A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Lurgan Residential Directory 1959

The Lurgan Residential Directory.


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Agnes Street Church Place Grattan Street Mourneview Avenue Tandragee Road
Albert Avenue Church Walk Hamilton Street Nettletons Court Taylors Court
Albert Street Clara Street Hawthorne Avenue New Street Thomas Street
Alexandra Square Claytown Hazletons Court North Street Thompsons Court
Ann Street Colban Crescent High Street Oakfield Terrace Toberhewny Lane Lower
Annesborough Road College Walk Hill Street Old Portadown Road Toberhewny Lane Upper
Antrim Road Connolly Place Hoop Hill Orient Circle Tottons Row
Ardboe Drive Coronation Street James Street Park Avenue Trasna Way
Arthur Street Cyprus Gardens Johnstons Row Park Street Ulster Street
Ashleigh Crescent Deans Walk Kilmaine Street Parkview Street Union Street
Avenue Road Demesne Avenue Kilmore Road Pines Park Victoria Street
Banbridge Road Derry Street Kilwilke Gardens Portlec Place Victoria Street Place
Beaumont Square Diaper Row Kilwilke Road Princes Street Waring Street
Bells Row Dill Avenue Kings Park Prospect Way Watsons Lane
Blacks Court Edward Street Lake Street Queens Place Weavers Row
Bridge Street Elmwood Terrace Larkfield Square Queen Street Wellington Street
Browns Court Festival Square Lawrence Square Rampart Street Wesley Place
Browns Lane Flush Place Lough Road Rectory Road Wheatfield Drive
Brown Street Foster Place Malcolm Road Regents Park William Street
Brownlow Terrace Francis Street Mark Street Robert Street Windsor Avenue
Cafolla Gardens Garland Avenue Market Street Russell Drive Wood Lane
Carnegie Street George Street Mary Street Shankill Street Woodville Street
Carrick Drive Gilberts Court Mays Court Shankill Street Place
Castle Lane Gilford Road Monroe Avenue Silverwood Drive
Charles Street Glebe Terrace Moores Court Sloan Avenue
Cherrytree Walk Glenview Drive Moores Lane Sloan Street



House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
9. Malcolm RoadJames Ferguson
11. Malcolm RoadJohn Robinson
13. Malcolm RoadSarah Hughes
15. Malcolm RoadTheophilius Reynolds
17. Malcolm RoadRobert Thompson
19. Malcolm RoadSarah Jane Hagan
21. Malcolm RoadGeorge Somerville
23. Malcolm RoadJoseph Marshall
25. Malcolm RoadJames Webb
27. Malcolm RoadAnnie Carson
29. Malcolm RoadMildred Harland
31. Malcolm RoadRobert McCullough
33. Malcolm RoadWilliam Robinson
35. Malcolm RoadJames Thompson
37. Malcolm RoadHarold McGrath
39. Malcolm RoadRobert Jones
41. Malcolm RoadSarah Lauder
43. Malcolm RoadThomas J. McCord
45. Malcolm RoadWilliam Douglas
47. Malcolm RoadWilliam Thompson
49. Malcolm RoadWesley McLaughlin
51. Malcolm RoadWilliam Boston
53. Malcolm RoadJohn McLoughlin
55. Malcolm RoadJames Allen
57. Malcolm RoadFrederick Mitchell
59. Malcolm RoadWilliam J. Stevenson
61. Malcolm RoadMargaret Stewart
63. Malcolm RoadAbraham Hughes
65. Malcolm RoadElizabeth Martin
67. Malcolm RoadThomas Carson
69. Malcolm RoadMary Murray
71. Malcolm RoadRobert Martin
73. Malcolm RoadJohn Park
77. Malcolm RoadRobert McAlister
79. Malcolm RoadIvor Ross
81. Malcolm RoadJames A. Patterson
81a. Malcolm RoadThomas Curry
83. Malcolm RoadWilliam J. Mallon
83a. Malcolm RoadWilliam McCarroll
85. Malcolm RoadGeorge McAlister
1. Rose CottageJames Lavery
2. Rose CottageReginald Collins
Alfred Briggs - Alwood Cabinet Works
Samuel McCrudden & Co. Ltd. - Linen Manufacturers
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
17. Mark StreetAlbert Wilson2. Mark StreetWilliam Fulton
19. Mark StreetAbraham Donaldson4. Mark StreetJames Cairns
21. Mark StreetJoseph Magill6. Mark StreetPaul Toland
23. Mark StreetThomas McCabrey8. Mark StreetThomas Wright
25. Mark StreetThomas Hussey10. Mark StreetRobert F. Abbott
27. Mark StreetSamuel Silcock12. Mark StreetJohn Webb
29. Mark StreetMary Brown14. Mark StreetAlexander Cordner
16. Mark StreetFrancis McCartney
18. Mark StreetLeonard Fisher
20. Mark StreetWilliam Redpath
22. Mark StreetAlice Jennett
24. Mark StreetElizabeth Webb
26. Mark StreetNorman Neill
28. Mark StreetJohn Houston
30. Mark StreetThomas Waite
32. Mark StreetThomas Hanna
34. Mark StreetAbner Peel
36. Mark StreetSamuel Thompson
38. Mark StreetJames McCollum
40. Mark StreetMary Magill
42. Mark StreetAlicia McCollum
44. Mark StreetGeorge Malone
46. Mark StreetEdith Mitchell
48. Mark StreetThomas L. Perry
50. Mark StreetWilliam Magill
52. Mark StreetWilliam J. Clarke
54. Mark StreetWilliam J. (senr.) Mitchell
56. Mark StreetSamuel McKinley
58. Mark StreetWilliam J. Wylie
60. Mark StreetEdward Collins
