A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Lurgan Residential Directory 1959

The Lurgan Residential Directory.


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Agnes Street Church Place Grattan Street Mourneview Avenue Tandragee Road
Albert Avenue Church Walk Hamilton Street Nettletons Court Taylors Court
Albert Street Clara Street Hawthorne Avenue New Street Thomas Street
Alexandra Square Claytown Hazletons Court North Street Thompsons Court
Ann Street Colban Crescent High Street Oakfield Terrace Toberhewny Lane Lower
Annesborough Road College Walk Hill Street Old Portadown Road Toberhewny Lane Upper
Antrim Road Connolly Place Hoop Hill Orient Circle Tottons Row
Ardboe Drive Coronation Street James Street Park Avenue Trasna Way
Arthur Street Cyprus Gardens Johnstons Row Park Street Ulster Street
Ashleigh Crescent Deans Walk Kilmaine Street Parkview Street Union Street
Avenue Road Demesne Avenue Kilmore Road Pines Park Victoria Street
Banbridge Road Derry Street Kilwilke Gardens Portlec Place Victoria Street Place
Beaumont Square Diaper Row Kilwilke Road Princes Street Waring Street
Bells Row Dill Avenue Kings Park Prospect Way Watsons Lane
Blacks Court Edward Street Lake Street Queens Place Weavers Row
Bridge Street Elmwood Terrace Larkfield Square Queen Street Wellington Street
Browns Court Festival Square Lawrence Square Rampart Street Wesley Place
Browns Lane Flush Place Lough Road Rectory Road Wheatfield Drive
Brown Street Foster Place Malcolm Road Regents Park William Street
Brownlow Terrace Francis Street Mark Street Robert Street Windsor Avenue
Cafolla Gardens Garland Avenue Market Street Russell Drive Wood Lane
Carnegie Street George Street Mary Street Shankill Street Woodville Street
Carrick Drive Gilberts Court Mays Court Shankill Street Place  
Castle Lane Gilford Road Monroe Avenue Silverwood Drive  
Charles Street Glebe Terrace Moores Court Sloan Avenue  
Cherrytree Walk Glenview Drive Moores Lane Sloan Street  



House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
4. Agnes StreetJohn Thomas
6. Agnes StreetHarold Wilson
8. Agnes StreetSamuel Creaney
10. Agnes StreetFlorence Wilson
12. Agnes StreetMyles Green
14. Agnes StreetRobert McKerr
16. Agnes StreetJames Ferguson
18. Agnes StreetSamuel Wilson
20. Agnes StreetEva Proctor
22. Agnes StreetRuby Campbell
24. Agnes StreetRobert Parks
26. Agnes StreetEliza J. Brown
28. Agnes StreetJohn Cordner
30. Agnes StreetThomas Weir
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Albert AvenueRobert McNeill2. Albert AvenueJane Johnston
3. Albert AvenueWilliam E. Greer4. Albert AvenueEdward Kerr
5. Albert AvenueWilliam McKinley6. Albert AvenueRebecca Greer
7. Albert AvenueHugh Castles8. Albert AvenueEdward Pedlow
9. Albert AvenueWilliam Calvert10. Albert AvenueThomas (junr.) Bentley
11. Albert AvenueCharles Gracey12. Albert AvenueThomas Kerr
13. Albert AvenueMary Cush14. Albert AvenueSusan Lewis
15. Albert AvenueWilliam L. Archer16. Albert AvenueSamuel Sharpe
17. Albert AvenueJohn Ritchie18. Albert AvenueJohn Mathers
19. Albert AvenueHelen Sturgeon20. Albert AvenueAnnie Burrell
21. Albert AvenueGerald Uprichard22. Albert AvenueJames Ward
23. Albert AvenueGeorgina Simpson24. Albert AvenueGerald Carberry
25. Albert AvenueErnest McKinstry26. Albert AvenueArchibald Perry
27. Albert AvenueThomas J. Baxter
29. Albert AvenueMaxwell Alexander
31. Albert AvenueEdmund Turkington
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Albert StreetMichael Magee2. Albert StreetJohn Clarke
3. Albert StreetEva Donaldson4. Albert StreetElizabeth Cushnie
5. Albert StreetArthur McCorry6. Albert StreetWilliam J. Caldwell
7. Albert StreetJohn Martin8. Albert StreetVincent McKenna
9. Albert StreetThomas Campbell10. Albert StreetHenry McKeown
11. Albert StreetAlexander McCormack12. Albert StreetFrank Bell
13. Albert StreetWilliam Molloy14. Albert StreetJohn Burrell
15. Albert StreetAlice Maxwell16. Albert StreetGerald W. McGibbon
17. Albert StreetMichael McConville22. Albert StreetWilliam J. Dynes
19. Albert StreetWaiter Maguire24. Albert StreetJohn Kennedy
21. Albert StreetFrank Bell26. Albert StreetWilliam McLoughlin
23. Albert StreetCecil Turkington28. Albert StreetSamuel Ruddell
25. Albert StreetLeonard Irwin30. Albert StreetWilliam Addis
27. Albert StreetJames (senr.) Carson32. Albert StreetDavid Russell
29. Albert StreetStephen Hamilton34. Albert StreetJoseph Robinson
31. Albert StreetWilliam McGibbon36. Albert StreetMargaret Clarke
33. Albert StreetMary Hanna50. Albert StreetLeslie Matthews
35. Albert StreetMary Maxwell52. Albert StreetSarah Cairns
37. Albert StreetJoseph McKinley54. Albert StreetWilliam Lilburn
39. Albert StreetThomas J. Green56. Albert StreetRobert J. McCord
41. Albert StreetDavid Matthews58. Albert StreetStanley Pentland
43. Albert StreetJohn F. Jackson60. Albert StreetElizabeth Hollywood
45. Albert StreetJoseph Higginson62. Albert StreetWilliam J. and Mary Blaney
47. Albert StreetSamuel Glenn64. Albert StreetMalcolm Flavelle
49. Albert StreetJoseph Robinson66. Albert StreetJohn Reynolds
51. Albert StreetSamuel Gracey68. Albert StreetFrederick Jenkinson
53. Albert StreetMargaret Simpson70. Albert StreetGertrude Russell
55. Albert StreetJessie Davis72. Albert StreetGeorge Fleming
57. Albert StreetThomas N. Chambers74. Albert StreetJohn Greer
59. Albert StreetRobert Jenkinson76. Albert StreetThomas Sadlier
