A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

The Lurgan Residential Directory 1959

The Lurgan Residential Directory.


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Agnes Street Church Place Grattan Street Mourneview Avenue Tandragee Road
Albert Avenue Church Walk Hamilton Street Nettletons Court Taylors Court
Albert Street Clara Street Hawthorne Avenue New Street Thomas Street
Alexandra Square Claytown Hazletons Court North Street Thompsons Court
Ann Street Colban Crescent High Street Oakfield Terrace Toberhewny Lane Lower
Annesborough Road College Walk Hill Street Old Portadown Road Toberhewny Lane Upper
Antrim Road Connolly Place Hoop Hill Orient Circle Tottons Row
Ardboe Drive Coronation Street James Street Park Avenue Trasna Way
Arthur Street Cyprus Gardens Johnstons Row Park Street Ulster Street
Ashleigh Crescent Deans Walk Kilmaine Street Parkview Street Union Street
Avenue Road Demesne Avenue Kilmore Road Pines Park Victoria Street
Banbridge Road Derry Street Kilwilke Gardens Portlec Place Victoria Street Place
Beaumont Square Diaper Row Kilwilke Road Princes Street Waring Street
Bells Row Dill Avenue Kings Park Prospect Way Watsons Lane
Blacks Court Edward Street Lake Street Queens Place Weavers Row
Bridge Street Elmwood Terrace Larkfield Square Queen Street Wellington Street
Browns Court Festival Square Lawrence Square Rampart Street Wesley Place
Browns Lane Flush Place Lough Road Rectory Road Wheatfield Drive
Brown Street Foster Place Malcolm Road Regents Park William Street
Brownlow Terrace Francis Street Mark Street Robert Street Windsor Avenue
Cafolla Gardens Garland Avenue Market Street Russell Drive Wood Lane
Carnegie Street George Street Mary Street Shankill Street Woodville Street
Carrick Drive Gilberts Court Mays Court Shankill Street Place
Castle Lane Gilford Road Monroe Avenue Silverwood Drive
Charles Street Glebe Terrace Moores Court Sloan Avenue
Cherrytree Walk Glenview Drive Moores Lane Sloan Street



House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Deans WalkSamuel Baxter2. Deans WalkEdward Carson
3. Deans WalkBenjamin Castles4. Deans WalkJames Crangle
5. Deans WalkStewart Kennedy6. Deans WalkJames Cummins
7. Deans WalkAlbert Carpenter8. Deans WalkJames Maxwell
9. Deans WalkThomas Porter10. Deans WalkDynes Watson
11. Deans WalkJames McKerr12. Deans WalkArnold Thompson
17. Deans WalkAlbert Nesbitt14. Deans WalkWilliam Kirkpatrick
19. Deans WalkJames Harland16. Deans WalkRobert Fox
21. Deans WalkAlexander Whiteside
23. Deans WalkRobert Taylor
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
Brownlow House Lurgan Orange Hall
Golf House Samuel Boyd, Margaret Clarke, Peter Devlin, Peter Fox, Charles Heaney
Fox. Peter. Heaney, Charles
Fairways Walter Seawright
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Derry StreetAlexander Taggart2. Derry StreetJames Larkin
5. Derry StreetJohn Sands4. Derry StreetHoward J. Gracey
7. Derry StreetIsobel Buckley6. Derry StreetGeorge Brown
8. Derry StreetFrederick Heatherington
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
2. Diaper RowRobert Fugard
2a. Diaper RowEdmund Bushe
Wesley Turkington - Auto Engineer
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Dill AvenueRoy McKerr2. Dill AvenueTheophilus Reynolds
3. Dill AvenueWalter Harwood4. Dill AvenueHenry Kennedy
5. Dill AvenueGeorge Templeton6. Dill AvenueJohnston Foster
7. Dill AvenueRobert Turnbull8. Dill AvenueJames Pedlow
9. Dill AvenueJames Maxwell10. Dill AvenueRobert Fleming
11. Dill AvenueThomas Campbell12. Dill AvenueWilliam McBride
13. Dill AvenueJames Dowey14. Dill AvenueArchibald Parks
15. Dill AvenueJames Stevenson16. Dill AvenueCharles Baird
17. Dill AvenueAndrew McCleary18. Dill AvenueJames Lennon
19. Dill AvenueJames Patterson20. Dill AvenueSamuel Gardiner
21. Dill AvenueAlexander Shaw22. Dill AvenueWilliam McCorkell
23. Dill AvenueHarold Hutchinson24. Dill AvenueWilliam Sparks
25. Dill AvenueCecil Johnston26. Dill AvenueRobert Andrews
27. Dill AvenueRoy Hanna28. Dill AvenueArchibald Anderson
29. Dill AvenueFrederick Gallagher30. Dill AvenueThomas Allen
31. Dill AvenueFrederick Lecky32. Dill AvenueWilliam Armstrong
33. Dill AvenueJoseph Johnston34. Dill AvenueWilliam Jones
35. Dill AvenueMalachi Smith36. Dill AvenueHerbert Hamilton
37. Dill AvenueWilliam Buchanan38. Dill AvenueGordon Bell
39. Dill AvenueStanley Woods40. Dill AvenueWalter Cousins
41. Dill AvenueRobert Haire42. Dill AvenueWilliam Foye
43. Dill AvenueWilliam Kinkead44. Dill AvenueJohn Quaile
45. Dill AvenueWilliam Marshall46. Dill AvenueAlbert McGaughey
47. Dill AvenueFrederick Baird48. Dill AvenueEllen Campbell
49. Dill AvenueFlorence McNulty50. Dill AvenueHenry McCann
51. Dill AvenueNorman Turkington52. Dill AvenueBernadette Patterson
53. Dill AvenueRoy Donaldson54. Dill AvenueWilliam Thompson
55. Dill AvenueJoseph Currie56. Dill AvenueJames Lunn
57. Dill AvenueJohn Grant58. Dill AvenueRobert Kilpatrick
59. Dill AvenueAlexander Metcalfe60. Dill AvenueWilliam Beckett
61. Dill AvenueGeorge Tipping
63. Dill AvenueThomas Anderson
65. Dill AvenueDavid Bell
67. Dill AvenueJoseph Lowry
69. Dill AvenueJames Percy
71. Dill AvenueGraham Douglas
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Edward StreetThomas McMullan2. Edward StreetJohn H. Heaney - Fruiterer
3. Edward StreetDoran's - Gent's Hairdressing Saloon2a. Edward StreetMartha McGrann - Ladies' Hairdresser
5. Edward StreetElizabeth Dobbin4. Edward StreetDaniel Doran - Hardware
7. Edward StreetErnest Watson - Fish and Chip Café6. Edward StreetRoseann Lavery - Confectioner
9. Edward StreetPatrick McCarron - Publican8. Edward StreetMary Skelton
11. Edward StreetThomas Brady - Grocer10. Edward StreetBernard McConville
13. Edward StreetSarah McCorry14. Edward StreetT. Byrne - Butcher
15. Edward StreetMargaret Henry16. Edward StreetMaria Lynch
17. Edward StreetEdward Donaghue - Caterer18. Edward StreetJohn Meehan
19. Edward StreetHugh Murtagh20. Edward StreetJames Jordan - Newsagent and Confectioner
21. Edward StreetWilliam Magee - Greengrocer22. Edward StreetSarah A. Murray
23. Edward StreetGerald Devlin24. Edward StreetEileen Murchan - Confectioner
25. Edward StreetJames Bateson26. Edward StreetCatherine Pope
27. Edward StreetPatrick Derby28. Edward StreetJohn Murray
29. Edward StreetRobert Sharpe30. Edward StreetC. Moore - Confectioner
31. Edward StreetJames Lavery32. Edward StreetJohn Wright
33/35. Edward StreetHugh News - Publican34. Edward StreetHugh Moore
37. Edward StreetKathleen News - Wallpapers and Paints36. Edward StreetFrancis Heaney
39. Edward StreetDaniel Scallion38. Edward StreetJohn P. McConville - Ladies' Hairdresser
41/43. Edward StreetBros McIntyre - Painters and Decorators40. Edward StreetElizabeth McSherry
45. Edward StreetVacant41. Edward StreetMary E. O'Hara
47. Edward StreetMrs. Campbell44. Edward StreetJoshua Leathem
