A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Lurgan Residential Directory 1959

The Lurgan Residential Directory.


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Agnes Street Church Place Grattan Street Mourneview Avenue Tandragee Road
Albert Avenue Church Walk Hamilton Street Nettletons Court Taylors Court
Albert Street Clara Street Hawthorne Avenue New Street Thomas Street
Alexandra Square Claytown Hazletons Court North Street Thompsons Court
Ann Street Colban Crescent High Street Oakfield Terrace Toberhewny Lane Lower
Annesborough Road College Walk Hill Street Old Portadown Road Toberhewny Lane Upper
Antrim Road Connolly Place Hoop Hill Orient Circle Tottons Row
Ardboe Drive Coronation Street James Street Park Avenue Trasna Way
Arthur Street Cyprus Gardens Johnstons Row Park Street Ulster Street
Ashleigh Crescent Deans Walk Kilmaine Street Parkview Street Union Street
Avenue Road Demesne Avenue Kilmore Road Pines Park Victoria Street
Banbridge Road Derry Street Kilwilke Gardens Portlec Place Victoria Street Place
Beaumont Square Diaper Row Kilwilke Road Princes Street Waring Street
Bells Row Dill Avenue Kings Park Prospect Way Watsons Lane
Blacks Court Edward Street Lake Street Queens Place Weavers Row
Bridge Street Elmwood Terrace Larkfield Square Queen Street Wellington Street
Browns Court Festival Square Lawrence Square Rampart Street Wesley Place
Browns Lane Flush Place Lough Road Rectory Road Wheatfield Drive
Brown Street Foster Place Malcolm Road Regents Park William Street
Brownlow Terrace Francis Street Mark Street Robert Street Windsor Avenue
Cafolla Gardens Garland Avenue Market Street Russell Drive Wood Lane
Carnegie Street George Street Mary Street Shankill Street Woodville Street
Carrick Drive Gilberts Court Mays Court Shankill Street Place
Castle Lane Gilford Road Monroe Avenue Silverwood Drive
Charles Street Glebe Terrace Moores Court Sloan Avenue
Cherrytree Walk Glenview Drive Moores Lane Sloan Street



House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Sloan AvenueMargaret Wilson
5. Sloan AvenueJohn Neill
7. Sloan AvenueGeorge McMurray
9. Sloan AvenueEllen Turner
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
SLOAN STREET (Formerly John Street)
1. Sloan StreetThomas Magee2. Sloan StreetJames Kennedy
3. Sloan StreetJames Heaney4. Sloan StreetSamuel Cordner
5. Sloan StreetRobert Haddock6. Sloan StreetJane Lyness
7. Sloan StreetJohn McGeown8. Sloan StreetRobert Hancock
9. Sloan StreetBrendan McAlinden10. Sloan StreetArchibald (senr.) Lyness
11. Sloan StreetMary A. McStravick12. Sloan StreetJohn Hayes
13. Sloan StreetFelix Lavery14. Sloan StreetWilliam J. Hanna
15. Sloan StreetThomas Toman16. Sloan StreetWilliam G. Nicholson
17. Sloan StreetHugh Haughian18. Sloan StreetSamuel Cordner
19. Sloan StreetKathleen McCourt20. Sloan StreetWilliam McCreanor
21. Sloan StreetThomas Coleman22. Sloan StreetRobert (senr.) Williamson
23. Sloan StreetHugh Devlin24. Sloan StreetVacant
25. Sloan StreetJohn Clarke26. Sloan StreetJames McCleary
27. Sloan StreetRose Clarke28. Sloan StreetSamuel Webb
29. Sloan StreetPatrick Creanor30. Sloan StreetSarah McCleary
31. Sloan StreetJames Magee32. Sloan StreetRobert J. Kerr
33. Sloan StreetAnnie Haddock34. Sloan StreetIsabella Haire
35. Sloan StreetMary Lavery36. Sloan StreetSamuel McCormick
37. Sloan StreetWilliam McGrann38. Sloan StreetThomas Holland
39. Sloan StreetJohn Murphy40. Sloan StreetHenry Wilkinson
41. Sloan StreetPatrick Hamill42. Sloan StreetMargaret Topping
43. Sloan StreetElizabeth Brady44. Sloan StreetMary A. Mitchell
45. Sloan StreetJoseph McGrann46. Sloan StreetMyrtle McKeown
47. Sloan StreetJoseph H. Lavery48. Sloan StreetSarah Magill
49. Sloan StreetBernard Dummigan50. Sloan StreetWilliam Crabbe
51. Sloan StreetWilliam J. Toal52. Sloan StreetSamuel McCullough
53. Sloan StreetKathleen Brady54. Sloan StreetJohn Brown
55. Sloan StreetJohn McAtasney56. Sloan StreetJohn Wilson
57. Sloan StreetMargaret McConville58. Sloan StreetMinnie Patterson
59. Sloan StreetTeresa Casey60. Sloan StreetGeorge Harland
61. Sloan StreetJames Galloway62. Sloan StreetRobert McShane
63. Sloan StreetJohn Baxter64. Sloan StreetSamuel Anderson
65. Sloan StreetFrederick Baxter66. Sloan StreetMary (senr.) Uprichard
67. Sloan StreetElizabeth Scullion68. Sloan StreetRodney Houston
69. Sloan StreetThornas McKnight70. Sloan StreetWilliam Haddock
71. Sloan StreetEdward Matthews72. Sloan StreetSamuel Percy
73. Sloan StreetSamuel Morrison74. Sloan StreetRobert Cush
75. Sloan StreetWilliam Lavery76. Sloan StreetJohn Thompson
77. Sloan StreetJohn Green78. Sloan StreetMary J. Carson
79. Sloan StreetEllen Marshall80. Sloan StreetJohn Lennon
81. Sloan StreetAlfred Maxwell82. Sloan StreetJames Haire
83. Sloan StreetJohn Gibson84. Sloan StreetWilliam J. Ferris
85. Sloan StreetWilliam Corkin86. Sloan StreetJoseph Wilson
87. Sloan StreetPatrick McConville88. Sloan StreetWilliam Johnston