61. Albert StreetDavid Brown78. Albert StreetChristopher Phillips
63. Albert StreetGeorge Haddock
65. Albert StreetJames Brown
67. Albert StreetMary Johnston
69. Albert StreetRebecca Girvan
71. Albert StreetElizabeth McKeag
73. Albert StreetWilliam J. Allen
75. Albert StreetKathleen Law
77. Albert StreetWilliam A. Hanna
79. Albert StreetJoseph Parks
81. Albert StreetWilliam McFarland
83. Albert StreetJames Doherty
85. Albert StreetEdward Grimason
87. Albert StreetIrene Silcock
89. Albert StreetSarah Metcalfe
91. Albert StreetAda Adamson
93. Albert StreetJohn Lennon
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Alexandra SquareGerald Cassells2. Alexandra SquareSamuel Allen
3. Alexandra SquareWilliam Crozier4. Alexandra SquareWilliam T. Hobbs
5. Alexandra SquareWilliam J. Gordon6. Alexandra SquareAnnie Wilson
7. Alexandra SquareEdward Cassells8. Alexandra SquareJohn Graham
9. Alexandra SquareRobert Perry10. Alexandra SquareJames Ogle
11. Alexandra SquareWilliam McNally12. Alexandra SquareWilliam Hall
13. Alexandra SquareStewart HallUlster Meat Products
15. Alexandra SquareThomas CapperHerbert Wilson - Auto Engineer Garage
17. Alexandra SquareElizabeth Tyndall
19. Alexandra SquareThomas Lavery
21. Alexandra SquareJack McCracken
23. Alexandra SquareJames Robinson
25. Alexandra SquareHarold McCann
27. Alexandra SquareEdward Magill
29. Alexandra SquareSamuel Higgins
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Ann StreetElizabeth Young4. Ann StreetElizabeth Neill
3. Ann StreetNorman Graham6. Ann StreetWilliam J. Harland
5. Ann StreetNicholas McCavery8. Ann StreetDinah Uprichard
7. Ann StreetFrederick Hawthorne10. Ann StreetJohn McCafferty
9. Ann StreetEdith Harland12. Ann StreetRobert Grimason
11. Ann StreetWilliam Uprichard14. Ann StreetBertie Thompson
13. Ann StreetJames Parks16. Ann StreetJames S. McCullough
15. Ann StreetHarold Jenkinson18. Ann StreetJames Osborne
17. Ann StreetSarah J. Elliott20. Ann StreetMargaret Mulholland
19. Ann StreetWilliam Livingston22. Ann StreetThomas H. Uprichard
21. Ann StreetEric Pelan24. Ann StreetJoseph Carson
23. Ann StreetHenry Clarke26. Ann StreetJohn Turkington
25. Ann StreetMaud McCullough28. Ann StreetFlorence Bell
27. Ann StreetAlbert Harland30. Ann StreetThomas G. Hudson
29. Ann StreetWilliam Wallace32. Ann StreetHenry Jackson
31. Ann StreetSamuel Parks34. Ann StreetMargaret Gray
33. Ann StreetEthel Cousins36. Ann StreetFrederick Wilkinson
35. Ann StreetSamuel Robinson38. Ann StreetHoward Lynch
37. Ann StreetWilliam Rollin40. Ann StreetWilliam J. Peden
39. Ann StreetSarah Crabbe42. Ann StreetJames (senr.) Parks
41. Ann StreetHenry (senr.) Lunn44. Ann StreetWilliam Houston
43. Ann StreetJames Elliott46. Ann StreetElizabeth Elliot
45. Ann StreetJohn (senr.) Rollin48. Ann StreetFrederick Hawthorne
47. Ann StreetJames McCullough50. Ann StreetSarah Jenkinson
49. Ann StreetJoseph Neill52. Ann StreetFrederick Hanna
51. Ann StreetAdam White54. Ann StreetThomas Thornberry
53. Ann StreetErie Magee
55. Ann StreetAnnie McIlwaine
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Annesborough RoadWilliam Kerr2. Annesborough RoadWilliam Walker
5. Annesborough RoadMary Carville4. Annesborough RoadWilliam McConville
7. Annesborough RoadAnnie Englishby
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Antrim RoadAlbert Lavery4. Antrim RoadJoseph Bailie
3. Antrim RoadRobert Knox6. Antrim RoadThomas Follis
5. Antrim RoadJohn F. Gillen8. Antrim RoadJames F. Watson
7. Antrim RoadHugh McAlernon10. Antrim RoadRobert J. Magill
9. Antrim RoadEllen Heaney12. Antrim RoadHenry Finnegan
11. Antrim RoadDaniel McLarnon14. Antrim RoadJoseph Murray
13. Antrim RoadCatherine McAlernon16. Antrim RoadBernard McCambley
15. Antrim RoadPatrick J. Furphy18. Antrim RoadHenry Henderson
17. Antrim RoadMargaret Burke20. Antrim RoadThomas McInerney
19. Antrim RoadGabriel McCann22. Antrim RoadJohn McGibbon
21. Antrim RoadJames McCorry24. Antrim RoadJoseph McAlinden
23. Antrim RoadPatrick Toman26. Antrim RoadMary C. Lennon
28. Antrim RoadJoseph Clendenning
30. Antrim RoadJohn Headley
34. Antrim RoadWilliam Boyle
36. Antrim RoadJoseph McConville
38. Antrim RoadHugh Sweeney
'San Antonio'
Alice O'Neill
Patrick Downey
Denis Gallery
Edward Harte
Joseph Johnston
Thomas B. Johnston
Rose McConville
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Ardboe DriveWilliam Percy2. Ardboe DriveGeorge S. Storey
3. Ardboe DriveMatthew McLearnon4. Ardboe DriveThomas J. Williams
5. Ardboe DriveEdmund McGeown6. Ardboe DriveWilliam Hawthorne
7. Ardboe DriveJohn McKendry8. Ardboe DriveAnnie McMorrow
9. Ardboe DriveThomas Harrold10. Ardboe DriveThomas Cree
11. Ardboe DriveHenry Sands12. Ardboe DriveJohn Lindsay
13. Ardboe DriveThomas Brennan14. Ardboe DriveAlexander Gregson
15. Ardboe DriveThomas Orbinson16. Ardboe DriveRaymond Hughes
17. Ardboe DriveThomas G. Black18. Ardboe DriveJoseph Ryder
19. Ardboe DriveWilliam J. Rusk20. Ardboe DriveThomas Black
21. Ardboe DriveWilliam Johnston22. Ardboe DriveJohn McNally
23. Ardboe DriveWilliam Uprichard24. Ardboe DriveWilliam J. Livingston
25. Ardboe DriveThomas Archer26. Ardboe DriveJames Wilkinson
27. Ardboe DriveCecil Hill28. Ardboe DriveWilliam Morrow
29. Ardboe DriveGeorge Thompson30. Ardboe DrivePatrick Magee
31. Ardboe DriveHenry Russell32. Ardboe DriveCyril Magee
33. Ardboe DriveWilson Hanna34. Ardboe DriveMichael J. Cahillane