49. Edward StreetJoseph McCrory46. Edward StreetCatherine Maginn
51. Edward StreetJohn (jun.) Haughey48/50. Edward StreetAndrew Knox - Grocer
53. Edward StreetAlice Lavery52. Edward StreetMorris & Fearon - Garage
55. Edward StreetMary A. O'Hagan54/56. Edward StreetH. Tipping & Sons - Grocers
57. Edward StreetOwen McConville58. Edward StreetMyles McVeigh - Gents Outfitter
Rev. Mother Mary Augustus Convent of Mercy60. Edward StreetRobert Lappin
Edward Street Convent Junior Primary School62. Edward StreetAndrew McStravick
59. Edward StreetAndrew McGibben64. Edward StreetJoseph Sweeney & Sons - Builders
61. Edward StreetHunters of Chester - Seedsmen66. Edward StreetCatherine French
63. Edward StreetJames Shanks68. Edward StreetAnnie Murray
65. Edward StreetElizabeth O'Reilly - Confectioner70. Edward StreetElizabeth Breen
67. Edward StreetAnna Rea - Fish and Chips72. Edward StreetJoseph Maguire - Grocer
69. Edward StreetHugh P. Doran74/76. Edward StreetJames McKee
71. Edward StreetPatrick (senr.) McCusker78. Edward StreetB. A. McMullan - Chemists
73. Edward StreetJohn Mitchell80. Edward StreetEdward McSherry
75. Edward StreetAnn S. Gracey82. Edward StreetDavid Maguinness
77. Edward StreetJohn Lavery84/86. Edward StreetJohn McVeigh - Publican
79. Edward StreetHugh Creaney88. Edward StreetAlice McCorry - Butcher
81. Edward StreetJohn Heaney90. Edward StreetJohn Byrne
83. Edward StreetEllen J. Loughran92. Edward StreetLavery & McCann - Painters and Decorators
85. Edward StreetGertrude Dynes - Butcher94/96. Edward StreetAlice McCann - Confectioner
87. Edward StreetSarah J. Creaney98. Edward StreetThomas French - Turf Accountant
89. Edward StreetDavid (senr.) Harte100. Edward StreetWilliam Martin - Greengrocer
91. Edward StreetEdward Green102/104. Edward StreetWilliam P. Blaney - Publican
91a. Edward StreetThomas Hobbs & Sons - Hemstitchers106/108. Edward StreetO'Hagan & Sons - Poultry Merchants
93. Edward StreetJames Leathem110/112. Edward StreetMatthew Tipping - Grocer
95. Edward StreetOwen Lavery114. Edward StreetT. H. Martin - Newsagent
97. Edward StreetThomas McMahon114a. Edward StreetKathleen Kerr - Ladies' and Children's Hairdresser
99. Edward StreetMargaret McIntyre114b. Edward StreetLila Halligan - Elocution Teacher
101. Edward StreetMary McStea116. Edward StreetJon (senr.) McLarnon
103. Edward StreetAlice Lavery118. Edward StreetEllen Dynes
105. Edward StreetHenry McCann122. Edward StreetPeter McMahon
107. Edward StreetMyles Scullion124. Edward StreetCharles Lavery - Gents Hairdresser
109. Edward StreetCharles Jameson - Grocer126. Edward StreetIsabella Cunningham
111. Edward StreetJohn Creaney128. Edward StreetMary Kelly
113. Edward StreetWilliam McSherry134. Edward StreetEllen Smyth
115. Edward StreetEileen G. Doyle136. Edward StreetSamuel Clarke
117. Edward StreetJosephine Ryan138. Edward StreetEdward Haughey
119. Edward StreetWilliam Dummigan138a. Edward StreetMargaret Haughey - Confectioner
121. Edward StreetFrancis McKenna140. Edward StreetMichael Brady
123. Edward StreetJames Thornbury142. Edward StreetMargaret (senr.) Scullion
125. Edward StreetOwen Lavery144. Edward StreetEllen Hamill
127. Edward StreetRose McCann146. Edward StreetJohn Harte
129. Edward StreetSamuel Coleman148. Edward StreetJoseph McGleenon
131. Edward StreetHugh McKenna150. Edward StreetMary Conway
133. Edward StreetCharles Grimes152. Edward StreetJohn Douglas
135. Edward StreetEileen Carville154. Edward StreetPatrick (junr.) McKavanagh
137. Edward StreetMargaret Taylor156. Edward StreetMargaret Goodfellow
139. Edward StreetJoseph Maxwell158. Edward StreetMichael Magee
141. Edward StreetWilliam Maxwell - Confectioner160/162. Edward StreetHenry Magee - Grocer
143. Edward StreetThomas Lavery - Gate Lodge164/166. Edward StreetMagee's - Cycle Repairs and Petrol Station
145. Edward StreetManor House - Old Peoples Home168. Edward StreetHugh Lavery
170. Edward StreetLucy Haughey
172. Edward StreetIsabella M. News
172a. Edward StreetMoses McAlinden - Butcher
174. Edward StreetJoseph Haughian
176. Edward StreetMary C. Green
178. Edward StreetJohn Findon
180. Edward StreetMargaret McMahon
182. Edward StreetMary McCrory
184. Edward StreetJoseph McCann
186. Edward StreetHugh McCluskey
188. Edward StreetLeo Seeley
190. Edward StreetEllen Lynch
192. Edward StreetCharles Seeley
194. Edward StreetWilliam Mitchell
196. Edward StreetPatrick Hamill
198. Edward StreetJohn McKerr
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Elmwood TerraceFrank Tipping
3. Elmwood TerraceLiam Thornbury
5. Elmwood TerraceBrendan May
7. Elmwood TerraceJames McCambley
9. Elmwood TerraceRobert Russell
11. Elmwood TerracePatrick J. Ferron
13. Elmwood TerraceJames Coleman
15. Elmwood TerracePatrick Toman
17. Elmwood TerraceJames McSherry
19. Elmwood TerraceMary E. Dynes
21. Elmwood TerraceDonald Scullion
23. Elmwood TerraceJames O'Hanlon
25. Elmwood TerraceEdward Mallon
27. Elmwood TerraceAlexander Thornbury
29. Elmwood TerraceElizabeth Murphy
31. Elmwood TerraceJoseph Headley
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Festival SquareSarah Reilly4. Festival SquareRobert J. Paul
3. Festival SquareMargaret Houston8. Festival SquareSydney Christie
5. Festival SquareMary K. Turkington12. Festival SquareRobert Roberts
7. Festival SquareMary Lyttle16. Festival SquareRichard Maxwell
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Flush PlaceElizabeth Robinson
3. Flush PlaceRobert Foye
5. Flush PlaceMargaret Hutchinson
7. Flush PlaceMary Carter
9. Flush PlaceSarah Armstrong
11. Flush PlaceRobert Harrison
13. Flush PlaceElizabeth Lyness
15. Flush PlaceMargaret Cummins
17. Flush PlaceWilfred Fletcher
19. Flush PlaceMargaret Mullen
21. Flush PlaceEmma McGrath
23. Flush PlaceCecil Watson
25. Flush PlaceNorman Menabney
27. Flush PlaceSarah Smyth
29. Flush PlaceJoseph Uprichard
31. Flush PlaceJohn R. Wells
33. Flush PlaceWilliam McGrath
Wesley Turkington - Garage
Glendale - Margaret McCleary
Flush Gospel Hall
Robert Watson & Sons - Handkerchief Manufacturers
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Foster PlaceGeorge Green
2. Foster PlaceGrace Hamilton
3. Foster PlaceWilliam McMurray
4. Foster PlaceAnnie Morrison
5. Foster PlaceWilliam Topping
6. Foster PlaceEdward Babes
7. Foster PlaceGeorge Fryers
8. Foster PlaceSamuel (senr.) Haddock
9. Foster PlaceRobert Cousins
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Francis StreetBernard J. Culbert2. Francis StreetMary McCusker
3. Francis StreetThomas Toal4. Francis StreetJames Scullion
5. Francis StreetGeorge Harvey6. Francis StreetAlexander Thornbury
7. Francis StreetRose A. Grimes8. Francis StreetMcAlinden
9. Francis StreetSarah J. Donnelly10. Francis StreetJames Doran
11. Francis StreetWilliam Hughes12. Francis StreetJohn McLoughlin
13. Francis StreetJames Menary14. Francis StreetBrendan Magee
