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Petition in Favour of Catholic Emancipation 1812

Petition Of The Protestants In Ireland,
In Favour Of Catholic Emancipation.
April 1812.

The Belfast Monthly Magazine, Vol. III.
January To June, 1812.


Signatures Obtained.


Name Name Name
Edward Allen, Dublin Robert Boyd (J.P.), Co. Down  John Nicholson, Stramore House
Robert Jeffray Nicholson (J.P.) Charles Hamilton, Vicar of Tullylish   William Hays, S. Mill-Mount 
Joseph Law, Coose John Fivey, Banbridge  John Robinson, Banbridge 
Isaac Stoney, Gilford Hamilton Kerr, Banbridge  James Fleming, Banbridge 
Charles Frazer, Gilford Daniel Mullen, Banbridge  Norton Downs, Banbridge 
David McCreight, Gilford Alexander Pentland, Banbridge  James Withers, Banbridge 
William McCreight, Gilford William McWilliam, Banbridge  Patrick Downs, Banbridge 
Samuel McKee, Gilford Thomas H. Carleton, Banbridge  Hugh Crothers, Carvenagh  
William Crothers, Gilford David McMain, Banbridge  John Sherrard, sen., Lambs-Island 
John Inglis, Gilford Robert McCormick, Banbridge  John Sherrard, jun., Lambs-Island  
Joseph Phelps, Moyallon James McCormick, Banbridge  Robert Boyd, Rockvale 
John Phelps, Moyallon Henry McConnell, Banbridge  William McDonnell, Mullahead 
George Phelps, Moyallon James McCullagh, Banbridge  Joseph Malcolmson, Lurgan 
James Dawson, Moyallon John Fivey, Banbridge  Thomas Hall, Lurgan 
James Christy, Stramore William Major, Banbridge  James Boyd, Lurgan 
John Christy, Stramore William Halliday, Banbridge  Thomas Thompson, Ballimore 
Thomas Christy, Stramore James Shannon, Banbridge  Joseph McConnell, Maymount 
Abraham Bell, Stramore  Hamilton Megarry, Banbridge  George Greer, Lurgan 
Thomas Matthew, Stramore  Robert Scott, Banbridge  James Johnston, Lurgan 
James Uprichard, Banvale  Conway Carleton, Banbridge  Samuel Watts, Lurgan 
Henry Uprichard, Fairview  Hugh McCrory, Banbridge  William Waits, Lurgan 
John Lindsay, Tullyhenan  Thomas Macklin, Banbridge  George Ensor, Ardress 
John Brown, Waringstown  Alexander Stirling, Banbridge  William Nicholson, Tall-Bridge 
George Daly, Mount Pleasant  James Morrow, Banbridge  Robert Girvin, Roan 
Thomas Crawford, Mill-Town  John Campbell, Banbridge  Nicholas Wright (J.P.), Armagh & Down 
William Hayes, Banbridge  Andrew McClelland, Banbridge  James Nicholson, Woodlands 
John Murphy, Banoge-Mills  Daniel Quin, Banbridge  William Greeves, Grange 
Thomas Stott, Dromore  Peter Quin, Banbridge   John Greeves, Bera 
John McMurran, New-Mills  John Love, Banbridge  Joseph Wicklow, Drumera 
James Clibborn, Banbridge  Richard Arthur, Banbridge  Thomas Greeves, Dungannon 
James Steel, Banbridge  James Morrow, Banbridge  James Nicholson, Dungannon 
George Anderson, Banbridge  Alexander Morrow, Banbridge  Robert Boardman, Laurel Hill 
John Fletcher, Banbridge  William Parr, Banbridge  Benjamin Brown, Silverford 
Thomas McClelland, Banbridge  John Harcourt, Banbridge  James Johnston, Coal-Island 
Matthew Hosack, Banbridge  James Nelson, Banbridge  James Small, Rosstrevor 
Joseph Hosack, Banbridge  Joseph Nelson, Banbridge  William Moon, Kirkeel 
William Rea, Banbridge  Robert Nelson, Banbridge  W. C. Emerson, Kirkeel 
David McCrory, Banbridge  George Mahood, Banbridge  James Burrowes, Tassa 
William Morrin, Banbridge  James Malcolmson, Banbridge   
John McClelland, Banbridge  James Stewart, Banbridge   


Signatures Obtained At Armagh.