35. Ardboe DriveJoseph Hunter36. Ardboe DriveJohn Pentland
37. Ardboe DriveJoseph P. Lynch38. Ardboe DriveLeonard Davis
39. Ardboe DriveTerence Brady40. Ardboe DriveRoy Cairns
41. Ardboe DriveJames Baxter42. Ardboe DriveJohn D. Anderson
43. Ardboe DriveDavid Brown44. Ardboe DriveSamuel A. Lauder
45. Ardboe DriveJohn Beattie46. Ardboe DriveJames Burns
47. Ardboe DriveDavid Joyce48. Ardboe DriveSamuel Crabbe
49. Ardboe DriveJoseph McEvoy50. Ardboe DriveJoseph Burns
51. Ardboe DriveWilliam Campbell52. Ardboe DriveGerald Toman
53. Ardboe DriveJoseph McKerr54. Ardboe DriveArthur Hopwood
55. Ardboe DrivePercival H. Livingston56. Ardboe DriveRodney L. Houston
57. Ardboe DriveWilliam Neill58. Ardboe DriveJames McDowell
59. Ardboe DriveDavid Lavery60. Ardboe DriveWilliam Crossen
61. Ardboe DriveJessie Hamilton62. Ardboe DriveJames Penny
63. Ardboe DriveThomas Boal64. Ardboe DriveWalter Mitchell
65. Ardboe DriveFrederick St. Clair66. Ardboe DriveGeorge Watson
67. Ardboe DriveHenry Adamson68. Ardboe DriveThomas Rusk
69. Ardboe DriveJames Mawhinney70. Ardboe DriveFrancis Donaghy
71. Ardboe DriveIvan Davis72. Ardboe DriveAnnie W. Ballagh
74. Ardboe DriveAlexander Hollywood
76. Ardboe DriveHerbert Taylor
78. Ardboe DriveAlbert McShane
80. Ardboe DriveJohn R. Crawford
82. Ardboe DriveAlbert Best
84. Ardboe DriveJames Lyness
86. Ardboe DriveJames Williams
88. Ardboe DriveFrederick Maxwell
90. Ardboe DriveJames McConnell
92. Ardboe DriveJames Hawthorne
94. Ardboe DriveSamuel I. Clarke
96. Ardboe DriveWilliam G. Montgomery
98. Ardboe DriveWilliam McDowell
100. Ardboe DriveWilliam H. Sloan
102. Ardboe DriveWilliam Hutcheson
104. Ardboe DriveJohn McDowell
106. Ardboe DrivePatrick McGeown
108. Ardboe DriveSamuel McMullan
110. Ardboe DriveDavid Thompson
112. Ardboe DriveWilliam Maxwell
114. Ardboe DriveWilliam Carson
116. Ardboe DriveRobert Black
118. Ardboe DriveArthur J. McCrory
120. Ardboe DriveWilliam J. Carroll
122. Ardboe DrivePercy Reynolds
124. Ardboe DriveSolomon McDowell
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Arthur StreetIsabel Jordon8. Arthur StreetEdward McAtasney
3. Arthur StreetJames Magee10. Arthur StreetVincent Mitchell
5. Arthur StreetJames G. Campbell12. Arthur StreetJames McGeown
7. Arthur StreetWilliam O'Connor14. Arthur StreetPatrick Furphy
9. Arthur StreetMargaret Creaney16. Arthur StreetMatthew McConville
11. Arthur StreetCharlotte McConville18. Arthur StreetFrancis McSherry
13. Arthur StreetJohn Creaney20. Arthur StreetThomas Hamill
15. Arthur StreetEllen Headley22. Arthur StreetJohn Matthews
17. Arthur StreetJames Culbert24. Arthur StreetJohn Furphy
19. Arthur StreetEdward McConville26. Arthur StreetJames Mcllkenny
21. Arthur StreetThomas McCann28. Arthur StreetJames Haddock
23. Arthur StreetHenry Lennon30. Arthur StreetDermott Mitchell
25. Arthur StreetMary Lennon32. Arthur StreetJohn McEvoy
27. Arthur StreetJohn Lavery34. Arthur StreetRachel Headley
29. Arthur StreetJohn Fox36. Arthur StreetEdward Heaney
31. Arthur StreetCatherine Mulholland38. Arthur StreetMichael O'Malley
33. Arthur StreetChristopher Brady40. Arthur StreetPatrick McCann
35. Arthur StreetMary Loughran42. Arthur StreetEllen McCreanor
37. Arthur StreetPatrick Bunting44. Arthur StreetMary Coleman
39. Arthur StreetJoseph Fitzpatrick46. Arthur StreetDenis Breen
41. Arthur StreetBernard McGuigan48. Arthur StreetJohn Coleman
43. Arthur StreetElizabeth Dynes50. Arthur StreetWilliam Fox
45. Arthur StreetMary McDonald52. Arthur StreetJohn Mcllmurray
47. Arthur StreetStanley Headley54. Arthur StreetMaud Mackle
49. Arthur StreetMary Foy56. Arthur StreetMary E. McGeown
51. Arthur StreetWilliam Corey58. Arthur StreetNoel Cassidy
53. Arthur StreetJosephine McKerr60. Arthur StreetMary Ellen Fox
55. Arthur StreetAlice Dobbin62. Arthur StreetJoseph Magennis
57. Arthur StreetJohn McMahon64. Arthur StreetFelix Headley
59. Arthur StreetPeter McCusker66. Arthur StreetJoseph Jordon
63. Arthur StreetRachel McCaughley68. Arthur StreetSamuel Henry
65. Arthur StreetMichael McCarron70. Arthur StreetPeter McKenna
72. Arthur StreetAlice McConville
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Ashleigh CrescentJohn Harbinson2. Ashleigh CrescentFrederick H. Dowds
3. Ashleigh CrescentEdward Jenkinson4. Ashleigh CrescentKenneth Constable
5. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam J. (senr.) Herron6. Ashleigh CrescentCharles Turkington
7. Ashleigh CrescentNorman Treanor8. Ashleigh CrescentHugh Riley
9. Ashleigh CrescentPatrick Synott10. Ashleigh CrescentElizabeth Dowds
11. Ashleigh CrescentAlbert Toner12. Ashleigh CrescentIsaac M. Douglas
13. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam Patterson14. Ashleigh CrescentJames McDowell
15. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam J. Donnelly16. Ashleigh CrescentJames Neill
17. Ashleigh CrescentFrederick Hanna18. Ashleigh CrescentMary V. Dowey
19. Ashleigh CrescentJames Davis20. Ashleigh CrescentThomas Fugard
21. Ashleigh CrescentSamuel Cousins22. Ashleigh CrescentRoland Wilson
23. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam Gilkinson24. Ashleigh CrescentJohn Bushe
25. Ashleigh CrescentJames Mitchell26. Ashleigh CrescentRobert Allen
27. Ashleigh CrescentJacob Purnell28. Ashleigh CrescentRobert Uprichard
29. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam Irwin30. Ashleigh CrescentThomas Gardiner
31. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam D. Best32. Ashleigh CrescentThomas Hamilton
33. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam Higginson34. Ashleigh CrescentJohn Harvey
35. Ashleigh CrescentMervyn Crooks36. Ashleigh CrescentErie Thompson
37. Ashleigh CrescentRobert Lyness38. Ashleigh CrescentGeorge Wilson
39. Ashleigh CrescentWilliam Duke40. Ashleigh CrescentRobert J. Addis
41. Ashleigh CrescentCharles Kendall42. Ashleigh CrescentThomas Speers
43. Ashleigh CrescentJohn Wilson44. Ashleigh CrescentChristopher Hatchell
45. Ashleigh CrescentGeorge McKane46. Ashleigh CrescentJames Campbell
47. Ashleigh CrescentJames Currie48. Ashleigh CrescentGeorge Currie
49. Ashleigh CrescentWilson Fulton
51. Ashleigh CrescentErnest Turkington
53. Ashleigh CrescentHerbert Spence
55. Ashleigh CrescentRobert McClelland
57. Ashleigh CrescentJohn Gilliland
59. Ashleigh CrescentSamuel Bennett
61. Ashleigh CrescentRobert R. Wilkinson
63. Ashleigh CrescentJoshua Follis
65. Ashleigh CrescentJohn McMurray
67. Ashleigh CrescentJames Stewart
69. Ashleigh CrescentJoseph Hobbs
71. Ashleigh CrescentAlfred G. Arkley
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Avenue RoadAnnie M. Lavery4. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Whiteside
3. Avenue RoadWilliam S. McStea6. Avenue RoadRobert Porter
5. Avenue RoadRebecca McStea8. Avenue RoadJames A. Mcllroy
7. Avenue RoadJoseph Matthew - Hairdresser10. Avenue RoadJoseph McWilliams
9. Avenue RoadAgnes Toal12. Avenue RoadRobert Cushnie
11. Avenue RoadNorman Quail14. Avenue RoadDoris McDonald
13. Avenue RoadEllen McCleery16. Avenue RoadVennie Parks
15. Avenue RoadAnnie Baxter18. Avenue RoadDavid Parks
17. Avenue RoadAlbert Maguire20. Avenue RoadJane Campbell
19. Avenue RoadThomas W. Turkington22. Avenue RoadDaniel McCluskey
21. Avenue RoadAgnes McCourt24. Avenue RoadJames P. Hutchinson
23. Avenue RoadWilliam Taylor26. Avenue RoadAnnie McCullough
25. Avenue RoadWilliam Sandford28. Avenue RoadThomas Waddell
27. Avenue RoadGeorge Hill30. Avenue RoadRobert J. Breasley
29/31. Avenue RoadGeorge Hill - Linen Manufacturer32. Avenue RoadJohn W. Hunter
33. Avenue RoadJennie Douglas34. Avenue RoadNoel W. A. Burrell
35. Avenue RoadWalter Bingham36. Avenue RoadAndrew Mitchell
37. Avenue RoadEdmond Pepper38. Avenue RoadJacob Graham
39. Avenue RoadMona Burke40. Avenue RoadEdward Williamson
41. Avenue RoadHarriet Fenton42. Avenue RoadLiliam Hull
43. Avenue RoadGeorge F. Lockhart44. Avenue RoadThomas C. Hull
45. Avenue RoadAgnes Mcllroy46/48. Avenue RoadSeawright & Douglas Ltd. - Linen Manufacturers
47. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Davis50. Avenue RoadJoseph MeClelland
49. Avenue RoadFrancis Richardson52. Avenue RoadWilliam Best
55. Avenue RoadJoseph McClatchey54. Avenue RoadWilliam (senr.) Seaton
57. Avenue RoadEdmund Steen56. Avenue RoadGeorge Livingston
59. Avenue RoadThomas Bell58. Avenue RoadFrances E. Burrell
61. Avenue RoadLilian McMurray60. Avenue RoadGeorge. Walker - Grocer
63. Avenue RoadFrederick Watson62. Avenue RoadThomas Magowan
69/77. Avenue RoadHoward Abraham - Auto Engineer64. Avenue RoadGeorge Walker
79. Avenue RoadRobert J. Gamble90. Avenue RoadRobert McGrath
81. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Gibson92. Avenue RoadIsabella Gibson
83. Avenue RoadThomas Cunningham94. Avenue RoadHugh Quinn
85. Avenue RoadVacant96. Avenue RoadWilliam Kerr
87. Avenue RoadElizabeth Bridgett98. Avenue RoadGeorge Cousins
89. Avenue RoadAlexander (senr.) Foster100. Avenue RoadMary Ann Cooke
91. Avenue RoadEthel Collen102. Avenue RoadDavid Calvert
93. Avenue RoadRichard Cunningham104. Avenue RoadCecil Kirkwood
95. Avenue RoadWilliam Hamilton - Paper & Twine Merchant106. Avenue RoadThomas Christie
97. Avenue RoadMargaret Hamilton108. Avenue RoadMary L. Hanna
99. Avenue RoadSamuel Coleman110. Avenue RoadCatherine Shanks
101. Avenue RoadJoseph Patterson112. Avenue RoadIsabella Corkin
113. Avenue RoadJohn Elliott114. Avenue RoadJoseph Matthews
115. Avenue RoadMargaretta McMurray116. Avenue RoadAnnie Haskis
117. Avenue RoadDavid C. Greer118. Avenue RoadJohn Bushe
119. Avenue RoadTheophilus Webb120. Avenue RoadMinnie Silcock
121. Avenue RoadJohn C. Irwin122. Avenue RoadEdith Hughes
123. Avenue RoadGeorge Fletcher124. Avenue RoadAlbert E. Cooper
125. Avenue RoadHenry Burns126. Avenue RoadWilliam Curry
127. Avenue RoadElizabeth Dobson128. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Turner
129. Avenue RoadAlexander Crozier130. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Neill
131. Avenue RoadJohn A. Mcllroy132. Avenue RoadBert M. Finlay
133. Avenue RoadThomas H. Ritchie134. Avenue RoadThomas W. Archer
135. Avenue RoadJohn Magill136. Avenue RoadDonald R. McNeill
137. Avenue RoadJohn Lutton138. Avenue RoadSamuel W. Douglas
139. Avenue RoadVictor Archer140. Avenue RoadGeorge C. Blane
141. Avenue RoadJane Houston142. Avenue RoadJane B. Hill
143. Avenue RoadJames McNaghten144. Avenue RoadCyril Copeland
145. Avenue RoadHenry Holden146. Avenue RoadThomas McIlroy
147. Avenue RoadWilliam L. Bingham148. Avenue RoadWilliam H. Crawford
149. Avenue RoadGeorge CrozierThe Pines:John M. Blane
151. Avenue RoadWilliam FisherPark Lodge:John Malone
153. Avenue RoadLloyd McCullough
155. Avenue RoadWilliam J. Campbell
157. Avenue RoadJoseph Perils
159. Avenue RoadAlbert Bennett
161. Avenue RoadAlfred J. Franklin
163. Avenue RoadMartha Waite
165. Avenue RoadWilliam R. Boyd