89. Sloan StreetDaniel McStravick88a. Sloan StreetD. J. White - Grocer
91. Sloan StreetJohn Haughian90. Sloan StreetSarah Livingston
93. Sloan StreetWilliam Currie92. Sloan StreetMargaret Fulton
95. Sloan StreetKevin Headley94. Sloan StreetEllen Houston
97. Sloan StreetWilliam Toner96. Sloan StreetWilliam J. McCorry - Church of Ireland Parish Hall
99. Sloan StreetHarold Hayes98. Sloan StreetJoseph Buckley
101. Sloan StreetAlexander Green100. Sloan StreetRoss McKinley
103. Sloan StreetThomas Parke104. Sloan StreetWilliam McCracken - Grocer
105. Sloan StreetFelix Headley106. Sloan StreetHenry Mitchell
107. Sloan StreetJames LaveryNurses Home
109. Sloan StreetHenderson VennardLurgan & Portadown District Hospital
111. Sloan StreetEric DupreyRural District Council Offices
113. Sloan StreetSamuel GraceyDistrict for Births, Deaths and Marriages
115. Sloan StreetElizabeth Campbell
117. Sloan StreetRobert McGrath
119. Sloan StreetHarrison Abraham
121. Sloan StreetMary E. Curran
123. Sloan StreetJohn Serplus
125. Sloan StreetBarry Clayton
127. Sloan StreetSamuel McCorry
129. Sloan StreetWilliarn White
131. Sloan StreetAnnie Wilkinson
133. Sloan StreetThornas Elliott
135. Sloan StreetMabel Sharkey
137. Sloan StreetBramwell W. Stewart
139. Sloan StreetJohn Magill
141. Sloan StreetDennis White
143. Sloan StreetOliver Chapman
145. Sloan StreetFrancis Connor
147. Sloan StreetMary Magill
149. Sloan StreetFred Uprichard
151. Sloan StreetRobert Magill
153. Sloan StreetWalter R. Creighton
155. Sloan StreetLetitia Kennedy
157. Sloan StreetJohn Houston
159. Sloan StreetThomas Wright
161. Sloan StreetJames White
163. Sloan StreetNorman Houston
165. Sloan StreetV. Stevenson
167. Sloan StreetAgnes Stevenson - Grocer
169. Sloan StreetGeorge Beattie - Confectioner
171. Sloan StreetJohn (senr.) Cousins
173. Sloan StreetJoseph Gillespie
175. Sloan StreetSamuel Cherry
177. Sloan StreetLilian Uprichard
179. Sloan StreetKathleen Preston
181. Sloan StreetSarah Best
183. Sloan StreetThomas McAvoy
185. Sloan StreetFrances A. McCleary
187. Sloan StreetMcCormack
189. Sloan StreetEva Thornbury
191. Sloan StreetMary J. Cordner
193. Sloan StreetThomas Lyness
195. Sloan StreetWilliam J. Lauder
197. Sloan StreetThomas Uprichard
199. Sloan StreetSydney McDowell
201. Sloan StreetSamuel McCormick
203. Sloan StreetJames Reilly
205. Sloan StreetWilliam McLoughlin
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Tandragee RoadAlice Cooper2. Tandragee RoadThomas McNabb
3. Tandragee RoadDavid Hyde4. Tandragee RoadAnne Humphries
5. Tandragee RoadCharles Pakenham
7. Tandragee RoadHenry Geddis
9. Tandragee RoadHenry Harrison
11. Tandragee RoadSamuel H. Cartwright
13. Tandragee RoadAlfred Turner
15. Tandragee RoadNorman Uprichard
17. Tandragee RoadRobert J. Linton
19. Tandragee RoadThomas Uprichard
21. Tandragee RoadJoseph Silcock
23. Tandragee RoadWilliam A. Lowe
25. Tandragee RoadJames Stewart
27. Tandragee RoadThomas Hopps
29. Tandragee RoadSamuel Carson - Bodybuilder Maufacturer
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Taylors CourtFrederick Acheson2. Taylors CourtElizabeth Fisher
3. Taylors CourtRobert (senr.) Mitchell4. Taylors CourtAnnie Webb
5. Taylors CourtJohn H. Traynor6. Taylors CourtAlexander McCarroll
7. Taylors CourtWilliam Burrell8. Taylors CourtJohn White
9. Taylors CourtJoseph McDonald10. Taylors CourtJohn Lennon
11. Taylors CourtWilliam J. McCarroll12. Taylors CourtRobert H. Moles
13. Taylors CourtAmelia Lennon14. Taylors CourtJohn Girvin
15. Taylors CourtJohn Watkins16. Taylors CourtKathleen Regan
17. Taylors CourtMatthew Loughran18. Taylors CourtPatrick Shortt
19. Taylors CourtAlbert M. Molloy20. Taylors CourtMary Cunningham
21. Taylors CourtAlexander McNally
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Thomas StreetAgnes McAreavey4. Thomas StreetJane Furphy
3. Thomas StreetJohn Kavanagh6. Thomas StreetJohn McGrath
5. Thomas StreetAidan Quinn8. Thomas StreetDoreen May
7. Thomas StreetSamuel W. Monroe10. Thomas StreetRobert Jordon
12. Thomas StreetJames McGeown
14. Thomas StreetMichael Doran
16. Thomas StreetRosalind Meheen
18. Thomas StreetSamuel Loughran
20. Thomas StreetHenry Doran
22. Thomas StreetIsaac Towe
24. Thomas StreetElizabeth McSherry
26. Thomas StreetHenry Smith
28. Thomas StreetJoseph McMahon
30. Thomas StreetJames Smyth
32. Thomas StreetJames McCrory
34. Thomas StreetPatrick Carville
36. Thomas StreetPatrick Haughey
38. Thomas StreetFrancis Stevenson
40. Thomas StreetSarah Magill
42. Thomas StreetPatrick McKerr
46. Thomas StreetJames McGrann
48. Thomas StreetLinda McGeown
50. Thomas StreetWilliam McKeaveny
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Thompsons CourtJoseph O'Malley2. Thompsons CourtJames Harte
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
14. Toberhewny Lane LowerIsabella Rooney
15. Toberhewny Lane LowerSamuel Megaw
16. Toberhewny Lane LowerElizabeth Morrison