Name Name Name
George Wilson, Darkley John Kane  William Harrington, B.W.Town 
Alexander McKinstry, Keady Matthew Bell  John Simpson, Cavanagrove 
James Kidd, jun., Millmount John Duncan  Thomas Prentice 
George Kidd, Keady John Simpson (M.D.)  Andrew McCartney, Rosebrook 
J. Barklie, Newholland-Green Henry Kidd  Joshua Vogan 
James Stephen William Oliver  John Barnes 
Thomas Simpson William Newburn  John Jackson, Acton 
John Wynne Thomas Campbell  William Bell 
Samuel Maxwell John Simpson, Linen-Hill  John McTrew, Market-Hill 
John Scott James McKean  John Hardy, Ann-Vale 
Robert Cochran Robert Cochran  Andrew Lyle 
James Stuart  William Brown  William Hames, Acton 
Andrew Davidson James Cuming  Robert Peebles 
George Henderson, Carnavanaghan Luke McCann (M.D.)  William McCrum 
James Maxwell, Dundalk James Oliver, Enislare  Hugh Kidd, Vermont 
Edward Carroll John McCulla, Kearney-Hill  Benjamin Oliver 
Samuel Simpson, jun., Rock-Mount Lee McKinstry, Glen  Alexander Prentice 
Richard McConnell, Mullavilla William Kidd, Dundrum   
John Loftie, Tandragee Samuel D. Simpson, Ann-Mount  


Signatures Obtained At Newry.


Name Name Name
Robert Thompson, Ravensdale  Adam Bowles  James Montgomery 
John Nesbitt  Isaac Glenny  David Henderson 
John Gordon  Thomas Spence  Richard Wright 
Roger Lawson  James Spence  William Macwhirter 
William Carter  M. Foxall  William Creek 
William Hudson  David Whyte  Thomas Jefferson 
William Cochran  Isaac Walker  John Quinn 
John Wilson  Hugh Boyd, jun.  James Wilson 
Hugh Carlisle  John Duff (J.P.), Down & Armagh  John Black 
James Coulter, Carnmeen  Lawford Tronson  John Leadly 
Robert Wallace  F. L. Swanz  Henry Langtry 
Robert Pooler  Thomas Peden  Robert Mollan 
Henry Quinn  William Handcock  Joseph Nesbitt 
John Melling  Samuel Dixon, Armagh  George C. Godfrey 
Matthew Russell  John Marshall  Hugh Boyd 
Matthew Russell, jun.  John Mulligan, Banbridge  J. H. Wallace 
Matthew Russell, Ter  John Sharkey  James L. Moore 
Richard Bryans  William Johnson (M.D.)  Cadwallader Blayney 
Robert Purden  Alexander Wallace  James Hanna 
John Mollan  David Henning, Ellenvale  Samuel Morrison, Donoughmore 
Robert McCune  Robert Bell (Surgeon)  A. Magowan, Lurgan 
J. W. Glenny  M. Dunbar  Townly Ravenhill 
J. Glenny, Glenville  Rev. Josiah Kerr  George Crawford, Ballyvey 
Samuel Ogle  John McKinny  Walter Crawford, Ballyvey-House 
Joseph McMinn  Elliot Jones  William Caldwell, Ballymaskeagh 
Samuel Scott  William Black (M.D.)  William Dawson, Moyallon 
James Tegart  John Corbitt, sen.  Samuel Sinton, Moyallon 
King Murray  James Searight  John Irwin 
David Scott  Richard Whitehead  David Heron, Loughbrickland 
John Lyle  John Spotwood  Samuel Boyd 
Samuel Wallace  Archibald Campbell  Thomas Greer 
George Crozier  Alexander Peacock  Arthur Davidson 
Joseph Benn  James Hill  George Lockhart, Mullyglass 
William Glenny  William Aickin  John Russel 
Joseph Nicholson, Woodlands  George Scott  John Bell 
William J. Hogg, Dundalk  John Orr  James Moore, Warrenpoint  
Joseph Nicholson, Bess-Brook  Thomas Trouton  John Lawson  
Robert McAllister  William Bryden  Edward Bell  
Hans Ogle  James Long  John Bell, jun.  
Donald Macdonald  James Brenan  George Gray  
Samuel Parsons  A. G. Malcom (Presby. Min.)   


