A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh

Flax Growers List L – M

The Flax Growers Bounty List For County Armagh.

L – M


Name Parish & County                Name Parish & County
Lamb, Bernard Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCosker, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Lamb, James Armagh, Armagh   McCosker, Terence Derrynoose, Armagh
Lamb, James Loughgilly, Armagh   McCoskrey, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Lamb, Patrick Creggan, Armagh   McCourt, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Lang, Elizabeth Armagh, Armagh   McCourt, Owen Keady, Armagh
Lantry, John Seagoe, Armagh   McCourt, Patrick Ballymore, Armagh
Lappan, Daniel Clonfeacle, Armagh   McCourt, Philip Derrynoose, Armagh
Lappan, Denis Armagh, Armagh   McCourt, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lappan, Hugh Derrynoose, Armagh   McCracken, David Tynan, Armagh
Lappan, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McCracken, John Armagh, Armagh
Lappan, James Loughgall, Armagh   McCracken, Mary Armagh, Armagh
Lappan, John Armagh, Armagh   McCreagh, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Lappan, Michcael Derrynoose, Armagh   McCreery, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Lappan, Patrick Keady, Armagh   McCreery, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lappan, Peter Derrynoose, Armagh   McCreery, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh
Lappan, Peter Kilmore, Armagh   McCreety, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Lappan, Terence Armagh, Armagh   McCreish, Owen Creggan, Armagh
Lappin, Bernard Armagh, Armagh   McCreish, Terence Creggan, Armagh
Lappin, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh   McCrory, Patrick Keady, Armagh
Lappin, William Armagh, Armagh   McCrum, James Tynan, Armagh
Lappon, Owen Loughgall, Armagh   McCrum, John Tynan, Armagh
Largey, James Armagh, Armagh   McCrum, Patrick Tynan, Armagh
Largey, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   McCrum, William Tynan, Armagh
Larkin, Arthur Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCudden, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Larkin, James Loughgilly, Armagh   McCudden, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Larkin, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCullagh, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Larkin, Peter Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCullens, Robert Killevy, Armagh
Laughlin, James Ballymore, Armagh   McCullough, Archy Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Laughlin, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh   McCullough, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Lavel, Hugh Lavel Clonfeacle, Armagh   McCullough, Henry Keady, Armagh
Laverty, Daniel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCullough, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
Laverty, James Drumcree, Armagh   McCullough, James Armagh, Armagh
Lawson, Abraham Derrynoose, Armagh   McCullough, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
Lawson, David Tynan, Armagh   McCullough, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh
Lawson, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCullough, William Keady, Armagh
Lawson, John Keady, Armagh   McCullough, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Lawson, William Keady, Armagh   McCullough, William Loughgall, Armagh
Lawson, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McCune, David Loughgilly, Armagh
Ledlie, David Killevy, Armagh   McCune, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Ledlie, John Killevy, Armagh   McCusker, Bryan Derrynoose, Armagh
Ledlie, Thomas Killevy, Armagh   McCutchon, Andrew Ballymore, Armagh
Lee, Alexander Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McDade, John Armagh, Armagh
Lee, Leonard Armagh, Armagh   McDonnell, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Leeper, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McDonnell, Patrick Tynan, Armagh
Leeper, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McDonnida, Michael Kilmore, Armagh
Leister, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McDowel, James Armagh, Armagh
Lemmon, George Keady, Armagh   McDowell, Prudence Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lemmon, Robert Keady, Armagh   McElroy, Thomas Ballymore, Armagh
Lemmon, William Keady, Armagh   McEvoy, Hugh Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Lemon, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McFadan, Alexander Loughgilly, Armagh