15. Francis StreetJohn G. Spellman16. Francis StreetMatthew Marsden
17. Francis StreetWinifred Doran18. Francis StreetMichael Lynch
19. Francis StreetJames McDonald20. Francis StreetElizabeth Downey
21. Francis StreetJoseph Dumigan22. Francis StreetAnnie Power
23. Francis StreetJoseph Hamill24. Francis StreetFrancis J. (senr.) Lennon
25. Francis StreetDaniel McPherson26. Francis StreetEric O. Lavery
27. Francis StreetEdward McVeigh28. Francis StreetHugh McAleese
29. Francis StreetElizabeth LaveryOwen Lavery
31. Francis StreetJohn McCluskeyFrancis McEvoy
33. Francis StreetJohn F. B. ElliottMay Murray
35. Francis StreetJoseph (senr.) O'HaraMichael O'Hara
37. Francis StreetMay MacauleyEdward McLaughlin
39. Francis StreetLily Moore
41. Francis StreetPatrick McAlinden
43. Francis StreetBrendon Heaney
45. Francis StreetWilliam H. Downey
47. Francis StreetMargaret McConville
49. Francis StreetWilliam Kelly
51. Francis StreetEdward Hamill
53. Francis StreetRose Heaney
55. Francis StreetThomas Martin
57. Francis StreetWilliam Byrne
59. Francis StreetJames Morrow
61. Francis StreetHugh McGivern
63. Francis StreetSarah J. Casey
65. Francis StreetElizabeth May
67. Francis StreetAlice O'Hagan
69. Francis StreetMichael Brady
71. Francis StreetJames Corrigan
73. Francis StreetThomas Martin
75. Francis StreetDavid Geary
77. Francis StreetCharles Byrne
79. Francis StreetVincent Thornbury
81. Francis StreetLily M. Wynn
81a. Francis StreetJohn O'Hanlon
83. Francis StreetJohn McGurran
85. Francis StreetJohn J. Murray
87. Francis StreetJames McGibbon
91. Francis StreetErnest Cafolla
93. Francis StreetHelena Mackle
95. Francis StreetSarah A. Cunningham
99. Francis StreetJoseph P. Scullion
101. Francis StreetKathleen Kerr
103. Francis StreetHugh McCorry
105. Francis StreetHarold W. Tatnell
107. Francis StreetCyril Wright
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Garland AvenueJessica Elliott2. Garland AvenueJoseph (senr.) McKerr
3. Garland AvenueElizabeth Wells4. Garland AvenueRobert H. Wilson
5. Garland AvenueMargaret Neely6. Garland AvenueAlexander Johnston
7. Garland AvenueAgnes Hamilton8. Garland AvenueHenry W. Thompson
9. Garland AvenueIvor Sewell10. Garland AvenueJoseph Lunn
11/13. Garland AvenueSophia Mitchell12. Garland AvenueRebecca Colvin
15. Garland AvenueWilliam J. McLaughlin14. Garland AvenueDean Robinson
17. Garland AvenueJames Boston16. Garland AvenueWilliam Taylor
19. Garland AvenueJohn Boston18. Garland AvenueGeddis Campbell
20. Garland AvenueWilliam McStay
22. Garland AvenueJohn Haughey
24. Garland AvenueJohn Irwin
26. Garland AvenueSamuel J. Addis
28. Garland AvenueRichard Dowey
30. Garland AvenueMartha Baxter
32. Garland AvenueThomas Taylor
34. Garland AvenueThomas R. Beckett
36. Garland AvenueFrederick Brown
38. Garland AvenueErnest McNickle
40. Garland AvenueJohn Stewart
42. Garland AvenueAlbert (senr.) Mitchell
44. Garland AvenueJames Douglas
46. Garland AvenueErnest Corkin
48. Garland AvenueEdward Malcomson
50. Garland AvenueHenry Sterrett
52. Garland AvenueBrian McCusker
54. Garland AvenueJane Bell
56. Garland AvenueSeymour Johnston
58. Garland AvenueJames Burns
60. Garland AvenueJohn Boyd
62. Garland AvenueAdeline Maxwell
64. Garland AvenueJohn Gallery
George Morrow
John Murtagh
Henry Ramsey
John Gilchrist
Charles W. Mercer
James Mercer
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. George StreetRobert Evans2. George StreetEllen Gorman
3. George StreetMargaret Herdman4. George StreetKathleen Hopps
5. George StreetAlexander Doak6. George StreetRobert H. Hutchinson
7. George StreetGeorge Bunting8. George StreetJames Wallace
11. George StreetAnnie Burns10. George StreetJane F. Greer
13. George StreetAnna Mulholland12. George StreetRobert Arnold
15. George StreetJames Magill14. George StreetGeorge Thompson
17. George StreetWilliam J. Wylie16. George StreetVacant
19. George StreetJohn Montgornery18. George StreetJoseph Black
21. George StreetHerbert Robb20. George StreetThomas W. Fitzpatrick
23. George StreetCaroline Bryans22. George StreetEdward S. Parry
25. George StreetWalter Rollin24. George StreetAnnie Semple
27. George StreetMary A. Alexander26. George StreetThomas Shilliday
29. George StreetJames White28. George StreetEdward Russell
31. George StreetRobert Wilson30. George StreetJames Reilly
33. George StreetWilliam Jackson32. George StreetNorman Bunting
35. George StreetEdith Wetherall34. George StreetHenry McCollum
37. George StreetWeatherall & Co.36. George StreetThomasina Watson
39. George StreetWilkinson & Son38. George StreetSarah Hamilton
43. George StreetCecil Geddis40. George StreetThomas Anderson
45. George StreetWilliam J. (senr.) Curran42. George StreetMary A. Reilly
47. George StreetThomas W. McConnell44. George StreetMartha Geddis
49. George StreetSusan Thompson46. George StreetMary J. Sloan
48. George StreetWilliam G. Geddis
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Gilberts CourtJohn J. McNally2. Gilberts CourtAnnie McLoughlin
3. Gilberts CourtGeorge Hall4. Gilberts CourtJames McIlwaine
5. Gilberts CourtJulia Blaney6. Gilberts CourtRose Thompson
7. Gilberts CourtJohn J. Lavery8. Gilberts CourtSarah Kavanagh
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Gilford RoadRobert Robinson4. Gilford RoadHelen Moffett
3. Gilford RoadWilbert J. Ferguson12. Gilford RoadFrederick J. Rusk
5. Gilford RoadFrederick Picknell14. Gilford RoadRichard Milligan
7. Gilford RoadJohn Lyness16. Gilford RoadJames E. Irwin
9. Gilford RoadEdith D. Beckett18. Gilford RoadJames Morrow
11. Gilford RoadBenjamin Fugard20. Gilford RoadSarah Clarke
13. Gilford RoadSarah L. Gilpin22. Gilford RoadJames Fulton
15. Gilford RoadElizabeth Black24. Gilford RoadWilliam Phoenix
17. Gilford RoadWilliam Duke26. Gilford RoadGeorge Sands
19. Gilford RoadThomas Dunn28. Gilford RoadFrederick McCleery
21. Gilford RoadDavid Hall30. Gilford RoadThomas Clayton
23. Gilford RoadJoseph McCleery32. Gilford RoadWilliam J. Castles
25. Gilford RoadJames Sholdis34. Gilford RoadDavid Carson
33. Gilford RoadSamuel McClure38. Gilford RoadJoseph Doak
35. Gilford RoadSarah Sullivan40. Gilford RoadMiriam Neill
37. Gilford RoadNorman Cooper42. Gilford RoadJoseph Davis
39. Gilford RoadSarah Best46. Gilford RoadJohn Ravels
41. Gilford RoadJames McIlroy50. Gilford RoadGeorge Leathem
43. Gilford RoadJohn Irwin52. Gilford RoadRobert Hanna
45. Gilford RoadJohn Abraham54. Gilford RoadDavid W. F. Soye
47. Gilford RoadMary Robinson56. Gilford RoadThomas G. McCarter
49. Gilford RoadJames Boston58. Gilford RoadJoseph R. Robinson
51. Gilford RoadCharles F. Callaghan60. Gilford RoadCaroline Archer
New County Secondary Intermediate School62. Gilford RoadJames D. Thompson
53. Gilford RoadAnne E. CharIton64. Gilford RoadCharlotte Ferguson
55. Gilford RoadJohn W. Hall66. Gilford RoadErnest Calvert