62. Mark StreetRobert Kilpatrick
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Market StreetLipton Ltd.2. Market StreetGeneral Post Office
1a. Market StreetBoy Scouts - 3rd Lurgan Group4. Market StreetWalter Baxter
1b. Market StreetLurgan Youth Club4a. Market StreetE. L. McConkey - Grocer
3. Market StreetCampbell & McGibbon - House Furnishers6. Market StreetMona Foye - Jeweller
3a. Market StreetFrederick Watson - Cabinet Manufacturer8. Market StreetHarold Pentland
5. Market StreetJohn Malcolmson Ltd. - Undertaker8a. Market StreetJames Stewart - Printer
7/9. Market StreetCarson & Co. Ltd.10. Market StreetEvelyn M. Kerr - General Outfitter
9. Market StreetHouston & Beaumont - Architects10a. Market StreetWilliam Lavery - Greengrocer
11. Market StreetD. J. Dowey12. Market StreetHenry McKeown - Tobacconist and Stationer
13. Market StreetBank of Ireland12a. Market StreetMary T. Gardine - Milliner
15. Market StreetT. Bridgett12b. Market StreetIris Milling - Dressmaker
17. Market StreetWilliam R. McNabb14. Market StreetBank Ulster Bank
19. Market StreetJames McKinney - Butcher16. Market StreetH. & J. Magowan
21. Market StreetSusan M. Dobson - Publican18. Market StreetGeorge Kelly - Greengrocer
23. Market StreetSamuel A. Wilson - Belfast Savings Bank22. Market StreetJ. & J. Uprichards - Drapers
25. Market StreetJoseph McAreavey - Publican24. Market StreetJoseph G. McCluskey
27. Market StreetNorthern Bank26. Market StreetJohn McDonald - Newsagent
39. Market StreetWilliam H. G. Milliken28. Market StreetPatrick McKavavagh - Publican
41. Market StreetFoster's Cinema Office30. Market StreetElectricity Board (N.I.) Showrooms
43. Market StreetAlbert McCaughey32. Market StreetWilliam McMurray - Newsagent
45. Market StreetFlorence Wright - Butcher34. Market StreetRobert Kerr
47. Market StreetEdward Malcolmson - Outfitter34a. Market StreetMcCullagh
49. Market StreetThomas Gilpin - Boot Merchant36. Market StreetJohn W. Hall - Grocer
51. Market StreetCorkins - House Furnishers38. Market StreetJohn Gilchrist & Son Ltd. - Drapers
53/55. Market StreetJohn Irwin - Boot Merchant38a. Market StreetJackson A. Bleakley - Architect
57. Market StreetMargaret Dobson - Publican40. Market StreetMagurran Ltd. - Hardware
59. Market StreetMcDowell & Son Ltd. - Boot Merchant42. Market StreetThe Cake Shop
59a. Market StreetRed Robin Restaurant42a. Market StreetW. R. Whelan
61. Market StreetCecil Smyth42b. Market StreetLurgan and Moira R.D.C. Office
63. Market StreetJames W. Palmer - Grocer42c. Market StreetRonald Rosser - Solicitor
65. Market StreetThomas Bridgett44/46. Market StreetMenary Bros. - Drapers
67. Market StreetLurgan Mechanics Institute48. Market StreetMrs. A. McCaffrey - Brownlow Arms Hotel
67a. Market StreetJ. J. TurkingtonF. A. Woolworth & Co. Ltd.
67b. Market StreetJames Brown50. Market StreetF. Dougherty & Co. - Drapers
67c. Market StreetRobert J. Funston - Insurance Broker52. Market StreetAustin McMahon - Outfitter
52a. Market StreetCharlotte Livingstone - The Central Café
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Mary StreetEllen Carbery2. Mary StreetAnn J. Walls
1a. Mary StreetFrancis Sweeney4. Mary StreetMarie O'Hagan
3. Mary StreetKieran O'Neill6. Mary StreetMary Kerr
5. Mary StreetJohn Green8. Mary StreetJoseph Monteith
5a. Mary StreetEdward McCluskey10. Mary StreetJames Leathem
7. Mary StreetJohn McKeag12. Mary StreetJohn Mulholland
7a. Mary StreetJohn McAlinden14. Mary StreetFrancis J. Prentice
9. Mary StreetCharles McCarron16. Mary StreetGerald Jordon
9a. Mary StreetJohn McAreavey18. Mary StreetMargaret Carbery
11. Mary StreetCatherine McGrann20. Mary StreetRobert Thompson
11a. Mary StreetJohn E. McDowell22. Mary StreetEdward McGivern
13. Mary StreetJoseph Fanning24. Mary StreetJames Moore
13a. Mary StreetHugh Castles26. Mary StreetMary F. Casey
15. Mary StreetPatrick McCann28. Mary StreetMary McConville
15a. Mary StreetMary McCann30. Mary StreetJohn (senr.) Doran
17. Mary StreetHenry McKenna32. Mary StreetIsabella McCreanor
19. Mary StreetEdward McAvoy34. Mary StreetSarah Heaney
21. Mary StreetEdward McShane36. Mary StreetIsabella Lyness
23. Mary StreetHenry McKee38. Mary StreetEllen Molloy
25. Mary StreetJames McCann40. Mary StreetFrancis J. McNally
27. Mary StreetAlice Lavery42. Mary StreetHugh McStravick
29. Mary StreetPatrick Dummigan44. Mary StreetWilliam J. McConville
31. Mary StreetHugh McKerr
33. Mary StreetAnnie Polland
35. Mary StreetMary McQuillan
37. Mary StreetJames Patrick Green
39. Mary StreetPatrick Ganley
41. Mary StreetDermot McAreavey
43. Mary StreetPatrick McConville
45. Mary StreetMary E. Donegan
