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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory 1856

The Belfast And Province Of Ulster Directory For 1856.

(James Alexander Henderson, Publisher, News-Letter Office, Belfast, 1856.)
Volume III.




Lurgan is a thriving market town, in¬†County of Armagh, 17 miles S.W. from Belfast, and¬†on the line of the Ulster railway, for which the town is a station. The principal part of the town extends, for nearly a mile, along the Belfast and Armagh road, and is spacious, airy, well built, and remarkably clean. That which may be considered the suburban part of Lurgan is extensive.¬†Lurgan Castle Demesne, the seat of Lord Lurgan, proprietor of the town, extends along the north-east of it, and the entrance is by an elegant lodge from near the centre of the street. The mansion was some years ago rebuilt in the Elizabethan style, with beautiful freestone brought from Scotland. The grounds, which are generally thrown open to the public, are richly embellished with thriving plantations, reflected in a fine sheet of water, and¬†encompassed by a well kept gravel walk. The Court house is a stone building, and the Diaper hall is a spacious building, erected in 1825. The linen and cambric manufacture is the staple of Lurgan, and in producing the variety of fabrics, as lawns, diapers, damasks, &c., a large proportion of the population of the town and its vicinity are employed; while some of the establishments of the yarn and linen merchants are extensive. Two noted breweries, and the hotels, are the other principal establishments. The Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, and the Ulster Bank have each a branch in operation here. A facility of intercourse with Belfast is afforded by Lough Neagh and the Lagan navigation. The General Quarter Sessions of the county are held in Lurgan; and Petty Sessions every alternate Tuesday. A section of the constabulary police is stationed in the town. The parish church of Shankhill is a handsome structure, with a finely-proportioned octagonal spire, containing a good clock; the interior of the church is neatly fitted up, and furnished with a fine-toned organ. There are places of worship for Presbyterians, the Society of Friends, and Wesleyan, Primitive and the New Connexion of Methodists. The Roman Catholic parochial chapel is a Gothic building.¬†The free educational establishments are¬†a school supported by Erasmus Smith’s charity, and an Infant School solely supported by Lady Lurgan. A Mechanic’s Institute is about to be established in the town. It was originated by Wm. Watson, Esq., of¬†New York, who, while on a visit to his native town, generously offered the princely sum of 1,000 guineas as a commencement.¬†His brothers, Francis and Hugh Watson, Esqrs., most liberally seconded his views, and subscribed ¬£500. The whole ¬£1,500 was to be paid on a similar sum being raised by the inhabitants. Lord Lurgan met this generous offer in a kindred spirit, and the sum of ¬£1,500¬†has also been subscribed by his lordship and the other inhabitants.¬†Arrangements have therefore been commenced for organizing the Mechanic’s Institute.¬†The other charities are a dispensary and a Union Workhouse. The market, which is held on Thursday, is abundantly supplied with provisions, and is, besides, a considerable one for the manufactures¬†of the town and district. Fairs, 5th August and 22nd November. Population in 1851, 4205.¬†

Letters from Dublin, the South of Ireland, and England, arrive every morning at 3, and are dispatched every evening at 9.15.
Letters from Belfast, the North of Ireland, and Scotland, arrive every day at 12.36 and are dispatched every day at 12.44.
Letters from Antrim, and other parts of the North, arrive every evening at 8.40, and are dispatched every morning at 3.15.
Letters fron Enniskillen, and the West, arrive every morning at 7.55, and are despatched every evening at 7.55.

Railway trains (see Ulster Railway Company’s time tables).
To Antrim, a mail car, from Post office, every morning at 4.10.
To Banbridge, a mail car, from Post office, every evening at 9.15; and two cars from the train leaving Belfast at half past four.