57. Gilford RoadElizabeth Brand68. Gilford RoadJames Lyons
59. Gilford RoadWilliam H. Gracey70. Gilford RoadCecilia E. Mates
61. Gilford RoadPeter Turley72. Gilford RoadAnnie H. Rodgers
63. Gilford RoadGeorge T. Liddell74. Gilford RoadElizabeth Hull
65. Gilford RoadRobert Kerr76. Gilford RoadSarah Turner
67. Gilford RoadWalter Baxter82. Gilford RoadGeorge Averley
69. Gilford RoadRobert Robb84. Gilford RoadSarah E. Bell
71. Gilford RoadJohn Savage86. Gilford RoadRobert J. Brown
Creamline Ltd.88. Gilford RoadRonald Robinson
73. Gilford RoadJohnston Mahaffy90. Gilford RoadThomas Irwin
75. Gilford RoadGeorge Burrell92. Gilford RoadMatthew Parks
77. Gilford RoadJames Stewart94. Gilford RoadHarold Watters
79. Gilford RoadGeorge Marshall96. Gilford RoadWilliam Moffett
81. Gilford RoadBernadette O'Hagan98. Gilford RoadWilliam Leonard
83. Gilford RoadHenry Taylor100. Gilford RoadJoseph Twyble
85. Gilford RoadJames Foote
87. Gilford RoadRachel Crozier
89. Gilford RoadJames Mullen
91. Gilford RoadGeorge Sharpe
93. Gilford RoadElizabeth McConville
95. Gilford RoadSamuel Metcalfe
97. Gilford RoadSamuel J. Shilliday
99. Gilford RoadPatrick E. O'Connor
101. Gilford RoadSamuel Cousins
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Glebe TerraceJohn Mowbray
2. Glebe TerraceAlexander Lyttle
3. Glebe TerraceHenry Hamilton
4. Glebe TerraceWilliam Woods
5. Glebe TerraceMarcel McNally
6. Glebe TerraceThomas McCullough
7. Glebe TerraceJames McCleary
8. Glebe TerraceJonathan Beggins
9. Glebe TerraceAlwyn Connelly
10. Glebe TerraceJohn Pearson
11. Glebe TerraceClair St. John
12. Glebe TerraceWalter Patterson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Glenview DriveHarold Carson2. Glenview DriveThomas McMurray
3. Glenview DriveEdith Wright4. Glenview DriveWatson Wallace
5. Glenview DriveHugh McConville6. Glenview DriveCharles Baird
7. Glenview DriveWilliam McClelland8. Glenview DriveWilliam McClelland
9. Glenview DriveWilliam Hanlon10. Glenview DriveGerald Mulholland
11. Glenview DriveJoseph Patterson12. Glenview DriveJohn Hamilton
13. Glenview DriveRobert Stewart14. Glenview DrivePeter Weston
15. Glenview DriveJoseph Simpson16. Glenview DriveRobert Mitchell
17. Glenview DriveSamuel Russell18. Glenview DriveIvy Murphy
19. Glenview Drivelan McKenzie20. Glenview DriveJoseph Stewart
21. Glenview DriveWilliam Kennedy22. Glenview DriveEsther Williamson
23. Glenview DriveWalter Robinson24. Glenview DriveJoseph English
25. Glenview DriveWilliam Bailey26. Glenview DriveCyril Carson
27. Glenview DriveDavid Elliott28. Glenview DriveHerbert Wilson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Grattan StreetPatrick J. McCaughley2. Grattan StreetPatrick Doran
3. Grattan StreetSamuel Haddock4. Grattan StreetJohn Tierney
5. Grattan StreetFrank Burns6. Grattan StreetPatrick Magill
7. Grattan StreetHugh McCluskey8. Grattan StreetJoseph Leonard
9. Grattan StreetElizabeth McKerr10. Grattan StreetJoseph Shanks
11. Grattan StreetAgnus Barberry12. Grattan StreetAnnie McCorry
13. Grattan StreetWilliam McSherry14. Grattan StreetGerald O'Neill
15. Grattan StreetMary Starkey16. Grattan StreetAndrew Hogan
17. Grattan StreetElizabeth Doran18. Grattan StreetSarah McCusker
19. Grattan StreetJoseph Lavery20. Grattan StreetPatrick Crewe
21. Grattan StreetJames McKerr22. Grattan StreetMargaret Lavery
23. Grattan StreetEdward Thompson24. Grattan StreetRose Toman
25. Grattan StreetSarah (senr.) Crossey26. Grattan StreetJames Quinn
27. Grattan StreetJohn Creaney28. Grattan StreetRichard Rooney
29. Grattan StreetJoseph Magee30. Grattan StreetTerence McSherry
31. Grattan StreetElizabeth Higgins32. Grattan StreetJames McAvoy
33. Grattan StreetJohn McCluskey34. Grattan StreetJohn F. McCleary
35. Grattan StreetJohn Finnegan36. Grattan StreetJohn McGeown
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Hamilton StreetWilliam G. Wright2. Hamilton StreetArthur McMurray
3. Hamilton StreetCharlotte Kinkead4. Hamilton StreetJames Neill
5. Hamilton StreetJames McStay6. Hamilton StreetJohn Baird
7. Hamilton StreetRobert Gray8. Hamilton StreetJane Doak
11. Hamilton StreetJames Mullen10. Hamilton StreetAllen Currie
13. Hamilton StreetWilliam Percy12. Hamilton StreetRose Lunn
15. Hamilton StreetWilliam Patterson14. Hamilton StreetThomas Lyness
17. Hamilton StreetSamuel Marks16. Hamilton StreetStanley Reid
19. Hamilton StreetRobert Lyness18. Hamilton StreetHerbert Burns
21. Hamilton StreetEdmund Fleming20. Hamilton StreetAdam Bratchie
23. Hamilton StreetRobert Walker22. Hamilton StreetGeorge Haddock
24. Hamilton StreetWilliam Kinkead
26. Hamilton StreetNorman Stewart
28. Hamilton StreetMamie McNally
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Hawthorne AvenueThomas Withers2. Hawthorne AvenueJoseph Frank
3. Hawthorne AvenueDonald McDonald4. Hawthorne AvenueAlfred O'Kane
5. Hawthorne AvenueBernard McCann6. Hawthorne AvenueJoseph McCann
7. Hawthorne AvenueJohn McShane8. Hawthorne AvenueCornelius Moore
9. Hawthorne AvenueThomas Byrne10. Hawthorne AvenueJoseph Toman
11. Hawthorne AvenueHenry McAreavry12. Hawthorne AvenueGerald Dumegan
13. Hawthorne AvenueHugh McMahon14. Hawthorne AvenuePatrick McCrory
15. Hawthorne AvenuePeter F. McKavanagh16. Hawthorne AvenueHenry McGuinness
17. Hawthorne AvenueHugh Casey18. Hawthorne AvenueJames McGibbon
19. Hawthorne AvenueFelix McMullan20. Hawthorne AvenueMargaret McCann
21. Hawthorne AvenueDermott Sherry22. Hawthorne AvenueBernard McCann
24. Hawthorne AvenueJames Devlin
26. Hawthorne AvenuePatrick Maginnis
28. Hawthorne AvenueMary Morrow
30. Hawthorne AvenueElizabeth Coyle
32. Hawthorne AvenueVincent Barry
34. Hawthorne AvenueJohn Henderson
36. Hawthorne AvenueBrian McKinstry
38. Hawthorne AvenueFrank Martin
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
2. Hazeltons CourtMargaret Hamill
Patrick McCann - Turf Accountant
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. High StreetJoseph Hobbs - Butcher2. High StreetClarence A. Cowden
1a. High StreetJames F. Kelly - Ladies Outfitter2a. High StreetCooper & Collen - Chemists
3. High StreetHugh Uprichard - Hardware Merchant4. High StreetAndrew Davis - Confectioner
5. High StreetBros. Hanna Bros. - Plumbers6. High StreetFrederick Morrow - Boot and Shoe Merchants
7. High StreetMargaret Herbert8. High StreetThomas Magarrell - Newsagent
9. High StreetMcKerr10/12. High StreetGeorge H. Addis - Fruiterer
9a. High StreetMcKerr Bros. Drapers14. High StreetWilliam Johnston & Co. Ltd. - Hardware Merchants
11. High StreetStewarts Cash Stores Ltd.14a. High StreetJohn A. McConnell - Accountant
13. High StreetRobert Graham & Co. - Auctioneers16. High StreetJohn R. Dowey - Butcher
Hayes & Co. - Solicitors16a. High StreetRobert Phillips
13b. High StreetCounty Armagh Welfare Committee16b. High StreetJames Niblock - Photographer
13c. High StreetHerbert MaguireBelfast Banking Co.