47. Mary StreetFrancis Clarke
49. Mary StreetFrancis McCorry
51. Mary StreetMary T. Magill
53. Mary StreetThomas Doyle
55. Mary StreetAnnie Murray
57. Mary StreetAnnie Doran
59. Mary StreetMary A. Doran
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
4. Mays CourtMabel Henderson
5. Mays CourtPatrick Fitzpatrick
7. Mays CourtAlbert Baalham
11. Mays CourtJohn Strawbirdge
13. Mays CourtMary A. McManus
14. Mays CourtMargaret Magennis
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Monroe AvenueJames Harvey2. Monroe AvenueJames McKerr
3. Monroe AvenueJohn Patterson4. Monroe AvenueLucy Douglas
5. Monroe AvenueJoseph Haire6. Monroe AvenueRobert Sloan
7. Monroe AvenueJohn McCullough8. Monroe AvenueWesley McKinley
9. Monroe AvenueAnnie O'Hare10. Monroe AvenueThomas D. WaIker
11. Monroe AvenueJohn Cardwell12. Monroe AvenueMary Clarke
13. Monroe AvenueWilliam McMahon14. Monroe AvenueArthur McVeigh
15. Monroe AvenueMartha Magill16. Monroe AvenueSamuel Baxter
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Moores CourtMary J. Martin2. Moores CourtWilliam J. Gordon
3. Moores CourtWilliam J. Traynor4. Moores CourtHenry J. Mullen
5. Moores CourtSamuel Hamilton6. Moores CourtJanet Fulton
7. Moores CourtEdward Turkington8. Moores CourtAnnie Banks
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Moores LaneDavid Marsden
3. Moores LaneAnnie McCormick
5. Moores LaneHenry D. Peden
7. Moores LaneCharles Connolly
9. Moores LaneAlexander Nesbitt
11. Moores LaneNorman Ferguson
13. Moores LaneWilliam J. McClelland
15. Moores LaneThomas McBride
17. Moores LaneWilliam J. Watson - Lurgan Linen Company
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Mourneview AvenueJames Magill
2. Mourneview AvenueHannah McConville
3. Mourneview AvenueWilliam H. Cherry
4. Mourneview AvenueJoseph McEvoy
5. Mourneview AvenueGeorge Johnston
6. Mourneview AvenueMary F. Elliott
7. Mourneview AvenueRichard Summerville
9. Mourneview AvenueWilliam Houston
11. Mourneview AvenueJohn Harvey
13. Mourneview AvenueAlexander Burns
15. Mourneview AvenueJohn Warren
17. Mourneview AvenueJames Cummins
19. Mourneview AvenueElizabeth Johnston
21. Mourneview AvenuePatrick Gallagher
23. Mourneview AvenueSamuel J. Sergent
25. Mourneview AvenueRobert Johnston
27. Mourneview AvenueWarren Jones
29. Mourneview AvenueThomas Uprichard
31. Mourneview AvenueMary F. Elliott
33. Mourneview AvenueColm McAlinden
35. Mourneview AvenueSamuel McClure
37. Mourneview AvenueJames Brown
39. Mourneview AvenueRobert Quaile
41. Mourneview AvenueGeorge Conway
43. Mourneview AvenueJohn Maxwell
45. Mourneview AvenueTerence McEwan
47. Mourneview AvenueGeorge Fleming
51. Mourneview AvenueJoseph Emerson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Nettletons CourtWilliam J. McMullen
2. Nettletons CourtGeorgina Taylor
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. New StreetEdmund McCambley2. New StreetWilliam G. McKerr
3. New StreetMary Menabney4. New StreetMatilda Phair
5. New StreetJohn McDowell6. New StreetVacant
7. New StreetRobert O'Hara8. New StreetRobert Carville
9. New StreetLena Courtney10. New StreetFrancis Girvan
11. New StreetJames Coates12. New StreetRichard McGrath
13. New StreetJohn News14. New StreetMargaret Chapman
15. New StreetJames Honeyford16. New StreetSamuel Watters
17. New StreetWilliam J. Matthews18. New StreetEva (senr.) Uprichard
19. New StreetSamuel Haddock20. New StreetMargaret Langtry
21. New StreetElizibeth Taylor22. New StreetWilliam Brown
23. New StreetAlbert Black24. New StreetSusan Clarke
25. New StreetJohn Calvert26. New StreetJohn Taylor
27. New StreetWilliam Black
29. New StreetHenry Stevenson
31. New StreetJohn J. Connolly
33. New StreetJohn J. Cherry
35. New StreetStewart Webb
37. New StreetThomas (senr.) Hobbs
39. New StreetThornas Ross
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. North StreetLeo Lavery2. North StreetDavid Lavery
3. North StreetPatrick Murray4. North StreetMary Green
5. North StreetMcConville - Boot Merchant4a. North StreetMary McCann
7. North StreetRose A. Gilmore6. North StreetEileen Heaney
9. North StreetJohn (senr.) Blaney10. North StreetKathleen McShane
11. North StreetMargaret McDonald12. North StreetOwen Lavery - Grocer
13. North StreetElizabeth Withers14. North StreetJohn McKavanagh
15. North StreetEdward McCorry16. North StreetJ. Herbert & Son - House Furnishings
17. North StreetMary Hughes18. North StreetVictor Lyttle
19. North StreetLily Cassidy20. North StreetPatrick McConville
21. North StreetKathleen Mallon22. North StreetJoseph Magee
23. North StreetPh. McMurray - Chemist24. North StreetWilliam Leathem