Lord LurganChairman
James Malcolm-
John Lockhart-
Arthur Donnelly-
W.W. Paul-
Charles Magee-
John Ross-
George Lockhart-
Joseph Murphy-
Samuel Rogers-
William Murray-
John Gilbert-
John Hancock (J.P.)-
John Hazlett-
James Armstrong-
The Northern Banking CompanyTreasurers
H. Greer (Solicitor)Auditor
T. Pentland (Bank Manager)Auditor
William SearSurveyor and Town Clerk
James RuddellCollector of Rates
John DobsonInspector of Nuisances
Wm. DavisScavenger
Wm. B. MorrisPostmaster
Jane FergusonKeeper
William NeillKeeper
Wm. McElveyMaster
Harriet McCloskieMistress
Thos. HunterClerk and Returning Officer
Neal McCarronHead Constable
Robert S. HannaySurgeon
W. B. MorrisSub Distributor
Henry Greer, AgentBelfast Banking Company - Market Street
Thos. Hall, ManagerNorthern Banking Company - Market Street
Thomas Pentland, ManagerUlster Banking Company - Market Street
Joseph WilkinsonHead Clerk
Saml. NeillManager
Rev. Thos. KnoxRector
Rev. Thomas Cosgrave (A.B.)Curate
Rev. Thomas MillarMinister
Rev. Wm. MolloySuperintendent
Rev. -- Brown-
Rev. -- Kerr-
Rev. Dr. O'Brien (P.P.)-
- - GribbenCurate
M. H. MurphyPresident
N. DouglasVice-President
R. WilleyVice-President
Mr. EakinsTreasurer
H. MathersSecretary
Mr. MurphyCommittee
Mr. DouglasCommittee
Mr. WilleyCommittee
Mr. EakinsCommittee
Mr. MathersCommittee
Mr. A. CherryCommittee
Mr. CourtenayCommittee
Mr. J. RuddellCommittee
J. RuddellLibrarian
The above is in course of being funded.
Fr. WatsonTrustee
Fr. John Hancock, Esq. (J.P.)Trustee
Wm. Crossley, Esq.President
Wm. Shaw, (M.D.)Treasurer and Secretary
W. H. BrennianLibrarian
READING-ROOM (over Market-House)
W. Shaw (M.D.)Secretary
FRIENDLY SOCIETY (Established 1845)
Rev. Thomas KnoxPresident
Rev. W. P. OultonTrustee
Rev. T. MillarTrustee
James ArmstrongTreasurer
Wm. H. N. BrennianSecretary
Armstrong, Wm.Market Street
Boyd, Joseph HallMarket Street
Boyd, Mrs. M.Market Street
Crossley, WilliamGolconda
Cuppage, ThomasSilverwood
Douglas, Charles (D.L., J.P.)Grace Hall
Fforde, FrancisRaughlin
Greer, George (J.P.)Woodvale
Greer, HenryAntrim Street
Greer, MissHigh Street
Girdwood, JohnHigh Street
Hancock, John (J.P.)Market Street
Hazlett, Miss D.Market Street
Lurgan, Right Hon. LordBrownlow House
Macoun, JohnLinenhall, Moyraverty
Macoun, JohnAshfield, Kilmore
Malcolm, James-
Mercer, HenryLaurel Vale
Morriss, Robert-
Overend, MissMarket Street
Watson, FrancisLakeview
Watson, HughBeechpark
Watson, WilliamHigh Street
Watt, Mrs. S.High Street
Bell, JohnSurgeon and Apothecary - Main Street
Brown, Rev. Mr.Wesleyan Minister - High Street
Cosgrave, Thos. (A.B.) Curate- High Street
Gilbert, JonathanSurgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
Girdwood, Wm.Solicitor - Market Street
Greer, HenrySolicitor - Market Street
Hazlett, JohnSolicitor - Market Street
Hanny, R. S.Surgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
Kerr, Rev. Mr.Primitive Minister - Castle Lane
Knox, Rev. Thomas (A.M.) - Official Surrogate and one of the Bishop's domestic and examining Chaplains, Rural Dean, &c. - Glebe House
MacLaughlin, Wm. RossSurgeon & Physician to the Lurgan Workhouse - Market Street
Millar, Rev. Thomas Presbyterian Minister - Manse
Molloy, Rev. Mr.Wesleyan Minister - High Street
Morris, RobertSolicitor - Market Street
O'Brien, Rev. Dr.Parish Priest, Vicar General - Chapel House, Antrim Street
Pentland, Thos. Manager of Ulster Bank - Market Street
Rodgers, SamuelSurgeon, &c. - Market Street
Sear, William - Civil Engineer, Town Clerk and Town Surveyor; also Surveyor to the Estates of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan - High Street
Shaw, WilliamSurgeon, &c. - Market Street
Agnew, ElizaPublican - Corner of Castle Lane
Alderdice, WilliamBuilder, &c. - William Street
Armstrong & Co.Damask Manufacturers and Cotton Merchants - Diliagh Vale
Anderson, JamesYarn Merchant, &c., of Joseph Wilson and Co. - Market Street
Anderson, John E.Seedsman - Market Street
Anderson, RobertDamask and Diaper Manufacturer - Lawn Mount
Anderson, WilliamCartwright - William Street
Anderson, WilliamCabinetmaker - Antrim Street
Armstrong, Edwardof Armstrong & Co. - High Street
Armstrong and MathersHaberdashers, Silk Mercers, Woollendrapers, Hosiers, &c. - Market Street