Lemon, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh   McFadan, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Lemon, Thomas Killevy, Armagh   McFadden, Alexander Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lemon, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McFarlan, Jane Loughgall, Armagh
Lenagh, Hugh Keady, Armagh   McFarshan, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Lenagh, Loughlin Keady, Armagh   McFarshan, Mary Loughgilly, Armagh
Lenagh, Michael Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McGalt, Balla Kilmore, Armagh
Lenagh, Terence Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McGarity, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lenaghan, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGarr, James Keady, Armagh
Lennon, John Armagh, Armagh   McGaughen, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lennon, Laurence Armagh, Armagh   McGaughey, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lennon, Peter Armagh, Armagh   McGaughey, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lenon, Patrick Creggan, Armagh   McGaw, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Leslie, Elizabeth Derrynoose, Armagh   McGeough, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Leslie, Francis Derrynoose, Armagh   McGiffen, William Ballymore, Armagh
Leslie, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McGinn, Bryan Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Leslie, Nathaniel Derrynoose, Armagh   McGinn, Henry Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Leslie, William Keady, Armagh   McGinn, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Lewis, John Kilmore, Armagh   McGinnis, William Derrynoose, Armagh
Lewis, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGlennon, Thomas Keady, Armagh
Lewis, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGlenon, Owen Clonfeacle, Armagh
Ligan, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGlone, Neal Armagh, Armagh
Liggit, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGovern, Daniel Killevy, Armagh
Linchy, Hugh Armagh, Armagh   McGowan, Margaret Drumcree, Armagh
Lindon, John Killevy, Armagh   McGran, Denis Clonfeacle, Armagh
Lindon, Laurence Loughgilly, Armagh   McGran, Michael Clonfeacle, Armagh
Lindon, Michael Loughgilly, Armagh   McGran, Patrick Clonfeacle, Armagh
Lindon, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McGraw, Phelix Armagh, Armagh
Lindsey, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGrory, Andrew Keady, Armagh
Linsey, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McGrory, Sylvester Tynan, Armagh
Little, Archibald Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGrory, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
Little, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGugin, Roger Loughgall, Armagh
Little, Francis Keady, Armagh   McGuigan, Phoebe Derrynoose, Armagh
Little, James Keady, Armagh   McGuill, Patrick Ballymore, Armagh
Little, Jane Armagh, Armagh   McGuire, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Little, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGuirgan, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Little, John Tynan, Armagh   McGuirk, Francis Armagh, Armagh
Little, John (jun.) Armagh, Armagh   McGurgan, Donald Keady, Armagh
Little, Mathew Killevy, Armagh   McGurgan, James Keady, Armagh
Little, Nicholas Tynan, Armagh   McGurgan, Matthew Keady, Armagh
Livingston, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McGurk, James Tynan, Armagh
Livingston, James Tynan, Armagh   McGurk, Neal Armagh, Armagh
Lockart, Arthur Killevy, Armagh   McHolm, Patrick Drumcree, Armagh
Lockart, George Killevy, Armagh   McIlduff, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Lockart, James Killevy, Armagh   McIlduff, Michael Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Lockart, John Loughgilly, Armagh   McIlmurry, John Tynan, Armagh
Lockart, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlroy, Elizabeth Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lockart, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McIlroy, Francis Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lockart, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlroy, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Lockhart, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlroy, John Keady, Armagh
Loe, Barry Loughgall, Armagh   McIlroy, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Loney, Francis Kilmore, Armagh   McIlroy, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Loney, John Kilmore, Armagh   McIlroy, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Loo, Felix Loughgilly, Armagh   McIlveen, Joseph Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Lotten, William Seagoe, Armagh   McIlveen, Samuel Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Loughead, Alexander Loughgilly, Armagh   McIlvenna, Bernard Keady, Armagh
