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Subscribers to Odes and Elegies 1797


Descriptive & Sentimental:

The Patriot,


By John Corry

Delightful Love ! my Soul inspire,
Teach me to tune Ierne’s Lyre        
                                           To social Amity.                                                     Ode to Love.


Printed by R. Moffet,





I Respectfully dedicate my Poems to a great Nation; a Nation in which the Arts and Sciences have diffused Civilization and Knowledge, and the Bigotry of our Ancestors is giving place to that best precept of Christianity — “Love one another.”
That Peace and Happiness may succeed the present turbulent state of Europe, is the wish of every citizen of the world — and that reviving Commerce may raise Ireland to the height of Prosperity, is the earnest wish of
Your affectionate Countryman,



“I was born in a village near the sea shore, on the eastern coast of an island, the inhabitants of which have for ages been misrepresented, by the ignorance and prejudice of neighbouring nations.” – John Corry, 1808.

John Corry (1770 – 1825) was born near Ravensdale, County Louth, Ireland. He was a self-educated writer; author of many works, including a History of Macclesfield (1817), History of Bristol (1816), Satirical View of London (1801), The Detector of Quakery (1802) and also biographies and stories.

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His Ireland, an Ode published on August 22, 1796, was a panoramic, romanticized view of early Ireland disrupted by internal disunity, “petty chieftains,” and “Proud Tyranny” who had trampled “the Rights of Man,” thus reinforcing the United Irish call for unity among all classes and creeds.

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Odes And Elegies, Descriptive & Sentimental: With The Patriot; A Poem. – John Corry’s first volume of poems, published in 1797, Newry, attracted subscriptions from a number of United Irishmen including Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Dr. William Drennan, Rev. William S. Dickson, Henry Joy McCracken, Thomas Porter and Bartholomew Teeling. It is thought that John Corry was connected with the United Irishmen. The Subscribers’ to ‘Odes and Elegies’ are listed below.


Odes and Elegies – Subscribers’ Names.