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Toberhewny Lane UpperWilliam Best
3. Toberhewny Lane UpperWalter Beckett
5. Toberhewny Lane UpperGeorge Nelson
7. Toberhewny Lane UpperFlorence Watson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Tottons RowMargaret Hall2. Tottons RowWilliam Culbert
3. Tottons RowJohn Culbert4. Tottons RowAnnie Stevenson
7. Tottons RowThomas Culbert6. Tottons RowJohn McStavick
9. Tottons RowMary O'Donnell8. Tottons RowRuth Grogan
11. Tottons RowSarah McConville10. Tottons RowJohn Keegan
13. Tottons RowCharles McClean
15. Tottons RowMary Diver
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Trasna WayCharles H. Elliot2. Trasna WayRaymond N. McClelland
3. Trasna WayWilliam Lennon4. Trasna WayFrederick Turkington
5. Trasna WaySamuel G. Rowney6. Trasna WayWalter Fisher
7. Trasna WaySamuel Best8. Trasna WayAlfred Mullen
9. Trasna WayBrian Gregory10. Trasna WayJoesph A. Beattie
11. Trasna WayJohn McCappin12. Trasna WayDinah Byrne
13. Trasna WayJohn McMillan14. Trasna WayElizabeth Boyce
15. Trasna WayJoseph H. Mitchell16. Trasna WayIsobel Mathers
17. Trasna WayAndrew Alexander18. Trasna WayJames Stewart
19. Trasna WayWilson McQueen20. Trasna WayVennard King
21. Trasna WayFred E. Gracey22. Trasna WayWilliam Haskins
23. Trasna WayJames P. Noade24. Trasna WayPeter Howard
25. Trasna WayWilliam Haddock26. Trasna WayBrendan McMahon
27. Trasna WayJohn Collins28. Trasna WayJames L. McCreery
29. Trasna WayWilliam C. Bennett30. Trasna WaySarah Girvan
31. Trasna WayJames Mahaffy32. Trasna WayWilliam Hampton
33. Trasna WayWilliam J. Wright34. Trasna WayJarnes Shanks
35. Trasna WayMartha McDonald36. Trasna WayDenis Jordan
37. Trasna WayThomas Watson38. Trasna WayOliver C. Bibb
39. Trasna WayFrank Girvan40. Trasna WayWilliam J. Hamilton
41. Trasna WayFrancis McLure42. Trasna WayThomas Turkington
43. Trasna WaySamuel Uprichard44. Trasna WayThomas Brown
45. Trasna WayWilliam Hewitt46. Trasna WayHoward King
47. Trasna WayJames Carville48. Trasna WayEdward Gaskin
49. Trasna WayEdmund Hollywood50. Trasna WayCecil Donaldson
51. Trasna WayGeorge Butler52. Trasna WayPercy Cockcroft
53. Trasna WayGeorge Harrison54. Trasna WayFrancis McConville
55. Trasna WayJohn Cordner56. Trasna WaySarah McCollum
57. Trasna WayJoshua Matthews58. Trasna WayMargaret Lawther
59. Trasna WayFelix O'Brien60. Trasna WayThomas Freeburn
61. Trasna WayBrendan Smyth62. Trasna WayRobert Lunn
63. Trasna WayWilliam King64. Trasna WayJames McIlwaine
65. Trasna WayAlexander Pedlow66. Trasna WayFrank S. Evans
67. Trasna WayJohn Scully68. Trasna WayJoseph McIlwaine
69. Trasna WayDavid Rankin70. Trasna WayJames Dunlop
71. Trasna WayGeorge Bell
73. Trasna WayStanley Davis
75. Trasna WayRobert Baxter
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Ulster StreetJames Dumigan2. Ulster StreetJoseph Toman
5. Ulster StreetAlice Mallon4. Ulster StreetMary P. McManus
7. Ulster StreetAgnes Lennon6. Ulster StreetElizabeth Bacon
9. Ulster StreetMary A. Carter8. Ulster StreetJarnes Breen
11. Ulster StreetElizabeth Cassidy10. Ulster StreetEdward McGeown
13. Ulster StreetCharles Higgins12. Ulster StreetDermott Brady
15. Ulster StreetAgnes Spellman14. Ulster StreetRosaline McKerr
17. Ulster StreetMargaret Kerr16. Ulster StreetMary A. McCorry
19. Ulster StreetJames McKerr18. Ulster StreetWilliam McConville
21. Ulster StreetEdward O'Callaghan20. Ulster StreetJames Heaney
23. Ulster StreetRose Cribben22. Ulster StreetCharles McCann
25. Ulster StreetPatrick Strawbridge24. Ulster StreetHugh Gallagher
26. Ulster StreetJohn J. McDonald
Matthew Turkington - Coal Merchant
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Union StreetHelen (senr.) Shields2. Union StreetLurgan Town Hall
3/5. Union StreetShields - Publican4. Union StreetBorough Rate Collectors Office
7. Union StreetMagees - Licensed Vintners6. Union StreetBorough Surveyors Office
11. Union StreetW. Cousins8. Union StreetLyric Cinema
13. Union StreetPatton - Leather Merchant10. Union StreetLurgan Maternity & Child Welfare Centre
15. Union StreetI. Patterson - Electrical Contractor32. Union StreetMcCreanor - Home Bakery
17. Union StreetR. & M. Cushnie - Ladies and Gents & Childrens Outfitters34. Union StreetMoses Mitchell
19/21. Union StreetGeorge Bullick - Grocer36. Union StreetThomas Green
23. Union StreetWilliam G. England38. Union StreetDoris Burns
31. Union StreetDavid S. Adair - Electrical an T.V. Contractor40. Union StreetG.P.O. Telephone Exchange
33. Union StreetWesley Hall - Confectioner42. Union StreetElizabeth McBride
35. Union StreetD. S. Adair44. Union StreetJoseph Dutly
37. Union StreetRichard Cassells46. Union StreetThomas Collins
39. Union StreetWilliam Gray48. Union StreetEdward W. Martin
41. Union StreetEdmund Cunningham50. Union StreetJames Orr Irwin
43. Union StreetRobert Girvan - Esso Sales Service54. Union StreetStewart Pentland - Confectioner
45. Union StreetJohn R. Harrison58. Union StreetThomas Livingston
