
MageeJamesSpirit Dealer - Main Street
MorganHenrySpirit Dealer - Church Square
MurrayWilliamSpirit Dealer - Church Square
NettletonElizaSpirit Dealer - Main Street
RuddellGeorgeSpirit Dealer - Main Street
SomervilleSamuelSpirit Dealer - Castle Lane
StarkeyCharlesSpirit Dealer - Main Street
TurkingtonEzekielSpirit Dealer - Main Street
TwinemJamesSpirit Dealer - Church Square
FarrisSarah & JaneStraw Bonnet Makers - Main Street
HenryElizaStraw Bonnet Maker - Main Street
LangtreeElizaStraw Bonnet Maker - Main Street
McCroryJaneStraw Bonnet Maker - Main Street
DoranJohnTailor - Castle Lane
GaffneyPeterTailor - Main Street
HurstAlexanderTailor - Castle Lane
McCroryJamesTailor - Castle Lane
McCrumishMichaelTailor - Main Street
McKennaJamesTailor - Castle Lane
TuftJohnTailor - South Street
VernerJosephTailor - William Street
BlaneyJohnTallow Chandler - Church Square
FaloonJohnTallow Chandler - Main Street
KerrWilliamTallow Chandler - Main Street
McCulloughEdwardTallow Chandler - Main Street
MageeJamesTallow Chandler - Main Street
ArmstrongWilliamTimber and Coal Merchant - Main Street
PelanJamesTimber Merchant - Main Street
StanleyRobertTimber Merchant - Main Street
StanleyThomasTimber Merchant - Main Street
FrenchJohnTin-Plate Worker - Church Square
KennedyJamesTin-Plate Worker - Church Square
BoydJoseph HallTobacconist - Main Street
JohnstonWilliamTobacconist - Main Street
BelshawJamesWatch and Clock Maker - Main Street
BlackJonathanWatch and Clock Maker - Main Street
WellsMatthewWatch and Clock Maker - Main Street
AndersonWilliamCart Maker - Main Street
ChapmanJohnCart Maker - Main Street
FaloonCharlesCart Maker - Church Square
GilbertMary AnnSpirit Dealer - Church Square
GreerJohn WaiteSpirit Dealer and Distiller - Distillery
AndersonAndrewNursery and Seedsman - Dahlia Vale
CooperMaryStay Maker - Main Street
DickeyWilliamWhitesmith - Main Street
FordArthurLand Surveyor - Main Street
GreerWilliam & FrancisMillers - Distillery
KlophelJohn W. G.Professor of Music - William Street
PentlandThomasClerk to the Commissioners, and to the Board of Guardians - South Street
WaringThe Very Reverend HoltRector - Parish Church, Lurgan
PoultonRev. WilliamCurate - Parish Church, Lurgan
FaloonRev. CharlesCurate - Parish Church, Lurgan
WarrenThomasClerk - Parish Church, Lurgan
O'BrienRev. WilliamParish Priest - Roman Catholic Chapel, Back Lane
CunninghamRev. John R.Curate - Roman Catholic Chapel, Back Lane
DobbinRev. HamiltonMinister - Presbyterian Meeting House, Main Street
Various Ministers-Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Various Ministers-Primitive Methodist Chapel - Castle Lane
Various Ministers-Methodist (New Connexion) Chapel - South Street
--Friends Meeting House - South Street
ConnellyWilliamKeeper - Bridewell, William Street
GuthrieEdwardHead Constable - Constabulary Station, Pond River
FerquisonJaneKeeper - Court House, Church Square
HannayRobert S.Surgeon - Dispensary, Main Street
HarrisonRobert SkinnerSupervisor - Excise Office, Church Square
GreerHenryClerk - Loan Fund Office, Main Street
BrennianWilliamLibrarian - Public Subscription Library, Main Street
SteelThomasAgent - Railway Station, William Street
ShawJohnReading Room - Main Street
MorrisWilliam B.Sub-Director - Stamp Office, Main Street
ThompsonWilliamMaster - Union Workhouse
ThompsonSarahMatron - Union Workhouse

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