25. North StreetAlice Kelly26. North StreetEllen Shanks
27. North StreetEliza A. McKee28. North StreetBridget Kerr
29. North StreetAlice Rooney30. North StreetEdward Quinn
31. North StreetEllen McCourt32. North StreetJane Haughey
33. North StreetThomas Creaney34/36. North StreetIrish National Foresters Club Rooms
35. North StreetDinah McKerr38. North StreetMary E. Withers
37. North StreetJames McSherry40/42. North StreetJohn McDonald - Newsagent
39. North StreetJosephine Galagher44. North StreetMary Lavery
41. North StreetMary G. McCann46. North StreetKathleen McVeigh
43. North StreetKathleen McIlmurray48. North StreetFrancis J. Donnelly
45. North StreetPatrick Curran50. North StreetEllen J. McGill
47. North StreetMargaret Creaney52. North StreetJames Kerr
49. North StreetRose A. Mullin54. North StreetFelix McCann
51. North StreetHugh Thompson56. North StreetGerald O'Connor
53. North StreetJoseph Henderson58. North StreetPeter Duffy
55. North StreetFrank McCaffrey60. North StreetJames Rooney
57. North StreetLily Heaney - Ladies Hairdresser60a. North StreetJames Campbell
59. North StreetJohn Gallery62. North StreetMary K. Heaney - Grocer
61. North StreetAnnie Walls64. North StreetMary McMenamy
63. North StreetMargaret Hughes66. North StreetWilliam Molloy
65. North StreetEdward Murray68. North Street Very Rev. Monsignor Campbell, P.P. - Parochial House
67. North StreetEileen (senr.) McCreanorSt. Peters R.C. Church
69. North StreetAnnie McllduffSt. Peters Primary School
71. North StreetBeauty Marie's - Beauty Salon76. North StreetPatrick Doran
73. North StreetJames A. Douglas78. North StreetJoseph Heaney
75. North StreetJohn McLeron - Funeral Undertaker80. North StreetJohn J. Carbury
77. North StreetMary McDonald82. North StreetJohn McCann
81. North StreetPeter Murray84. North StreetFrancis McSherry
83. North StreetMary M. Malone86. North StreetJohn McCorry
85. North StreetPatrick E. Hughes88. North StreetLily Magee
87. North StreetThomas Haughey90. North StreetPatrick Casey
89. North StreetThomas O'Keefe92. North StreetMichael Casey
91. North StreetSarah Anderson94. North StreetJoseph Haughey
93. North StreetJames Finnegan96. North StreetNoel McGrann
95. North StreetJames McMahon100. North StreetK. Campbell - Draper
97. North StreetEleanor McConville102. North StreetOwen O'Hagan
104. North StreetMary Martin
106. North StreetJames O'Callaghan
108. North StreetRobert McIntyre
110. North StreetPatrick Casey
112. North StreetJohn (senr.) McConville
Oakley - Henry F. V. Greer
Windsor Lodge
Joseph Bovril Creameries Ltd.
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Oakfield TerraceDermot Shanks
2. Oakfield TerraceBrendan Keenan
3. Oakfield TerraceThomas Lavery
4. Oakfield TerraceMary Lavery
5. Oakfield TerraceBernard Heaney
6. Oakfield TerracePatrick Carville
7. Oakfield TerraceRobert Sands
8. Oakfield TerraceWilliam James Wells
9. Oakfield TerraceRobert McEvoy
10. Oakfield TerraceJames Magee
11. Oakfield TerraceMichael Doran
12. Oakfield TerraceMary Bailey
13. Oakfield TerraceWilliam McIlroy
14. Oakfield TerraceKevin McAlinden
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Old Portadown RoadMary Trolan2. Old Portadown RoadBernard Ferris
3. Old Portadown RoadWilliam J. Mclleaine4. Old Portadown RoadJames Matthews
Rev. James Heaney6. Old Portadown RoadGeorge Robinson
Robert Patrick8. Old Portadown RoadSusan Waite
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Orient CircleHarold Harrison2. Orient CircleVictor Ellis
3. Orient CircleJohn Curran4. Orient CircleJohn Hamilton
5. Orient CircleWilliam E. Higginson6. Orient CircleLily Erwin
7. Orient CircleMatthew Winton8. Orient CircleJames R. Mercer
9. Orient CircleEdmund Harland10. Orient CircleRobert B. Bordessa
11. Orient CircleRobert Frazer12. Orient CircleAnnie M. Storey
13. Orient CircleIsaac S. Cousins14. Orient CircleJoseph Hanna
15. Orient CircleSamuel J. Webb16. Orient CircleThomas Kennedy
17. Orient CircleRobert Heaney18. Orient CircleRobert J. Funston
19. Orient CircleRobert Sadlier20. Orient CircleWilliam B. McCormack
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Park AvenueEninon Rees2. Park AvenueCatherine Gracey
3. Park AvenueKathleen Bushe4. Park AvenueWilliam Sands
5. Park AvenueWilliam Cave6. Park AvenueSamuel Kearns
7. Park AvenueThomas (senr.) Somerville8. Park AvenueJohn Lunn
9. Park AvenueEdward McAlearnon10. Park AvenueJoseph Hobbs
11. Park AvenueThomas Hall12. Park AvenueWilliam G. Russell
13. Park AvenueJames Bushe
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Park StreetThomas Moore2. Park StreetEdward Rooney
