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Lurgan Golf Club – Ladies’ Branch 1897

Lurgan Golf Club – Ladies’ Branch.

The Belfast News-Letter,
Friday, December 3,


The third annual general meeting of the above branch of the Lurgan Golf Club was held in the Golf House on the 30th ult. – Mrs. J. Malcolm, captain of the ladies’ club, presiding. Owing to the unfavourable weather, very few members were present. The meeting began with the reading of the secretary’s report, which was as follows : –

“In submitting this, the third annual report of the ladies’ and juveniles’ branch of Lurgan Golf Club, your council regret to report that the books show a considerable falling off in membership; this, however, they are glad to say is not owing to less interest being taken in the game, but partly to the cessation of golf in the summer, so that several distant members who originally joined us for golf at that season have now left us, and also owing to a number of ladies having left the neighbourhood. Thanks to the generous manner in which several members of the Lurgan Golf Club came forward with offers of prizes, this branch had eight competitions during the year.

The first – a ladies’ foursome competition for prizes presented by the club – was won by Miss N. Dugan and Miss C. Watson.

A ladies’ single competition, by holes, under handicap, was held on 5th of January for a prize kindly presented by Miss S. Watson, Miss E. Malcolm defeated Miss Gunning, after a tie.

The third competition was by strokes, under handicap, on January 11th; was won by Miss F. Watson, with the good score of 118 net, on an unfavourable day; Miss Gunning was second.

The fourth competition was a mixed foursome, by holes, under handicap, for prizes kindly presented by Messrs. H. G. McGeagh and H. A. Perdue. The winners proved to be Miss N. Dugan and Mr. Hill, with Miss Emilie Powell and Mr. H. A. Perdue second.

The fifth was a ladies’ foursome held on March 11th, for prizes kindly presented by Mrs. J. Malcolm and Miss E. Malcolm. In the final, after a close finish, Miss C. Watson and Miss E. Greer beat Miss E. Malcolm and Miss E. Powell, after a tie.

The next competition was a mixed foursome, for prizes presented by Misses F. and C. Watson; came off on 22nd of March, and resulted in a win for Miss E. Greer and Mr. H. G. McGeagh.

The seventh competition was a mixed foursome, for a prize kindly presented by Mr. and Mrs. Menary, and was won by Miss. F. Powell and Mr. H. G. McGeagh, by Mr. McGeagh holing a long putt on the last green.

The last competition of the season was a mixed foursome, again for a prize kindly presented by Mr. McGeagh. It was played on the 5th of April, and was won by Miss J. Watson and Mr. W. H. Lindsay.”

Two home-and-home matches were held against the lady members of Armagh Golf Club; six players a-side at Lurgan and eight at Armagh. Each team, with their accustomed tact, allowed themselves to be defeated by the home team. We trust that we shall be able to arrange a larger number of friendly matches during the coming season.

It was proposed by Miss F. Watson, seconded by Mrs. Allen, and passed, that the secretary’s report be adopted. The treasurer’s report showed a balance in hands of £5 13s 9d. Mrs. Malcolm proposed that the treasurer’s report be adopted. The motion was seconded by Miss Hill, and passed unanimously. The election of the officers and council for the year was the next business brought before the meeting. Miss E. Greer proposed, and Mrs. Allen seconded, that Mrs. Malcolm be re-elected captain. The motion was passed unanimously. It was proposed by Mrs. Malcolm, seconded by Miss F. Watson, and passed, that Mrs. Allen be re-elected treasurer. Proposed by Miss F. Watson, seconded by Miss Hill, and passed, that Miss E. Greer be re-elected secretary. Miss F. Watson and Miss Dougan having retired by rotation from the council, it was proposed by Mrs. Malcolm, seconded by Mrs. Allen, and passed, that Miss F. Watson be re-elected. It was proposed by Mrs. Allen, seconded by Miss A. Watson, and passed, that Miss N. Dugan be elected a member of the council, instead of her sister; after which the meeting adjourned.


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