167. Avenue RoadEdward J. Herbert
169. Avenue RoadSadie Johnston
171. Avenue RoadWilliam Grattan
173. Avenue RoadSydney Lomas
175. Avenue RoadWilliam Acheson
177. Avenue RoadAlice Brown
179. Avenue RoadWilliam Giltrap
181. Avenue RoadWilliam Russell
183. Avenue RoadCharles Boyce
185. Avenue RoadWilliam Jones
187. Avenue RoadMary Withers
189. Avenue RoadMamie Uprichard
191. Avenue RoadJackson A. Blakeley
193. Avenue RoadGeorge (senr.) McKerr
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Banbridge RoadJames Gorman
2. Banbridge RoadJames Clarke
3. Banbridge RoadJoseph English
4. Banbridge RoadSusan Stewart
6. Banbridge RoadSamuel Carson
8. Banbridge RoadGeorge Harrison
10. Banbridge RoadFrancis G. Lennon
12. Banbridge RoadDavid Graham
14. Banbridge RoadJane Kendall
16. Banbridge RoadWilliam Gilkinson
18. Banbridge RoadJacob Hamilton
20. Banbridge RoadAlexander Foye
22. Banbridge RoadAnnie Stewart
24. Banbridge RoadGeorgina Hall
26. Banbridge RoadWilliam Redpath
28. Banbridge RoadThomas Orr
30. Banbridge RoadGrace Hamilton
32. Banbridge RoadThomas Pearson
34. Banbridge RoadJoseph Burns
36. Banbridge RoadRichard Shanks
38. Banbridge RoadWilliam (senr.) Kerr
40. Banbridge RoadJames Thornbury
42. Banbridge RoadHerbert Maguire
44. Banbridge RoadThomas H. McClimond
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Beaumont SquareBrian B. McCaffery
2. Beaumont SquareHenry Dickson
3. Beaumont SquareJohn J. Gallery
4. Beaumont SquareEdward McAlinden
5. Beaumont SquareKathleen Mulholland
6. Beaumont SquareJames McCrory
7. Beaumont SquareKathleen McCann
8. Beaumont SquareJohn P. Menary
9. Beaumont SquareGerald Lyness
10. Beaumont SquareSarah Green
11. Beaumont SquareMichael Rooney
12. Beaumont SquareMatthew Crewe
37. Beaumont SquareWilliam Creaney
38. Beaumont SquareThomas Magennis
39. Beaumont SquareThomas K. Cassidy
40. Beaumont SquareJames F. Harte
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Bells RowJohn McGrann
2. Bells RowElizabeth Magennis
3. Bells RowAnnie Lavery
4. Bells RowAndrew McStay
5. Bells RowMary McKeown
6. Bells RowJames Haughey
7. Bells RowEdward Magennis
8. Bells RowPatrick McGready
9. Bells RowJames McKavanagh
10. Bells RowJohn Murray
11. Bells RowMichael McDowell
12. Bells RowJames Hughes
13. Bells RowAlexander McVeigh
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Blacks CourtMary R. Donnelly2. Blacks CourtPatrick McShane
5. Blacks CourtThomas J. Haughian4. Blacks CourtJohn Heaney
7. Blacks CourtSarah Hand6. Blacks CourtAnnie Thompson
9. Blacks CourtJoseph Mackey8. Blacks CourtBridget Hamill
11. Blacks CourtPatrick Toland10. Blacks CourtWilliam Toland
13. Blacks CourtEllen Toland12. Blacks CourtAnnie Campbell
15. Blacks CourtSusannah Bradley16. Blacks CourtArthur McGeown
19. Blacks CourtKenneth Campbell18. Blacks CourtDaniel (senr.) McKenna
21. Blacks CourtJoseph Toland20. Blacks CourtArthur McCann
25. Blacks CourtElizabeth Toland22. Blacks CourtJoseph Magill
31. Blacks CourtWilliam Heaney24. Blacks CourtThomas McKenna
35. Blacks CourtMichael Heaney26. Blacks CourtAlbert Hearn
37. Blacks CourtMargaret Foye28. Blacks CourtPatrick Stevenson
39. Blacks CourtJohn O'Hare30. Blacks CourtDaniel McManus
32. Blacks CourtFrancis Montgomery
34. Blacks CourtEdward Haughian
36. Blacks CourtWilliam McKenna
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Bridge StreetWilliam Wright
3. Bridge StreetAnnie Black
5. Bridge StreetDavid (senr.) Topping
7. Bridge StreetSamuel White
9. Bridge StreetJames Baxter
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Browns CourtMargaret Topping4. Browns CourtWilliam Dowds
9. Browns CourtRobert Dickson6. Browns CourtThomas Wood
11. Browns CourtJames Neill12. Browns CourtThomas Henry Haughey
13. Browns CourtAnnie Waite14. Browns CourtElizabeth Boness
15. Browns CourtMatthew J. Douglas16. Browns CourtThomas Elliott
17. Browns CourtJoseph Rooney18. Browns CourtRobert McCullough
19. Browns CourtWilliam Hamilton20. Browns CourtKathleen Mawhinney
21. Browns CourtSarah Campbell
23. Browns CourtRachel Topley
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Browns LaneJoseph Rice2. Browns LaneMary E. McLean
3. Browns LaneNorman Carson4. Browns LaneJames Baxter
5. Browns LaneFrederick Sturgeon6. Browns LaneWilfred Fletcher
7. Browns LaneRobert Magowan8. Browns LaneWilliam Hamilton
9. Browns LaneFrederick Livingston10. Browns LaneWilliam H. Thompson
11. Browns LaneJohn McKinley12. Browns LaneRachel Ewart
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Brown StreetEllen McConville2. Brown StreetSarah A. Thornbury
3. Brown StreetJohn J. McGibbon4. Brown StreetPatrick Coleman
5. Brown StreetDennis Thompson6. Brown StreetPatrick McKenna
7. Brown StreetCharles D. Mathers8. Brown StreetMargaret McCarron
9. Brown StreetSarah Lavery10. Brown StreetThomas Hill
13. Brown StreetHugh Doran12. Brown StreetMargaret McConville
15. Brown StreetJoseph Bailey14. Brown StreetMargaret A. Dowds
19. Brown StreetJoseph Toman16. Brown StreetJames Coleman
21. Brown StreetSamuel Mitchell18. Brown StreetWilliam Carville
23. Brown StreetFrancis Derby20. Brown StreetRose McCann
25. Brown StreetHenry Kane22. Brown StreetJoseph O'Neill
27. Brown StreetElizabeth Campbell24. Brown StreetDavid Hoy
29. Brown StreetEdward McConville26. Brown StreetRose Haddock
31. Brown StreetRobert Bunting28. Brown StreetMary Menary
33. Brown StreetDavid H. King30. Brown StreetWilliam Mitchell