Armstrong, James & Co.Timber, Coal, Iron, Meal and Flour Stores - Market Street
Armstrong, Jamesof Armstrong & Mathers - Market Street
Armstrong, JohnHigh Street
Armstrong, RobertWholesale and Retail Grocer and Hardware Merchant - Market Street
Armstrong, Thomasof Watson, Armstrong, & Co. - High Street
Bell, Thos., & Co.Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers - Bellview
Berwick, AnthonySaddler - William Street
Berwick, JamesBaker - High Street
Black, JohnBoot and Shoemaker - Market Street
Blaney, Jas.Publican - Market Street
Bingham, ClementsBoot and Shoemaker - Market Street
Brennian, WilliamSchoolmaster - Castle Lane
Brown, Wm.Market Street
Bullick, JohnWheelwright - High Street
Bullick, MosesWheelwright - High Street
Bullick, Wm.of Warren, Bullick, and Co. - High Street
Burns, Chas.Publican - Market Street
Burns, EllenChandler - Middle Row
Burns, JohnGrocer - Market Street
Byrne, EllenWine and Spirit Tavern - Market Street
Capper, HannahMillinery & Bonnet Shop - Market Street
Capper, JohnLinen Yarn Merchant - Market Street
Carlisle, Wm.of McCaw and Carlisle - Tagnavin
Carmichael, MarmionReed Maker - High Street
Chapman, JohnCoach Builder and Jobbing Smith - High Street
Cherry, AndrewWatch and Clock Maker, Jeweller, &c. - Market Street
Cherry, JosephPublican - Market Street
Clendinning, JamesCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - Union Lodge, Union Street
Colvin, HenryBuilder - Castle Lane
Colvin, JamesCarpenter - Antrim Street
Conn, JosephGrocer and Provision Dealer - Market Street
Dines, JamesOld Clothes Dealer - Market Street
Donnelly, ArthurPublican, Grocer, &c. - Market Street
Donnelly, WilliamCarpenter - High Street
Dornan, JohnTailor - Castle Lane
Douglass, JohnCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - Market Street
Douglass, GeorgeCambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - Dougher
Dougan, JamesReplevinger for Co. Armagh, Rent Agent, and Proctor - Antrim Street
Downey, JohnBlacksmith - Black’s Yard
Duffy, JamesBaker - Castle Lane
Elliott, JohnLinen, Lawn, and Diaper Manufacturer - Market Street
Ellis, WidowPublican - Market Street
Emerson, JohnPublican - Market Street
Emerson, Thos.Publican - Market Street
Evans, R. J.Printer and Stationer - Market Street
Falloon, JohnChandler and Delf Dealer - High Street
Ferriss, AnnEntertainment - Market Street
French, JohnTinsmith - Market Street
Fullerton, EdwardPublican - Market Street
Gaddiss, AndrewPublican - Market Street
Gaffney, PeterTailor - High Street
Gaskin, JohnPublican - Market Street
Gallagher, Jas.Blacksmith - Castle Lane
Gilbert, JohnGrocer, Flint and China Warehouse - Market Street
Gilbert, ThomasGrocer - Market Street
Gorman, ThomasLawn and Cambric Manufacturer - Knocknashane
Gorman, Wm.Carpenter - High Street
Green, M.Milliner - Market Street
Greer, SamuelInspector of Weights and Measures for Lurgan district of Co Armagh - Antrim Street
Halfpenny, HughTinsmith and Gasfitter - Castle Lane
Hamilton, JamesButcher and Cow Jobber - High Street
Hannay, R. S.Surgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
Harbinson, - -Publican - Main Street
Harkin, CharlesMason - William Street
Harper, Jas.Cabinet Maker - William Street
Hazelton and SheppardCambric Handkerchief Manufacturers
Hazelton, JohnPawnbroker - Market Street
Higgins, Wm.Haberdasher, &c. - Market Street
Holmes, Edwd.Mason - High Street
Hunter, ThomasClerk to Lurgan Union - Union Street
Hussian, PatrickBlacksmith - Market Street
Irwin, Robt.Brownlow Arms Hotel - Market Street
Johnston, JohnBrewer and Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer - High Street
Kennedy, JamesBaker and Grocer - High Street
Kerr, Andrew Thos.Chandler - Market Street
Kilpatrick, Wm.Publican - Mall
Kinkead, E.Milliner and Dressmaker - Market Street
Lavery, Chas.Publican - Portadown Street
Lavery, HughNight Watchman to the Ulster Railway Company
Lavery, ThomasGrocer and Manufacturing Agent for Wm. Ewart & Sons of Belfast - Ballyblough
Lawson, AlexanderCambric Manufacturer - Ballyblough
Lockhart, GeorgeDiaper Manufacturer - Ballyblough
Lockhart, J.Linen Yarn Merchant, Diaper and Drill Manufacturer - Market Street
Macoun, T. L.Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - High Street and Watson’s Row