Loughead, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlvenna, Henry Derrynoose, Armagh
Loughead, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlvenna, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Loughead, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlvenna, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh
Loughran, Bernard Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIlvenna, Peter Keady, Armagh
Loughran, Patrick Tynan, Armagh   McIlverma, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Loughran, Peter Creggan, Armagh   McIlwrath, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh
Loughran, Terence Keady, Armagh   McIver, George (jun.) Creggan, Armagh
Lowdan, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McIver, George (sen.) Creggan, Armagh
Lowdan, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McKean, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lowe, William Creggan, Armagh   McKearney, James Armagh, Armagh
Lowry, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh   McKee, Authur Armagh, Armagh
Loy, Owen Creggan, Armagh   McKee, Bryan Armagh, Armagh
Loy, Patrick Creggan, Armagh   McKee, Catherine Armagh, Armagh
Luke, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McKee, Henry Armagh, Armagh
Lunday, Hugh Loughgilly, Armagh   McKee, James Armagh, Armagh
Lunday, James Loughgilly, Armagh   McKee, John Armagh, Armagh
Lunday, John Loughgilly, Armagh   McKee, Joseph Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lunday, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh   McKee, Luke Armagh, Armagh
Lydlie, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McKee, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Lynas, Matthew Keady, Armagh   McKee, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Lynn, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McKee, Patrick Keady, Armagh
Lyons, John Derrynoose, Armagh   McKee, Stephen Loughgilly, Armagh
Lyons, Samuel Tynan, Armagh   McKeever, James Armagh, Armagh
Lyons, William Derrynoose, Armagh   McKeever, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Lyons, William Keady, Armagh   McKeevor, George Kilmore, Armagh
Lyster, Samuel Keady, Armagh   McKeevor, Henry Kilmore, Armagh
      McKeevor, Michael Armagh, Armagh
Macartney, George Killevy, Armagh   McKeevor, Patrick Kilmore, Armagh
Machel, James Loughgall, Armagh   McKeevor, Peter Kilmore, Armagh
Machel, Terence Loughgall, Armagh   McKeevor, Phelemy Clonfeacle, Armagh
Mackel, John Armagh, Armagh   McKeevor, Phelix Armagh, Armagh
Mackian, Andrew Creggan, Armagh   McKeevor, Philip Kilmore, Armagh
Mackian, Bryan Creggan, Armagh   McKenna, Agnes Armagh, Armagh
Mackian, Patrick Creggan, Armagh   McKenna, Arthur Derrynoose, Armagh
Mackian, Roger Creggan, Armagh   McKenna, Bridget Derrynoose, Armagh
Mackle, Arthur Clonfeacle, Armagh   McKenna, Catherine Derrynoose, Armagh
Macklin, Anthony Derrynoose, Armagh   McKenna, Cormick Armagh, Armagh
Macklin, John Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, Daniel Armagh, Armagh
Macklin, William Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, David Derrynoose, Armagh
Macquy, James Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, Edward Tynan, Armagh
Madden, Hugh Tynan, Armagh   McKenna, Felix Derrynoose, Armagh
Madden, James Tynan, Armagh   McKenna, Francis Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Maffet, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, Francis Tynan, Armagh
Maffet, William Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, James Derrynoose, Armagh
Magee, Bernard Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, James Keady, Armagh
Magee, Catherine Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, John Armagh, Armagh
Magee, Edward Armagh, Armagh   McKenna, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Magee, Henry Tynan, Armagh   McKenna, John Tynan, Armagh
Magee, James Armagh, Armagh   McKenny, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Magee, John Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Arthur Derrynoose, Armagh
Magee, John Keady, Armagh   McKeon, Charles Tynan, Armagh
Magee, John Tynan, Armagh   McKeon, Felix Loughgilly, Armagh
Magee, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Henry Loughgilly, Armagh
Magennis, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Maginis, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh   McKeon, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Maginnis, Edward Loughgilly, Armagh   McKeon, Owen Loughgilly, Armagh
Maglone, Arthur Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh
Maglone, Terence Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
Maglone, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Patrick (sen.) Loughgilly, Armagh
Magonigall, John Armagh, Armagh   McKeon, Thomas Creggan, Armagh
Magowan, Andrew Loughgilly, Armagh   McKeown, Bernard Killevy, Armagh
Magowan, James Armagh, Armagh   McKeown, John Armagh, Armagh
Magowan, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McKeown, William Armagh, Armagh
Magowan, John Armagh, Armagh   McKernan, Arthur Armagh, Armagh
Magowan, John Loughgilly, Armagh   McKernan, Fergus Armagh, Armagh
Magowan, Samuel Loughgilly, Armagh   McKernan, Neal Armagh, Armagh
Magowan, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   McKernan, Neal Derrynoose, Armagh
Magowan, Thomas (sen.) Loughgilly, Armagh   McKernan, Owen Derrynoose, Armagh
Magowan, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McKerney, Mary Derrynoose, Armagh
Magran, Henry Armagh, Armagh   McKewn, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Magran, James Armagh, Armagh   McKigan, James Armagh, Armagh
Magran, Richard Tynan, Armagh   McKillup, Denis Loughgilly, Armagh
Maguire, Francis Tynan, Armagh   McKillup, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Maguire, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   McKinley, Daniel Creggan, Armagh
Maguire, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   McKinley, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Magurk, Archibald Armagh, Armagh   McKinly, Murtagh Armagh, Armagh
Magurk, Terence Armagh, Armagh   McKinshy, Thomas Keady, Armagh
Maholm, Cormick Derrynoose, Armagh   McKinstry, Robert Armagh, Armagh
Maholm, Henry Derrynoose, Armagh   McLaughlin, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mahon, Anne Armagh, Armagh   McLaughlin, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mahon, Henry Armagh, Armagh   McLaughlin, John (jun.) Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Malcolmson, John Loughgilly, Armagh   McLaughlin, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mallan, Arthur Derrynoose, Armagh   McLaughlin, William Armagh, Armagh
Mallan, Henry Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McLeady, John Loughgall, Armagh
Mallan, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, Alexander Armagh, Armagh
Mallan, John Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, Cornelius Keady, Armagh
Mallan, Michael Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, Felix Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mallan, Owen Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, Hugh Creggan, Armagh
Mallan, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, Hugh Newtownhamilton, Armagh
Mallan, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMahon, James Armagh, Armagh
Mallan, Patrick Tynan, Armagh   McMahon, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mallaugh, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMahon, John Derrynoose, Armagh
Mallen, Owen Derrynoose, Armagh   McMahon, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mallon, Bryan Tynan, Armagh   McMahon, Peter Armagh, Armagh
Mallon, Daniel Clonfeacle, Armagh   McMahon, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh
Mallon, John Tynan, Armagh   McMahon, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mallon, Patrick Tynan, Armagh   McMahon, Samuel Derrynoose, Armagh
Mallon, Peter Tynan, Armagh   McMasters, John Clonfeacle, Armagh
Mallon, Thomas Tynan, Armagh   McMullan, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Man, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McMullan, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mann, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMullan, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh
Mann, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMullen, Henry Armagh, Armagh
March, Joshua Kilmore, Armagh   McMullen, James Armagh, Armagh
Marks, James Armagh, Armagh   McMullen, Robert Kilmore, Armagh
Marks, Robert Armagh, Armagh   McMurray, Anne Loughgilly, Armagh
Marley, Patrick Killevy, Armagh   McMurray, Archibald Loughgilly, Armagh
Marly, Mary Armagh, Armagh   McMurray, Eliza Loughgilly, Armagh
Marshal, Alexander Armagh, Armagh   McMurray, Gabriel Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Marshal, Gilbert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMurray, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Marshal, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McMurray, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Marshal, John Tynan, Armagh   McMurray, William Loughgilly, Armagh
Marshal, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McNamee, George Tynan, Armagh