35. Brown StreetFrancis McMahon32. Brown StreetKathleen Robinson
37. Brown StreetAnnie Sharkey34. Brown StreetPeter (senr.) Mitchell
39. Brown StreetOwen Doran36. Brown StreetPatrick McMahon
41. Brown StreetMary McDonald38. Brown StreetFrancis McGeown
43. Brown StreetThomas Brady40. Brown StreetCharles Thornbury
45. Brown StreetCharles Hoy42. Brown StreetWilliam Thompson
47. Brown StreetArthur Thornbury44. Brown StreetRobert Dummigan
49. Brown StreetHerbert McKeag46. Brown StreetThomas O'Hagan
51. Brown StreetJohn McMahon48. Brown StreetAnn McAlinden
53. Brown StreetJames Harbinson
55. Brown StreetPatrick Hoy
57. Brown StreetJohn P. McCann
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Brownlow TerraceBerwick's Bar
2. Brownlow TerraceJames J. Kelly
3. Brownlow TerraceMary E. Kelly
4. Brownlow TerraceWilliam J. Magee
5. Brownlow TerraceRose A. Quinn
6. Brownlow TerraceGeraldine Farrell
7. Brownlow TerraceJames McConaghy
8. Brownlow TerraceAndrew Armstrong
9. Brownlow TerraceKathleen Murray
10. Brownlow TerraceWilliam Jones
11. Brownlow TerraceWilliam Taylor
12. Brownlow TerraceRobert Boston
13. Brownlow TerraceSarah J. Cousins
14. Brownlow TerraceGeorge W. Graham
15. Brownlow TerraceFrederick Wells
16. Brownlow TerraceMary A. Lockhart
17. Brownlow TerraceRobert Maginn
18. Brownlow TerraceMaria McKenna
19. Brownlow TerraceWilliam Jones
20. Brownlow TerraceSarah Moygannon
21. Brownlow TerraceEdith McKinley
22. Brownlow TerraceMary Lacey
23. Brownlow TerraceElizabeth Gregson
24. Brownlow TerraceJoseph Morrison
25. Brownlow TerraceGeorge Campbell
26. Brownlow TerraceFlorence Lindsay
27. Brownlow TerraceRobert Rollin
28. Brownlow TerraceJoseph Hall
29. Brownlow TerraceSarah Alexander
30. Brownlow TerraceElizabeth Hutchinson
31. Brownlow TerraceJohn Silcock
32. Brownlow TerraceErie Caulfield
35. Brownlow TerraceThomas McCusker
36. Brownlow TerraceJoseph Laverty
37. Brownlow TerraceThomas Magee
38. Brownlow TerraceElizabeth McGeown
39. Brownlow TerraceThomas Doran
40. Brownlow TerraceMalachy Derby
41. Brownlow TerraceWilliam Doran
42. Brownlow TerraceCatherine Kelly
43. Brownlow TerraceWilliam McAtamney
44. Brownlow TerraceBernard Magennis
45. Brownlow TerraceDesmond McMenary
46. Brownlow TerracePatrick Flynn
47. Brownlow TerraceHenry Haddock
48. Brownlow TerracePatrick Haddock
49. Brownlow TerraceJohn Lyness
50. Brownlow TerraceSarah McCormick
51. Brownlow TerraceJames McCusher
52. Brownlow TerraceJohn H. McAtamney
53. Brownlow TerraceMary McGilly
54. Brownlow TerraceCharles Thompson
55. Brownlow TerraceJohn McConville
56. Brownlow TerraceDaniel McGurran
57. Brownlow TerraceJoseph Jordan
58. Brownlow TerraceJoseph McIlduff
59. Brownlow TerraceMargaret Sands
60. Brownlow TerraceJames E. Smith
61. Brownlow TerraceJames Doran
62. Brownlow TerraceElizabeth Holland
63. Brownlow TerraceWilliam J. Doyle
64. Brownlow TerraceEdward Harte
65. Brownlow TerraceWilliam J. Doyle
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Cafolla GardensCharles McCorry
2. Cafolla GardensLaurence Sullivan
3. Cafolla GardensWilliam McQuillan
4. Cafolla GardensPatrick Lennon
5. Cafolla GardensKathleen Antcliffe
6. Cafolla GardensKathleen Bunting
7. Cafolla GardensKathleen Haddock
8. Cafolla GardensBernard McGeown
9. Cafolla GardensEdward Doran
10. Cafolla GardensPeter McCann
11. Cafolla GardensMargaret Clarke
12. Cafolla GardensEdward McGrann
13. Cafolla GardensJames McGeown
14. Cafolla GardensThomas McDonald
15. Cafolla GardensLeonard McCann
16. Cafolla GardensJoseph McGivern
17. Cafolla GardensEric Treanor
18. Cafolla GardensJohn Headley
19. Cafolla GardensPatrick McGeown
20. Cafolla GardensHugh Galloway
21. Cafolla GardensJohn Duffin
22. Cafolla GardensPatrick McCrory
23. Cafolla GardensJoseph Hughes
24. Cafolla GardensPatrick O'Hagan
25. Cafolla GardensPatricia Doran
26. Cafolla GardensRobert Clarke
27. Cafolla GardensMatthew Lavery
28. Cafolla GardensCecelia Bennett
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
Carnegie Free Library and Reading RoomCentral Bar
3. Carnegie StreetAlexander Hollywood & Sons - Painter and DecoratorCafolla Bros. - Ices Saloon and Café
3a. Carnegie StreetMrs. Grace Hollywood - Ladies HairdresserBenedict Lavery - Butcher
5. Carnegie StreetJohn Magurran - Monumental SculptorA. Turner - Confectioner
7. Carnegie StreetWesley CooperJ. McAlinden - Fishmonger
9. Carnegie StreetMary MaginnFoster's Cinema & British Legion
11. Carnegie StreetSamuel McMahon16. Carnegie StreetJohn Curran
13. Carnegie StreetAnnie Fitzsimons18. Carnegie StreetEdmund Hollywood
15. Carnegie StreetMary Gordon20. Carnegie StreetJoseph Beattie
17. Carnegie StreetFrancis Boston22. Carnegie StreetMary E. Ferguson
19. Carnegie StreetWilliam J. Crozier24. Carnegie StreetEvelyn Cordner
21. Carnegie StreetSamuel Ferguson26. Carnegie StreetJoshua Bell
23. Carnegie StreetSainuel Burrell23. Carnegie StreetMargaret Baxter
25. Carnegie StreetWilliam T. Hamilton30. Carnegie StreetMargaret McCann
27. Carnegie StreetThomas McNulty32. Carnegie StreetWilliam McBride
29. Carnegie StreetEllen Cordner34. Carnegie StreetRobert Lunn
36. Carnegie StreetJohn Uprichard
38. Carnegie StreetRobert Burns
40. Carnegie StreetJane Best
42. Carnegie StreetWilliam G. Wilson
44. Carnegie StreetJohn Watson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Carrick DriveCecil Weir2. Carrick DriveJohn Summerville