Alexander Allen (M.D.), Newtonhamilton
John Allen, near Newtonhamilton
Robert Anderson, Belfast
Rev. John Arnold, Banbridge
William Armstrong, Bloomfield (7 copies)
Robert Armstrong, Newtonhamilton (12 copies)
Richard Atkinson, Newry
William Auchinleck (jun.), Belfast
John Baird, Newry
William Bailie, Newry
Graham Barret, Newry
Charles Barnett, Belfast
John Barklie, Milltown
John Bell, Newry
Robert Bell, Lurgan
Henry Bell, Newry
Thomas Bell, Lurgan
Robert Bell, Newry
Michael Bell, Armagh
Arthur Beatty, Coothill
William Black, Newry (2 copies)
William Blacker, Newry
Thomas Black, Rosstrevor (4 copies)
John Blear, Rathfriland
John Blosset, Newry
James Blow, Belfast
Thomas Bogue, —–
*Oliver Bond, Dublin
John Boyd, Keady
Robert Boyle, Newry
Hugh Boyle, Dunmurry
Samuel Boyd, Newry
Henry Boyle, Belfast
Thomas Bowen, Dublin
James Bowden, Newry
William Bourkes, Kildare
Thomas Brown, Newry (12 Copies)
Henry Brown, Belfast
Andrew Bryson, Newtonards
Nicholas Brady, Belfast
John Braughall, Kildare
David Brown, Newry
David Brown, Newry
—–, Brook, Ballyronan (6 Copies)
Patrick Brenan, Glasslough
Daniel Burdon, Belfast
W. J. Burke, Dublin
John Bunting, Newry
John Byrne, Kildare
Michael Byrne, Newry (50 Copies)
Henry Byrne, Carrickmacross
Patrick Byrne, Dundalk
Thomas Cadley, Newry
Joseph Campbell, Newry (4 Copies)
John Campbell, Newry
Robert Campbell, Derrynoose
James Campbell, Newry
Michael Campbell, Newry
Edward Cardiff, Kildare
Joseph Chapman, Newry
Nehemiah Carson, Newry
Robert Carmichael, Newry
Thomas Carr, Newry
Patrick Carolan (jun.), Carrickmacross
James Carragher (jun.), Dundalk
E. Edward Carolan, Carrickmacross
Mrs. Carragher, Dundalk
Mark Cassidy, Carrickmacross
John Conelly, Newry (2 Copies)
Thomas Coleman, Dundalk
John Corbett (jun.), Newry
Rev. John Cochran, Ballywalter
Joseph Corry, Newtonhamilton (6 Copies)
James Cowan, Dungannon
John Cowan, Augher
James Corry, Moorevale
Neale Coleman (jun.), Dundalk
John Corson, Belfast
Hugh Close, Newry
Andrew Cosgrave, Newry
John Cosgrave, Newry
Edward Clarke, Newry
Rev. Mr. Corcoran, Kildare
Samuel Coulter, Carnbeg
Joseph Coulter, Dowdleshill
Miss Frances Coulter, Dowdleshill
Samuel Corky, Ballylane
Hugh Corran, Warrenpoint
James Corly, Glasslough
Alexander Clarke, Fews
Samuel Craig, —–
—– Creamer, Newry
Thomas Cruse, Belfast
Rev. Alexander Craig, Lisburn
William Crookshank, Monaghan
Stanues Crawley, Carrickmacross
Daniel Craig, Donacloney
—– Crawley, Cooleville
John Crookshank, Mountpleaseant, near Middletown
James Cuming, Bookseller, Newry
Miss Cuming, Newry
Miss Agnes Cuming, Millmount
Samuel Cuming, Newry
Samuel Cuming, Keady
George Cuming, Keady
George Cuming, Apothecary, Kildare
Joseph Cuningham, Ballibay
Stanues Daniel, Carrickmacross
—– D’arcy, Newry
Rev. James Davidson, —–
Arthur Davidson, Newry
Quintin Dick, Magherafelt
James Dickie, Clonaleenan
Miss Dickson, Portaferry
*Rev. William S. Dickson, Portaferry
John Dickson, Newry
Thomas Dickson, Newtownhamilton
Valentine Derry, Dundalk
Henry Dogherty, Lisburn
Wiliam Donaldson, Fews
Daniel Donelly, Belfast
*William Drennan (M.D.), Dublin
Patrick Dromgoole, Newry (7 Copies)