Marshall, Michael Derrynoose, Armagh   McNawall, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh
Marshall, Thomas Tynan, Armagh   McNees, Alexander Ballymore, Armagh
Martin, Daniel Killevy, Armagh   McNeil, James Ballymore, Armagh
Martin, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McNell, Duncan Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Martin, Hugh Armagh, Armagh   McNew, Widow Ballymore, Armagh
Martin, James Armagh, Armagh   McParlan, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
Martin, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Anne Keady, Armagh
Martin, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Catherine Keady, Armagh
Martin, Joseph Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Daniel Loughgilly, Armagh
Martin, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Edward Armagh, Armagh
Martin, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Edward Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Martin, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Elizabeth Loughgilly, Armagh
Martin, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Francis Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mason, Arthur Seagoe, Armagh   McParlin, Henry Loughgilly, Armagh
Mason, Daniel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, James Armagh, Armagh
Mason, William Armagh, Armagh   McParlin, James Loughgilly, Armagh
Mason, William Loughgilly, Armagh   McParlin, John Armagh, Armagh
Mathers, William Armagh, Armagh   McParlin, John Loughgilly, Armagh
Mathews, Edward Killevy, Armagh   McParlin, Margaret Loughgilly, Armagh
Mathews, John Armagh, Armagh   McParlin, Mary Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Matthews, Jacob Ballymore, Armagh   McParlin, Neal Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mawherter, William Killevy, Armagh   McParlin, Owen Loughgilly, Armagh
Mawhiney, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McParlin, Owen Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Mawhiney, William Loughgilly, Armagh   McParlin, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
Mawhirtir, Arthur Armagh, Armagh   McParlin, Peter Loughgilly, Armagh
Mawirtir, David Loughgilly, Armagh   McParlin, Peter Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Maxwell, James Ballymore, Armagh   McParlin, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Maxwell, John Armagh, Armagh   McParlin, Stephen Mullaghbrack, Armagh
Maxwell, John Derrynoose, Armagh   McParlin, Terence Loughgilly, Armagh
Maxwell, John Keady, Armagh   McParlin, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh
Maxwell, John Loughgilly, Armagh   McQuade, Hugh Loughgilly, Armagh
Maynes, Cormick Armagh, Armagh   McQuade, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAdams, William Armagh, Armagh   McQuade, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
McAleavy, Arthur Tynan, Armagh   McQuade, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAleavy, Francis Tynan, Armagh   McQuillan, John Loughgilly, Armagh
McAleavy, Hugh Tynan, Armagh   McRealy, Barney Armagh, Armagh
McAleavy, Peter Armagh, Armagh   McRoberts, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAlenna, Roger Armagh, Armagh   McRoberts, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAlexander, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McScandlin, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAlier, Arthur Loughgilly, Armagh   McShane, Andrrew Armagh, Armagh
McAlister, George Derrynoose, Armagh   McShane, Daniel Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAlister, James Derrynoose, Armagh   McShane, Edward Creggan, Armagh
McAnallen, Peter Armagh, Armagh   McShane, Edward Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McAnallin, Edward Armagh, Armagh   McShane, Felix Creggan, Armagh
McAnallin, Owen Armagh, Armagh   McShane, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McAnallin, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   McSharry, Phelemy Clonfeacle, Armagh
McAnallin, Peter Armagh, Armagh   McSharry, Widow Clonfeacle, Armagh
McAnallin, Terrence Armagh, Armagh   McShefry, Bernard Loughgilly, Armagh
McAnallon, Daniel Armagh, Armagh   McShefry, John Killevy, Armagh
McAnallon, Rose Armagh, Armagh   McShefry, Patrick Killevy, Armagh
McAnally, John Kilmore, Armagh   McSherry, Patrick Killevy, Armagh
McAnally, Owen Tynan, Armagh   McSherry, William Killevy, Armagh
McAnalty, James Creggan, Armagh   McStay, James Loughgilly, Armagh
McAnespie, Henry Armagh, Armagh   McSweany, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAnespie, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   McVeagh, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McAnlis, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McVeagh, Joseph Armagh, Armagh