47. Union StreetEdward S. Geddis60. Union StreetRankfield - Draper and Footwear
47a. Union StreetWilliam Greer62. Union StreetSamuel Donaldson
47b. Union StreetJames Rodgers64. Union StreetMary Orr
49/51. Union StreetBenjamin Matthews - General Draper66. Union StreetSamuel Archer T. Carson - Gents Hairdresser
51. Union StreetIsaac Matthews68. Union StreetSamuel Wright
53. Union StreetMarcus McMorran70. Union StreetMargaret Cooke
55. Union StreetMary Halliday74. Union StreetJohn Rusk
57. Union StreetThomas Lyness76. Union StreetJohn Cunningham
59. Union StreetThomas Patterson78. Union StreetGeorge Gordon
61. Union StreetEric A. McKinley80. Union StreetJames Maguire
63. Union StreetAlexander Montgomery82. Union StreetFrances Maguire
65. Union StreetMcCollum - Confectioner84. Union StreetSalvation Army Citadel
67. Union StreetRichard Smith86. Union StreetClara Kelly
69. Union StreetGeorge Harland88. Union StreetHerbert J. Mason
71. Union StreetJames Carson - Office Supplies90. Union StreetMary A. Fleming
73. Union StreetAlbert Doyle92. Union StreetWilliam E. Donaldson
75. Union StreetEllen Taylor94. Union StreetThomas Dolandson - Cycle Dealer
77. Union StreetSamuel Hall96. Union StreetEdward Donaldson - Coachbuilder
79. Union StreetWilliam Alexander98. Union StreetThomas Cunningham
81. Union StreetWilliam McCollum100. Union StreetCharles Powell
83. Union StreetBenjamin Houston - Confectioner102. Union StreetAnnie Perry
85. Union StreetMercer & Brown Ltd. - Linen Manufacturers104. Union StreetTeresa Hawthorne
87. Union StreetJet Cleaners106. Union StreetWilliam McCullough
89. Union StreetMargaret McCollum108. Union StreetSarah Lauder
91. Union StreetMary Duffy110. Union StreetWilliam Robinson
93. Union StreetGeorge Hamilton112. Union StreetDerek Lennon
95. Union StreetWilliam Kerr114. Union StreetWilfred Withers
97. Union StreetEthel Lennon116. Union StreetSarah Burns
99/103. Union StreetThe Brethren Gospel Hall118. Union StreetSamuel Cordner
105. Union StreetCharles Baird120. Union StreetEmily Follis
107. Union StreetAlfred Bell122/124. Union StreetOld Peoples Club
109. Union StreetJohn G. Baird126. Union StreetElizabeth Mitchell
111. Union StreetShankill Parish Church Hall128. Union StreetJames McKinley - Butcher
113. Union StreetJohn Seifert130. Union StreetJames Collins
115. Union StreetAlbert Stewart132. Union StreetThomas Gilchrist
117. Union StreetWilliam (junr.) McCord134. Union StreetWilliam Davis
119. Union StreetSarah Hollywood136. Union StreetAnnie Morrison
121. Union StreetThomas McCullough140. Union StreetWilliam Robinson
123. Union StreetWinifred Harvey142. Union StreetJames Smeddon
125. Union StreetJohn Mawhinney144. Union StreetGeorge (junr.) Smith
127. Union StreetFrederick Lindsay146. Union StreetWilliam Harrison
129. Union StreetDesmond Love148. Union StreetRachel Magennis
131. Union StreetAlbert Rollin150. Union StreetMary Walker
133. Union StreetWilliam Maguire152. Union StreetWilliam Wells
135. Union StreetWilliam Mulholland154. Union StreetMargaret Stanfield
137. Union StreetSamuel Scott156. Union StreetRobert Black
139. Union StreetAnnie Turkington158. Union StreetArvid Allen
141. Union StreetFrank Girvan160. Union StreetRebeeca Black
143. Union StreetAgnes Hobbs162. Union StreetMaria Black
145. Union StreetThomas Matthews164. Union StreetMary McNickle
147. Union StreetCecil Burns166. Union StreetWalter Hare - Grocer
149. Union StreetJohn L. Cully - York Street Flax Spinning Co.168. Union StreetWilliam Pearson
151. Union StreetSamuel Buckley170. Union StreetVictoria Elizabeth Waite
153. Union StreetMary McCollum172. Union StreetHarold Mahaffy
155. Union StreetSamuel Mahaffy174. Union StreetWilliam Cordner
157. Union StreetWilliam Allen176. Union StreetMatthew Kane
159. Union StreetElizabeth Foy178. Union StreetFrancis J. McDowell
161. Union StreetAnnie Black180/182. Union StreetWilliam McCollum
163. Union StreetFrank Irwin184. Union StreetJames Taylor
165. Union StreetRobert McNally186. Union StreetThomas Jones
167. Union StreetMary A. Caulfield188. Union StreetWilliam A. McConaghie
169. Union StreetRobert Sloan190. Union StreetWilliam J. Haire
171. Union StreetStanley Robinson192. Union StreetWilliam Coulter
173. Union StreetJoshua Pearson194. Union StreetWinifred Mathers - Confectioner
175. Union StreetNorman MenabneyLurgan & Portadown District Hospital
177. Union StreetMargaret Bell
179. Union StreetMargaret Kane
181. Union StreetJoseph Morrow
183. Union StreetIsobel Allen
185. Union StreetEmily Johnston
187. Union StreetThomas B. Kinkead
189. Union StreetOttoline Burns
191. Union StreetThomas Wetherall
193. Union StreetWilliam Smyth
195. Union StreetElizabeth White
W. F. Baird & Co. Ltd. - Linen Manufacturers
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Victoria StreetMary Creeth6. Victoria StreetJames McConville
5. Victoria StreetWilliam Cummins8. Victoria StreetJames Uprichard
7. Victoria StreetErnest Cooper10. Victoria StreetWilliam Dowey
