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Lurgan Young Men’s Society – Public Soiree 1881

Lurgan Church of Ireland Young Men’s Society.

Public Soiree.

October 10th, 1881.


On Monday evening, 10th October, the annual public soiree in connection with this Society was held in the Town Hall, there being a good attendance of the members and their friends. Tea and its accompaniments having been partaken of, the more intellectual portion of the evening’s programme was introduced by a few appropriate remarks from the President, the Rev. Dr. Campbell, on taking the chair. The annual report, which appears elsewhere in this month’s issue, and which had been previously adopted at the annual General Meeting of the Society, was then read by Mr. C. Thompson, one of the Hon. Secs. It detailed all matters of importance which had transpired during the year, and was on the whole of a highly encouraging character.

The Rev. W. D. Pounden, Incumbent of Christ Church, Lisburn, addressed the meeting on the value of such associations as a means of disseminating useful information regarding the various scientific problems attracting attention from time to time, and warned young men to beware of the sophistries of many, so called, scientists, whose object is to demonstrate that religion is opposed to what they are pleased to call the latest scientific deductions.

Colonel Waring, Vice-President, referred to the efforts of Mr. Bradlaugh to re-occupy his seat in Parliament in the past Session, and deplored the tendency manifested in some quarters towards relaxing the rules regulating the admission of members into the House, so as to admit unbelievers in the existence of a Supreme Being, to whom all His creatures are responsible.

The Rev. A. J. Moore, Incumbent of St. Jude’s, Ballynafeigh, and formerly a vice-president of the Society, next addressed the meeting, expressing the pleasure which he experienced in once more standing on the platform of the association. Amongst other matters, Mr. Moore mentioned the satisfaction with which he had learned that the Young Men’s Society had undertaken to continue the publication of the Lurgan Parochial Magazine, the perusal of whose pages had afforded him much gratification. He enjoined upon all present the importance of using every effort to increase its circulation.

R. L. Hamilton, Esq., J.P., of the Belfast Church of Ireland Young Men’s Society, whose addresses, given in his own forcible and happy manner, are always much appreciated by a Lurgan audience, was next introduced. He made some very pungent remarks condemnatory of sectarian bigotry, and urged upon all a deeper interest in the advancement of their Master’s cause under whatever name it may be carried on. Mr. Hamilton also pressed upon the members of the Society the necessity of supporting a Sunday morning prayer meeting, as well as of regular attendance at the Bible Class conducted by the President every Wednesday evening, pointing out that amongst the objects of their Society, as laid down in its rules, he was pleased to observe that the “spiritual improvement” of its members occupied the premier place. He showed the hollowness of worldy success when separated from devotedness to the service of Christ, which should be the mainspring of all their actions. Mr. Hamilton’s address was eminently practical and well-directed, and was listened to with the greatest attention. 

A vote of thanks to the gentlemen who had addressed the meeting, to the ladies who had presided at the tea-tables, and to the members of the church choir, by whom, under the leadership of Mr. Poole, organist, the programme was agreeably interspersed with several well-rendered musical selections, was moved by the Rev. S. J. Hackett, vice-president, and seconded by Mr. C. Thompson, sec. Colonel Waring responded on behalf of the speakers, and the Rev. W. D. Pounden for the ladies.

The following ladies had charge of the tea-tables : –

Mrs. Campbell, the Rectory; Mrs. Poole,
Mrs. Malcolm, Mrs. James Campbell,
Mrs. Waring, Mrs. Gilbert,
Miss Watson, Mrs. Boyce,
Miss Hancock, Miss Greer, Model School;
Mrs. Reburn, Miss Livingston,
Miss Greer, Woodville; Miss McConnell,
Miss Mathers, Mrs. Evans,
Miss McLeavy, Miss Evans,
Mrs. G. Douglas, Mrs. Menary,
Miss Douglas, Miss McNeill,
Miss Johnston, Miss Hamilton,
Mrs. John Ross, Miss Parkinson,
Miss Anderson, Lawnmount; Miss Ellis.


And, in addition to the speakers, the following friends were present : –

Rev. Thomas A. Jones, Courtney Johnston, Esq.,
Rev. E. F. Campbell, Rector of Ballyeglish; James Johnston, Esq. (Hill Street) Vice-President;
James Malcolm, Esq., J.P., William Macoun, Esq., Vice-President.


As bearing on the remarks of Mr. Hamilton regarding the Sunday Morning Prayer-meeting, it may not be out of place to mention that such a meeting is conducted by Young Men every Sunday Morning, in the Shankill Buildings, at Eight o’clock.

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