McAnlis, James (jun.) Newtownhamilton, Armagh   McWade, Owen Armagh, Armagh
McAnulty, Owen Creggan, Armagh   McWatty, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
McArdel, Francis Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McWhirter, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McArdel, Henry Keady, Armagh   McWhirter, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McArdel, James Keady, Armagh   McWhoney, Joseph Clonfeacle, Armagh
McArdel, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   McWilliams, James Derrynoose, Armagh
McArdel, Margaret Armagh, Armagh   McWilliams, John Armagh, Armagh
McArdel, Patrick Keady, Armagh   McWilliams, John Keady, Armagh
McArdel, Peter Keady, Armagh   McWillie, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McArdel, Philip Keady, Armagh   Megahan, Bryan Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, Bryan Creggan, Armagh   Megahan, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, Bryan Loughgilly, Armagh   Megahan, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, Constant Derrynoose, Armagh   Megahan, Phelix Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Meganity, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McArdell, Moses Derrynoose, Armagh   Megarity, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McArdell, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh   Megaughey, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh   Menary, Alexander Derrynoose, Armagh
McArdell, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Menary, James Armagh, Armagh
McArdell, Peter Creggan, Armagh   Menary, John Armagh, Armagh
McArtier, Farrel Keady, Armagh   Menary, John Derrynoose, Armagh
McAteer, Arthur Loughgilly, Armagh   Menary, Joseph Armagh, Armagh
McAteer, Hugh Tynan, Armagh   Menary, Robert Armagh, Armagh
McAuly, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Menary, Sarah Keady, Armagh
McBennet, Daniel Keady, Armagh   Menight, James Tynan, Armagh
McBride, Denis Tynan, Armagh   Menight, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McBride, James Armagh, Armagh   Merry, Arthur Keady, Armagh
McBride, John Armagh, Armagh   Merry, Barney Keady, Armagh
McBride, Patrick Clonfeacle, Armagh   Miller, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McBride, Thomas Armagh, Armagh   Miller, George Loughgall, Armagh
McBride, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Miller, John Loughgall, Armagh
McBurney, Alexander Loughgilly, Armagh   Mills, Abraham Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McBurney, David Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Mills, Alexander Loughgilly, Armagh
McBurney, Hugh Loughgilly, Armagh   Mills, Daniel Tynan, Armagh
McBurney, James Ballymore, Armagh   Mills, John Loughgilly, Armagh
McBurney, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Milsap, Richard Armagh, Armagh
McBurney, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Minis, Robert Killevy, Armagh
McBurney, Thomas Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Mitchel, Georg Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCadam, David Keady, Armagh   Mitchel, George Tynan, Armagh
McCadam, Gilbert Keady, Armagh   Mitchel, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCadam, John Keady, Armagh   Mitchel, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCadam, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Mitchell, Catharine Tynan, Armagh
McCadam, William Armagh, Armagh   Mitchell, Isaac Derrynoose, Armagh
McCaffry, Edward Armagh, Armagh   Mitchell, John Loughgilly, Armagh
McCaffry, John Keady, Armagh   Mitchell, Margaret Derrynoose, Armagh
McCaghey, Philip Derrynoose, Armagh   Mitchell, Robert Tynan, Armagh
McCairley, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mitchell, William Loughgilly, Armagh
McCalden, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mitten, John Kilmore, Armagh
McCall, Alexander Derrynoose, Armagh   Moan, Bryan Keady, Armagh
McCall, David Derrynoose, Armagh   Moan, Eleanor Loughgilly, Armagh
McCall, John Armagh, Armagh   Moan, William Tynan, Armagh
McCall, John Derrynoose, Armagh   Moaney, Bryan Derrynoose, Armagh
McCall, John (jun.) Derrynoose, Armagh   Moaney, Daniel Loughgilly, Armagh
McCall, Mary Derrynoose, Armagh   Moaney, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCall, Patrick Armagh, Armagh   Moaney, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
McCall, Robert Derrynoose, Armagh   Moaney, Patrick Tynan, Armagh
McCall, William Derrynoose, Armagh   Moaney, Terence Derrynoose, Armagh
McCammon, John Kilmore, Armagh   Moffet, Jomes Armagh, Armagh
McCann, Arthur Keady, Armagh   Moffet, Mary Armagh, Armagh
