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Motor Directory for County Carlow 1911-12

The Irish Motor Directory


Motor Annual


Edited By Henry G. Tempest.




The following are the letters used and their meaning : –
C = Car. CH = Charabane. B = Bicycle. T = Tricycle.
TR = Tricar. Q = Quadricycle. L = Lorry. SL = Steam Lorry.
SC = Steam Car. DC = Dog Cart. MP = Motor Plough.  



Cars, 51 ;   Cycles, 66.
    No.      Car or Bicycle
IC 1 Denis R. Pack-Beresford (D.L.) Fenagh House, Bagenalstown C
IC 2 Dr. Joseph J. Nolan Tullow, Co. Carlow C
IC 3 Capt. C. L. E. R. Eustace Borlum House, Carlow C
IC 4 Patrick J. Kelly The Grange, Tullow C
IC 5 A. E. Coleman Dublin Street, Carlow C
IC 6 Alfred Hall Electric Works, Londonderry C
IC 7 Erskine Booth Garryhundon, Bagenalstown C
IC 8 Joseph Milne Kilgowan, Kilcullen C
IC 9 Wm. Darlington Smithfield Market, Manchester C
IC 10 J. J. Fitzgerald R.M.S., The Asylum, Cork C
IC 11 Capt. F. H. Wise Clonshire, Adare, Co. Limerick C
IC 12 Col. J. J. H. Eustace Castlemore, Tullow C
IC 16 James P. O’Gorman Hacketstown C
IC 18 Dr. Henry Kidd The Lodge, Tullow C
IC 19 Richard E. Price Ballyshannon House, Co. Kildare C
IC 20 Capt. Arthur Joseph Wm. Fitzmaurice Kelvin Grove, Carlow C
IC 21 The Burke Engineering Motor Co. Ltd. Clonmel C
IC 22 Robert Lecky Pike Kilnock, Tullow, Co. Carlow C
IC 23 Alfred E. Coleman 19 Dublin Street, Carlow C
IC 24 Capt. E. A. Cumming 11 Charles Street, St. James, London C
IC 25 Dr. Wm. Delaney Bagenalstown C
IC 26 Sir Standish O’Grady Roche, Bart Aghade Lodge, Tullow C
IC 27 Rev. John A. Cones St. George’s Retreat, Burgess Hill, Sussex C
IC 28 Walter Kavanagh (D.L.) Borris House, Borris, Co. Carlow C
IC 30 Dr. Louis A. Byrne 51 Merrion Square, Dublin C
IC 31 Miss A. L. Pack-Beresford Kellistown, Carlow C
IC 32 D. R. Pack-Beresford Fenagh House, Bagenalstown C
IC 33 Major D. O. Eustace Castlemore, Tullow C
IC 34 John Olphert Adair Ballynoe, Tullow C
IC 35 Miss E. Pack-Beresford Kellistown, Carlow C
IC 36 Lord Rathdonnell Lisnevagh, Rathvilly C
IC 37 Dr. Wm. Delaney Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow C
IC 38 Mrs. Lewis Williams Mountwolseley, Tullow, Co. Carlow C
IC 39 W. E. Grogan Moyle, Co. Carlow C
IC 40 Col. G. E. Briggs Eastwood, Bagenalstown C
IC 41 Dr. Francis P. Colgan Greenville, Carlow C
IC 42 Messrs. Ashenhurst, Williams & Co., Ltd. 15 Talbot-plc., Dublin C
IC 43 Henry Bruen Coolbawn, Co. Wexford C
IC 44 Major J. Alexander Milford, Carlow C
IC 45 Nicholas P. Roche Tullow Street, Carlow C
IC 46 Francis De Rinzy Keogh Kilbride, Tullow C
IC 47 Sir Richard P. Butler Ballintemple, Tullow C
IC 48 Dr. Wm. H. O’Meara Burrin Street, Co. Carlow C
IC 49 Lord Rathdonnell Lisnevagh, Rathvilly C
IC 50 J. C. Ryan (R.M.) Erindale, Carlow C
IC 51 Sir Standish O’Grady Roche, Bart Aghade Lodge, Tullow C
IC 52 Walter McM. Kavanagh (D.L.) Borris House, Borris C
IC 53 Henry Bruen, jun. Coolbawn, Co. Wexford C
IC 54 Gerald H. Barry Urglin Glebe, Carlow C
IC 55 Most Rev. Dr. P. Foley Braganza, Carlow C
IC 56 Messrs. Thomas Thompson & Son, Ltd. Hanover Works, Carlow C
IC 1 Charles White Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex B
IC 2 Wm. P. Kennedy Hotel, Borris B
