A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

Flax Growers List A – D

The Flax Growers Bounty List For County Armagh.

A – D.


Name Parish & County                Name Parish & County
Abbitt, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Carson, Simon Derrynoose, Armagh
Acheson, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Carson, William Armagh, Armagh
Acheson, Gilbert Keady, Armagh   Carson, William Loughgall, Armagh
Acheson, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Carter, Eleanor Armagh, Armagh
Acheson, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Cartmel, John Killevy, Armagh
Acheson, William Armagh, Armagh   Cartmel, William Killevy, Armagh
Acheson, William Loughgilly, Armagh   Cartmell, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Adams, Elizabeth Armagh, Armagh   Casey, Patrick Creggan, Armagh
Adams, John Armagh, Armagh   Cashaday, Thomas Kilmore, Armagh
Adams, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cassidy, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Adamson, David Loughgall, Armagh   Cassidy, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Adamson, Joseph Loughgilly, Armagh   Cassidy, William Derrynoose, Armagh
Adamson, William Armagh, Armagh   Cavan, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Agnew, Alexander Derrynoose, Armagh   Cavanagh, Daniel Armagh, Armagh
Agnew, Francis Killevy, Armagh   Cavanagh, James Armagh, Armagh
Agnew, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Cavanagh, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Agnew, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Chambers, Anthony Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Agnew, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh   Chambers, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Aikins, William Armagh, Armagh   Chambers, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Albin, James Kilmore, Armagh   Chambers, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Albin, John (jun.) Kilmore, Armagh   Chambers, William Armagh, Armagh
Albin, John (sen.) Kilmore, Armagh   Chapman, James Kilmore, Armagh
Albin, Robert Kilmore, Armagh   Chapman, Robert Kilmore, Armagh
Albin, William (jun.) Kilmore, Armagh   Charleton, Rev. William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Albin, William (sen.) Kilmore, Armagh   Cherry, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Alexander, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Christey, William Ballymore, Armagh
Alexander, Joseph Killyman, Armagh   Christy, George Ballymore, Armagh
Alexander, Joshua Killyman, Armagh   Christy, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh
Alexander, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarin, Judith Loughgilly, Armagh
Allen, Alexander Tynan, Armagh   Clarke, Adam Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Allen, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarke, Alexander Tynan, Armagh
Allen, George Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, Andrew Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Allen, George Kilmore, Armagh   Clarke, Bryan Creggan, Armagh
Allen, James Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Allen, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarke, James Armagh, Armagh
Allen, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, John Armagh, Armagh
Allen, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarke, John Killevy, Armagh
Allen, Walter Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarke, John Loughgall, Armagh
Allen, William Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Allen, William Kilmore, Armagh   Clarke, John Tynan, Armagh
Alten, John Kilmore, Armagh   Clarke, Mary Killevy, Armagh
Anderson, Alexander Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, Paul Loughgilly, Armagh
Anderson, David Armagh, Armagh   Clarke, Robert Killevy, Armagh
Anderson, James Tynan, Armagh   Clarke, Thomas Killevy, Armagh
Anderson, John Clonfeacle, Armagh   Clarke, William Armagh, Armagh
Anderson, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clarke, William Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Anderson, Robert Tynan, Armagh   Clelland, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Anderson, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Clelland, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Anderson, William Armagh, Armagh   Clements, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Andrews, David Armagh, Armagh   Clements, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Andrews, Elizabeth Derrynoose, Armagh   Clinton, Absalom Ballymore, Armagh
Andrews, William Kilmore, Armagh   Clougher, Thomas Clonfeacle, Armagh
Angel, James Armagh, Armagh   Cloughley, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Anslow, Michael Drumcree, Armagh   Cloughley, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Archer, Moses Armagh, Armagh   Clung, James (sen.) Armagh, Armagh
Archer, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Coaser, William Tynan, Armagh