9. Victoria StreetJames H. Neill12. Victoria StreetEileen H. Ewart
11. Victoria StreetEdith Pearson14. Victoria StreetElizabeth Grimason
13. Victoria StreetElizabeth Calvert16. Victoria StreetWilliam R. Uprichard
15. Victoria StreetJames Black18. Victoria StreetJohn Leathem
17. Victoria StreetVacant20. Victoria StreetMary A. Nesbitt
19. Victoria StreetEllen Hodgins26. Victoria StreetOwen J. Jones
21. Victoria StreetSusan Craig28. Victoria StreetSarah Maxwell
23. Victoria StreetWalter Weir30. Victoria StreetElizabeth Nicholson
25. Victoria StreetMaud Rodgers32. Victoria StreetCharlotte Walker
27. Victoria StreetAlexander Maxwell34. Victoria StreetGeorge McCarroll
29. Victoria StreetThomas McCartan36. Victoria StreetCharles (senr.) Powell
31. Victoria StreetElizabeth Wheeler38. Victoria StreetMary Turkington
33. Victoria StreetJane Baxter40. Victoria StreetJames Beckett
35. Victoria StreetSamuel McMurray42. Victoria StreetSarah Lauder
37. Victoria StreetAdam Carson44. Victoria StreetIvan McShane
39. Victoria StreetChristina Baxter46. Victoria StreetJane A. Webb
41. Victoria StreetJames Soye48. Victoria StreetElizabeth Wilson
43. Victoria StreetSarah Turkington50. Victoria StreetMargaret Pearson
45. Victoria StreetWilliam Hutchinson52. Victoria StreetGeorge Thomas
47. Victoria StreetMary Hughes54. Victoria StreetAlexander Lyttle
49. Victoria StreetRobert G. Anderson56. Victoria StreetCalvert Haddock
51. Victoria StreetCharlotte Lyttle53. Victoria StreetHenry Greer
53. Victoria StreetRobert J. Turkington60. Victoria StreetMaisle Heron
55. Victoria StreetJoseph E. Uprichard62. Victoria StreetJane Thornbury
57. Victoria StreetGilbert Patterson64. Victoria StreetJohn Turkington
59. Victoria StreetWilliam H. Patterson66. Victoria StreetWarren Chambers
61. Victoria StreetJohn Denver68. Victoria StreetSusan O'Callaghan
63. Victoria StreetWilliam Lyness70. Victoria StreetMargaret Martin
65. Victoria StreetEdward Cross72. Victoria StreetWilliam Weir
67. Victoria StreetGeorge Hamilton74. Victoria StreetEdith Cush
69. Victoria StreetJames McNaughton76. Victoria StreetGeorge Craig
71. Victoria StreetJames Stevenson78. Victoria StreetAlexander Hamilton
73. Victoria StreetEmma Best80. Victoria StreetRobert J. Uprichard
75. Victoria StreetJohn Stevenson82. Victoria StreetAlbert Allen
77. Victoria StreetRichard Craig84. Victoria StreetEsther Thexter
79. Victoria StreetEllen Mitchell86. Victoria StreetStephen H. Livingston
81. Victoria StreetMargaret Smith88. Victoria StreetDouglas Leathem
83. Victoria StreetErnest Leathem90. Victoria StreetRuth Hanna
85. Victoria StreetJohn Hynes92. Victoria StreetSamuel Dickson
89. Victoria StreetHenry Gilliland94. Victoria StreetHerbert Ferguson
91. Victoria StreetEdward Paynter96. Victoria StreetElizabeth Grimason
93. Victoria StreetThomas McCleary98. Victoria StreetJoseph Boyd
95. Victoria StreetAnnie Williamson100. Victoria StreetJohn Uprichard
97. Victoria StreetWilliam Hollywood102. Victoria StreetJames Dickson
99. Victoria StreetWilliam Hollywood104. Victoria StreetMargaret Woods
101. Victoria StreetEmily Geddis106. Victoria StreetMargaret Nicholson
103. Victoria StreetMary Seawright108. Victoria StreetRobert Martin
105. Victoria StreetAnnie Knox110. Victoria StreetJohn McConnell
107. Victoria StreetMargaret Cummins112. Victoria StreetSamuel McCullough
109. Victoria StreetThomas J. Knox114. Victoria StreetMary L. Mitchell
111. Victoria StreetRobert Forsythe116. Victoria StreetIsobel Bunting
113. Victoria StreetIsabel Taylor118. Victoria StreetRobert A. Thompson
115. Victoria StreetSamuel Uprichard120. Victoria StreetMargaret McConville
117. Victoria StreetMary CastlesJohnston Allen & Co. Ltd. Linen Manufacturers
119. Victoria StreetJane Sloan
121. Victoria StreetIsabella (senr.) Foster
123. Victoria StreetEdward Grimley
125. Victoria StreetCharles Fisher
127. Victoria StreetRachel Best
129. Victoria StreetJane E. Sloan
131. Victoria StreetWilliam Torrens
133. Victoria StreetJohnston Allen & Co. Ltd - Recreation Centre
135. Victoria StreetSarah Murray
137. Victoria StreetElizabeth Quinn
139. Victoria StreetHoward Hamilton
141. Victoria StreetJohn McCorkell
143. Victoria StreetHerbert Buckley
145. Victoria StreetDaniel (senr.) McQuillan
147. Victoria StreetHannah Humphries
149. Victoria StreetWilliam Grimason
151. Victoria StreetSarah J. McCormick
153. Victoria StreetMichael McGeown
155. Victoria StreetElizabeth Mulholland
157. Victoria StreetWilliam Boston
159. Victoria StreetMary Webb
161. Victoria StreetFrancis McDonnell
163. Victoria StreetLee Castles
165. Victoria StreetMargaret Buxter
167. Victoria StreetBernard McCusker
169. Victoria StreetIsabella Gribbon
171. Victoria StreetCatherine Doran
173. Victoria StreetSarah Houston
175. Victoria StreetMatthew Roberts
177. Victoria StreetWilliam G. Beattle
Dougher Burial Ground