IC 3 Mark Purser, jun. 102 Tullow Street, Carlow B
IC 4 John Webster Ballykeenan, Myshall B
IC 5 R. H. Carlyle St. Catherine’s, Aylesbury Road, Donnybrook, Dublin B
IC 6 Daniel Norse Mill Street, Tullow B
IC 7 James Connor Montgomery Villa, Carlow B
IC 8 A. M. Cunard (5th Lancers) West Cavalry Brks., Aldershot B
IC 9 Edward Campbell Kilkea, Maganey B
IC 10 Arthur Geoffrey Grove Annesley Wayside, Bagenalstown B
IC 11 John Miller Oakpark, Carlow B
IC 12 Herbert Orr 10 Main Street, Skibbereen B
IC 13 A. E. Connor Montgomery Street, Carlow B
IC 14 John Belton Tullow Street, Carlow B
IC 15 J. Johnson Green Pembroke, Carlow B
IC 16 Sergt. S. J. Patterson R.I.C., Ferbane, King’s Co. B
IC 17 Samuel Fox Craan, Gorey B
IC 18 John Nolan Agha, Bagenalstown B
IC 19 Thomas H. Bennett Bagenalstown B
IC 20 Wm. R. Fetherstone Carrick, Mullingar B
IC 21 Edward O’Connor Mountmellick B
IC 22 J. Cleary Dublin Street, Carlow B
IC 23 Aiden F. Walsh Carlow B
IC 24 Christopher Cleary Bagenalstown B
IC 25 Edward J. Coughlin Laragh House, Co. Carlow B
IC 27 Richard McDarby Fair Green, Carlow B
IC 28 Richard Lawson Rathvilly, Co. Carlow B
IC 31 James O’Gorman Hacketstown B
IC 34 Edward Wm. Forward 66 Parliament Street, Hull, Yorkshire B
IC 35 David Kinsella Balytimmon, Fennagh B
IC 36 Rev. E. W. Clover (B.D.) St. David’s Castle, Naas B
IC 39 Patrick J. Kinsella Market Square, Tullow B
IC 40 Percy F. Lee Lilac Cottage, Mereclough, near Burnley B
IC 41 James Donohoe Cappagh, Tullow B
IC 42 Capt. C. G. Pack-Beresford Killestown, Carlow B
IC 43 Henry J. Cook 21 John Street, Mina Road, Bristol B
IC 44 A. Condle 2 Roslyn Avenue, Denmark Hill, London S.E. B
IC 45 Wm. Carl 18 Corinthian Street, Landilo B
IC 46 Harold F. Jones Waterhead Hotel, Coniston R.S.O., Lanc’s B
IC 47 Wm. M. Howe Dublin Street, Carlow B
IC 49 Walter Wood Lisnevagh, Rathvilly B
IC 50 Michael Hennessy Castledermott, Co. Kildare B
IC 51 George B. Jackson Knocknagee, Carlow B
IC 52 John G. Connor Dublin Street, Carlow B
IC 53 Richard B. Seigne Grennan House, Thomastown B
IC 54 Arthur Ronald Booth Kilmeany, Carlow B
IC 55 William W. Evers 8 Sandygate, Wath upon Deane, Yorkshire B
IC 56 Harry Gillard Coe 41 Wellington Street, Strand, London B
IC 57 H. Baker 86 St. James’ Road, Derby B
IC 58 Arthur Worthington Smith 71 Fox Lane, Palmer’s Green, London N. B
IC 59 George Sidney Grundon 45 St. Mary’s Street, Ladywood, Birmingham B
IC 60 Morris Sadler Heycock 108 James’ Street, Dublin B
IC 61 Henry John Haddock 194 Heath Town, near Wolverhampton B
IC 62 Clarence F. Cary Clovelly, Carlow B
IC 63 Robert Bell Carlow B
IC 64 E. S. Marks 51 High Street, Tunbridge Wells B
IC 65 Martin P. Fairclough 29 Crohan-rd., S. Croydon, Surrey B
IC 66 Arthur R. Booth Kilmeany, Carlow B
IC 67 Harry M. Smith 1 Park Terrace, Mountmellick B
IC 68 Rev. Ronald Wumbush Caius Ho., Vicarage Road, Battersea B
IC 69 John Boulton 3 West Street, Newcastle, Staffs. B
IC 70 Benjamin Coleman, jun. Dublin Street, Carlow B
IC 71 Samuel Tyas 72 Manchester Street, Hessle Road, Hull B
IC 72 John J. Brennan Ballyharmon, Carlow B
IC 73 Rev. E. J. Campion Clonegall Ferns, Co. Wexford B
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