3. Carrick DriveRobert Hobson4. Carrick DriveElizabeth Turner
5. Carrick DriveJames Fryars6. Carrick DriveWilliam A. Taylor
7. Carrick DriveGeorge Dowey8. Carrick DriveSamuel McKeag
10. Carrick DriveRobert Gracey
12. Carrick DriveAlice Harvey
14. Carrick DriveFrederick J. Mathers
16. Carrick DriveGeorge Kidd
18. Carrick DriveAlister F. Black
20. Carrick DriveHenry Campbell
22. Carrick DriveFrederick Clegg
24. Carrick DriveJane Turner
26. Carrick DriveDavid Wright
28. Carrick DriveFrancis W. Caldwell
30. Carrick DriveJane E. Uprichard
32. Carrick DriveCecil Maguire
34. Carrick DriveAlan Burnett
36. Carrick DriveGardiner Archer
38. Carrick DriveIsobel McClure
40. Carrick DriveWilliam McComb
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
7. Castle LaneTerence McKeown14. Castle LanePatrick McAvoy
9. Castle LaneElizabeth Lennon16. Castle LaneJames McConaghey
11. Castle LaneThomas French24. Castle LaneMary McGeown
13. Castle LaneW. J. Withers26. Castle LaneJoseph McClean
15. Castle LaneElizabeth Burns28. Castle LaneGeorge Geddis
17. Castle LaneStephen Molloy30. Castle LaneGerald McManus
19. Castle LaneJohn McDonald32. Castle LaneSamuel Crangle
21. Castle LaneJames J. Griffin34. Castle LaneJo Thompson
29. Castle LaneArthur Heaney36. Castle LaneBros Gantley Bros. - Chimney Sweep
31. Castle LaneBernard McConville38. Castle LaneSarah Hesketh
33. Castle LaneWilliam Thompson40. Castle LanePatrick Murray
35. Castle LaneIvan Totten42. Castle LaneMalachey Devlin
37. Castle LaneArthur W. McAlinden44. Castle LaneEileen Lynch
39. Castle LaneMary Pooler46. Castle LaneWilliam H. McGibbon
41. Castle LaneJoseph Clarke48. Castle LaneMary G. McCorry
43. Castle LaneThomas Mulholland48a. Castle LaneBridget Avery
45. Castle LaneArthur KellyThe Caravan: Murray, Charles .
47. Castle LaneEdward MincherThe Caravan: Carolina McCormick, Arthur Hughes, James Martin, John H. Metcalfe
49. Castle LaneThomas Hughes
51. Castle LaneMary Casey
53. Castle LaneRobert Hughes
55. Castle LaneJohn McEnoy
57. Castle LaneFrancis Maguire
67. Castle LaneSarah Lowe
69. Castle LaneDaniel McCann
71. Castle LaneDermot McNally
73. Castle LaneFrancis McConville
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
Lurgan Court House2. Charles StreetRobert Mitchell
1/5. Charles StreetAlbert Smith4. Charles StreetWilliam Wilson
7. Charles StreetWilliam McGaffin6. Charles StreetJames Orr
9. Charles StreetMary E. Wilkinson8. Charles StreetMary McCollum
11. Charles StreetFrancis Greenaway14. Charles StreetStanley Lyness
13. Charles StreetMary. Douglas16. Charles StreetMargretta McRoberts
15. Charles StreetRobert Hill18. Charles StreetAlfred Magee
17. Charles StreetFrederick Sloan20. Charles StreetBarbara Johnston
19. Charles StreetJane Thornbury22. Charles StreetLily Cordner
21. Charles StreetJames Serplus24. Charles StreetSarah Nicholson
23. Charles StreetRobert Serplus26. Charles StreetIrene Parks
25. Charles StreetMary Abernethy28. Charles StreetJohn Magill
27. Charles StreetMargaret Richardson30. Charles StreetJohn Cordner
31. Charles StreetAnnie Hull32. Charles StreetJames Orr
33. Charles StreetThomas Toman34. Charles StreetElizabeth McCourt
Old Rectory36. Charles StreetFrank Turkington
38. Charles StreetWilliam J. Scott
40. Charles StreetWilliam Johnston
42. Charles StreetDavid Beckell
44. Charles StreetIvan Chapman
46. Charles StreetWilliam Girvan
48. Charles StreetMary Wilson
50. Charles StreetFrederick Lyness
52. Charles StreetWilliam Neill
54. Charles StreetJohn Boyd
56. Charles StreetJohn Morrow
58. Charles StreetJohn Cheyne
60. Charles StreetLeonard Hamilton
62. Charles StreetMargaret Mathews
64. Charles StreetJames Cousins
66. Charles StreetCharles Oakes
68. Charles StreetAndrew Wells
70. Charles StreetAmbrose Wilson
72. Charles StreetWilliam Bushe
74. Charles StreetBryson Hart
76. Charles StreetThomas Tyndall
78. Charles StreetJames Cordner
80. Charles StreetThomas Simpson
82. Charles StreetWilliam Clarke
84. Charles StreetWalter Culbert
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
2. Cherrytree WalkEdward Bell
4. Cherrytree WalkMargaret (senr.) O'Hare
6. Cherrytree WalkJames Menary
8. Cherrytree WalkGerald McConaghy
10. Cherrytree WalkDermot Findon
12. Cherrytree WalkNathaniel Toland
14. Cherrytree WalkJames Quinn
16. Cherrytree WalkMargaret O'Toole
18. Cherrytree WalkThomas McCaughley
20. Cherrytree WalkEdward McSherry
22. Cherrytree WalkDaniel Furphy
24. Cherrytree WalkJosephine Dobbin
26. Cherrytree WalkJoseph McCann
28. Cherrytree WalkThomas McKerr
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Church PlaceJohn H. Simms - Grocery and Home Bakery
2. Church PlaceJohn Quinn - Publican & Quinns Milestone Grocers
4. Church PlaceThompson's - Cleaners and Dyers
5. Church PlaceJohn Filbin & Co. - Bakers
6. Church PlaceAnnie McGibbon
7. Church PlaceJohn Gallery - Solicitor
8. Church PlaceJames S. Mahaffy
11. Church PlaceLurgan Borough Council
12. Church PlaceAgnus Gilmore
13. Church PlaceJohn F. McEvoy - Solicitor
13a. Church PlaceRoy Fisher
14. Church PlacePatrick Matthews
14a. Church PlaceOwen Lavery
15. Church PlaceAnne Bradley
17. Church PlaceR. Stevenson - Plumber and Electrician
18/19. Church PlaceS. Armstrong - Jeweller
20. Church PlaceHugh Kelly
20a. Church PlaceH. McPartland - Solicitor
20b. Church PlaceGeorge McDonald
20c. Church PlacePatrick. Casey - Tailor
21. Church PlaceKevin Breslin
21b. Church PlaceDr. Donald Deeny
22. Church PlaceDr. Donnell Deeny
23. Church PlaceEmile Donnelly
23a. Church PlaceJohn Burke
26. Church PlaceJohn F. Kelly - Gents Outfitter
27. Church PlaceStephen Lavery - Butcher
29. Church PlaceAlfred Glenn
30. Church PlaceVacant
31/32. Church PlaceJoseph. French - Publican
33. Church PlaceBianco D. Haw - Café and Supper Saloon
34. Church PlacePatrick E. O'Connor - Butcher
35. Church PlaceMatthew S. Lavery
36. Church PlaceJoseph Walker
37. Church PlaceMcCorry Bros. - Grocery
37a. Church PlaceT. Fox - Commission Agent
38. Church PlacePatrick McGreavey
38a. Church PlaceMurray & McAvoy - Auctioneers
39. Church PlaceLurgan Catholic Association - Clubrooms and Ballroom
40. Church PlaceChurch Place Convent Presentation School
41. Church PlaceT. G. Menary & Co. - Solicitors
42. Church PlaceJoseph Poots & Sons - Funeral Undertakers
42a. Church PlaceThe Fashion Shop - Ladies Outfitter
43. Church PlaceJames G. Dobbin - Publican
44. Church PlaceByrne & Son - Butcher
44a. Church PlaceThomas Speers
45. Church PlaceHome & Colonial Stores
46. Church PlaceC. T. Dowey & Sons - Butchers
46a. Church PlaceFrancis O'Hagan
47. Church PlaceCecil Best - Draper
48. Church PlaceLurgan Market Traders
48a. Church PlaceAnne McStravick - Ladies Hairdresser
48b. Church PlaceU.T.A. Testimonial Band
49. Church PlacePatrick McCusker
50. Church PlaceC. O'Neill - Publican
50a. Church PlaceSeamus MclIduff - Butcher
50b. Church PlaceSt. Marys Accordion Band Clubrooms
50c. Church PlaceHugh Murtagh - Commission Agent
51. Church PlaceJoseph Cafolla - Café and Supper Saloon
52. Church PlaceJohn Haughey - Draper and Outfitter
53. Church PlaceJ. McKerr - Fruiterer
54. Church PlaceHugh McAleese - Boot and Shoe Merchant
55. Church PlaceVacant
55a. Church PlaceM. B. Maloney - Hairdresser
56. Church PlaceAlexander Gracey - Chemist
57. Church PlaceFrederick Carson - Draper
58. Church PlaceBustard Bros. - Boot and Shoe Merchant
58a. Church PlaceGerald Anderson - Ladies Hairdresser
59. Church PlaceShankill Parish Hall
59a. Church PlaceWindsor Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co.