3. Park StreetThomas Neill4. Park StreetDavid Irwin
5. Park StreetAlexander Wetherall6. Park StreetMargaret Carson
7. Park StreetJames Kidd8. Park StreetFrancis Treanor
9. Park StreetJoseph English10. Park StreetFrederick Buckley
11. Park StreetEllen Burrell12. Park StreetHugh Rooney
13. Park StreetWilliam Thompson14. Park StreetAlexander Reid
15. Park StreetRobert Dowey16. Park StreetJames E. Rooney
18. Park StreetThomas Serpliss
20. Park StreetSamuel Sterritt
22. Park StreetIsabella Gibson
24. Park StreetHamilton Sharpe
26. Park StreetWilliam Mullin
28. Park StreetMark Gibson
30. Park StreetWilliam J. Gibson
32. Park StreetMary Abernethy
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Parkview StreetCharles McGrath2. Parkview StreetPatrick McCorry
3. Parkview StreetJane Brady4. Parkview StreetJoseph Beattie
5. Parkview StreetDavid McDowell8. Parkview StreetJohn F. Kelly
7. Parkview StreetElizabeth Hassey10. Parkview StreetRobert Uprichard
9. Parkview StreetJohn Murray
11. Parkview StreetMatthew Turkington
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Pines ParkWilliam Hobbs2. Pines ParkLeslie Copeland
3. Pines ParkWilliam G. N. McMurray4. Pines ParkCaroline Ferguson
5. Pines ParkJane McDowell6. Pines ParkSamuel Hutchinson
7. Pines ParkSamuel D. O'Brien8. Pines ParkDavid C. McQuilkin
9. Pines ParkWilliam McComb10. Pines ParkJoseph Turtle
11. Pines ParkRobert G. Hamilton12. Pines ParkRobert Cunningham
13. Pines ParkGeorge McCarroll14. Pines ParkDavid J. Kirkwood
15. Pines ParkJames Fitzsimmons16. Pines ParkDavid Hanna
17. Pines ParkThomas Beckett18. Pines ParkUlick Saunton
19. Pines ParkHenry Hunter20. Pines ParkHugh Collen
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Portlec PlaceSamuel Brodison
3. Portlec PlaceThomas H. Turkington
5a. Portlec PlaceClare Smyth
5b. Portlec PlaceThomas Toland
5c. Portlec PlaceTeresa McKeown
5d. Portlec PlaceFrancis C. Eady
7. Portlec PlaceBernard McGeown
9. Portlec PlaceEdward Brady
11. Portlec PlaceFrancis Brady
13. Portlec PlaceJames B. Tweedie
15. Portlec PlaceJoseph McIlwaine
17. Portlec PlaceDavid Gillespie
19. Portlec PlaceGerald McStay
21. Portlec PlaceWilliam McCollum
23. Portlec PlaceL. Stanley Archer
25. Portlec PlaceThomas J. Patience
27. Portlec PlaceThomas B. Hamilton
29. Portlec PlaceRaymond McGibbon
31. Portlec PlaceJames Girvan
33. Portlec PlaceJames McGrann
35a. Portlec PlaceEllen Cordner
35b. Portlec PlaceWalter Stevenson
35c. Portlec PlaceSamuel Nelson
37. Portlec PlacePatrick A. Smyth
39. Portlec PlaceThomas Somerville
41a. Portlec PlaceWilliam P. McStay
41b. Portlec PlaceMargaret McKeown
41c. Portlec PlaceEmily F. Anderson
41d. Portlec PlaceRobert P. Hamilton
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Princes StreetMay Chambers4. Princes StreetJoseph Maxwell
5. Princes StreetAlexander Russell6. Princes StreetWillis McNickle
7. Princes StreetEdith King8. Princes StreetThomas D. Scott
9. Princes StreetFlorence Pedlow10. Princes StreetNathaniel McNally
11. Princes StreetRobert J. Cowan12. Princes StreetErie Hawthorne
13. Princes StreetHarriet Anderson14. Princes StreetJohn T. Lynch
15. Princes StreetWilliam A. Burrell16. Princes StreetJohn Brown
17. Princes StreetMaud Moorhead18. Princes StreetEllen McCormick
19. Princes StreetCharles Clayton20. Princes StreetCharlotte Marsden
21. Princes StreetElizabeth Kennedy44. Princes StreetSamuel Campbell
23. Princes StreetWilliam J. Warren46. Princes StreetAlfred Gardiner
25. Princes StreetJoseph Parks48. Princes StreetGeoffrey Turner
27. Princes StreetJohn Craig50. Princes StreetWilson McCullough
29. Princes StreetWilliam Magill54. Princes StreetSarah E. Turkington
31. Princes StreetDavid Totton56. Princes StreetElizabeth M. Connor
35. Princes StreetGladys Hutchinson58. Princes StreetMelvin Stewart
37. Princes StreetWilliam J. Archer60. Princes StreetThomas Peden
39. Princes StreetAnnie Goodwin62. Princes StreetRichard Craig
41. Princes StreetMary C. McGeown64. Princes StreetF. G. Somerville
43. Princes StreetFlorence McNally66. Princes StreetCharles Leathem
45. Princes StreetBaden McNally68. Princes StreetSamuel S. Campbell
47. Princes StreetElizabeth Mighton70. Princes StreetJames Sharpe
49. Princes StreetFrancis Boston72. Princes StreetGeorge Davidson
53. Princes StreetWilliam A. Marshall74. Princes StreetRobert McCleary
55. Princes StreetThomas Pakenharn76. Princes StreetMary E. Follis
57. Princes StreetMaria Watters78. Princes StreetWilliam Willey
59. Princes StreetJames Patterson80. Princes StreetThomas Watt
61. Princes StreetEthel Marsden82. Princes StreetFrances McCambley
