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Lurgan Golf Club 1900

Lurgan Golf Club – Ladies’ and Juveniles’ Branch.

The Belfast News-Letter,
Friday, December 21,


The annual meeting of this branch of the Lurgan Golf Club was held in the clubhouse on the 18th inst. – Miss F. Watson presiding. The other members present were –

Mrs. Menary, Miss A. Watson,
Mrs. Pedlow, Miss F. Ross,
Mrs. James Malcolm, Miss Allen,
Mrs. Allen (honorary treasurer); Miss E. Greer (honorary secretary).


Miss Watson began the meeting by calling on Miss E. Greer to read the secretary’s report, which showed that the membership had increased. During the year four competitions were open to this branch, the first two being Mixed Foursomes for prizes presented by the Lurgan Golf Club. The first was won by Mr. J. P. Parke and Miss E. Malcolm; the second was won by Mr. Tom Watson and Mrs. MacGeagh. The next was a Ladies’ Single Stroke Competition, under handicap, during April, for a prize presented by Miss E. Greer. Miss F. Ross proved the winner. The last club competition was a Ladies’ Hole Competition, under handicap, for a prize kindly presented by Miss F. Watson. It was won by Miss E. Greer. There was also a very successful open Mixed Foursome Competition, Miss D. Griffiths and Captain G. W. Greer securing first prize, Mr. and Mrs. MacGeagh second. The prizes for this last event were kindly presented by Messrs. T. Watson and H. G. MacGeagh. The adoption of the secretary’s report was proposed by Miss F. Watson, seconded by Mrs. Pedlow, and passed. Mrs. Allen next read the treasurer’s report, which showed a balance in hand of almost £7. The adoption of the treasurer’s report was seconded by Mrs. Menary, and passed. The next business brought before the meeting was the election of two new members of the council in place of Miss Hill and Miss Clarendon, who retired by rotation. Mrs. MacGeagh and Mrs. James Malcolm were elected. The election of a captain for the year was proceeded with. Miss F. Watson proposed, Miss E. Greer seconded, that Mrs. MacGeagh be elected captain, a motion which was carried unanimously. The treasurer (Mrs. Allen) and secretary (Miss E. Greer) having been re-elected, a club competition was arranged for 15th January. The meeting ended by the passing of a vote of thanks to the outgoing captain (Miss F. Watson), proposed by Mrs. Allen, and seconded by Miss E. Greer. 


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