Joseph Dromgoole, Newry
Roger Dromgoole, —–
Peter Dubosc, Newry
Terence Duffy, Newry
James Dunn, Belfast
Rev. Edward Duffy, Dunamine
Bernard Duffy, Dundalk
John Duigenan, Dublin
Myles Duigenan, Dublin
Hamilton Eager, Rathfriland
Samuel Eager, Ballykeel
Ebenezer Edgar, Ballynahinch
Adam Eken, Rooskey
John Emerson, Belfast
Mrs. Evans, Rathcarbury
John Evans, Derrynoose
Arthur Fearon, Newry
Terence Fegan, Newry
William Ferguson, Newry
John Ferguson, Belfast
Alexander Ferguson, Engraver, Dublin
*Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Dublin
Denis Fitzpatrick, Dundalk
James Fitzpatrick, Seaford
John Forbes, Tuley
Henry Fowler, Newry
Terence Fox, Dungannon
Hugh Frazer, Loughbrickland (6 Copies)
John Fry, Newry
Henry Garret, Belfast
Nicholas Gaussen, Jonesborough
James Garttan, Carrickmacross
Robert Gibson, Belfast
James Gilmore, Rathfriland
James Gillespie, Newry
William Gillespie, Monaghan
Isaac William Glenny, Newry
William Goorly, Banbridge
Mrs. S. Gordon, Sheepbridge
Alexander Gordon, Belfast
Thomas Gorman, Newry
Hugh Graham, Belfast
John Greer, Newry (4 Copies)
J. Greer, Newry
William Guy, Newry
Mrs. S. Hanna, Newry
William Hanna (jun.), Newry
James Hanna, Dublin
James Hanna, Banbridge
John Hannah, Lurgan
Rev. Patrick Hanratty, Fews
Edward Haley, Dundalk
Robert Hamilton, Newry (4 Copies)
James Hamilton, Greenfield
Mrs. Hamilton, Greenfield
Robert Hamilton, Belfast
Henry Hammond, Belfast
Andrew Hamilton, Banbridge
Thomas Harris, Newry
William Harris, Belfast
Rev. William Harris, Aughnamullin
—– Haughton, Dublin
Mrs. Haslett, Belfast
John Haslett, Belfast
Robert Henning, Newry
David Henning, —–
David Henning, —–
David Henning, Ardbrin
Robert Henderson, Readough
Rev. James Henderson, Hillsboro’
Henry Herron, Newry (6 Copies)
James Hoey, Carrickmacross
Rev. John Hopper, Tobermore
J. Holland, Bookseller, Drogheda
Mrs. Holmes, Newholland
Thomas Hogg (A.M.), Coagh
Alexander Hollywood, Dunmurry
John Horner, Ballibay
Mathew Hosack, Banbridge
Michael Houston, Lisburn
Robert Hudson, Dublin
William Huggins, Coalisland
Henry Hughes, Keady
William Hunter, Dunmurry
David Hunter, Dunmurry
John Hughes, Belfast
*John Hughes, (24 Copies)
Robert Hunter, Belfast
Joseph Hunter, Lisburn
James Hyndman, Belfast
Hans Irwin, Cork
Archibald Irwin, Dublin
William Irwin, Maytone
John Irwin, Aughnacloy
Robert Irwin, Middletown
John Jackson, Armagh (14 Copies)
James Jackson, Banbridge
Rev. Joseph Jackson, Newtonhamilton
John Jackson, Crieve
William Johnson, Rathfriland
Mrs. Johnston, Dunmurry
Alexander Johnston, Middletown (6 Copies)
Joseph Jones, London
Thomas Kennedy, Cookstown
Michael Kennedy, Newry
John Kennedy, Coalisland
Alexander Kennedy, Belfast
William Kenny, Belfast
Patrick Kelly, Kildare
James Kelly, Blackrock
James Kelly, Hanstown
James Kelly, Carrickmacross
John Kent, Keady
Thomas Kean, Belfast
Bernard Keraney, Newry
Patrick Kearney, Carlingford
John Kincaid, Dunmurry
James Kinnier, Fairview (6 Copies)
Miss Lang, Rockhill
James Lang, Carnmeen
Henry Langtree, Newry
Oswald Lawson, Newry
David Lawson, Bookseller, Newry (12 Copies)
John Leadly, Bookseller, Newry (4 Copies)