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1.Victoria Street PlacePatrick McVeigh2.Victoria Street PlaceHenry Toman
3.Victoria Street PlaceSarah A. Mallon4.Victoria Street PlaceRuth Johnston
5.Victoria Street PlaceSamuel Burrell6.Victoria Street PlaceJohn Toman
7.Victoria Street PlaceElizabeth Small8.Victoria Street PlaceMargaret McCann
9.Victoria Street PlaceMargaret Collins10.Victoria Street PlaceJemima Walsh
11.Victoria Street PlaceEllen McCullough12.Victoria Street PlaceElizabeth Taylor
13.Victoria Street PlaceWilliam McVeigh14.Victoria Street PlaceJoseph P. Haughian
15.Victoria Street PlaceElizabeth McQuillan16.Victoria Street PlaceJohn Bentley
17.Victoria Street PlaceElizabeth Cordner18.Victoria Street PlaceMary Lavery
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Waring StreetMary Shields8. Waring StreetVincent Heaney
5. Waring StreetMargaret Corey10. Waring StreetEllen Smith
7. Waring StreetEdward Leathem12. Waring StreetPatrick Kane
9. Waring StreetWilliam Smith14. Waring StreetPatrick McAlinden
11. Waring StreetTeresa Casey16. Waring StreetEamon Griffen
13. Waring StreetFrances Donnelly18. Waring StreetJohn McCleery
15. Waring StreetHenry Haughey20. Waring StreetDavid Donnelly
17. Waring StreetRoseann Doyle22. Waring StreetThomas Green
19. Waring StreetThomas J. McCabrey24. Waring StreetMary K. McAlinden
21. Waring StreetJoseph Doran26. Waring StreetJames F. Haughey
23. Waring StreetMary Smith28. Waring StreetKathleen Brady
25. Waring StreetJeremia Lucey30. Waring StreetEdward Leathem
27. Waring StreetWilliam Curran32. Waring StreetJames McAreavey
29. Waring StreetMary E. McCluskey34. Waring StreetGeorge C. McIntyre
31. Waring StreetEdward Toman36. Waring StreetEdward Ferris
33. Waring StreetDesmond Mackle38. Waring StreetMary McAreavey
35. Waring StreetFrancis Blaney40. Waring StreetAnnie Smith
37. Waring StreetThomas Magill42. Waring StreetJames Smith
39. Waring StreetSarah Turkington44. Waring StreetWilliam Bunting
41. Waring StreetThomas Carter46. Waring StreetMary Mahaffy
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
12. Watsons LaneJohn A. May
13. Watsons LaneRichard Tweedle
29. Watsons LaneEdward Martin
30. Watsons LaneSam Martin
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Weavers RowJames McAvoy
2. Weavers RowWilliam J. Dummigan
3. Weavers Rowlames Baalham
4. Weavers RowJohn McVeigh
5. Weavers RowThomas McAlinden
6. Weavers RowTerence Doyle
7. Weavers RowMartin McKeever
8. Weavers RowHenry Bell
9. Weavers RowCharles Shanks
10. Weavers RowGerald D. McGrath
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Wellington StreetSarah McAlinden2. Wellington StreetMatthew Nugent
1a. Wellington StreetMargaret Rooney2a. Wellington StreetAnnie Mitchell
3. Wellington StreetCharles Magill4. Wellington StreetBella McCorry
3a. Wellington StreetJohn Creaney4a. Wellington StreetJames McDonald
5. Wellington StreetJames U. Magee6. Wellington StreetHenry O'Hare
7. Wellington StreetAlbert Girvan8. Wellington StreetJoseph McCluskey
9. Wellington StreetRichard Murray10. Wellington StreetJohn W. Lockhart
11. Wellington StreetSarah Heaney12. Wellington StreetThomas J. Fitzpatrick
13. Wellington StreetJohn T. Adamson14. Wellington StreetThomas Crawford
15. Wellington StreetJohn McMullen16. Wellington StreetWilliam Gracey
17. Wellington StreetAnnie Neilson18. Wellington StreetWilliam McConville
19. Wellington StreetThomas Gilkinson20. Wellington StreetMary Bell
21. Wellington StreetWilliam J. McStay22. Wellington StreetHannah Dunbar
23. Wellington StreetMary A. Smyth24. Wellington StreetThomas J. Marsden
25/39. Wellington StreetVacant Ground26. Wellington StreetMargaret Hopps
41. Wellington StreetMatilda Boyd28. Wellington StreetJames Russell
43. Wellington StreetMary A. Neill30. Wellington StreetMartha McCandless
45. Wellington StreetMaud Lutton32. Wellington StreetJohn Rollin
47. Wellington StreetHenry Campbell34. Wellington StreetJoseph Mallon
49. Wellington StreetEllen McLoughlin36. Wellington StreetAlice Campbell
51. Wellington StreetSamuel Burnison38. Wellington StreetArthur Hamilton
53. Wellington StreetEdith Baxter40. Wellington StreetRobert Clarke
55. Wellington StreetThomas Jordan42. Wellington StreetLily McCusker
57. Wellington StreetMary McIlwaine46. Wellington StreetCharles Spellman
59. Wellington StreetFrederick Rea48. Wellington StreetPatrick Menary
61. Wellington StreetMargaret M. McMurray50. Wellington StreetEthel Reilly
63. Wellington StreetMary A. Cunningham52. Wellington StreetVincent McGibbon
65. Wellington StreetAnnie Hanna54. Wellington StreetWinifred McCormick
67. Wellington StreetThomas J. Mitchell56. Wellington StreetJohn Campbell
69. Wellington StreetVictor Marks58. Wellington StreetJohn Harbinson
71. Wellington StreetGeorge Marshall60. Wellington StreetMargaret Morrow
73. Wellington StreetSamuel J. Buckley62. Wellington StreetAnnie McGeown
75. Wellington StreetAnnie Houston64. Wellington StreetMary Magee
77. Wellington StreetGeorge McNeill66. Wellington StreetMary Morgan
