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Henderson’s New Belfast Directory for 1843: John Henderson

Henderson’s New Belfast Directory, And Northern Repository, For 1843-44; Containing Information Relating To The Counties of Antrim, Armagh, And Down, With Lists Of The Inhabitants Of The Chief Towns, Also An Alphabetical List Of The Inhabitants Of Belfast, Together With A Street Directory, And A Classification Of Trades And Professions, Also A Plan Of Belfast, Map Of Antrim, And Distance Table Of Ireland.

(Compiled by John Henderson. Published at 15 Castle-Place, Belfast, 1843.)



In publishing for the first time a Directory for Belfast, the Publisher takes the opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to those friends who have aided him in the undertaking by their suggestions and advice, and trusts that on inspection it will be found worthy the patronage of the Mercantile Community of Ulster, not only on account of the vast quantity of information that it contains, in comparison with former works of the kind, while the price is even lower, but from its general accuracy, and the superior style in which it is got up.
Every possible exertion shall be used to make all succeeding editions still more acceptable, and it will be esteemed in the following pages pointed out, in order that they may be duly rectified and avoided for the future. Books will be opened for this purpose by him, so that succeeding editions may be, if possible, still more correct.

John Henderson.


AdamsonR. and J.Linen Merchants - Ballydugan
AndersonJamesof J. Wilson & Co. - Main Street
AndersonWilliamCabinet Maker - Back Lane
Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Tea Dealer, Ironmonger, Coal, Iron, and Timber Merchant
Armstrong and SonWilliamWoollendrapers, Silk Mercers and Hatters
Armstrong Brothers-Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Millspun Yarns
BallockeJohn and ThomasGrocers, Bakers, Wine and Spirit Merchants - Main Street
Grocer, Leather Cutter, and Spirit Dealer
Surgeon, &c., Medical Attendant to the Lurgan Union Workhouse - Main Street
ThomasLinen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer
BlackJonathanWatch and Clock Maker, and Jeweller
Joseph Hall
Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer
Boyd and Watts
-Maltsters and Brewers
English and Classical Teacher
BrownYoungsonWoollen Draper and Spirit Dealer
BullockJohnGrain Merchant
CherrySamuelSpirit Dealer
Joseph, Esq.
Manager - Ulster Bank Branch; Residence, Kircassock
Grocers, &c., Main Street
Innkeeper and Posting Establishment - Main Street
Cuppage & Co.
Flax and Tow Spinners, Linen Yarn Merchants, and General Agents - Offices, Lurgan, and 7, Donegall Street Place, Belfast; John Cuppage's Residence, Lurgan
DobbinRev. H.Main Street
DouglassCharles, Esq.J. P. - Gracehill
DuffyJamesBaker and Flour Merchant - Castle Lane
DruittThomasof Greer and Co., Milltown
EvansR. J.Printer, Bookbinder, Bookseller, &c.
FalloonJohnChandler and Grocer
GilbertJohnImporter and Dealer in Foreign and Mill-Spun Yarns, Delf and Glass - Main Street
GilbertMrs.Wholesale Spirit Dealer
GirdwoodJohnProprietor - Brownlow Arms Hotel
GreerGeorgeJ.P. - Woodville
GreerJ. F. & H.Discount Agents for the Belfast Bank - Offices, Main Street and Distillery
GreerHenrySolicitor - Lurgan and 14 Gardiner Street, Dublin
GreerHenryActuary - Lurgan Loan Fund and Savings Bank
Greer and SonsGeorgeDistillers
Greer & Co.GeorgeLinen Merchants and Bleachers - Milltown
HallThomasManager of the Provincial Bank, Public Notary, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in Her Majesty's Court of Q B. Ch. and C.P. and Agent to the Alliance Life Assurance Company of London
HancockJohn, Esq.J.P., Seneschal, Land Agent, and Local Director of the Provincial Bank
HannayRobert S.M.D - Main Street
HazlettJohn, Esq.Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgements of Deeds, to be Executed by Married Women - Main Street, and 25 Old Dominick Street, Dublin
HenningJohn T.Surgeon and Apothecary
JohnstonJohnMaltster and Brewer - Main Street, and Regent Street, Newtownards
JohnstonWilliamTobacco and Snuff Manufacturer
JohnstonWilliamGrocer and Hardware Merchant
KennedyJohnBaker and Spirit Dealer
LockhartGeorge and WilliamDiaper and Linen Manufacturers
LurganThe Right Honourable LordJ.P. and D.L. - Brownlow House
MalcomJamesLawn, Cambric, and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer, Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Linen Yarns
MatthewsThomasCommissioner for taking Affidavits in the Court of Queen's Bench and Exchequer
MorrisRobert, Esq.Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgements of Deeds, to be Executed by Married Women
MorrisWilliam B.Postmaster and Distributor of Stamps, and Agent to the Protector Fire and Life Insurance Company
MorrisonJamesLinen Yarn Agent and Accountant for Ulster Bank
McCawJohnstonLinen and Cambric Manufacturer - Tegnavin
McCroryWilliamLinen Manufacturer - Clare
McCulloughWilliamChandler, Grocer and Tea Dealer
McKeownHughLeather Merchant
NettletonGeorgeGrain Merchant and Spirit Grocer
PaulA.Woollen Draper and Haberdasher
ReillyHenry W.Printer, Bookseller, Bookbinder, Stationer, and Ironmonger
Richardson & Co.John and ThomasLinen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Springfield
RogersSamuelSurgeon - Main Street
RossJohnLinen and Linen Yarn Merchant
RuddellDavidLinen Manufacturer - Main Street
ShawJohnManager of the Northern Bank Branch
StanleyThomasGrocer, Tea Dealer, Seedsman, Dealer in Paints, Oils, and Colours, Ironmonger, Hardware, Flour and Timber Merchant
StanleyRobertGrocer and Ironmonger
StarkeyCharlesSaddler and Harness Manufacturer
TrailRobertWoollendraper, Hatter &c.
WattsSamuelof Boyd and Watts - Main Street
WattsWilliamSpirit Dealer
WatsonHendersonLinen Buyer and Dealer in Linen Yarn
WatsonRobertDiaper, Damask, Lawn, and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer
WellsMatthewWatch and Clock Maker
WellsWilliamWoollendraper, Haberdasher, and Hatter - Main Street
Wilson & Co.JosephLinen Merchants, and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns
GreerMessers. J. F. and H.Belfast Branch Discount Agents
ShawJohn, Esq.Northern Branch Manager
HallThomas, Esq.Provincial Branch Manager
ChristyJoseph, Esq.
Ulster Branch Manager

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