Signatures Obtained At Ballymena.


Name Name Name
Samuel Cunningham John Gihon  James Smyth, Broughshane 
Alexander Brown Robert M. Beatty  Francis Owens, Broughshane 
William Gihon John Leetch  John McClintock, Broughshane 
David Birnie Archibald McVickan  Robert Boyd, Broughshane 
John Cunningham Samuel Owens, Tullamore  James Ritchie, Broughshane 
Adam Duffin John Mehaffey  William Gibson, jun., Broughshane 
Robert Stewart (Presby. Min.), B’shane John Brangin  John Logan, Broughshane 
Robert Adair Bell Hugh Beatty, Ballymoney  Hugh Logan, Broughshane 
John Patrick (Surgeon) John Hamilton, Ballyminister  Alexander Gibson, Broughshane 
John Killen James Arthur, Kells  Robert Ferguson 
John McMillan James McAdam, Craigs  Charles Boyle, Broughshane 
Robert Sloan James Moore  James Wasson 
John Gurney John McLernan  William Dempster 
James Alexander, jun. James Kerr  William Kennedy 
William Young, late of Newton-Glens John Wilson, Broughshane  James Kirkpatrick 
Charles Hyndman  James A. Johnson (Presby. Min.),  John Leech 
Henry Henry (Presby. Min.), Connor  William Given, Broughshane  George Boyle 
George McClelland (Presby. Min.), Ahoghill  Patrick Gibson  James Ballagh 
William Logan, Broughshane  Roger Stewart  Samuel Lynn 
Joseph Thompson (Surgeon)  Hugh Smyth  John Orr 
John Laverty  John Patterson  David Lynn 
James Gibson  John Logan  David Osborne, Cullybacky 
Robert Russell  James Kirkpatrick, Broughshane  Francis Young, Kells 
James Adair  William Gibson, sen, Broughshane  James Alexander, sen. 
William Ballentine  Hugh Adair, Broughshane  John Dickson 
David Moffet  Samuel Gibson, Broughshane   
Thomas Young  Robert Crawford, Broughshane   


Additional Signatures Obtained in Belfast.*


Name Name Name
Robert Anderson, Caemoney John Bottomly Hans Oprey
Robert Maywood Anthony Gurnell, jun. John Lamont


       *These few names were added to the petition, on which the signatures from Lisburn, Ballymena, and Ballyclare were made. Many more in Belfast were desirous to sign, if there had been an opportunity, but parchment could not be procured, and there was not time to procure additional copies of the petition from Dublin. If early care had been taken to send the petition more generally to the towns in the North, many more names could have been procured. But the committee in Dublin appear not to have looked out for correspondents in several places, as would have been necessary to produce a full effect, and those attached to the cause in this country, were unacquainted with the plans of the committee in Dublin, till it was too late. Hence arose a want of co-operation in getting the petition signed, as generally as might have been otherwise the case.


It was hoped that more extended lists would have been furnished, but for the present we are disappointed. Some who signed in the county of Armagh, have, on account of the threats of the Orangemen, declined to allow their names to be published, and even some withdrew their signatures, when they heard of the intention of publishing. Such timid persons deprive themselves of all merit, and the cause of all the advantages, which might have arisen from their signing, for the publication of their names in this country, was of far more consequence than having them affixed to the petitions in the houses of parliament, where they would be unnoticed, and mostly unknown. But the publication of names at home, is equivalent to polling the county, and decidedly shows to which side men incline. Those fears, however erroneous on the score of principle, demonstrate the disturbed state of the county of Armagh, and the lawless violence of the faction, who thus intimidate the peaceable inhabitants by their outrageous and illegal proceedings.

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