15. High StreetHurst & Son Ltd. - Seed Merchants18. High StreetJ. P. Hutchinson
17. High StreetErnest Calvert - Accountant20. High StreetR. Robinson & Son
17a. High StreetHigh St. Methodist Church20a. High StreetJ. Elliot & Co. - Hemstitchers
19. High StreetWilliam F. Buckley22. High StreetR. Anderson
21. High StreetWilliam Russell - Estate Agent & Valuer22a. High StreetElizabeth Lynn
21a. High StreetMary Thompson24. High StreetUprichard & Shilliday - Grocers
23. High StreetHerbert Wade26. High StreetWilliam J. Moffitt - Hardware and Home Furnishing
25. High StreetGeorge Williamson - Electrician28. High StreetJohn J. Turkington - Draper
25a. High StreetAbercromby's - Home Bakery30. High StreetS. C. Fairfield - Stationer and Fancy Goods
25b. High StreetCharles Callaghan - Builder and Contractor32. High StreetJames Boston - Jeweller
25c. High StreetJohn McDonald34. High StreetEvelyn Thompson - Draper
27. High StreetSamuel Buckley - Grocers36. High StreetL. A. Kerr - Regal Pharmacy Ltd.
29. High StreetWilliam E. Buckley36a. High StreetJean Devlin - Ladies Hairdresser
31. High StreetThomas H. Allen36b. High StreetK. Mcllroy - Electrical Engineer
33. High StreetWilliam Gracey - Grocer and Home Bakery38. High StreetS. H. W. Buckley - Draper
35. High StreetJames A. Murray40. High StreetCampbell & Son - Builders
37. High StreetMary Corner40a. High StreetMaurice Wilkinson & Co. - Fibre Goods Factory
39. High StreetGeorge Gracey40b. High StreetJ, Elliott & Co. - Hemstitchers
41. High StreetVacant42. High StreetElizabeth J. McCullough - Home Bakery
43. High StreetJane Johnston44. High StreetDavid Hancock - Hairdresser
45. High StreetDr. Robert Pedlow46. High StreetGertrude Kernoghan
45a. High StreetM. L. M. Press Ltd. - Printers48. High StreetJoseph M. L. Carrick
47. High StreetDr McNutt50. High StreetAgnes Jefferson
49. High StreetDr. William Shane50a. High StreetJames Parkinson
51. High StreetMary J. W. Malcolm52. High StreetJames H. Davidson
52a. High StreetVictor Archer - Boot Merchant
54. High StreetJames Garvey - Grocer
54a. High StreetGracey & Co. - Hemstitchers
54b. High StreetLurgan Block Printing Co.
54c. High StreetWilliam Best & Co. - Reed Manufacturers
54d. High StreetNan Burns - Hairdresser
56. High StreetWalter Forbes - Optician
56. High StreetJohn Sands - Chiropodist
58. High StreetIsabella O'Neill - Dressmaker
60. High StreetDr. Francis E. Henderson
60a. High StreetFirst Lurgan Presbyterian Church
62. High StreetW. McNabb - Pharmacy
64. High StreetWindsor Laundry
64a. High StreetJames Carson
66. High StreetRobert J. McIntyre - Home Bakery
66a. High StreetJames L. Cunningham - Tyre and Sales Service
68. High StreetJames Cunningham - Wine Shop
70. High StreetJ. H. Percy - Cycle Agent
72/74. High StreetDavid L. McAvoy - Motor and Cycle Dealer
76. High StreetJohn F. Sparkes
78. High StreetRichard Sparkes
80. High StreetThomas Hobbs
82. High StreetMartha Uprichard
84. High StreetAlbert Hill
86. High StreetWilliam R. Uprichard
88. High StreetMargaret J. A. Kirk
92. High StreetSociety of Friends House
92a. High StreetThomas J. Marshall
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
3. Hill StreetWilliam Baird2. Hill StreetPatrick McConville
5. Hill StreetFrancis (senr.) Lyness4. Hill StreetHarold Lyness
7. Hill StreetRobert Percy6. Hill StreetWilliam Gibson
9. Hill StreetWilliam Bentley8. Hill StreetJohn McCullough
11. Hill StreetThomas J. McComb10. Hill StreetElizabeth Walker
13. Hill StreetDavid W. Wilson12. Hill StreetElizabeth Gracey
15. Hill StreetWilliam J. McIlwaine14. Hill StreetDonald Cunningham
17. Hill StreetAlexander Nesbitt16. Hill StreetWilliam J. Harra
19. Hill StreetWilliam Lindsay18. Hill StreetJames Harra
21. Hill StreetAlbert Topping20. Hill StreetHerbert Dynes
23. Hill StreetFrancis Courtney22. Hill StreetAndre Mitchell
25. Hill StreetWilliam Leathem24. Hill StreetAnnie Lyness
27. Hill StreetOwen Grant24a. Hill StreetGeorge Watson
29. Hill StreetWilliam J. Ferris26. Hill StreetMargaret Lyness
31. Hill StreetSamuel G. Wilson28. Hill StreetJames White
33. Hill StreetThomas McNally30/32. Hill StreetLeonard Hamilton
35. Hill StreetAndrew Neill34. Hill StreetTurner Jackson
37. Hill StreetJames McAllen36. Hill StreetJames Crozier
39. Hill StreetRobert Cordner38. Hill StreetJohn G. Liggett
41. Hill StreetRebecca Best40. Hill StreetJames Hagan
43. Hill StreetAbraham McKane42. Hill StreetRobert Harvey
45. Hill StreetSamuel Gilkinson44. Hill StreetJoseph Cairns
47. Hill StreetRobert Gilkinson46. Hill StreetMartha McNally
49. Hill StreetElizabeth McKeog48. Hill StreetFrith Lyttle
51. Hill StreetJames E. McCambley50. Hill StreetDavid Ludlow
53. Hill StreetHenry Hamilton54. Hill StreetDavid C. Gracey
55. Hill StreetOliver Dynes56. Hill StreetThomas Dowey
57. Hill StreetJane Boyce58. Hill StreetElizabeth Dowding
59. Hill StreetJames (senr.) Carville60. Hill StreetAlfred Buckley
61. Hill StreetEleanor Cordner62. Hill StreetJames Rusk
63. Hill StreetJane Kane64. Hill StreetHannah Shepherd
65. Hill StreetJames Craig66. Hill StreetHarriett Wilkinson
67. Hill StreetVacant68. Hill StreetJohn Wilkinson
69. Hill StreetWilliam Bryson70. Hill StreetJohn Rusk
71. Hill StreetVacant72. Hill StreetJohn McCollum
73. Hill StreetJoseph Girvan74. Hill StreetErnest G. Calvert
75. Hill StreetSarah Patterson78. Hill StreetFrancis Aston
77. Hill StreetWilliam Follis80. Hill StreetGeorge Gillespie
81. Hill StreetFlorence Hopps82. Hill StreetSamuel Cummins
83. Hill StreetRobert Dowey84. Hill StreetEvelyn Gracey
85. Hill StreetJohn Jones86. Hill StreetAllen S. P. Lightbody
87. Hill StreetThomas McKeogh88. Hill StreetErnest Lightbody
89. Hill StreetGeorge Brown90. Hill StreetIvor Sloan
91. Hill StreetLavinia McKinney92. Hill StreetLetitia Mitchell
