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Lurgan Census Records 1901


The Census of Ireland, 1901, was conducted on the night of Sunday, 31st March 1901.  The Census covered all Ireland and the returns were arranged by townland in rural areas and by street in the urban areas. All those in the house at that time were included in the form. Lodgers, boarders, servants, and even visiting friends were included but those family members away from home on the day were not included with the other family members.

The Census returns for 1901 included the following:


1901 Census Return (Form A) for the McElroy Family at Harkins Court, Lurgan.

FORM A was the basic household return and it was¬†completed and signed by the head of each household. The information sought on each individual in the household was: –

Name and Surname:
The Name of the Head of the Family should be written first; then the names of his Wife, Children, and other Relatives; then those of Visitors, Boarders, Servants, &c,   
Relation to Head of Family:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† State whether “Head of Family,” or “Wife,” “Son,” “Daughter,” or other relative; “Visitor,” “Boarder,” “Servant,” &c.¬†
Religious Denomination: State here the Religious Denomination to which each person belongs. Members of the Protestant Denominations are requested to enter the name of the Particular Church, Denomination, or Body, to which they belong.  
Education: State here whether he or she can “Read and Write,” can “Read” only, or “Cannot Read.”¬†
Age: Years on last Birthday. Months for Infants under one Year. 
Sex: Write “M” for Males and “F” for Females.¬†
Rank, Profession or Occupation: State the Particular Rank, Profession, Trade, or other Employment of each person. Children or young persons attending a School, or receiving instruction at home, should be returned as Scholars.  
Whether “Married,” “Widower,” “Widow,” or “Not Married.”¬†
Where Born: If in Ireland, state in what County or City; if elsewhere, state the name of the Country. 
Irish Language: Write the word “IRISH” opposite the name of each person who speaks IRISH only, and the words “IRISH & ENGLISH” opposite the names of those who can speak both languages. In other cases no entry should be made in this column.¬†
Disability: If Deaf and Dumb; Dumb only; Blind; Imbecile or Idiot; or Lunatic.  

The back of FORM A , give the head of household and the address. In some cases, where forms were filled out in Irish, the name of the head of household appears in English on the back of the form. 



FORM N. was completed by the Enumerator and summarized the following administrative information for the street or townland:

  • County
  • Parliamentary Division
  • Poor Law Union
  • District Electoral Division
  • Townland or Street
  • Constabulary District
  • City, Urban District, Town or Village
  • Barony
  • Sub-District
  • Parliamentary Borough
  • Parish


Form N (part of) - Enumerator abstract for Harkins Court, Lurgan.

FORM N. also listed, the Enumerator’s name,¬†the number of the dwelling house, the number of families in each dwelling house,¬†if the dwelling house was inhabited or uninhabited, the number of persons in the dwelling House (by sex), and the religion of each person in the dwelling house (by sex).



FORM B. 1. was completed by the Enumerator and summarized the administrative information as in FORM N. It also summarized information pertaining to the houses and families as:

The information about Houses included:

  • Number of House
  • Whether Built or Building
  • Whether Private Dwelling, Public Building, School, Manufactory, Hotel, Public-House, Lodging-House, Shop, &c.
  • Number of Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings as returned on Form B2.
  • Whether House is Inhabitated
  • Walls (are of Stone, Brick, Concrete or are of Mud, Wood or other perishable material)
  • Roof (is of Slate, Iron or Tiles¬†or is of Thatch, Wood or other perishable material)
  • Rooms (1 room only, 2 to 4 rooms, 5 to 6 rooms, 7 to 9 rooms, 10 to 12 rooms or 13 or more rooms)
  • Number of Windows in Front of House (exact number)¬†
  • Class of House

The information about Families included:

  • Number of distinct Families in each House
  • Name of the Head of¬†each Family residing in¬†the House
  • Number of Rooms occupied by each Family
  • Total number of Persons in each Family
  • Date in which FORM A. was collected by the Enumerator
  • Number of Persons in each Family who was sick on 31st March 1901
  • Name of the Landlord(if any) on whose Holding the House is situated
  • Number on FORM M1 if the House is on a Holding of a Landlord



FORM B. 2. give more detailed information on secondary buildings attached to a property, such as Outhouses, Workshops, and various types of Farm Buildings such as Stable, Cow House, Piggery, or Fowl House. 


The 1901 Census Records For Lurgan.

I have split the Census returns for Lurgan into two categories, Lurgan Urban which includes 80 streets in Lurgan Town and the Townlands of Lurgan, which includes five Townlands surrounding the Lurgan area.

To view the Streets of Lurgan, click Lurgan Urban

The Townlands of Brownlows contains Aughacommon, Ballynamoney, Boconnell, Kilvergan, Knockramer, and Tannaghmore West.

To view the Townlands of Brownlows, click  Brownlows

The Townlands of Brownlows Derry contains Annaloist, Drumnakelly, Kinnego, Silverwood, and Turmoyre. 

To view the Townlands of Brownlows Derry, click  Brownlows Derry

The Townlands of Cornakinnegar contains Clankilvoragh, Clanrolla North, Cornakinnegar, Derrylisnahavil, Donegreagh, Drumnakerne, Killaghy, Lisacurran, Lurgantarry, Tannaghmore North, Tullydagan, and Tullyronnelly.

To view the Townlands of Cornakinnegar, click  Cornakinnegar

The Townlands of Lurgan Rural contains Aughnacloy, Ballyblagh, Demesne, Derry Rural, Dougher Rural, Knocknashane, Legahorry, Monbrief, Taghnevin, Tannaghmore South, Tiersogue, Toberhewny, and Tullygally.

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The Townlands of Montiaghs contains Ardmore, Ballinary, Charlestown (Village), Derryadd, Derrycor, Derryinver, Derryloist, Derrymacash, Derrytagh, North, Derrytagh South, Derrytrasna.

To view the Townlands of Montiaghs, click  Montiaghs


The 1901 Lurgan Census Records have been reproduced from the National Archives of Ireland.
(National Archives of Ireland)

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