Ard, George Killevy, Armagh   Coburn, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Ardry, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cochran, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, Andrew (jun.) Derrynoose, Armagh   Cochran, Jonathan Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, Andrew (sen) Derrynoose, Armagh   Cochran, Joshua Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, Anne Derrynoose, Armagh   Cochran, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Armstrong, Brent Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Coin, Peter Loughgall, Armagh
Armstrong, George Derrynoose, Armagh   Collinosavicz, Tommasso Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Collins, Daniel Armagh, Armagh
Armstrong, James Kilmore, Armagh   Collins, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Collins, John Armagh, Armagh
Armstrong, John Creggan, Armagh   Colthurst, William Armagh, Armagh
Armstrong, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Colwell, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Armstrong, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Compston, Arthur Keady, Armagh
Armstrong, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh   Cona, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, Thomas Kilmore, Armagh   Conaghan, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Armstrong, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conally, Mary Killevy, Armagh
Armstrong, William Tynan, Armagh   Coneghey, James Loughgall, Armagh
Arnott, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conelly, Henry Clonfeacle, Armagh
Ash, William Tynan, Armagh   Conelly, Phelemy Armagh, Armagh
Ashcroft, Edward Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conigan, John Clonfeacle, Armagh
Askin, John Tynan, Armagh   Conlan, Charles Armagh, Armagh
Atkinson, Eleanor Armagh, Armagh   Conlan, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Atkinson, John Armagh, Armagh   Conlan, Michael Creggan, Armagh
Ausley, William Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Conlan, Michael Derrynoose, Armagh
      Conlan, William Armagh, Armagh
Baily, William Ballymore, Armagh   Conn, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Ball, Eneas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conn, Robert Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Ballance, John Ballymore, Armagh   Conn, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Ballentine, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Conn, William Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Ballentine, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Connolly, Philemy Tynan, Armagh
Bane, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Connor, Thomas Loughgall, Armagh
Bane, Richard Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conolly, Bridget Tynan, Armagh
Bane, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Conolly, James Armagh, Armagh
Barber, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Conolly, James Tynan, Armagh
Barclay, Alexander Tynan, Armagh   Conolly, Joseph Armagh, Armagh
Barcly, Mary Armagh, Armagh   Conolly, Peter Armagh, Armagh
Barker, Hugh Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Conolly, Phelix Armagh, Armagh
Barker, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Conry, John Armagh, Armagh
Barnet, James Armagh, Armagh   Conry, Terence Clonfeacle, Armagh
Barns, John Armagh, Armagh   Conry, Timothy Armagh, Armagh
Barns, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh   Convrey, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Barns, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Cook, Robert Ballymore, Armagh
Barr, John Tynan, Armagh   Cooke, John Loughgall, Armagh
Barret, Jacob Loughgall, Armagh   Cooper, Francis Tynan, Armagh
Barrett, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Cooper, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bateson, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Cooper, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bawn, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cooper, Widow Loughgall, Armagh
Baxter, Elizabeth Tynan, Armagh   Copeland, John Armagh, Armagh
Bealey, William Armagh, Armagh   Copeland, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Beals, John Armagh, Armagh   Copeland, Richard Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Beard, Hugh Derrynoose, Armagh   Copeland, Robert Killevy, Armagh
Beard, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Corigan, Philip Loughgall, Armagh
Beard, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Corner, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Beard, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh   Corner, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Beatey, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corner, Patrick Kilmore, Armagh
Beatey, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corr, James Armagh, Armagh
Beattey, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corr, John Armagh, Armagh
Beattey, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corr, John Tynan, Armagh
Beatty, Joseph Clonfeacle, Armagh   Corr, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Beavers, Samuel Loughgall, Armagh   Corr, Peter Armagh, Armagh