93. Hill StreetCulbert Banass94. Hill StreetMargaret Ferguson
95. Hill StreetJohn Menabney96. Hill StreetNorman Glass
97. Hill StreetAnna Hall98a. Hill StreetWilliam Adair
99. Hill StreetDavid Geddis98b. Hill StreetJames Allen
101. Hill StreetMona E. Foye100. Hill StreetThomas Kennedy
103. Hill StreetWilliam J. Mulholland102. Hill StreetJames Burrell
Hill Street Presbyterian Church104. Hill StreetThomas Maguire
105. Hill StreetMargaret Irwin106. Hill StreetJames Anderson
107. Hill StreetSamuel McIlwaine108. Hill StreetJacob O'Hara
109. Hill StreetGeorge Gibson110. Hill StreetAndrew Mitchell
111/113. Hill StreetJohn Hopps - Grocer120. Hill StreetElizabeth McCollum
115. Hill StreetGeorge Weir122. Hill StreetWilliam Brown
117. Hill StreetJames McCool124. Hill StreetMary Adamson
117a. Hill StreetAgnes Taylor126. Hill StreetWilliam J. Lyness
119. Hill StreetAlbert Toal128. Hill StreetMary A. Mitchell
121. Hill StreetElsie Parks130. Hill StreetSamuel Lyness
123. Hill StreetHenry Taylor132. Hill StreetMary A. Mitchell
125. Hill StreetJoseph Hamilton134. Hill StreetJohn Robinson
127. Hill StreetAndrew McCandless136. Hill StreetWilliam Thompson
129. Hill StreetWilliam R. Hancock138. Hill StreetRobert Bentley
131. Hill StreetEllen Lyttle140. Hill StreetSamuel Geddis
133. Hill StreetJohn Orbinson - Draper142. Hill StreetGeorgia Brown
135. Hill StreetSarah (senr.) Robinson144. Hill StreetEmily McCoo
137. Hill StreetFrances Hanna146. Hill StreetGeorge Gibson
139. Hill StreetEmily Moreland148. Hill StreetAbsolam Michell
141. Hill StreetElsie E. Beckett150. Hill StreetSamuel Brown
143. Hill StreetSydney Beckett152. Hill StreetDavid Fisher
145. Hill StreetHenry McCullough154. Hill StreetThomas Gilchrist
147. Hill StreetEvan Hewitt156. Hill StreetMargaret Robinson
149. Hill StreetSamuel Fulton158. Hill StreetRobert H. Vathers
151. Hill StreetMartha Coulter160. Hill StreetHenry Robinson
153. Hill StreetThomas Cush162. Hill StreetHenry Moorhead
155. Hill StreetMary Gillespie - Grocer164. Hill StreetVictor Thompson
157. Hill StreetMary Hanna166. Hill StreetG. Leake
159. Hill StreetMary MeClelland170. Hill StreetAndrew Uprichard
161. Hill StreetEric Hawthorne172. Hill StreetThomas McCann
163. Hill StreetEllen J. Watters174. Hill StreetJohn Tipping
165. Hill StreetArvid Wilson176. Hill StreetElizabeth Livingston
167. Hill StreetRichard Livingston178. Hill StreetGeorge E. Allen
169. Hill StreetAustin Fulton180. Hill StreetEllen Carson
171. Hill StreetMargaret Uprichard182. Hill StreetEmma Bell
173. Hill StreetRobert Bell184. Hill StreetSamuel Calvert
175. Hill StreetRonald Johnston186. Hill StreetJoseph S. Taylor
177. Hill StreetWalter Haire
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Hoop HillMargaret Dunne
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. James StreetAndrew J. C. Hopper4. James StreetSusannah Carson
3. James StreetWilliam Orbinson6. James StreetAlexander Sloan
5. James StreetHampton Chatterton8. James StreetMary A. McCleary
7/9. James StreetAlexander Watson10. James StreetJames Lavery
11/13. James StreetEdith Mitchell12. James StreetMary Thompson
15. James StreetJessica Jones14. James StreetMartha McConville
17. James StreetJacob Smyth16. James StreetErnest McCreanor
19. James StreetErnest McCreanor18. James StreetElizabeth Freeburn
21. James StreetAndrew Johnston20. James StreetJoseph Stewart
23. James StreetJames H. Stevenson22. James StreetSelina Thomas
25. James StreetJames McCormick24. James StreetWilliam J. Guiney
27. James StreetHenry Anderson26. James StreetThomas Lockhart
29. James StreetRobert Quail28. James StreetEllen Cordner
31. James StreetWilliam J. McCartney30. James StreetRoland Buttery
33. James StreetWilliam J. Stevenson32. James StreetJames Hanna
35. James StreetAgnes Fitzsimmons34. James StreetMary C. McCreanor
37. James StreetNorman Kendall
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Johnstons RowHarriett Smyth
3. Johnstons RowJames Bleakley
4. Johnstons RowMartha McCormick
5. Johnstons RowLilian Gregson
6. Johnstons RowDavid Dunwoody
7. Johnstons RowMartha Doran
8. Johnstons RowHanna Thompson
9. Johnstons RowGeorge McCloy
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Kilmaine StreetJames Kelly2. Kilmaine StreetDavid Creaney
3. Kilmaine StreetDaniel J. McConville4. Kilmaine StreetWilliam Glover
5. Kilmaine StreetHannah Smith6. Kilmaine StreetMary Gray
7. Kilmaine StreetMargaret O'Neill8. Kilmaine StreetThomas Burke
9. Kilmaine StreetThomas Moore10. Kilmaine StreetFrank McGeown
11. Kilmaine StreetRachel Thompson12. Kilmaine StreetHugh McMullen
13. Kilmaine StreetMargaret Finnegan14. Kilmaine StreetBridgett McCann
15. Kilmaine StreetSheila Jaap16. Kilmaine StreetWilliam J. O'Neill
17. Kilmaine StreetSarah J. Heaney18. Kilmaine StreetThomas Dumigan
19. Kilmaine StreetJoseph Kelly20. Kilmaine StreetBernard Haughey
21. Kilmaine StreetMary Fox22. Kilmaine StreetJohn McCullough
23. Kilmaine StreetKathleen McSherry24. Kilmaine StreetThomas McGeown
25. Kilmaine StreetSarah Campbell26. Kilmaine StreetJohn McGeown
27. Kilmaine StreetSarah A. Mullen28. Kilmaine StreetFelix Headley
29. Kilmaine StreetMary Magee30. Kilmaine StreetAnn McLernon
31. Kilmaine StreetPatrick Cooper32. Kilmaine StreetMary E. Keenan
33. Kilmaine StreetAlice McGeown34. Kilmaine StreetJames McCullough
35. Kilmaine StreetPatrick Lyness36. Kilmaine StreetWilliam Seeley
38. Kilmaine StreetJohn (senr.) McGeown
40. Kilmaine StreetEdward Crossey
42. Kilmaine StreetGeorge Berry
44. Kilmaine StreetGerald Mallon
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
Frederick Allen
BellevueChristine W. Bell
Christopher Bell
George Bell
John Bingham
Robert Bleeks
Frederick Bunting
William Burrell
Margaret Hamilton