McCann, David Kilmore, Armagh   Moffit, Francis Armagh, Armagh
McCann, Francis Armagh, Armagh   Mohan, Francis Derrynoose, Armagh
McCann, George Drumcree, Armagh   Moley, Patrick Creggan, Armagh
McCann, James Armagh, Armagh   Monaghan, James Loughgilly, Armagh
McCann, James Derrynoose, Armagh   Monaghan, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
McCann, John Ballymore, Armagh   Monaghan, Peter Loughgilly, Armagh
McCann, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Montgomery, Charles Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCann, Michael Keady, Armagh   Montgomery, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCann, Peter Armagh, Armagh   Montgomery, John Armagh, Armagh
McCann, Philip Armagh, Armagh   Montgomery, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCann, Terence Loughgilly, Armagh   Montgomery, Joseph Armagh, Armagh
McCann, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Montgomery, William Armagh, Armagh
McCann, Toal Armagh, Armagh   Montgomery, William Keady, Armagh
McCanna, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Moody, David Ballymore, Armagh
McCaragher, Mary Armagh, Armagh   Moody, John Ballymore, Armagh
McCardell, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh   Mooney, Charles Creggan, Armagh
McCart, Archibald Tynan, Armagh   Moore, Gawin Loughgall, Armagh
McCart, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Moore, Hugh Loughgall, Armagh
McCart, Owen Tynan, Armagh   Moore, James Armagh, Armagh
McCartin, Bryan Armagh, Armagh   Moore, James Derrynoose, Armagh
McCartin, Edward Armagh, Armagh   Moore, John Ballymore, Armagh
McCartin, George Derrynoose, Armagh   Moore, John Killevy, Armagh
McCartin, Hugh Armagh, Armagh   Moore, John Loughgall, Armagh
McCartin, John Armagh, Armagh   Moore, Joshua Tynan, Armagh
McCartin, Mary Armagh, Armagh   Moore, Mary Tynan, Armagh
McCartin, Michael Keady, Armagh   Moore, Philip Ballymore, Armagh
McCartney, David Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Moore, Robert Armagh, Armagh
McCartney, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Moore, Robert Ballymore, Armagh
McCartney, Hugh Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Moore, Thomas Armagh, Armagh
McCartney, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Moore, Thomas Keady, Armagh
McCartney, Samuel Killevy, Armagh   Moore, Widow Loughgall, Armagh
McCartney, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Moore, William Armagh, Armagh
McCarton, Hugh Armagh, Armagh   Moore, William Keady, Armagh
McCashlin, Alexander Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Moorehead, John Loughgilly, Armagh
McCashlin, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morgan, Daniel Killevy, Armagh
McCay, Terence Kilmore, Armagh   Morgan, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McChesney, John Tynan, Armagh   Morgan, Owen Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClane, William Kilmore, Armagh   Morgan, Patrick Armagh, Armagh
McClatchey, Hugh Tynan, Armagh   Morgan, Peter Loughgilly, Armagh
McClave, Robert Keady, Armagh   Morison, David Derrynoose, Armagh
McClean, Allen Tynan, Armagh   Morris, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McClean, George Loughgilly, Armagh   Morris, Robert Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McClean, Hugh Loughgilly, Armagh   Morrison, Edward Armagh, Armagh
McClean, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morrison, James Loughgall, Armagh
McClean, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morrison, James Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClean, Robert Armagh, Armagh   Morrison, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCleland, Abraham Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morrison, Sarah Tynan, Armagh
McCleland, Arthur Drumcree, Armagh   Morrow, Anne Kilmore, Armagh
McCleland, Margaret Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morrow, Samuel Tynan, Armagh
McCleland, Samuel Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Morrton, George Derrynoose, Armagh
McClelelan, John Clonfeacle, Armagh   Morton, Charles Derrynoose, Armagh
McClelland, Andrew Ballymore, Armagh   Morton, George Derrynoose, Armagh
McClelland, James Ballymore, Armagh   Morton, John Derrynoose, Armagh
McClelland, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Morton, William Tynan, Armagh
McClelland, John Ballymore, Armagh   Muckian, Owen Creggan, Armagh
McClelland, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulholm, George Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClelland, Joseph Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulholm, Henry Armagh, Armagh
