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Subscribers to Lurgan Quaker Church for 1696

Subscribers to Lurgan Meeting House (Quakers) in 1696.

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as ‘Quakers’ or ‘Friends’ originated in the north west of England in the mid-seventeenth Century. The Quaker movement was brough to Ireland by William Edmundson when he established a buiness in Dublin in 1652. A few years later he moved north to Lurgan, County Armagh where the first Irish group of Friends was etablished in 1654.

Robert Hoope had come to Ireland in 1660 from Yorkshire as a tailor and had become a Quaker about seven years later. He was described as the earliest man on the Brownlow estate to be a linendraper.  By 1696 he was the wealthiest member of the Quaker community in Lurgan, and he subscribed £40 of the £208 raised to complete the new meeting house. He retired in 1700 to concentrate on his religious life and he left the business to his son John.


 The list of subscribers to the building of Lurgan Meeting House in 1696  

Robert Hoope (chief promoter, overseer and contributor)£40. 0s. 0d.Michael ????£ - 3s. 0d.
John Hoope (his son)£11. 15s. 0d.Jonathan Gilbert£ - 6s. 8d.
Thomas Wainwright£11. 10s. 0d.Mary Halliday£ - 1s. 0d.
Thomas Walker£ 8. 10s. 0d.William Mason£ - 5s. 0d.
John Walker£ 4. 0s. 0d.Richard Mason (jun.)£ - 5s. 0d.
George Fox and Robert Hodgson£ 9. 0s. 0d.James Chambers£ - 5s. 0d.
John Turnor and Brother Thomas£ 7. 10s. 0d.John Williams£ - 10s. 0d.
Jacob Turnor£ 8. 10s. 0d.Jony Bullow and her daughter Kath£ - 5s. 0d.
John Webb£ 5. 5s. 0d.Mary Roa£ - 3s. 0d.
Junior Webb£ 3. 0s. 2d.Mary Harlin£ - 1s. 6d.
Junior Webb£ 3. 0s. 2d.Jane Rely£ 1. 0s. 0d.
John Robson£ 3. 5s. 0d.Mary Robinson (jun.)£ - 5s. 0d.
Jacob Robson£ 5. 16s. 0d.Katherine McGee£ - 2s. 6d.
Timothy Kirk£ 2. 1s. 0d.Sarah Pierson£ - 2s. 6d.
William Crook£ 4. 10s. 0d.Elizabeth Robinson£ 1. 0s. 0d.
Robert Robinson£ 2. 15s. 0d.Junior Halliday£ - 10s. 0d.
Alex Matthews£ 5. 0s. 0d.George Timmony£ - 17s. 0d.
Ezokiall Bullock£ 1. 8s. 0d.Joseph Robinson£ 1. 0s. 0d.
Christopher Hillary£ 2. 0s. 8d.Simon Bell£ - 13s. 0d.
Junior Greer£ 3. 15s. 0d.Stephen Thomson£ - 6s. 0d.
Richard Mason£ 3. 5s. 0d.Junior Hobs£ - 12s. 0d.
Mark Wright£ 3. 15s. 0d.Ezekiel Dougall£ - 10s. 0d.
William Porter£ - 10s. 6d.Roger Crugiton£ - 5s. 0d.
Aboll Porter£ 1. 11s. 0d.Joell Carr£ - 6s. 0d.
Patrick Logan£ 1. 0s. 0d.Richard Lynas£ - 13s. 0d.
John Neile£ 1. 8s. 0d.Bridget Walker£ 1. 0s. 0d.
John Hendron£ - 18s. 0d.George Hodgson£ - 10s. 0d.
Ann Hodgson£ 1. 10s. 0d.John Softlaw£ - 3s. 0d.
William Lynas£ 1. 18s. 0d.George Thomson£ - 3s. 0d.
William Williams£ 2. 2s. 0d.Henry Greer£ - 7s. 0d.
Roger Kirk£ - 8s. 0d.Alex Crigley£ - 10s. 0d.
Francis Hilary£ - 12s. 0d.John Crigley£ - 11s. 0d.
Benjamin Shephon£ - 3s. 0d.Samuel Kirk£ - 4s. 0d.
Robert Kirk£ - 13s. 0d.Jacob Kirk£ - 4s. 0d.
Marmaduke Hilary£ 1. 7s. 0d.John Kirk£ - 1s. 0d.
Thomas Bradshaw£ - 18s. 0d.Roger Kirk (jun.)£ - 1s. 0d.
Ann Bradshaw (widow)£ 2. 0s. 0d.Joseph Robson£ 1. 15s. 0d.
William Bell£ - 10s. 0d.Joshua Hoope£ - 10s. 0d.
John Hoope (sen.)£ 2. 10s. 0d.James Thomson£ - 9s. 0d.
John Morton£ - 16s. 0d.William Dixson£ - 4s. 0d.
Daniell Bullogh£ - 11s. 0d.Junior Will and Jo Moreton (son of John Moreton)£ - 3s. 0d.
Richard Hartley£ - 17s. 0d.James Armstrong£ - 10s. 0d.
Roger Webb£ 1. 12s. 0d.Hannah Bradshaw£ - 5s. 0d.
John Bullow£ 1. 2s. 0d.Sarah Bradshaw£ - 5s. 0d.
Robert Chambers£ - 15s. 0d.James Bradshaw£ - 9s. 0d.
William Souldon£ 1. 2s. 0d.James Milikin£ - 12s. 0d.
Laurence Allison£ - 18s. 0d.John Beck£ 2. 2s. 0d.
William Wothorolt£ 1. 8s. 8d.Mary Porter£ - 2s. 6d.
William Andrew£ 1. 1s. 0d.Sarah Porter£ - 2s. 6d.
John Cain£ 1. 12s. 0d.Margaret Brown£ - 1s. 0d.
William Gibson£ - 11s. 0d.Sarah Apleton£ - 1s. 6d.
Robert Sander£ - 10s. 6d.Abigail, Abraham and Hannah Hoope of John Hoope (jun.)£ - 15s. 0d.
Charles Roberts£ 1. 10s. 0d.Daniel Walker£ - 5s. 0d.
Laurence Hobs£ - 12s. 0d.Thomas Walker (jun.)£ - 2s. 6d.
Thomas Turner (sen.)£ - 18s. 0d.Jonathan Walker£ - 2s. 6d.
Robert Hoope (jun.)£ - 15s. 0d.John Silcock£ - 4s. 0d.
Thomas Chapman£ - 3s. 0d.Robert Doany£ - 2s. 6d.
Thomas Williams£ - 8s. 0d.Ailic Hartley£ - 1s. 0d.
Thomas Bullow£ - 8s. 0d.Abel Weir£ - 6s. 0d.
John Halliday (sen.)£ - 4s. 0d.Elizabeth Softlaw£ - 1s. 6d.
John Halliday (jun.)£ - 2s. 0d.Ann Mason (jun.)£ - 5s. 0d.
Thomas Harlow£ - 9s. 0d.Edward Thornbrough£ - 3s. 0d.
Richard Andrew£ - 5s. 0d.
£208. 8. 8.

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