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The Irish Motor Directory 1911-12

The Irish Motor Directory


Motor Annual


Edited By Henry G. Tempest.



Authority Index Mark
County Council of Antrim IA
County Council of Armagh IB
County Council of Carlow IC
County Council of Cavan ID
County Council of Clare IE
County Council of Cork IF
County Council of Donegal IH
County Council of Down IJ
County Council of Dublin IK
County Council of Fermanagh IL
County Council of Galway IM
County Council of Kerry IN
County Council of Kildare IO
County Council of Kilkenny IP
County Council of King’s County IR
County Council of Leitrim IT
County Council of Limerick IU
County Council of Londonderry IW
County Council of Longford IX
County Council of Louth IY
County Council of Mayo IZ
County Council of Meath AI
County Council of Monaghan BI
County Council of Queen’s County CI
County Council of Roscommon DI
County Council of Sligo EI
County Council of Tipperary, N. Riding FI
County Council of Tipperary, S. Riding HI
County Council of Tyrone JI
County Council of Waterford KI
County Council of Westmeath LI
County Council of Wexford MI
County Council of Wicklow NI
County Borough of Belfast OI
County Borough of Cork PI
County Borough of Dublin RI
County Borough of Limerick TI
County Borough of Londonderry UI
County Borough of Waterford WI



The names in the Directory are arranged in Counties and County Boroughs, in alphabetical order. The six County Boroughs are at the end of the list. At the head of each County will be found the total number of cars and cycles therein registered. The letters opposite each name denote the description of motor.
The following are the letters used and their meaning : –
C = Car. CH = Charabane. B = Bicycle. T = Tricycle.
TR = Tricar. Q = Quadricycle. L = Lorry. SL = Steam Lorry.
SC = Steam Car. DC = Dog Cart. MP = Motor Plough.




   Mark  County Council Secretary’s Name Office * Cars Cycles
IA Antrim A. H. Coates, Esq. Belfast 146 156
IB Armagh J. Atkinson, Esq. Armagh 94 102
T. E. Reid, Esq., Assist. Sec.
IC Carlow R. J. Keogh, Esq. Carlow 51 66
ID Cavan W. Finlay Cavan 45 124
IE Clare F. N. Studdert, Esq. Ennis 73 54
IF Cork Eugene Callanan, Esq. Cork 239 146
IH Donegal B. McFadden, Esq. Lifford 62 53
IJ Down R. McIlwaine, Esq. Downpatrick 204 128
IK Dublin County R. T. Blackburn, Esq. (J.P.) 11 Rutland Square 763 481
IL Fermanagh E. M. Archdale, Esq. (J.P.) Enniskillen 41 83
IM Galway W. G. Seymour, Esq. Galway 88 77
IN Kerry P. M. Quinlan, Esq. Tralee 80 90
E. Harty, Esq., Assist. Sec.
IO Kildare Thomas Langan, Esq. Naas 316 173
IP Kilkenny George J. Morris, Esq. Kilkenny 57 35
IR King’s County C. P. Kingston, Esq. Tullamore 55 49
IT Leitrim Charles Dolan, Esq. Carrick-on-Shannon 26 36
IU Limerick R. Roche, Esq. 82 George-st., Limerick 79 39
IW Londonderry County T. B. Adams, Esq. Town-Hall, Coleraine, 64 87
and Court-House, Londonderry
IX Longford T. N. Edgworth, Esq. Longford 22 68
E. D. McCann, Assist. Sec.
IY Louth T. F. Filgate, Esq. Dundalk 85 99
J. F. Finigan, Esq., Assist. Sec.
IZ Mayo Joseph J. Kelly, Esq. Castlebar 55 60
AI Meath H. J. Cullen, Esq. (J.P.) Navan 160 105
BI Monaghan D. C. Rushe, Esq. (B.A.) Monaghan 43 54
CI Queen’s County J. Carey, Esq. Maryborough 52 36
DI Roscommon M. J. Heverin, Esq. (B.A.) Roscommon 55 127
EI Sligo Eugene P. McHugh, Esq. Sligo 72 118
M. Keane, Esq., Assist. Sec.
FI Tipperary N.R. R. E. Bayly, Esq. Nenagh 55 40
HI Tipperary S.R. M. O’Donnell, Esq. (J.P.) Clonmel 96 41
JI Tyrone C. C. Hamilton, Esq. Omagh 88 120
KI Waterford County R. G. Paul, Esq. Dungarvan 29 42
LI Westmeath J. T. Roche, Esq. Mullingar 68 43
MI Wexford N. J. Frizelle, Esq. Wexford 88 61
NI Wicklow E. N. Wynne, Esq. (J.P.) Wicklow 87 88
OI Belfast Borough R. Meyer, Esq. Town-Hall, Belfast 567 416
PI Cork Borough F. W. McCarthy, Esq. Town-Hall, Cork 77 69
RI Dublin Borough Patrick Tobin, Esq. City Hall, Dublin 678 404
TI Limerick Borough Wm. M. Nolan, Esq. (J.P.) Town-Hall, Limerick 61 52
UI Londonderry Borough Sir F. H. Miller, Bart. Guildhall, Derry 55 49
W. L. Phillips, Assist. Town Clerk
WI Waterford Borough James J. Feely, Esq. Town-Hall, Waterford 82 40
* County Court House is understood unless otherwise stated. 5058 4111
TOTAL 9169

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