63. Princes StreetElizabeth Morrow84. Princes StreetJohn A. Downey
65. Princes StreetAlbert K. Cunninghain
67. Princes StreetSamuel Boston
69. Princes StreetGeorge Somerville
71. Princes StreetThomas Silcock
73. Princes StreetSarah D. Serplus
75. Princes StreetEleanor Morrow
77. Princes StreetCharles Nesbitt
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Prospect WayJames Moore2. Prospect WayPatrick McGuiness
3. Prospect WayThomas McCrory4. Prospect WayCatherine Bell
5. Prospect WayJohn McCrory6. Prospect WayBernard McCann
7. Prospect WayDaniel Gaynor8. Prospect WayEdward Harbinson
9. Prospect WayJohn Loughran10. Prospect WayAlice Harbinson
11. Prospect WayThomas Brady12. Prospect WayThomas Patterson
13. Prospect WayMary Breen14. Prospect WayMaurice Maginn
15. Prospect WayPatrick Martin16. Prospect WayDennis O'Hagan
17. Prospect WayJohn B. Gilmore18. Prospect WayJames Moore
19. Prospect WayDavid Quinn
21. Prospect WayHugh McCluskey
23. Prospect WayJohn McGreavey
25. Prospect WayPatrick Maguire
27. Prospect WayPatrick McNally
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Queens PlaceJohn Nesbitt2. Queens PlaceSamuel D. McBride
3. Queens PlaceDavid Bell4. Queens PlaceEllen McClean
5. Queens PlaceMary Marshall6. Queens PlaceHenry Gordon
7. Queens PlaceMary McClure8. Queens PlaceWilliam J. Whitten
9. Queens PlaceJohn Burns10. Queens PlaceSamuel Patterson
11. Queens PlaceAlexander Allen12. Queens PlaceIda P. Hill
13. Queens PlaceRichard Stevenson14. Queens PlaceFrederick McIlwaine
15. Queens PlaceMary Ferris16. Queens PlaceAndrew McDowell
17. Queens PlaceDavid (junr.) Proctor18. Queens PlaceJames N. Lennon
20. Queens PlaceRobert Lyness
22. Queens PlaceMoses Neill
24. Queens PlaceJohn Woods
26. Queens PlaceStanley Metcalfe
28. Queens PlaceSusannah Grimason
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
11. Queen StreetRobert H. McClean - Hairdresser2. Queen StreetNorman Lambert
13. Queen StreetR. Hobson - Confectioner4. Queen StreetJohn Castles - Newsagent
15. Queen StreetRichard Ferris6. Queen StreetJohn Pentland - Kiddi Togs
17. Queen StreetGeorge Williamson8. Queen StreetW. Jones - Grocer
19. Queen StreetErnest W. Best10. Queen StreetAlbert Lindsay
19a. Queen StreetJ. A. Best & Co. - Modern Printing Co.12. Queen StreetGeorgina Sholdis
21. Queen StreetSamuel Bryans14. Queen StreetEleanor M. Moffitt - Grocer
23. Queen StreetJames Harland16. Queen StreetSamuel Donaldson
25. Queen StreetJames Rollin18. Queen StreetHobbs - Butcher
27. Queen StreetGeorge H. Addis20. Queen StreetAnnie B. Archer
29. Queen StreetJohn A. Magee24. Queen StreetMarion Cairns
31/33. Queen StreetGoorwitch's - Cut Price Centre26/28. Queen StreetRalph Hewitt - Publican
35. Queen StreetRuby Hall30. Queen StreetErnily Turkington
37. Queen StreetSamuel Thompson32. Queen StreetThomas Gregson
39. Queen StreetJohn J. Gibson34. Queen StreetJohn A. Best
41. Queen StreetWilliam J. Crozier36. Queen StreetMarie Higgins
43. Queen StreetWilliam Watters38. Queen StreetDennis Arnold
45. Queen StreetMinnie Ferris40. Queen StreetIsaac E. Hall
47. Queen StreetJames Stewart42. Queen StreetWilliam Connolly
49. Queen StreetEthel Elliott44. Queen StreetEdgar Lowe Ltd. - Lucas Agents
51. Queen StreetWilliam F. Flannagan46. Queen StreetJames McCann - Imperial Bar
53. Queen StreetJohn McCollum - Linen Manufacturer48. Queen StreetMartha Livingstone
55. Queen StreetErnest Fulton - Hardware50. Queen StreetE. J. Abraham - Confectioner & Baker
57. Queen StreetJohn G. Logan - Newsagent52. Queen StreetLily Mackwood
59. Queen StreetChristina Cousins - Confectioner54. Queen StreetAchison Cole
61. Queen StreetAlexander Hobbs56. Queen StreetElizabeth Cunningham
63. Queen StreetSamuel Smyth58/60. Queen StreetJoseph Woods - Confectioner & Grocer
65. Queen StreetB. Castles - Monumental Sculptor62. Queen StreetJames McCollum
65a. Queen StreetHenry Hickling64. Queen StreetFrederick Ferris
65b. Queen StreetFrank Langridge66. Queen StreetL. Armstrong - Upholsterer
65c. Queen StreetThomas J. Woods - Warp Knitters Ltd. (Saracen Ltd.)68. Queen StreetVacant
67. Queen StreetWesIey McCullough - Home Bakery70. Queen StreetJohn (senr.) Bullock
69. Queen StreetSamuel Stewart - Provision Merchant72. Queen StreetEmily Bullock
71. Queen StreetLucy Connolly74. Queen StreetGeorge Wilson
73. Queen StreetThomas Crozier76. Queen StreetClara Thompson
75. Queen StreetMrs M. Logan78. Queen StreetRobert McBride
Queen Street Sub Post Office80. Queen StreetEleanor Hamilton
77. Queen StreetJames England88. Queen StreetWilson McCullough
79. Queen StreetAlexander Bushe90. Queen StreetAlexander and William Weatherall