Beck, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corr, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Beck, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Corran, Hugh Tynan, Armagh
Beck, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cory, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Bell, Agnes Derrynoose, Armagh   Coskry, Bryan Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, Benjamin Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Coskry, Henry Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Coskry, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, Elizabeth Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Coskry, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, Francis Armagh, Armagh   Coulter, Andrew Derrynoose, Armagh
Bell, Francis Kilmore, Armagh   Coulter, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, George Armagh, Armagh   Coulter, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, Hugh Derrynoose, Armagh   Coulter, Samuel Armagh, Armagh
Bell, James Ballymore, Armagh   Courtney, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bell, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Courtney, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Bell, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Couser, Martha Armagh, Armagh
Bell, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Couser, William Armagh, Armagh
Bell, Matthew Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Couser, William Derrynoose, Armagh
Bell, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Cowan, Michael Armagh, Armagh
Bell, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cowan, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Bell, William Armagh, Armagh   Cowan, Philip Keady, Armagh
Bennet, Daniel Loughgilly, Armagh   Cowan, William Tynan, Armagh
Bennet, John Armagh, Armagh   Coyne, Bernard Armagh, Armagh
Bennett, Bernard Loughgilly, Armagh   Coyne, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
Bennett, Hugh Creggan, Armagh   Coyne, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Beresford, John Tynan, Armagh   Craig, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Best, John Killevy, Armagh   Craig, John Tynan, Armagh
Best, John Seagoe, Armagh   Craig, Margaret Loughgilly, Armagh
Bettles, John Ballymore, Armagh   Craig, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh
Bettles, Scoffield Ballymore, Armagh   Craig, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Bigham, William Keady, Armagh   Craige, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bingham, John Tynan, Armagh   Crawford, Edward Keady, Armagh
Bingham, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crawford, Elizabeth Armagh, Armagh
Birch, Samuel Armagh, Armagh   Crawford, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
Birmingham, Widow Loughgall, Armagh   Crawford, James Armagh, Armagh
Black, Adam Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crawford, Terence Armagh, Armagh
Black, Brabston Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Creeth, John Kilmore, Armagh
Black, George Armagh, Armagh   Crory, Robert Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Black, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Crozier, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Black, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crozier, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Black, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Crumey, Bryan Creggan, Armagh
Black, Luke Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crumey, Isabella Derrynoose, Armagh
Black, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crumey, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Black, Matthew Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crumey, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Black, Oliver Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crumey, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Black, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Crumey, Teague Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Blackstock, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Crumey, William Derrynoose, Armagh
Blackwood, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Crummer, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Blair, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cullen, Bernard Kilmore, Armagh
Blair, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cullen, Bryan Armagh, Armagh
Blair, William Keady, Armagh   Cullen, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Blakely, David Armagh, Armagh   Cullen, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
Blakely, David Clonfeacle, Armagh   Cullen, James Armagh, Armagh
Blakely, David Keady, Armagh   Cullen, James Tynan, Armagh
Blakely, Edward Creggan, Armagh   Cullen, John Clonfeacle, Armagh
Blakely, John Keady, Armagh   Cullen, John Keady, Armagh
Blakely, William Keady, Armagh   Cullen, Laurence Kilmore, Armagh
Blevens, John Clonfeacle, Armagh   Cullen, Peter Armagh, Armagh
Bloomer, John Armagh, Armagh   Cullen, Sarah Armagh, Armagh
Bloomer, Richard Tynan, Armagh   Cullen, Terence Armagh, Armagh
Bocock, Robert Tynan, Armagh   Cullens, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh
Bodle, Alexander Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cullins, Edward Loughgall, Armagh
Bodle, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cully, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bodle, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cully, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Bodle, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Cully, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Bodle, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cumming, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Boland, Abraham Loughgall, Armagh   Cunningham, Archibald Creggan, Armagh
Boyd, Andrew Loughgilly, Armagh   Cunningham, James Armagh, Armagh
Boyd, David Loughgilly, Armagh   Cunningham, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Boyd, James Tynan, Armagh   Cunningham, Robert Armagh, Armagh
Boyd, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Curry, Agnes Keady, Armagh
Boyd, Moses Loughgilly, Armagh   Curry, Eleanor Keady, Armagh
Boyd, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Curry, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Boyd, William Loughgilly, Armagh   Curry, James Keady, Armagh
Boyd, William Tynan, Armagh   Curry, John Keady, Armagh
Boyland, Charles Loughgilly, Armagh   Curry, Owen Derrynoose, Armagh
Boyland, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Cutler, Samuel Keady, Armagh
Boyland, John Loughgilly, Armagh      
Boyland, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh   Daly, Bryan Armagh, Armagh
Boyland, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Daly, Corney Armagh, Armagh
Boyle, Francis Armagh, Armagh   Daly, Daniel Creggan, Armagh
Boyle, Neal Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Daly, Donald Keady, Armagh
Bradley, Owen Loughgilly, Armagh   Daly, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Bradshaw, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Daly, Francis Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Branagan, Anne Armagh, Armagh   Daly, Laurence Derrynoose, Armagh
Branagan, Arthur Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dalzel, Samuel Tynan, Armagh
Branagan, Bryan Armagh, Armagh   Dalzell, Allen Tynan, Armagh
Branagan, Denis Armagh, Armagh   Dalzell, John Tynan, Armagh
Branagan, Phelimy Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dalzell, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Branagan, Terence Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Davidson, Alexander Armagh, Armagh
Brann, John Ballymore, Armagh   Davidson, Daniel Tynan, Armagh
Brannagan, Felix Killevy, Armagh   Davidson, James Armagh, Armagh
Brannan, Daniel Derrynoose, Armagh   Davidson, Joseph Armagh, Armagh
Brannan, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Davidson, Matthew Tynan, Armagh
Brannan, Philip Derrynoose, Armagh   Davidson, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh
Branon, Catherine Derrynoose, Armagh   Davis, William Armagh, Armagh
Branon, William Derrynoose, Armagh   Dealy, Anthony Tynan, Armagh
Brawley, William Armagh, Armagh   Dealy, John Tynan, Armagh
Brawly, Edward Armagh, Armagh   Delany, Charles Derrynoose, Armagh
Brigs, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Develin, John Loughgall, Armagh
Brins, John Ballymore, Armagh   Devlin, Francis Ballymore, Armagh
Brookes, Jane Armagh, Armagh   Devlin, Henry Loughgilly, Armagh
Brookes, John Armagh, Armagh   Devlin, Neil Loughgilly, Armagh
Brookes, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Devlin, Owen Loughgilly, Armagh
Brookes, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Devlin, Walter Keady, Armagh
Brooks, Charles Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dewoody, Agnes Derrynoose, Armagh
Brooks, John Armagh, Armagh   Dewoody, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh
Brotherton, Nicholas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dillon, James Tynan, Armagh
Brown, Charles Armagh, Armagh   Dillon, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Brown, George Killevy, Armagh   Dillon, Mary Armagh, Armagh
Brown, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dillon, Terence Armagh, Armagh
Brown, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Dillon, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Brown, John Armagh, Armagh   Dillon, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Brown, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Dillon, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Brown, John Keady, Armagh   Dinning, Strong Tynan, Armagh
Brown, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Divine, James Armagh, Armagh
Brown, John (jun.) Armagh, Armagh   Divine, James (jun.) Armagh, Armagh
Brown, Samuel Keady, Armagh   Divine, John Armagh, Armagh
Brown, Thomas Keady, Armagh   Diviny, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Brown, Thomas Killevy, Armagh   Dixon, Samuel Armagh, Armagh
Brown, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dixon, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Brownfield, John Armagh, Armagh   Dobbin, Alexander Armagh, Armagh
Brownly, Thomas Tynan, Armagh   Dobbin, James Keady, Armagh