79. Wellington StreetSamuel (senr.) Patterson68. Wellington StreetRose A. Bradford
81. Wellington StreetRose A. Breen70. Wellington StreetMargaret Douglas
83. Wellington StreetRoy Fisher72. Wellington StreetMary Griffin
85. Wellington StreetSamuel Metcalfe74. Wellington StreetPatrick May
76. Wellington StreetLily Hodgins
78. Wellington StreetFrancis Lavery
80. Wellington StreetDavid Carter
82. Wellington StreetWilliam Turkington
84. Wellington StreetMichael O'Reilly
86. Wellington StreetAnnie Dowey
88. Wellington StreetThomas Lavery
90. Wellington StreetJoseph Loughlin
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Wesley PlaceJames Long2. Wesley PlaceHugh Magennis
3. Wesley PlaceJohn Burns4. Wesley PlaceHelena Toman
5. Wesley PlaceFrederick Holbeach6. Wesley PlaceJames G. McCluskey
7. Wesley PlacePatrick McConville8. Wesley PlaceJohn J. Magee
9. Wesley PlaceEric Marshall10. Wesley PlaceHugh Heaney
11. Wesley PlaceHugh McCarron12. Wesley PlaceHugh P. Menary
13. Wesley PlaceJames Carmichael14. Wesley PlaceWilliam McKinistry
15. Wesley PlaceMargaret Menary16. Wesley PlaceMichael J. Breen
17. Wesley PlaceAnnie McKendry18. Wesley PlaceWilliallm Fox
19. Wesley PlaceRobert Hand20. Wesley PlaceFrancis McVeigh
21. Wesley PlaceMary Menary22. Wesley PlaceJoseph H. Gaskin
23. Wesley PlaceTeresa Menary24. Wesley PlaceJohn Casey
25. Wesley PlaceJohn Mulholland26. Wesley PlaceCatherine Thornbury
27. Wesley PlaceJohn McIlroy28. Wesley PlaceWilliam Sharpe
29. Wesley PlaceElizabeth Magee30. Wesley PlaceGeorge McKinistry
31. Wesley PlaceElizabeth Carville32. Wesley PlaceMeta Hawthorne
33. Wesley PlaceGeorge McNally
35. Wesley PlaceJohn Casey
37. Wesley PlaceWilliam Rooney
39. Wesley PlaceElizabeth Totten
41. Wesley PlaceElizabeth Hughes
43. Wesley PlaceJohn J. Lavery
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Wheatfield DriveJames (senr.) Long2. Wheatfield DriveGeorge Matthews
3. Wheatfield DriveJoseph J. Hughes4. Wheatfield DriveJames Cush
5. Wheatfield DriveWilliam Hatchell6. Wheatfield DriveBarry Fagan
7. Wheatfield DriveJoseph Harte8. Wheatfield DriveBernard Coleman
9. Wheatfield DriveIsaac Turner10. Wheatfield DriveMay McCormack
11. Wheatfield DrivePeter Ferguson12. Wheatfield DriveThomas Auld
13. Wheatfield DriveWilliam Cull22. Wheatfield DriveArthur P. Thompson
15. Wheatfield DriveJohn Patterson24. Wheatfield DriveEleanor Lyness
17. Wheatfield DriveMary K. Haddock26. Wheatfield DriveSamuel Allen
19. Wheatfield DriveJohn Withers28. Wheatfield DriveWilliam S. Fitzsimon
21. Wheatfield DrivePatrick McGeown30. Wheatfield DriveJohn Brown
23. Wheatfield DriveThomas Reid32. Wheatfield DriveWilliam Campbell
25. Wheatfield DriveRoy Whittaker34. Wheatfield DriveRobert Russell
27. Wheatfield DriveCatherine Murphy36. Wheatfield DriveMargaret McCabe
29. Wheatfield DriveGeorge Bunting
31. Wheatfield DriveThomas Fugard
33. Wheatfield DriveGeorge A. McBratney
35. Wheatfield DriveJohn O'Neill
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. William StreetSamuel McClure - Draper2. William StreetJackson Bros. - Gents Outfitters
3. William StreetRosaline Mullan - Newsagent4. William StreetAlexander Foster - Outfitter
5. William StreetRobert Allen - Butcher6. William StreetFrederick Hamilton - Painter and Decorator
7/9. William StreetRichard McCreanor - Cake Shop8. William StreetWilliam McCormick - Ladies Hairdresser
McKavanagh - Chemist10. William StreetJohn McCarron - Publican
J. Haughey - Boot Merchant12/14. William StreetR. Thompson & Son - Auctioneer
21. William StreetR. Stevenson - Electrical Engineer16. William StreetLurgan Technical College
23. William StreetJohn Cassells - Newsagent18. William StreetThomas Lavery
25. William StreetSusan Woods20. William StreetMary A. Keenan
27. William StreetThomas A. Boston12. William StreetElizabeth Hand - Ladies Outfitter
29. William StreetEveline Casey - Butcher24. William StreetJohn O'Neill
31. William StreetJoseph Lappin - Fruiterer26. William StreetJoseph Fox
33. William StreetElizabeth Patterson - Confectioner28. William StreetAgnes Morrow
35. William StreetJoseph Patterson - Electrical Engineer34. William StreetGeorge Livingston
37. William StreetNorman Neill - Hairdresser36. William StreetJoseph McIntyre
39/41. William StreetH. & T. McMullan - Publicans38. William StreetWilliam H. Cairns - Grocer
43. William StreetWatson & Neill - Solicitors40. William StreetMargaret Green
45. William StreetMichael Donaghue42. William StreetElizabeth Murray
45a. William StreetBen Brown & Sons - Coal Merchants44. William StreetEdward Murray - Painter and Decorator
45b. William StreetClub Rooms46. William StreetG. W. McCarroll
47. William StreetGeorge KellyMillar Monuments
49. William StreetSamuel HoustonLurgan Courthouse
51. William StreetJohn RipleyT. McConnell (C.P.S.P
53/55. William StreetLurgan Gas Works (Manager: J. W. Young)50/52. William StreetFrancis J. O'Neill (L.D.S.)