McClinchie, Simon Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulholm, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
McCloskey, Henry Armagh, Armagh   Mullagan, Bernard Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClughan, Robert Kilmore, Armagh   Mullagan, Richard Armagh, Armagh
McClullough, John Killevy, Armagh   Mullagan, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClung, Anthony Armagh, Armagh   Mullan, Arthur Armagh, Armagh
McClung, James (jun.) Armagh, Armagh   Mullan, Edward Armagh, Armagh
McClure, Alexander Armagh, Armagh   Mullan, Thomas Clonfeacle, Armagh
McClure, Alexander Keady, Armagh   Mullan, William Armagh, Armagh
McClure, James Tartaraghan, Armagh   Mullen, John Tynan, Armagh
McClure, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Mullen, Owen Tynan, Armagh
McClure, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulligan, Daniel Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClure, Robert Loughgilly, Armagh   Mulligan, Denis Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McClure, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulligan, John Creggan, Armagh
McClure, Thomas Kilmore, Armagh   Mulligan, John Derrynoose, Armagh
McClure, Thomas Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulligan, Samuel Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McClure, William Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Mulligan, Terence Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McClure, William Keady, Armagh   Mulligan, Thomas Derrynoose, Armagh
McCoe, Bernard Clonfeacle, Armagh   Mulligan, William Derrynoose, Armagh
McCollough, James Armagh, Armagh   Mulligan, William Tartaraghan, Armagh
McCollough, John Kilmore, Armagh   Murdock, Andrew Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McComb, John Loughgilly, Armagh   Murdock, Robert Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCombe, David Loughgilly, Armagh   Murdock, Robert (sen.) Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCombs, John Killevy, Armagh   Murnian, Daniel Derrynoose, Armagh
McCombs, Samuel Keady, Armagh   Murphy, Bryan Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCombs, Thomas Loughgilly, Armagh   Murphy, Bryan (sen.) Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCombs, William Drumcree, Armagh   Murphy, David Derrynoose, Armagh
McCone, Rose Loughgall, Armagh   Murphy, Denis Armagh, Armagh
McCone, Terence Loughgall, Armagh   Murphy, Edward Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McConnel, Anthony Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, James Armagh, Armagh
McConnel, Eleanor Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, James Derrynoose, Armagh
McConnel, Elizabeth Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, James Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McConnel, John Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, John Derrynoose, Armagh
McConnel, Matthew Armagh, Armagh   Murphy, John Loughgilly, Armagh
McConnel, Michael Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, John Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McConnel, Peter Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murphy, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh
McConnell, James Armagh, Armagh   Murphy, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McConnell, Mary Loughgilly, Armagh   Murphy, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McConnell, Michael Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Murphy, Patrick Tynan, Armagh
McConnell, Moses Loughgilly, Armagh   Murphy, Terence Clonfeacle, Armagh
McConnell, Nevin Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Murray, Hugh Armagh, Armagh
McConnell, Patrick Loughgilly, Armagh   Murray, James Loughgall, Armagh
McConnell, Thomas Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Murray, James Tynan, Armagh
McConwell, Edward Ballymore, Armagh   Murray, Richard Armagh, Armagh
McCooey, John Armagh, Armagh   Murray, Roger Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCooty, Michael Armagh, Armagh   Murtagh, Bryan Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCormick, Alexander Mullaghbrack, Armagh   Murtagh, Edward Creggan, Armagh
McCormick, Alexander Tynan, Armagh   Murtagh, James Tynan, Armagh
McCormick, Arthur Armagh, Armagh   Murtagh, Mary Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCormick, James Loughgilly, Armagh   Murtagh, Nogher Tynan, Armagh
McCormick, Robert Newtownhamilton, Armagh   Murtagh, Patrick Mullaghbrack, Armagh
McCormick, Robert Tynan, Armagh   Murtagh, Patrick Newtownhamilton, Armagh
McCosgrove, Henry Loughgilly, Armagh   Murtay, Patrick Derrynoose, Armagh
McCosker, Edward Derrynoose, Armagh      
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