Patrick Lenaghan, Bookseller, Newry
Rev. Andrew Levins, Killcurry
Richard Lindsey, Belfast
Alexander Lowry, Linenhill
Samuel Luke, Belfast
Daniel Lynch, Newry (21 Copies)
Roger Magennis, Ballyely
Robert Magill, Hilltown
Edward Magee, Newry
Roger Maguire, Newry
James Maguire, Newry
James Magilligan, Newry
Bernard Magennis, Newry
Hugh Magill, Belfast
Rev. Edward Maguire, Castleblaney
Michael Mallon, Newry
Richard Marmion, —–
John Marmion, Louth
Anthony Marmion, Dundalk
Andrew Mathews, Dundalk
Patrick Martin, Dundalk
William Martin, Newry
John Marshall, Newry
Joseph Mathers, Newholland
Richard May, Belfast
Thomas May, Newry
E. C. Mayne, Newry
Stephen Maraud, Newry
David Mathews, Cookstown
Stephen Megarry, Kildare
James Motherwell, Ballymote (32 Copies)
Patrick Monaghan, Newry
George Montgomery, Belfast
Robert Montgomery, Belfast
John Montgomery, Belfast
James Mollan, Glasslough
Rev. Boyle Moody, Newry
James Moore, Newry
William Moore, Newry
John Morrison, Armagh
Rev. Charles Murry, —–
Mrs. H. Munro, Dunmurry
Mrs. Murray, Dublin
Robert Murdock, Glasslough
Rev. Nicholas Murphy, Fews
Samuel Musgrave, Lisburn
Thomas Murtagh, Newry
William Mulligan, Banbridge
James McAdam, Belfast
John McAlister, Dundalk
Sam McClure, Dublin (6 Copies)
Alexander McClure, Newry
Francis McCann, Dundalk
Patrick McCann, Newry
James McCann, Dundalk
John McCance (jun.), Dunmurry
Charles McClean, Newry
Hugh McClelland, Ravensdale
Mrs. McClelland, Belfast
William McClean, Belfast
James Alexander McCrea, Belfast
James McConwell, Newry
John McCummosky, Banbridge
Joseph McCullough, Dunmurry
William McCulley (sen.), Newtownards
William McCulley (jun.), Newtownards
P. W. L. McCabe, Belfast
John McCall, Belleek (3 Copies)
Joseph McCaul, Lisburn
Alexander McComb, Fews
John McClelland, Derrylough
Robert McClelland, Banbridge
James McCreery, Newry
*Henry Joy McCracken, Belfast
Nicholas McDonnell, Newry
Randle McDonnell, Newry
Edward McKee, Newry
William McKee, Newry
Terence McKenna, Newry (2 Copies)
Alexander McKinstry, Armagh
Bernard McKitrick, Newry
James McKean, Belfast
George McKee, Dromore
John McKeown, Waringstown
Lauchlan McIntosh, Bookbinder, Newry (4 Copies)
Rev. McMahon, Holywood
William McMahon, Rathfriland
Samuel McMain, Belfast
Hugh McMahon, Carrickmacross
Edward McMahon, Carrickmacross
John McMahon, Carrickmacross
David McMaster, Stewartstown
Robert McMeaken, Newry
Rev. James McMeaken, Newry
Joseph McMeikan, Belfast (6 Copies)
Joseph McMinn, Newry
Robert McMinn, —–
Owen McMullen, Newry
Samuel McNaughten, Belfast
Samuel McQuoid, Downpatrick
Hugh McSherry, Newry
H. McReynolds, Belfast
James McWatty, Castleblaney
Henry McWilliam, Darkley
Mrs. S. Neilson, Belfast
Mrs. Neilson, Belfast
Rev. William Neilson, Dundalk
John Noble, Newry
Rev. Knowlan, Kildare
John Nugent, Carlingford
Paul O’Brien, Cooleville
James O’Callaghan, Dublin
Arthur O’Connor, Dublin
Connel O’Donnel, Newry
Rev. Patrick O’Farrel, Kildare
Thomas O’Flagherty, Banbridge
Patrick O’Hare, Newry
Patrick O’Hanlon, Newry
Rev. R. O’Hanlon, Armagh
John O’Neil, Banvale
John O’Neil, Newry
John O’Neil, Banbridge
Samuel O’Neil, Banbridge
Hugh O’Neil, Monaghan