55a. William StreetTwyble & Co. Ltd. - Linen Manufacturers54. William StreetE. Ferguson - Boot Merchant
55b. William StreetParagon Linen Co.56. William StreetJeannie Hamilton
57/59. William StreetC. & L. Copeland Ltd. - Grocers58. William StreetGerald McIlmurray
61. William StreetMargaret Parks - Confectioner60. William StreetSamuel Wilkinson
63/65. William StreetThomas C. Stevenson & Doreen Harrison62. William StreetFlorence Greer
67. William StreetErnest William Best (L.D.S.)64. William StreetSusan Johnston
69/71. William StreetAnn Jennings66. William StreetSophia Cunningham
73. William StreetLily Turkington69. William StreetJames Robinson
73a. William StreetMaud Addis - Hemstitcher70. William StreetHarriet Clarke
75. William StreetArnot Caulfield72. William StreetEdmund Allen
77. William StreetIsabel F. Gracey74. William StreetRichard Sholdis
79. William StreetHenry Holburn76. William StreetJames Murtagh
81. William StreetGertrude Ryan78. William StreetDr. Diarmuid Maguire
81a. William StreetJohn McCavanagh - Hemstitcher80. William StreetPatrick McCorry
81b. William StreetDavid Doyle - Tailor82. William StreetMary J. McCann
81c. William StreetBullock & Co. - Hemstitchers84. William StreetCharles A. Wilson
83. William StreetR. M. Stevenson86. William StreetFlorence Drennan
85. William StreetCherril McCollum88. William StreetAlbert D. Drennan
87. William StreetDoctor Celestine P. Mackle90. William StreetMartha Patrick
89. William StreetJames J. Byrne92. William StreetMrs. C. Herron - Ladies Hairdresser
91. William StreetRita Gourlay94. William StreetWilliam. Donnelly
93. William StreetDavid J. Heslip96. William StreetRobert E. Magill
95/97. William StreetCrawford & Co. Ltd. - Mineral Water Manufacturers100. William StreetGeorgina Bradshaw
99. William StreetThomas J. McCabbrey - Cycle Agent102. William StreetJane Uprichard
101. William StreetKevin McGeown104. William StreetWilfreda Tallentire
103. William StreetEdward Berwick - Publican104a. William StreetAdam Hewitt - Coal Merchant
Hewitt Adam Coat Merchant108. William StreetR. Duncan Peel (A.R.C.M.)
U.T.A. Passenger StationRailway Level crossing
Railway level crossing
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
7. Windsor AvenueHugh A. Cushnie8. Windsor AvenueKarl K. Johnston
9. Windsor AvenueWilliam J. Adair22. Windsor AvenueJohn Bateman
11. Windsor AvenueRonald Rosser24. Windsor AvenueWilliam H. Falrley
13. Windsor AvenueAlfred Turkington26. Windsor AvenueElizabeth Edgar
15. Windsor AvenueMary Fairfield28. Windsor AvenueElizabeth Gracey
17. Windsor AvenueHenry Campbell30. Windsor AvenueRobert Bridges
19. Windsor AvenueRobert N. Magurran32. Windsor AvenueSarah J. Gracey
21. Windsor AvenueMorton Newspapers Ltd.36. Windsor AvenueWinifred Monroe
39. Windsor AvenueWilfred McConville38/40. Windsor AvenueVictor Grattan Ltd.
41. Windsor AvenueAnnie Frazer42. Windsor AvenueElizabeth Grattan
43. Windsor AvenueWilliam D. Mullan44. Windsor AvenueDonald (senr.) Anderson - Windsor Club
45. Windsor AvenueAnnie Bratty46. Windsor AvenueJames Boyce
47. Windsor AvenueWilliam J. Hamilton48. Windsor AvenueRobert Peel
50. Windsor AvenueViolet Malcomson
52. Windsor AvenueHenry McParland
54. Windsor AvenueJohn H. Simms
56. Windsor AvenueCharles Ross
58. Windsor AvenueMichael A. Horan
60. Windsor AvenueJoseph McCluskey
62. Windsor AvenueHarlet Hall
64. Windsor AvenueHerbert Wilson
66. Windsor AvenueWilliam J. Bothwell
68. Windsor AvenueThomas H. Moore
70. Windsor AvenueThomas H. Carroll
72. Windsor AvenueThomas McCullough
74. Windsor AvenueJoseph D. Gordon
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
6. Wood LaneSamuel Baxter
8. Wood LaneJoseph Seawright
10. Wood LaneHenry L. F. Cook
12. Wood LaneBrian Johnston
14. Wood LaneThomas R. McGrath
16. Wood LaneCharles W. Forbes
18. Wood LaneRobert S. Robinson
20. Wood LaneWilliam J. Cairns
22. Wood LaneIan N. McLeod
24. Wood LaneDennis J. Ryan
26. Wood LaneJoseph Loney
28. Wood LaneSydney Watson
30. Wood LaneJohn McKinney
32. Wood LaneEmmeline Simpson
34. Wood LaneConstance M. Long
36. Wood LaneElizabeth Hamilton
38. Wood LaneSamuel Mailey
40. Wood LaneHarold Storey
42. Wood LaneJames S. Heaney
44. Wood LaneBrian McWilliams
46. Wood LaneEarl Barr
48. Wood LaneThomas Gregson
50. Wood LaneFrederick J. Leathem
52. Wood LaneJoseph Smylie
54. Wood LaneBrian Powell
56. Wood LaneJonn McCullough
58. Wood LaneJames McRobert
60. Wood LaneRobert O. Kirkpatrick
62. Wood LaneJohn Smylie
64. Wood LaneWalter Hostage
66. Wood LaneWilliam J. Dawson
68. Wood LaneJ. Thomas Sowney
70. Wood LaneMorris Gardiner
72. Wood LaneArthur J. Wainwright
74. Wood LaneJames H. Crane
76. Wood LaneErie Addis
78. Wood LaneIsaac T. Dawson
80. Wood LaneEsther Spencer
82. Wood LaneErie T. Lester
84. Wood LaneBrian Powell
86. Wood LaneJames O'Hagan
88. Wood LaneWilliam Robinson
90. Wood LaneWilliam Mitchell
92. Wood LaneRobert Berry
94. Wood LaneErnest Thomas
96. Wood LaneManford Cousins
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
4. Woodville StreetJane Baxter
6. Woodville StreetJohn Hughes
8. Woodville StreetAnnie McCabe
10. Woodville StreetHugh McCluskey
12. Woodville StreetMary Gracey
14. Woodville StreetJohn J. Watson
16. Woodville StreetWilliam Murray
18. Woodville StreetWilliam Flanagan
20. Woodville StreetMary Grant
22. Woodville StreetMary J. Baxter
24. Woodville StreetKathleen Lavery
26. Woodville StreetEileen McGeown

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