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Presbyterian Marriages in Armagh 1707 – 1728

A List of Presbyterian Marriages in Armagh.
1707 – 1728.


The Session-Book of the Congregation of Armagh.
by William Frazier, F.R.C.S.I., A Vice-President.
(Submitted March 29, 1898.)

Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 28, 1898, p.345



Year    Date  Given Name Given Name Comment
1707 01st December  Adam Gettie Isabel Graham  
1707 16th December¬† Joseph Young Mary M’Allen ¬†
1707 23rd December  Richard Singleton Barbara Oats  
1707 25th December  James Geerie Elizabeth Cord  
1708 06th January Hugh Oliver Jane Parke  
1708 15th January¬† Brian O’Lappan Margaret Burrell ¬†
1708 29th January  James Gray Janet Gordon  
1708 04th February¬† John M’Kennall Agnes Lemon ¬†
1708 05th February¬† James Graham Elizabeth M’William ¬†
1708 06th February  James Wier Elizabeth Donaldson  
1708 10th February¬† Robert Wallace Elizabeth M’Kaile ¬†
1708 13th April  Edward Henderson Mary Armstrong  
1708 30th April  Andrew Dick Isabel Aikin  
1708 05th May¬† Bryan O’Kerrall Frances Robison ¬†
1708 06th May¬† Thomas Airdry Elizabeth M’Cullogh ¬†
1708 27th May¬† Patrick M’Ferran Rachel Davison ¬†
1708 27th July  Andrew Young Sarah Armstrong  
1708 02nd September¬† William M’William Agnes Ramsay ¬†
1708 04th November  James Murray Margaret Murray  
1708 11th November  John Stewart Margaret Ferguson  
1708 02nd December  Joseph Patterson Isabel Eager  
1708 02nd December   George Ford Elen Millar  
1708 02nd December  John Balantine Elizabeth Foster  
1708 02nd December Thomas Field Isabel M’Kinstry ¬†
1708 02nd December  Henry Fitzsimons Elizabeth Allet  
1708 08th December  Thomas Hamilton Euphemia Ewart  
1708 08th December  William Smart Agnes Colzer  
1708 08th December  Robert Morrison Agnes Duncun  
1708 16th December  Thomas Howart Sarah Carmichael  
1708 16th December   Andrew Mathers Jane Thouburn  
1708 28th December  John Harvey Esther Kennedy  
1709 06th January  Henry Dobbin Jane Dobbin  
1709 13th January  Robert Colter Martha Watt  
1709 13th January¬† William M’Mechan Jane Dickie ¬†
1709 18th January  William Hamilton Lily Wier  
1709 08th February¬† John Williamson Sarah M’Allen ¬†
1709 23rd February  George Wilson Jane Sloane  
1709 23rd February   James Draffan Margaret Legate  
1709 23rd February¬†¬† Robert M’Mullen Mary Thompson ¬†
1709 23rd February   Josiah Roberts Margaret Alcinere  
1709 01st March  James Aikin Elen Blainy  
1709 13th April  Jonathan Liddall Jane Dobbin  
1709 13th April  David Patterson Mary Sloane  
1709 20th April  David Beggs Sarah Duchart  
1709 27th April  Thomas Mulligan Martha Gillespy  
1709 03rd May¬† John M’Allen Agnes Lowry ¬†
1709 05th May¬† John Mason Mary M’Bride ¬†
1709 10th May  William Blackwood Jane Cummin  
1709 16th May  John Watt Mary Waugh  
1709 17th May  William Witherspoon Margaret Loughrigge  
1709 26th May  Robert Homes Jane Gordon  
1709 21st June¬† John Barre Ellen M’Maister ¬†
1709 23rd June  James Lamb Margaret Graham  
1709 23rd June   John Gerran Jane Waters  
1709 23rd June¬†¬† John M’Mechan Sarah Hunter ¬†
1709 07th July¬† William M’Cullagh Sarah Lucas ¬†
1709 28th July  James Bothuell Margaret Livingston  
1709 08th August   Walter Trumble Agnes Armstrong  
1709 08th September¬† Thomas M’Cracken Margaret Eagen ¬†
1709 07th October  James Gray Jane Murray  
1709 20th October  John Sampson Margaret Millar  
1709 24th November¬† David Richie Sarah M’V— ¬†