The DemesneJohn Johnston
John Johnston
Joseph Johnston
The DemesneDavid Johnston
Thomas C. Johnston
Thomas Lutton
The GatewayWilliam McCann
Mary Ward
Saul Wilson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Kilwilke GardensWilliam Gethins2. Kilwilke GardensJames Gilkinson
3. Kilwilke GardensGeorge Kearns4. Kilwilke GardensEdward Turkington
5. Kilwilke GardensJohn Houston6. Kilwilke GardensWilliam Dickson
7. Kilwilke GardensSamuel White8. Kilwilke GardensRobert Smith
9. Kilwilke GardensRose Falconer10. Kilwilke GardensMary Reid
11. Kilwilke GardensThomas McAlinden12. Kilwilke GardensGordon Hanna
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Kilwilke RoadSamuel Mullen2. Kilwilke RoadJames White
3. Kilwilke RoadPhilip Bacon4. Kilwilke RoadJames McCaughey
5. Kilwilke RoadJames Patterson6. Kilwilke RoadRobert McGivern
7. Kilwilke RoadJames Smith8. Kilwilke RoadMoses Shanks
9. Kilwilke RoadJames Murray10. Kilwilke RoadSamuel Hogg
11. Kilwilke RoadRobert Haddock12. Kilwilke RoadJames Allen
13. Kilwilke RoadThomas Shanks14. Kilwilke RoadRoy Loughran
15. Kilwilke RoadBrian Quinn16. Kilwilke RoadAlbert E. Heaney
17. Kilwilke RoadMichael Doyle18. Kilwilke RoadAlfred Hill
19. Kilwilke RoadAdeline Castles20. Kilwilke RoadGerald McGibbon
21. Kilwilke RoadJohn Boyd22. Kilwilke RoadPatrick Toman
23. Kilwilke RoadAlbert Somerville24. Kilwilke RoadCharles Duffy
25. Kilwilke RoadThomas Maguire26. Kilwilke RoadPatrick McDermott
27. Kilwilke RoadJames McConville28. Kilwilke RoadJohn Haughey
29. Kilwilke RoadHenry Creaney30. Kilwilke RoadErnest Kelly
31. Kilwilke RoadPatrick McConville32. Kilwilke RoadHarwood Brown
33. Kilwilke RoadEdward Rooney34. Kilwilke RoadBrian McCann
35. Kilwilke RoadRichard Quail36. Kilwilke RoadAnthony McConville
37. Kilwilke RoadWilliam Orr38. Kilwilke RoadJames Clarke
39. Kilwilke RoadRodney Serplus40. Kilwilke RoadM. Shanks
41. Kilwilke RoadAlbert Kirk42. Kilwilke RoadWilliam J. Black
43. Kilwilke RoadWilliam E. Greer44. Kilwilke RoadWilliam Follis
45. Kilwilke RoadJames Creaney46. Kilwilke RoadPatrick Kavanagh
47. Kilwilke RoadCharles Carberry48. Kilwilke RoadRobert J. Gibson
49. Kilwilke RoadThomas Hughes
51. Kilwilke RoadAlbert Smith
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Kings ParkWilliam Wood
2. Kings ParkJames Semple
3. Kings ParkMark Doyle
4. Kings ParkLeslie Graham
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Lake StreetFrancis McCann2. Lake StreetCharles Lavery
3. Lake StreetJohn Thompson4. Lake StreetWilliam A. Soye
5. Lake StreetRobert Creaney18. Lake StreetJohn Jeffery
7. Lake StreetSarah McGeown18a. Lake StreetRobert Carville
9. Lake StreetMary Brannigan18b. Lake StreetJames Heaney
11. Lake StreetWilliam O'Neill20. Lake StreetAnnie Lavery
13. Lake StreetJames King20a. Lake StreetJoseph O'Neill
15. Lake StreetJoseph Maginn20b. Lake StreetHugh Finnigan
St. Colemans Hall22. Lake StreetPatrick McKavanagh
57. Lake StreetElizabeth McDowell22a. Lake StreetThomas D. Shanks
59. Lake StreetArthur McAlinden22b. Lake StreetHugh Finnegan
61. Lake StreetSamuel Douglas22c. Lake StreetJames Smyth
63. Lake StreetEleanor Derby24. Lake StreetJames Haddock
65. Lake StreetJoseph Brady24a. Lake StreetJames Rodgers
67. Lake StreetGeorge Osbourne24b. Lake StreetGerald McGready
69. Lake StreetJames McKenna24c. Lake StreetHugh Lavery
73. Lake StreetAllen (senr.) Maxwell26. Lake StreetRobert Haddock
75. Lake StreetBernard Tipping26a. Lake StreetBrian Quinn
83. Lake StreetCharles Lavery26b. Lake StreetJohn Haddock
85. Lake StreetJames Smyth26c. Lake StreetThomas J. Atkinson
87. Lake StreetJohn Leathem28. Lake StreetJoseph Menary
89. Lake StreetGeorge Hooker28a. Lake StreetDaniel Scullion
91. Lake StreetThomas Henderson28b. Lake StreetJames Brady
93. Lake StreetPatrick Carville28c. Lake StreetEdward Scullon
95. Lake StreetPatrick McShane30. Lake StreetJane Blanton
97. Lake StreetJohn Power30a. Lake StreetJames Murray
99. Lake StreetThomas Mitchell30b. Lake StreetDesmond Heaney
101. Lake StreetPatrick McGibbon30c. Lake StreetMichael Doyle
103. Lake StreetEileen Henderson34. Lake StreetLeonard Faulkiner
105. Lake StreetFrancis Brady36. Lake StreetJohn Haughian
107. Lake StreetPatrick O'Neill38. Lake StreetMary McMullen
111. Lake StreetJohn Filbin - Filbin Bros. Bakery40. Lake StreetElizabeth Creaney
Gate Lodge - Lake StreetJoseph Martin42. Lake StreetRobert McGivern
James Murray44. Lake StreetJoseph P. Creaney
46. Lake StreetCharles McConville
48. Lake StreetHugh McGreevy
50. Lake StreetJohn Bell
52. Lake StreetAloysius Gaynor
54. Lake StreetNorah Maginn
56. Lake StreetMoses Shanks
58. Lake StreetAlbert Somerville
60. Lake StreetMaurice O'Reilly
62. Lake StreetMatthew Shanks
64. Lake StreetEdward Doran
66. Lake StreetJoseph McKavanagh
68. Lake StreetDesmond McCann
70. Lake StreetPeter McCrory
72. Lake StreetKathleen Withers
74. Lake StreetThomas Molloy
76. Lake StreetPatrick Headley
78. Lake StreetJohn Haughey
80. Lake StreetJoseph Smyth
82. Lake StreetWilliam E. Hanna
84. Lake StreetDaniel France
86. Lake StreetCornelius McStravick
88. Lake StreetJohn McAtamney
90. Lake StreetJohn Green
92. Lake StreetMary Agnew
94. Lake StreetMary A. Creaney
96. Lake StreetHugh O'Hare
98. Lake StreetElizabeth Lavery
100. Lake StreetJoseph McCabe
102. Lake StreetPatrick Smyth
104. Lake StreetMichael Brady
106. Lake StreetJohn McConville
108. Lake StreetJohn Doloughan
110. Lake StreetJohn Donnelly
112. Lake StreetJohn R. Robinson
114. Lake StreetRobert McEvoy
116. Lake StreetAnnie McAreavey
118. Lake StreetDermott Drainey
120. Lake StreetSelina Magee
122. Lake StreetThomas Weir
124. Lake StreetJoseph McCorry
126. Lake StreetJoseph Higgins
128. Lake StreetDavid Lewsby
130. Lake StreetDonald Lavery
132. Lake StreetJohn Hall