Bryans, John Armagh, Armagh   Dobbin, John Armagh, Armagh
Bryars, Charles Armagh, Armagh   Dobbin, Oliver Loughgall, Armagh
Bryars, James Armagh, Armagh   Dobbin, William Loughgall, Armagh
Bryars, John Armagh, Armagh   Dobbs, William Derrynoose, Armagh
Buchannan, Alexander Loughgilly, Armagh   Dodds, Alexander Keady, Armagh
Buchanon, John Creggan, Armagh   Dodds, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Bulla, Daniel Kilmore, Armagh   Dogan, Anne Loughgilly, Armagh
Burch, James Kilmore, Armagh   Dogan, Arthur Armagh, Armagh
Burke, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Dogan, Arthur Loughgilly, Armagh
Burke, Peter Keady, Armagh   Dogan, Daniel Armagh, Armagh
Burke, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dogan, Elizabeth Armagh, Armagh
Burley, William Seagoe, Armagh   Dogan, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Burns, David Loughgilly, Armagh   Dogan, Henry Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Burns, Hugh Ballymore, Armagh   Dogan, Hugh Loughgilly, Armagh
Burns, John Creggan, Armagh   Dogan, James Armagh, Armagh
Busby, Robert Tynan, Armagh   Dogan, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byers, Samuel Loughgilly, Armagh   Dogan, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byrne, Francis Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Dogan, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byrne, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dogan, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byrne, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dogan, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byrne, Michael Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Dogan, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Byrne, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   Dogherty, Francis Tynan, Armagh
Byrne, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Dolaghan, Hugh Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Byrne, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donaghey, Charles Armagh, Armagh
      Donaghey, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Cairley, Anne Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donaghey, William Armagh, Armagh
Calaghan, Bernard Keady, Armagh   Donaghy, Denis Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Calaghan, Edward Keady, Armagh   Donaghy, Patrick Creggan, Armagh
Calaghan, James Creggan, Armagh   Donaghy, Terence Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Calaghan, Patrick Keady, Armagh   Donaldson, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Caldwell, Robert Killevy, Armagh   Donaldson, Elizabeth Armagh, Armagh
Caldwell, William Killevy, Armagh   Donaldson, James Armagh, Armagh
Caliston, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donaldson, John Armagh, Armagh
Callaghan, Bernard Killevy, Armagh   Donaldson, Joseph Creggan, Armagh
Callaghan, Bryan Creggan, Armagh   Donaldson, Randal Creggan, Armagh
Callaghan, Edward Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donaldson, Robert Tynan, Armagh
Callaghan, Felix Loughgilly, Armagh   Donaldson, Samuel Creggan, Armagh
Callaghan, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Donaldson, William Loughgall, Armagh
Callaghan, Michael Loughgilly, Armagh   Donaldson, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Callaghan, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh   Donaldson, William Tynan, Armagh
Callaghan, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donally, Bernard Armagh, Armagh
Callans, John Loughgall, Armagh   Donally, Charles Loughgilly, Armagh
Calter, Laurence Armagh, Armagh   Donally, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Campbel, Arthur Armagh, Armagh   Donally, Michael Armagh, Armagh
Campbel, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   Donally, Robert Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Charles Armagh, Armagh   Donally, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Cornelius Loughgilly, Armagh   Donally, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Campbell, Francis Armagh, Armagh   Donelly, Arthur Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Hugh Creggan, Armagh   Donelly, Arthur Tynan, Armagh
Campbell, James Armagh, Armagh   Donelly, Bernard Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Donelly, Daniel Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donelly, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, John Armagh, Armagh   Donelly, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, John Ballymore, Armagh   Donelly, Henry Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Donelly, Hugh Clonfeacle, Armagh
Campbell, Laurence Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donelly, James Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Michael Derrynoose, Armagh   Donelly, John Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Michael Loughgilly, Armagh   Donelly, Mary Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Peter Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donelly, Matthew Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Richard Loughgilly, Armagh   Donelly, Michael Clonfeacle, Armagh