1709 01st December¬† Francis Bailie Margaret M’Nish ¬†
1710 12th January  David Palmer Agnes Dunlop  
1710 02nd February  Robert Waugh Mary Hamilton  
1710 08th March  John Millar Elizabeth Gillespy  
1710 15th June  Patrick Taite Elizabeth Taite  
1710 29th June  Samuel Martin Katherine Mitchell  
1710 18th July  John Coleman Margery Campbell  
1710 20th July¬† John M’Cullogh Jane M’Cullogh ¬†
1710 25th July  Henry Pinkerton Mary Duchart  
1710 15th August  Alexander Donaldson Mary Pall  
1710 10th October¬† James Bingham Mary M’Mennimy ¬†
1710 17th October  John Blair Margaret Lawson  
1710 23rd November  William Murray Isabell Hill  
1710 28th November  John Huggins Mary Bailie  
1710 29th November  George Hamilton Elizabeth Fairies  
1710 20th December  James Cosen Jane Burrell  
1711 01st January  George Middleton Mary Hunter  
1711 01st January  William Thompson Mary Burrell  
1711 01st January  John Cole Jane Shaw  
1711 03rd April David Buckley Sarah Blaney  
1711 11th April  William Chapman Catherine Crampton  
1711 12th April  James Brown Mary Masster  
1711 19th April¬† John Gray Katherine M’Allen ¬†
1711 09th May  John Balantyne Jane Brownlee  
1711 03rd July¬† David M’Kee Sarah M’Caldon ¬†
1711 28th August¬† Alexander Caldwell Mary M’Niely ¬†
1711 04th September  David Anderson Margaret Lemmon  
1711 27th September  James Houston Sarah Bull  
1711 05th October  Robert Duffe Elizabeth Prentice  
1711 15th October  Malcom Anderson Isabel Hunter  
1711 13th November¬† Archibald M’Cammond Sarah Dickie ¬†
1711 14th November  Samuel Williamson Mary Harre  
1711 22nd November¬† James Dongan Grizell M’Allen ¬†
1711 22nd November¬† Hugh Keny Mary Crawford “Also from Teinan.”
1711 28th November  Robert Henry Elizabeth Oliver  
1711 06th December  James Dobbin Mary Ogilvie  
1711 13th December¬† John M’Cracken Isabell Anderson ¬†
1711 20th December  John Hackett Grizell Twiss  
1712 04th January David Kirker Elizabeth Maister  
1712 04th January  William Dodds Jane Duncan  
1712 04th March William Johnston Elizabeth Forrest  
1712 10th April  Thomas Morray (Morrough) Janet Henderson  
1712 22nd April¬† John M’Kee Elizabeth Johnston ¬†
1712 06th May  Patrick Hamilton Elizabeth Thomson  
1712 08th May  John Charles Margaret Charleston  
1712 16th June  Israel Rickie Jane Stevenson  
1712 26th June  William Clarke Marjory Clarke  
1712 03rd July¬† Roger Grier Margaret M’Alexander ¬†
1712 13th November  John Dickson Barbara Johnston  
1712 29th October  John Irwin Elizabeth Shiels  
1713 23rd April¬† – –¬†Horn Jane Anderson ¬†
1713 11th June  John Scot Margaret Charles  
1713 25 June  Robert Scot Grizel Livingston  
1713 20th August  Ephraim Armstrong Mary Mosman  
1713 25th August  Moses Lawson Margaret Hamilton  
1713 26th November¬† Daniel Glenny Elizabeth M’Cullogh ¬†
1714 07th January¬† Archibald M’Cullogh Grizzel Pettigrew ¬†
1714 02nd February  Samuel Blakeley Elizabeth Dobbin  
1714 – – –¬† June¬† Andrew Lindsey Margaret M’Narry ¬†
1715 06th January¬† James Patterson Jane M’Glamery ¬†
1715 23rd December  William Rowan Anne Hamilton May be the year 1714
1715 31st March  John Palmer Martha Clark  
1715 31st March¬† James Baird Elizabeth M’Clonachan ¬†
1715 28th April  William Gillespy Catherine Rennison  
1715 05th May¬† James M’Bride Mary Dickie ¬†
1715 05th May  Thomas Mcle Roy Elizabeth Cunningham Probably McIlroy
1715 19th May  David Kennedy Agnes Little  
1715 02nd June¬† Gavin M’Murdy Elizabeth M’Dowell als. Lucas