81. Queen StreetMary E. Hobbs92. Queen StreetMary Crooks
83. Queen StreetFrancis Gracey94. Queen StreetJames McCullough
85. Queen StreetMaureen's - Greengrocer96. Queen StreetWilliam J. Sinton
85a. Queen StreetEric Crozier98. Queen StreetIrvine Carson
87. Queen StreetAnna Mulholland100. Queen StreetWilliam Castles
102. Queen StreetIsobel Bell
104. Queen StreetDavid Uprichard - Grocer
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Rampart StreetEllen J. McAtasney2. Rampart StreetPatrick Lennon
5. Rampart StreetMargaret McGeown4. Rampart StreetJohn McKane
7. Rampart StreetJohn Menary6. Rampart StreetKevin Creaney
9. Rampart StreetBrian Seeley8. Rampart StreetBernard McGeown
11. Rampart StreetVincent McGuigan10. Rampart StreetJohn Leathern
13. Rampart StreetAnnie McCrory12. Rampart StreetThomas O'Hare
15. Rampart StreetRobert Rooney14. Rampart StreetPeter McConville
17. Rampart StreetFelix Quinn16. Rampart StreetGeorge Campbell
19. Rampart StreetMary Thornbury
21. Rampart StreetEdward McCann
23. Rampart StreetDaniel Harte
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
15. Rectory RoadRobert Anderson2. Rectory RoadJames Cameron
17. Rectory RoadCharles Powell4. Rectory RoadRobert Geddis
19. Rectory RoadJohn Parks6. Rectory RoadHerbert Blemings
21. Rectory RoadWilliam Gillespie8. Rectory RoadWilliam Gilliland
23. Rectory RoadSamuel Knox10. Rectory RoadFrederick Jenkinson
25. Rectory RoadWilliam Hanna12. Rectory RoadJoan Beattie
14. Rectory RoadStanley Bell
16. Rectory RoadHume Armstrong
18. Rectory RoadJames Crozier
20. Rectory RoadWalter Hewitt
22. Rectory RoadWilliam Taylor
24. Rectory RoadMargaret McKinley
26. Rectory RoadJames Haddock
28. Rectory RoadSamuel Wright
30. Rectory RoadNorman Hamilton
32. Rectory RoadAnnabella Parkhill
34. Rectory RoadWilliam Burrell
36. Rectory RoadJoseph Gracey
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Regents ParkDouglas Owen
2. Regents ParkNorman Ward
3. Regents ParkJames Dawson
4. Regents ParkRobert Campbell
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Robert StreetJohn Graham2. Robert StreetLevenia Finlay
3. Robert StreetWilliam B. Hancock4. Robert StreetMargaret Orbinson
5. Robert StreetAlfred Uprichard6. Robert StreetAlexander Chambers
7. Robert StreetThomas Douglas8. Robert StreetSarah A. Lunn
9. Robert StreetMargaret A. Allen10. Robert StreetLouis Houston
11. Robert StreetGeorge Thompson12. Robert StreetWilliam Kearney
13. Robert StreetElizabeth Douglas14. Robert StreetThomas Foy
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
2. Russell DriveAnnie Maxwell
4. Russell DriveAnnie Creaney
6. Russell DriveAda Cosby
8. Russell DriveAlexander Burns
10. Russell DriveEllen Carson
12. Russell DriveCatherine Steele
14. Russell DriveRichard Barnett
16. Russell DriveCatherine Menary
18. Russell DriveMargaret Burns
20. Russell DriveElizabeth Adams
22. Russell DriveElizabeth Quaile
24. Russell DriveJune Burrell
26. Russell DriveGeorge Bingham
28. Russell DriveAlfred Beckett
30. Russell DriveFrederick McNeill
32. Russell DriveWilliam Lennon
60a. Russell DriveAnnie Crozier
60b. Russell DriveFrederick Abraham
60c. Russell DriveFrances Minnis
60d. Russell DriveWilliam Walker
62. Russell DriveJames Sloan
64. Russell DriveLeonard McCreanor
66. Russell DriveWilliam Richardson
68. Russell DriveThomas Dale
70. Russell DriveEric Cousins
72. Russell DriveMary E. Greer
74. Russell DriveWilliam Hamilton
76a. Russell DriveJames Collins
76b. Russell DriveBrendan McCluskey
76c. Russell DriveElizabeth Gracey
76d. Russell DriveEmma Monroe
78a. Russell DriveDesmond O'Neill
78b. Russell DriveMary McCaughey
78c. Russell DriveMartha Whitmore
78d. Russell DriveEdith Dowds
80. Russell DriveRobert J. Findlay
82. Russell DriveThomas R. Keegan
84. Russell DriveAnna Ashe
86. Russell DriveSamuel J. Woods
88. Russell DriveJohn Leeke
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Shankill StreetMary McCann2. Shankill StreetJohn Seeley
5. Shankill StreetRobert Rooney4. Shankill StreetDenis A. Seeley
7. Shankill StreetThomas Leathem6. Shankill StreetTerence McSherry
9. Shankill StreetJohn Berger8. Shankill StreetElizabeth Quinn
11. Shankill StreetRobert Wells10. Shankill StreetJohn Lennon
13. Shankill StreetGrace McMahon12. Shankill StreetJames O'Callaghan
15. Shankill StreetThomas Maginn14. Shankill StreetMary A. Dowds
17. Shankill StreetPatrick McCabe16. Shankill StreetDamian Burns
19. Shankill StreetJames McDonald18. Shankill StreetMary McGeown
21. Shankill StreetGerald Walsh20. Shankill StreetJames Geary
23. Shankill StreetDenis Seeley22. Shankill StreetNealy McStravick
