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Land Owners in County Armagh for 1876

Land Owners In Ireland.

Return Of Owners Of Land


One Acre and Upwards,

In The Several

Counties, Counties Of Cities, And Counties Of Towns

In Ireland

Showing the Names of Such Owners Arranged Alphabetically In Each County; Their Addresses – As Far As Could Be
Ascertained – The Extent In Statute Acres, and the Valuation In Each Case; Together With the Number of Owners
in Each County of Less Than One Statute Acre in Extent; and the Total Area and Valuation of Such Proprietors; and the
Grand Total of Area and Valuation for All Owners of Property in Each County, County of a City or County of a Town,
To Which Is Added

A Summary For Each Province And For All Ireland.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.


The Return of Owners Of Land In Ireland originated from a discussion which took place in the House of Lords in February, 1872, on a question asked by the Earl of Derby whether it was the intention of Her Majesty’s Government to take any steps for ascertaining accurately the number of proprietors of land and houses in the United Kingdom, with the quantity of land owned by each proprietor.
The preparation of the Return for England and Wales appears to have commenced in September, 1872, and in January, 1873 the Local Government Board in Ireland received the directions of His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to prepare a similar Return for Ireland; with directions that it should be, as far as possible, identical with the English Return, substituting the rateable value for the gross estimated rental.
The Local Government Board in Ireland set about to ascertain the number and names of owners of land of one acre and upwards, whether built upon or not, in Ireland. Clerks of the various Poor Law Unions were called upon to draw up lists of such persons from the property valuation and rate books in their custody. The lists were returned to the Local Government Board by the end of 1875, and published in 1876. Since the returns include the names of small landowners as well as large-owners of modest acres as well as great estates-they stand as a census of a significant proportion of the population of Ireland in 1876 and no doubt contain the names of many people who were related to emigrants of an earlier period. (There were 32,614 owners of land of one acre and 36,144 owners of less than one acre, this latter group not named, of course.)

The returns are organized by provinces (Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connaught), then by counties, and there under alphabetically by the name of the landowner, giving his address, the extent of his property (in acres, roods and poles), and its valuation. The work constitutes an official inventory of land ownership and is in effect an 1870s-style Domesday Book for Ireland.


Population of County Armagh in 1871, 179,221.
Inhabited Houses in County Armagh, 34,429.


Total for 1,542 Owners of Land of One Acre and upwards, 309,113 2 5    374,868  10
Add for 925 Owners of Land of less than One Acre in extent,  448 0  25 37,363 5
GRAND TOTAL for 2,467 Owners in the County, 309,561 2 30 412,232 0
ESTIMATED EXTENT of Waste Lands in the County, 3,000 0 0 –  – 
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