1715 16th June  Samuel Grier Margaret Martin  
1715 27th September¬† Samuel Stuart Mary M’Cane ¬†
1715 06th October  Quinten Ireland Mary Moffet  
1715 15th November  Alexander Prentice Agnes Headhorn  
1715 01st December¬† William M’Dowall Katherine Glasse ¬†
1715 05th December  James Trumble Jane Macl Roy Probably McIlroy
1715 15th December  Robert Pall Mary Scot  
1716 26th January  Andrew Brawford Margaret Cumming  
1716 13th February  James Gordon Agnes Walker  
1716 19th April¬† William M’Narry Martha Prentice ¬†
1716 12th July  James Moffet Janet Ireland  
1716 17th July  Matthew Walker Margaret Brice  
1716 25th July  William Blair Lettie Neal  
1716 20th November  John Johnston Agnes Eagar  
1716 29th November¬† Nathaniel M’Cullogh Agnes Man ¬†
1717 08th February  Thomas Oates Anne Murray  
1717 23rd May  John Sloane Mary Waugh  
1717 26th September   Robert Henry Agnes Stuart  
1717 22nd October¬† Benjamin M’Clelhan Frances Morrison ¬†
1717 31st October¬† William M’Call Mary Spier ¬†
1718 13th January  William Donaldson Mary Glasse  
1718 13th February  Matthew Murray Elizabeth Wat  
1718 15th May  William Clark Jane Layburn  
1718 29th May¬† John Ker – –¬†Maclellan ¬†
1718 05th August¬† William Coleman Eliz. M’Cullogh ¬†
1718 07th August  John Livingston Eliz. Geery  
1718 02nd October¬† John M’Cleery Mary M’Aleine ¬†
1718 20 November  John Stirling Jane Livingston  
1719 27th January Henry Ferguson Margaret Mills  
1719 19th February  William Ferguson Agnes Millar  
1719 01st April  Robert Aikin Elizabeth Patterson  
1719 30th July  Andrew Brown Martha Oliver  
1719 06th August  Robert Campbell Elizabeth Toomster  
1719 03rd September  James Armstrong Jane Marshall  
1720 29th January Samuel Glass Anne Ford  
1720 16 June¬† – –¬† Ruth M’Knight ¬†
1720 12th July  William Dobbin Jane Burrell  
1720 12th July  John Stirling Widow Park  
1720 12th July  John Frame РР 
1720 25th November¬† James Hunter Agnes M’Canne ¬†
1721 03rd October  William Waugh Elizabeth Hamilton  
1722 24th April  David Humphrey Sarah Sanderson  
1722 07th August¬† –¬†– Galbraith Anne Glover ¬†
1722 03rd October  Richard Fleukar Elenor Oliver  
1722 06th November  James Watson Anne Caldwell  
1722 19th November  John Barre Anne Park  
1722 12th December  Alexander Henderson Elizabeth Aikin  
1722 17th December¬† – – – –¬†M’Archer ¬†
1723 10th March Andrew Rowan Isabel M’Cally ¬†
1723 13th June¬† John M’Clure Margaret Martin ¬†
1723 18th December  George Hamilton Jane Hamilton  
1724 11th June John Kennedy Mary Dickson  
1724 29th June  James Henderson Isabel Henderson  
1724 26th November  James Waring Margaret Airdry  
1725 —- ¬†January¬† John Cadow Rachel Ireland ¬†
1725 23rd November  Andrew Dick Agnes Newell  
1725 07th December¬† Robert M’Murdy Elizabeth Hamilton ¬†
1726 06th January  James Lindsey Anne Baird  
1726 19th January  James Magill Mary Moor  
1726 21st February¬† David Wilkins Martha M’Bratney ¬†
1726 10th March¬† Samuel Graham Margaret M’Dowel ¬†
1726 29th March  Alexander Whitley Martha Henderson  
1726 29th March  John Moffet Agnes Mills  
1726 23rd October¬† Edward Henderson Jane M’Narry ¬†
1726 03rd November  John Graham Elizabeth Coltsman  
1726 21st December  John Simpson Agnes Moor  
1728 05th January  Matthew Gilmore Jane Clark  
1728 19th January  James Forrest Agnes Hatty  
1728 09th May¬† John M’Narry Margaret Wightman ¬†
1728 15th November¬† John M’William Janet Harvey ¬†


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