Macoun, Wm.Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer - William Street and Brownlow Terrace
Magee, CharlesVictualler, Wine and Spirit Merchant - High Street and Union Street
Malcolm, JamesManufacturer of Cambric by Power-Looms - High Street
Mathers, Robertof Armstrong & Mathers - Market Street
May, GeorgeWatch and Clock Maker - Market Street
Mehaffy, Wm.Boot and Shoemaker - High Street
Mercer, HenryPublican - High Street
Mercer, SintonButcher - High Street
Midgley, JamesReedmaker - Ballyblough
Montgomery, Wm.Coach Builder & Jobbing Smith - Market Street
Moore, DunlopSaddler and Harness Maker - Main Street
Morris, W. B.Postmaster and Stamp Distributor, also Clerk of the Petty Sessions - Market Street
Munro, Wm.Saddler - High Street
Murchie, Archd.Tailor - High Street
Murphy, JosephLinen Yarn Merchant - William Street
Murphy, MatthewPrincipal of the Lurgan Academy - High Street
Murray, Wm.Publican, Grocer and Butter Merchant - Market Street
McCabe, HenryPublican - William Street
McCaw & CarlisleLinen Manufacturers - Tegnavin
McCaw, Robertof McCaw & Carlisle - Tegnavin
McClure, Wm.Wholesale and Retail Grocery and Ironmongery Warehouse - High Street
McCorry, CharlesLinen, Lawn, and Cambric Manufacturer - Kilmore
McCorry, JamesProvision Merchant - Market Street
McCorry, StephenPublican - William Street
McCrory, JaneBonnet Maker - Castle Lane
McCrory, JohnPublic Weighmaster - Castle lane
McFarland, Wm.Tailor - High Street
McGeown, Patk.Publican - Market Street
McKee, JamesLeather Seller and Old Clothes Dealer - Market Street
McKeown, Edwd.Publican - Market Street
McKeown, HughGrocer and Leather Seller - Market Street
McKernan, HughButcher - Market Street
McKernan, Richd.Butcher - Market Street
McMullan, JohnTinsmith & China and Delf Shop - Market Street
McNall, Chas.Plumber - Antrim Street
McVeigh, Jos.Blacksmith - Taffe's Yard
Neill, Wm.Bridewell Keeper - William Street
Nicholson, JamesManufacturing Agent for Hazelton & Sheppard - William Street
Nicholson, Robt.Publican - William Street
Nicholson, Thos.Grocer - High Street
O'Brien, CharlesPublican - William Street
O'Hara, WidowPublican - Ballyblough
Paul & Co.Woollendrapers, Haberdasher, Hosiers, Hatters, &c. - Market Street
Pelan, JamesBuilder - High Street
Pentland, Wm.Registrar of Marriages
Reilly, FrankButcher - Middle Row.
Richardson, J. & T.Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers & Bleachers - Springfield
Robinson, JohnPainter & Glazier - Market Street
Rogers, SamuelSurgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
Ross, JohnLinen and Cotton Yarn, and Grain Merchant - High Street
Ross, Wm.Publican - Market Street
Ruddell, GeorgeWine and Spirit Merchant and General Grocer - Market Street
Ruddell, JamesPoor-Rate and Income Tax Collector - Market Street
Ruddell, Sam.Spirit Grocer - Market Street.
Sear, WilliamAuctioneer, Surveyor, &c. - Market Street
Shaw, Wm.Surgeon and Apothecary - Market Street
Smyth, JohnPublican - Market Street
Smyth, Wm.Grocer - Market Street
Stanley, T. D.Publican - Market Street
Starkey, CharlesSaddler - Market Street
Summervill, JanePublican - Castle Lane
Taaffe, WilliamCabinetmaker - Market Street
Taylor, ElizabethDressmaker - High Street
Taylor, JamesWholesale and Retail Grocer - Market Street
Thompson, JohnReedmaker - Market Street
Thompson, ThomasReedmaker - Market Street
Tower, BernardWoollendraper and Haberdasher - Market Street
Vance, JohnPublican - High Street
Verner, JosephTailor - High Street
Waite, JohnPublican - Market Street
Warren, Bullick & Co.Linen Yarn Merchants - High Street
Warren, JohnSexton and Letter Carrier - Portadown Street
Warren, Thomas, jun.of Warren, Bullick & Co. - High Street
Watson, Robert and SonsCambric Handkerchief and Damask Manufacturers - Flush
Wells, MatthewCambric and Linen Manufacturer, and Pawnbroker - Market Street
Wilkinson, JamesHead Clerk and Manager of the Ulster Railway Station - William Street
Wilson, Joseph and Co.Linen Yarn Merchants and Manufacturers - Market Street
Wilson, Josephof Joseph Wilson and Co. - Derrylodge
Young, JamesMarket Street
Young, S., & Co.Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Market Street

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