134. Lake StreetWilliam J. Hall
136. Lake StreetJohn McAlinden
138. Lake StreetJames Brown
140. Lake StreetEdward Smyth
142. Lake StreetEdward Burns
144. Lake StreetJoseph Lavery
146. Lake StreetKathleen Lennon
148. Lake StreetJames B. McNeice
150. Lake StreetWilliam Creaney
152. Lake StreetEdward Mitchell
154. Lake StreetHugh Lennon
156. Lake StreetMary McCorry
158. Lake StreetWilliam McAlinden
160. Lake StreetJohn McGinn
162. Lake StreetHugh McShane
164. Lake StreetJoseph McCafferty
166. Lake StreetMary Byrne
168. Lake StreetHenry Lavery
170. Lake StreetHugh McAvoy
172. Lake StreetJoseph Brady
174. Lake StreetRosina Hanna
176. Lake StreetJohn McCorry
178. Lake StreetEdith Farrell
180. Lake StreetAmbrose Lavery
182. Lake StreetCharles Lynch
184. Lake StreetJohn Plunkett
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Larkfield SquareRose Burns
2. Larkfield SquareSamuel Lavery
3. Larkfield SquareRobert McComb
4. Larkfield SquareSarah Elizabeth Boyd
5. Larkfield SquareJoseph Hanna
6. Larkfield SquareRobert McFarland
7. Larkfield SquareWilliam R. Hawthorne
8. Larkfield SquareAbraham Martin
9. Larkfield SquareElizabeth Patterson
10. Larkfield SquareSamuel Agnew
11. Larkfield SquareThomas Walker
12. Larkfield SquareJohn Uprichard
13. Larkfield SquareJames Nesbitt
14. Larkfield SquareIvan Sloan
15. Larkfield SquareSarah Whittley
16. Larkfield SquareJohn A. McCappin
17. Larkfield SquareFrancis Mathers
18. Larkfield SquareHenry Sloan
19. Larkfield SquareNoble Sturgeon
20. Larkfield SquareIsabella Kane
21. Larkfield SquareEvelyn Somers
22. Larkfield SquareEdward Gregson
23. Larkfield SquareErnest White
24. Larkfield SquareJoseph Cherry
25. Larkfield SquareIsabella Gibson
26. Larkfield Squarelsobel Knox
27. Larkfield SquareSydney McClean
28. Larkfield SquareGeorge H. Addis
29. Larkfield SquareSamuel Lutton
30. Larkfield SquareWilliam Hanna
31. Larkfield SquareAlexander McNally
32. Larkfield SquareBrian F. Aubury
33. Larkfield SquareNorman Dell
34. Larkfield SquareNicholas Magee
35. Larkfield SquareJames Wilson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Lawrence SquareKathleen O'Neill
2. Lawrence SquareRobert King
3. Lawrence SquareJoseph Andrews
4. Lawrence SquarePatrick Toland
5. Lawrence SquareHenry Dickson
6. Lawrence SquareJames Wylie
7. Lawrence SquareEllen McComb
8. Lawrence SquareWilliam H. McCann
9. Lawrence SquareDavid Watson
10. Lawrence SquareGeorge Maginn
11. Lawrence SquareThomas Freeburn
12. Lawrence SquareWilliam J. McAlinden
13. Lawrence SquareJohn McManus
14. Lawrence SquareWilliam J. Withers
15. Lawrence SquareJames Loughran
16. Lawrence SquareEric Ferguson
House No.Head of Household / Retail OutletHouse No.Head of Household / Retail Outlet
1. Lough RoadWilliam Cumins - Sub-Post Office2. Lough RoadSarah McCullough
3. Lough RoadS. McMurray4. Lough RoadMary E. Baird
5. Lough RoadWilliam Cumins - Newsagent6. Lough RoadDavid Bell
7. Lough RoadHenry Cummins8. Lough RoadMaisie Burns
9. Lough RoadRobert Sterritt10. Lough RoadAnne Corkin
11. Lough RoadWilliam McNickle12. Lough RoadAnnie Bell
13. Lough RoadJane G. Gaskin14. Lough RoadThomas Buckley
15. Lough RoadMarion O'Neill16. Lough RoadJames Healey
17. Lough RoadMargaret Baird18. Lough RoadFlorence Terry
19. Lough RoadJames Truesdale20. Lough RoadSarah Greer
21. Lough RoadAndrew Gilchrist22. Lough RoadJames Johnston
25. Lough RoadAlexander McCarroll24. Lough RoadJohn Crawford
27. Lough RoadCeara House - Spastics Home26. Lough RoadRobert Dowey
Headington House28. Lough RoadSarah H. Dowey
Christina A.. Neill30. Lough RoadVictor J. Johnston
Armour & Co. Ltd.32. Lough RoadMary Watson
The ChaletHugh W. D. Anderson34. Lough RoadThomas G. Sinith
WoodvilleMary Fforde36. Lough RoadMary A. McComb
ArdtoleThomas J. Gilchrist38. Lough RoadJames (senr.) Maxwell
Woodville LodgeEdward McCaffrey40. Lough RoadWilliam C. McCusker
Derry LodgeHugh McCaffery42. Lough RoadEllen Dowey
The CrestJames McKinney, Sophia McNally, Martin Brosnan, Jane Cooper44. Lough RoadJames R. Maguire
46. Lough RoadSamuel Thornbury
48. Lough RoadCharles Lavery
50. Lough RoadJames Lennon
52. Lough RoadWilliam E. Johnston
54. Lough RoadSarnuel Revels
56. Lough RoadWilliam T. (senr.) Kirpatrick
58. Lough RoadFrederick McCusker
60. Lough RoadRobert Collins
62. Lough RoadRobert Whiteside
64. Lough RoadEileen Turkington
66. Lough RoadJane Fisher
68. Lough RoadWilliam McNally
70. Lough RoadJames Cassells
72. Lough RoadJohn H. Hamilton
74. Lough RoadJohn Wilson
76. Lough RoadGeorge (senr.) Turkington
78. Lough RoadAdam Carson
80. Lough RoadAnna Whiteside
82. Lough RoadSusan Black
84. Lough RoadVictor C. Pearson
86. Lough RoadSamuel J. Boyd
88. Lough RoadJohn Rainey
90. Lough RoadElizabeth E. Hamilton
92. Lough RoadAnnie Green
94. Lough RoadThomas Burrell
96. Lough RoadSamuel Warren
98. Lough RoadGeorge Houston
100. Lough RoadJames Ward
102. Lough RoadJames Creery
104. Lough RoadGeorge F. Boyd
106. Lough RoadJohn E. Wilson
108. Lough RoadSamuel Boston
110. Lough RoadSarah Osborne
112. Lough RoadDinah Chambers
114. Lough RoadCharles McAlinden
116. Lough RoadAlfred E. Richardson
118. Lough RoadWilliam F. Gough
120. Lough RoadDavid J. Kyle
122. Lough RoadRobert Cousins
124. Lough RoadGilbert C. Tyrrell
126. Lough RoadIrene M. Hynes
128. Lough RoadDavid Johnston
130. Lough RoadThomas Irwin
132. Lough RoadWilliam Moody
134. Lough RoadWilliam T. Bryars
136. Lough RoadWilliam J. Bratty
138. Lough RoadThomas J. Malcomson
140. Lough RoadMary Johnston
142. Lough RoadGeorge McDonald
GlenmoreJames J. Morton
AnndaleArthur Johnston
WoodsideAlbert E. Houston
FallowfieldJames E. Johnston
HarwoodAlexander Minnis
Linwinny HouseEleanor Sproule
WaysideFrank Squire

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