59b. Church PlaceHugh G. McKeown - Newsagent
60. Church PlaceThomas Marley - Fruiterer
60a. Church PlaceLouis B. Prentice
60b. Church PlaceDr. H. A. McCaffery
61/62. Church PlaceR.U.C. Barracks
63. Church PlaceJohn Blaney - Publican
64. Church PlacePatrick J. Downing - Publican
64a. Church PlaceMiss McDowell - Ladies Outfitter
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Church WalkMichael Walsh2. Church WalkMargaret Blaney
3/5. Church WalkMurray & McAvoy Ltd.4. Church WalkHugh McMullan
7. Church WalkDaniel McCaughleyLurgan Car Sales - Auto Engineers
9. Church WalkMargaret Woods
11. Church WalkElizabeth Kennedy
13. Church WalkWilliam Percy
15. Church WalkRobert McNeill
17. Church WalkJames Magee
19. Church WalkWilliam McNeill
21. Church WalkJames Magee
23. Church WalkMargaret Kennedy
25. Church WalkThomas McCann
27. Church WalkAnnie Carville
29. Church WalkWilliam Wilson
31. Church WalkPatrick O'Connor
33. Church WalkJane Connell
35. Church WalkChristopher O'Connor
37. Church WalkEdward Loughran
39. Church WalkNorah Lavery
41. Church WalkHugh Headley
43. Church WalkMichael O'Hanlon
45. Church WalkDaniel McStay
47. Church WalkJoseph Corey
49. Church WalkRose Toland
51. Church WalkMary McConville
53. Church WalkHenry McConville
55. Church WalkJames McNally
57. Church WalkElizabeth Keenan
59. Church WalkJohn Lennon
61. Church WalkJames Roland
63. Church WalkThomas Armstrong
65. Church WalkThomas Stevenson
67. Church WalkMichael Magee
69. Church WalkThomas Murray
71. Church WalkFrancis McKeown
73. Church WalkWilliam O'Hanlon
75. Church WalkMaria Gaskin
77. Church WalkJohn McCorry
79. Church WalkArthur Kelly
81. Church WalkHenry Jordan
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Clara StreetPatrick Lavery
2. Clara StreetThomas J. McIlroy
3. Clara StreetCharles McCann
4. Clara StreetThomas Dummigan
5. Clara StreetAloysius Lavery
6. Clara StreetMary E. Molloy
7. Clara StreetVincent Fanning
8. Clara StreetCathrine Mallon
9. Clara StreetJoseph Bunting
10. Clara StreetWilliam Geary
11. Clara StreetFelix McGibbon
12. Clara StreetMary J. Dennison
13. Clara StreetJohn E. Lavery
14. Clara StreetHugh Crewe
15. Clara StreetJohn E. Lavery
16. Clara StreetFrancis Ferris
17. Clara StreetMary Ford
18. Clara StreetMary A. Shanks
19. Clara StreetMargaret McSherry
20. Clara StreetAnnie McShane
21. Clara StreetSarah Kelly
22. Clara StreetJoseph McDonald
23. Clara StreetCharles Duffy
24. Clara StreetDennis O'Neill
25. Clara StreetAnnie Derby
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. ClaytownWilliam Cordner2. ClaytownJohn Walker
5. ClaytownMargaret Watters4. ClaytownGeorge Percy
7. ClaytownJames W. Anderson6. ClaytownEvelyn Berry
9. ClaytownAnnie Walker3. ClaytownJames Baxter
11. ClaytownWilliam Boston10. ClaytownElizabeth Banks
13. ClaytownJames Lunn12. ClaytownSamuel McKerr
15. ClaytownArthur Carville14. ClaytownElizabeth Pearson
16. ClaytownElizabeth Briggs
18. ClaytownDavid Doyle
20. ClaytownWilliam G. Wilson
22. ClaytownWilliam Livingston
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Colban CrescentMichael O. Hearty4. Colban CrescentJohn Hand
5. Colban CrescentFrederick Douglas6. Colban CrescentAlexander Boyd
7. Colban CrescentWilfred Thornberry8. Colban CrescentMalachi Jackson
9. Colban CrescentGeorge Hamilton10. Colban CrescentJoseph Orr
11. Colban CrescentGeorge W. Purvis12. Colban CrescentJames Judge
13. Colban CrescentWilliam McNally14. Colban CrescentFrances McCann
15. Colban CrescentJames J. McKeown16. Colban CrescentCecil Cousins
17. Colban CrescentJohn Robinson18. Colban CrescentCharles Agnew
19. Colban CrescentJames McKinley20. Colban CrescentMatthew Bradley
21. Colban CrescentJames L. Hamilton22. Colban CrescentThomas McConaghy
23. Colban CrescentJames Lawther24. Colban CrescentJohn Maguire
25. Colban CrescentJohn Welsh26. Colban CrescentPatrick L. Larkin
27. Colban CrescentRobert Kerr28. Colban CrescentJames McLaughlin
29. Colban CrescentJames Carson30. Colban CrescentHenry Bowman
31. Colban CrescentJames McCann32. Colban CrescentJohn Cassidy
33. Colban CrescentJohn Clements34. Colban CrescentThomas Nolan
35. Colban CrescentDesmond O'Neill36. Colban CrescentJames Cassidy
37. Colban CrescentJames Crozier38. Colban CrescentJohn McMahon
39. Colban CrescentWilliam Steele40. Colban CrescentDavid Lavery
41. Colban CrescentWilliam McCann42. Colban CrescentJoseph H. Fulton
43. Colban CrescentRobert Davidson
45. Colban CrescentJames A. Nangle
47. Colban CrescentEdward Heaney
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. College WalkDr. James Carson
2. College WalkBarbara Brown
3. College WalkHarold Brown
4. College WalkF. Harvey Green
5. College WalkHenry T. Pollock
6. College WalkVacant
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Connolly PlaceSamuel Maxwell
2. Connolly PlaceSamuel Orbinson
3. Connolly PlaceMargaret Anderson
4. Connolly PlaceSarah Jones
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Coronation StreetWilliam Higgins
2. Coronation StreetJames Moygannon
3. Coronation StreetJohn Gracey
4. Coronation StreetHerbert Fleming
5. Coronation StreetHannah Sloan
6. Coronation StreetMary Best
7. Coronation StreetFrancis Boyd
8. Coronation StreetWilliam Freeburn
9. Coronation StreetSarah McMahon
10. Coronation StreetJames Marshall
11. Coronation StreetEdward Calvert
12. Coronation StreetFrancis McCaughey
13. Coronation StreetIsabella McDowell
14. Coronation StreetReginald McMurray
15. Coronation StreetThomas McDowell
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Cyprus GardensJames Crossey2. Cyprus GardensJohn Lyness
3. Cyprus GardensHenry Morrow4. Cyprus GardensJohn Haughian
5. Cyprus GardensJohn Thompson6. Cyprus GardensFrancis Hughes
7. Cyprus GardensBrian McStravick8. Cyprus GardensArthur Magee
9. Cyprus GardensHenry J. Lavery10. Cyprus GardensKevin Polin
11. Cyprus GardensGerald Burns12. Cyprus GardensPatrick J. Kelly
13. Cyprus GardensWilliam Harte14. Cyprus GardensJohn J. Porter
15. Cyprus GardensCharles Toal
17. Cyprus GardensFrancis Jordan
19. Cyprus GardensJohn Keenan
21. Cyprus GardensJames Lynch
23. Cyprus GardensPatrick Mallon
25. Cyprus GardensThomas O'Neill
27. Cyprus GardensWilliam McDonald
29. Cyprus GardensDavid McConaghy
31. Cyprus GardensHugh O'Hanlon
33. Cyprus GardensMatthew McKerr
35. Cyprus GardensSamuel Holland
37. Cyprus GardensCharles McCabe
39. Cyprus GardensDavid McNally

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