25. Shankill StreetRose Carberry24. Shankill StreetJohn Scullion
27. Shankill StreetPatrick McConville28. Shankill StreetJohn Haddock
29. Shankill StreetJoshua Leathem30. Shankill StreetEdward McCluskey
31. Shankill StreetAlice Neill32. Shankill StreetJohn Hughes
33. Shankill StreetJames E. Scullion34. Shankill StreetMary E. A. Barbour
35. Shankill StreetElizabeth Doran36. Shankill StreetPatrick McCann
37. Shankill StreetHugh McConville38. Shankill StreetIsabel Thornbury
39. Shankill StreetMargaret M. Green40. Shankill StreetMargaret McCann
41. Shankill StreetMary Starkey42. Shankill StreetGeorge Campbell
43. Shankill StreetKathleen Thornbury44. Shankill StreetThomas J. Austin
45. Shankill StreetMary A. Campbell46. Shankill StreetJames Thornbury
48. Shankill StreetWilliam Leathem
50. Shankill StreetCharles McNally
52. Shankill StreetDermott May
54. Shankill StreetJames Mahaffy
56. Shankill StreetFrancis Quinn
58. Shankill StreetVacant
60. Shankill StreetWilliam Murphy
62. Shankill StreetJohn McConville
64. Shankill StreetJames Smyth
66. Shankill StreetJames McGeown
68. Shankill StreetDenis Thompson
70. Shankill StreetPatrick McDonald
72. Shankill StreetJames Rafferty
74. Shankill StreetEdward Maguinness
76. Shankill StreetHannah Thornbury
78. Shankill StreetJames J. McKerr
80. Shankill StreetJames Jordan
82. Shankill StreetMargaret A. Lennon
84. Shankill StreetWilliam Toland
86. Shankill StreetJoseph Moore
88. Shankill StreetJames P. Moore
90. Shankill StreetCharles Creaney
92. Shankill StreetIsabella Leathem
94. Shankill StreetHenry O'Neill
96. Shankill StreetThomas Doran
98. Shankill StreetWilliam McCrory
100. Shankill StreetPeter Haddock
102. Shankill StreetEllen Maguinness
104. Shankill StreetRobert Haughey
106. Shankill StreetJames McCann
108. Shankill StreetThomas McConville
110. Shankill StreetAnnie McCrory
112. Shankill StreetAnnie Byrne
114. Shankill StreetPatrick Loughran
116. Shankill StreetSarah McCarron
118. Shankill StreetSamuel Sullivan
120. Shankill StreetJohn Harte
122. Shankill StreetJohn McLoughlin
124. Shankill StreetJoseph Kingham
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Shankill Street PlaceEugene McAtamney4. Shankill Street PlaceDavid McConville
3. Shankill Street PlaceMary Cassells6. Shankill Street PlaceThomas Martin
5. Shankill Street PlaceKathleen McGeown8. Shankill Street PlaceJane McAtamney
7. Shankill Street PlaceGeorge Montgomery10. Shankill Street PlaceJohn McNally
9. Shankill Street PlaceFrancis Kelly12. Shankill Street PlaceThomas McKeown
11. Shankill Street PlaceMadeline Fox14. Shankill Street PlaceBartholomew Gallery
13. Shankill Street PlaceJames Loughran16. Shankill Street PlaceMargaret Toman
15. Shankill Street PlaceDaniel Haughian18. Shankill Street PlaceHenry Haddock
17. Shankill Street PlaceHenry Creaney20. Shankill Street PlaceCharles Shields
22. Shankill Street PlaceMargaret McCabe
24. Shankill Street PlaceJohn McCann
26. Shankill Street PlaceThomas Lynch
28. Shankill Street PlaceJames Neill
30. Shankill Street PlaceIsaac Towe
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Silverwood DriveEdward J. McConville2. Silverwood DriveEdward McDonald
3. Silverwood DriveTimothy Boyle4. Silverwood DriveJames McCaughley
5. Silverwood DriveWilliarn Hoy6. Silverwood DrivePatrick McKerr
7. Silverwood DriveCharles McIntyre8. Silverwood DriveWilliam Griffin
9. Silverwood DriveJames P. O'Hanlon10. Silverwood DriveEdward J. Stevenson
11. Silverwood DriveJane Shanks12. Silverwood DriveRobert May
13. Silverwood DriveHenry McCreanor14. Silverwood DriveJohn O'Hagan
15. Silverwood DriveMatthew Magee16. Silverwood DriveGeorge F. Hatchell
17. Silverwood DriveJohn Haughian18. Silverwood DriveJohn Morgan
19. Silverwood DriveJames McAtasney20. Silverwood DriveRobert J. Murray
21. Silverwood DriveJoseph Crewe22. Silverwood DriveThomas Boyle
23. Silverwood DriveJohn J. Furphy
25. Silverwood DriveRose Shanks
27. Silverwood DriveKathleen Ferris
29. Silverwood DriveArthur McCaughley
31. Silverwood DriveJosephine Tipping
33. Silverwood DriveKenneth Doran
35. Silverwood DriveTerence Magill
37. Silverwood DriveRobert McIntyre
39. Silverwood DriveJohn Creaney
41. Silverwood DrivePatrick McCrory
43. Silverwood DriveDaniel Mclntyre
45. Silverwood DriveJames Martin
47. Silverwood DriveJames Craig
49. Silverwood DriveDaniel Crossey
51. Silverwood DriveHugh Crossey
53. Silverwood DriveJoseph Thompson
55. Silverwood DriveWilliam Mulholland
57. Silverwood DriveJames Leathem
59. Silverwood DriveFelix B. Doran

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