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Militia Officers in County Armagh 1756


A LIST of OFFICERS in the Several Regiments & Independent
Troops & Companies of MILITIA in IRELAND.

Taken from the Books in the Secretaries Offices.
Printed in the Year MDCCLXI.



Independent Troops of Dragoons Arrayed in 1756.
Captain Lord Viscount Charlemont
Lieutenant Thomas Seaver Cornet George Bannerman
Captain Sir Archibald Acheson, Bart.
Lieutenant John Johnston Cornet William English
Captain Richard Jackson
Lieutenant James McCullough Cornet Thomas Rowe
Captain Henry William Moore
Lieutenant Charles Courtney Cornet Edward Corry
Captain William Richardson
Lieutenant Thomas Roe Cornet James Nugent
Captain William Brownlowe
First Lieutenant James Forde  
Second Lieutenant David Maziere Cornet John Camack
Captain John Maxwell
Captain Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart.
Lieutenant Leland Hutchinson Cornet Leonard Dobbin
Captain George Gordon
Lieutenant George Hamilton Cornet William Henry
Captain Thomas Townly Dawson
Lieutenant Thomas McCann Cornet George Hutchinson
Captain John Cope
Lieutenant Alexander Hayes Cornet Thomas Farlow
Independent Companies Arrayed in 1756 
Captain James Donaldson 
Lieutenant John Eastwood Ensign William Fullerton
Captain Edward O’Bre 
Lieutenant Richard Workman Ensign Hugh Watson
Captain James Bell 
Lieutenant James McDowell Ensign James Hardy
Captain Walter Dawson 
Lieutenant John Brown Ensign Robert Hutchison
Captain Robert Maxell the Younger 
Lieutenant James Irwin Ensign John Cross
Captain Nicholas Johnston 
Lieutenant William Neilson Ensign Hugh Cuming
Captain Thomas Clark 
Lieutenant William Lockart Ensign John Verner
Captain William Blacker 
Lieutenant Benjamin Woolsey Ensign George Blacker
Captain Alexander Stewart 
Lieutenant William Lee  Ensign John Clandinin 
Captain The Downham Clark 
Captain Samuel Blacker 
Lieutenant George Cherry  Ensign Richard Dynes 
Captain John Bond 
Lieutenant Jeremiah Seaver  Ensign Nathaniel English 
Captain George Robinson 
Lieutenant George Gilmor  Ensign Robert Scott 
Captain Henry Cust 
Lieutenant Thomas Ogle  Ensign Marmaduke Jenny 
Captain George Bell 
Lieutenant Richard Scott  Ensign Samuel Bell 
Captain Joseph Johnston 
Lieutenant Samuel Johnston  Ensign Joseph Boyd 
Captain James Stephenson 
Lieutenant John Stephenson  Ensign John Yeats 
Captain Daniel Kelly 
Lieutenant Thomas Kelly   
Captain William Robinson 
Lieutenant George Mathers  Ensign Richard Dines 
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