Campbell, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh   Donelly, Owen Clonfeacle, Armagh
Campbell, Robert Tynan, Armagh   Donelly, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Campbell, Stephen Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donelly, Patrick Clonfeacle, Armagh
Campbell, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh   Donelly, Peter Armagh, Armagh
Campble, Phelemy Clonfeacle, Armagh   Donelly, Philip Clonfeacle, Armagh
Canavan, Neal Armagh, Armagh   Donelly, Robert Kilmore, Armagh
Cannon, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Donelly, Terence Armagh, Armagh
Cappagh, Alexander Loughgall, Armagh   Donelly, Terence Loughgall, Armagh
Caraboo, Neil Tynan, Armagh   Donelly, Thomas Loughgall, Armagh
Caragher, Bryan Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donnelly, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
Caragher, Edward Ballymore, Armagh   Donnelly, Phelemy Armagh, Armagh
Caragher, Edward Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donnolly, Rose Derrynoose, Armagh
Caragher, Francis Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donolly, Arthur Armagh, Armagh
Caragher, Henry Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donolly, Terence Creggan, Armagh
Caragher, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donoughey, Edward Kilmore, Armagh
Caragher, Matthew Armagh, Armagh   Donoughey, John Kilmore, Armagh
Caragher, Michael Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Donoughey, John Loughgall, Armagh
Caragher, Owen Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Doran, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Caragher, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Dougherty, Richard Kilmore, Armagh
Caragher, Peter Armagh, Armagh   Douglas, Charles Loughgilly, Armagh
Caragher, Peter Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Douglas, Gawin Loughgilly, Armagh
Caragher, Rose Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Douglas, George Loughgilly, Armagh
Caragher, Thomas Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Douglas, Hans Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Carberry, Bernard Tynan, Armagh   Douglas, Henry Loughgilly, Armagh
Carbry, Edward Tynan, Armagh   Douglas, Joseph Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Carbry, Owen Tynan, Armagh   Douglas, Margaret Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carbsy, Patrick Tynan, Armagh   Douglas, Mary Loughgilly, Armagh
Cardle, John Loughgall, Armagh   Downey, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Cardle, William Loughgall, Armagh   Downey, Neal Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Cardwell, James Armagh, Armagh   Downey, Peter Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Caregher, Terence Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Downey, William Armagh, Armagh
Carlisle, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Downy, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Carnaghan, Joseph Armagh, Armagh   Doyle, Owen Loughgilly, Armagh
Carr, Felix Loughgilly, Armagh   Doyle, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carr, Hugh Loughgall, Armagh   Draffen, John Tynan, Armagh
Carr, John Loughgall, Armagh   Drenon, John Armagh, Armagh
Carr, Patrick Killyman, Armagh   Duck, John Drumcree, Armagh
Carr, Widow Killyman, Armagh   Ducker, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Carran, Bartolomew Loughgall, Armagh   Duffey, Matthew Armagh, Armagh
Carrick, Verner Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Duffey, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh
Carrol, John Loughgall, Armagh   Duffy, Bryan Creggan, Armagh
Carrol, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   Duffy, James Keady, Armagh
Carrol, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Duffy, Philip Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Carroll, Edward Derrynoose, Armagh   Duffy, Terence Kilmore, Armagh
Carroll, Jane Armagh, Armagh   Duncan, David Armagh, Armagh
Carroll, Owen Tynan, Armagh   Duncan, Hugh Tynan, Armagh
Carroll, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Duncan, John Armagh, Armagh
Carroll, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Dunlap, Adam Keady, Armagh
Carroll, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Dunlap, George Clonfeacle, Armagh
Carron, Patrick Clonfeacle, Armagh   Dunlap, James Keady, Armagh
Carron, Richard Clonfeacle, Armagh   Dunlap, John Armagh, Armagh
Carron, Thomas Clonfeacle, Armagh   Dunn, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh
Carson, Hugh Armagh, Armagh   Durnan, Bridget Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carson, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Durnan, James Creggan, Armagh
Carson, John Armagh, Armagh   Durnan, Mary Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carson, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Durnan, Owen Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carson, Joseph Armagh, Armagh   Durnan, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Carson, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh   Dury, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
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