Felix O’Neil, Second Academy, Belfast
Felix O’Neil, Newry
Hugh O’Neil, Newry
Bernard O’Reilly, Newry
John Page, Dundalk (6 Copies)
—– Palmer, Newry
John Park, Belfast
Rev. Alexander Patterson, Drumbanagher
Robert Patterson, Banbridge
Mathew Patterson, Cookstown
Richard Paxton, Newry
Thomas Peden (jun.), Newry
Alexander Peacock, Banbridge
—– Peebles, Dublin
Edward Pentland, Drogheda
William Pennony, Gormanstown
Joseph Peele, Dublin
*Rev. James Porter, Belfast
Thomas Potts, Belfast
Thomas E. Powell, Annsfort
James Prenter, Dromore
Purdy’sburn Reading Society, (4 Copies)
Rev. Patrick Quin, Fews
John Quin, Newry
Arthur Quin, Keady
Rev. Quigley, Dundalk
Joseph Radcliff, Belfast
John Radcliff, Dunmurry
John Rawdon, Newry
James Reilly, Newry
James Reid, Plumber, Belfast
William Reynolds, Belfast
Jacob Foster Reynolds, Surry
James Richards, Dundalk (6 Copies)
John Rice, Drogheda
Thomas Richardson, Belfast
Alexander Richardson, Moy (6 Copies)
Rev. P. P. Rice, Downpatrick
Edward Richardson, Newry
Walter Roberts, Dunmurry
Mrs. Mary Rogers, Tullyallen
John Rowan, Newtownhamilton (10 Copies)
Mrs. Rowan, Newtownhamilton
John Rowland, Duffryn
Thomas Rowland, Fews
Thomas Russel, Belfast
William Russel, Dundalk
Laurence Sankey, Morne
Thomas Seaton, Spawmount (6 Copies)
Edward Semple, Newry
John Scott, Lisburn
John B. Shannon, Lisburn
Rev. Nathaniel Shaw, Banbridge
Miss Shekleton, Drogheda
John Shekleton (jun.), Drogheda
James Simpson, Banbridge
John Simpson (M.D.), Armagh
Hugh Skeffington, Armagh
Francis Small, Newry
Hugh Smith, Stewartstown
Samuel Smith, Belfast
Mathew Smith, Belfast (25 Copies)
Mrs. Smyth, Newry
Andrew Smylie, Belfast
David Spence, Newry
James Spence, Newry
Robert Speer, Surgeon, Glasslough
H. M. Speer, Belfast
William Sproull, Dungannon
John Star, Armagh
T. J. Stafford, Newry
William Stitt, Fews
A. T. Stewart, Acton
John Stewart, Lisdrumwhir
George Stewart, Newry
Saunders Stewart, Keady
Robert Stewart, Belfast
Robert Steel, Belfast
John Stoup, Dunmurry
Thomas Stitt, Belfast
Alexander Stitt, Newtownhamilton
*Thomas Storey, Belfast (20 Copies)
*Thomas Stott, Dromore (6 Copies)
Rev. G. B. Stuart, Fews
Walter Stuart, Tullybrick
George Stuart, Tullybrick
William Swan, Rathfriland
James Taylor, Dublin
Nicholas Teirnan, Balbriggen
*C. H. Teeling, Lisburn
Luke Teeling (jun.), Lisburn
George Teeling, Dublin
*Bartholomew Teeling, Union Lodge, Dundalk
Robert Thompson, Newry
John Thompson, Newry
William Thompson, Castlebar
John Thomson, Rockhill
Hugh Tosh, Newry
Daniel Toye, Newry
Arthur Vallely, Middletown
John Verden, Dundalk
Edward Verden, Newry
Abraham Walker, Newry (6 Copies)
John Walker, Newry
Robert Wallace, Creevy
Robert Wallace, Newry
James Wallace, Banbridge
Joseph Wallace, Castleblaney
T. Walsh, Drogheda
Lancelot Watson (jun.), Scarvagh
Mrs. Warren, Belfast
William Weir, Dunmurry
David Windram, Castleblaney
John Wilson, London
James Wiley, Newry
John Wilson, Rughan
John Wilson, Darkley
James Withers, Banbridge
William White, Newry
Fortescue Whittle, Belfast
James Woods, Dundalk
Richard Wright, Newry
* United Irishmen
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