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Irish Education Inquiry In 1826

Second Report

of the



Irish Education Inquiry.

( Dublin, 16th September 1826.)

Presented by His Majesty’s Command to both Houses of Parliament.



We propose in this our Second Report, to lay before Your Majesty,
an Abstract of the Returns, which we obtained in the year 1824,
from the Protestant and Roman Catholic Clergy in Ireland, of the
state of Education in their respective Parishes.


Townland Master / Mistress Religion              Pupils   Description of the School-House
Armagh: City of Armagh
Abbey Lane                           James Donnelly       Roman Catholic 45 A room in Mr. Donnelly’s house.
Abbey Street Maria Eves Protestant 32 Two rooms in Mrs. Eve’s house.
Armagh Dr. Millar Protestant 58 A Royal Foundation School.
Barrack Street Hugh Brene Roman Catholic 53 Two good rooms.
Barrack Street Anne Donnelly Roman Catholic 13 A Small cottage.
Barrack Street Matthew McConnel Protestant 15 A chamber in Mr. Connel’s house.
Barracks (The) James Mulligan Roman Catholic 19 Held in the Barracks.
Cabra James Donelly Roman Catholic 30 A thatched cabin.
Castle Street Bridget McGuild Roman Catholic 28 An apartment.
Chapel School Francis McCooey Roman Catholic 157 Good; built by subscription.
Charter – School-lane Madalin Moloney Protestant 19 Good; built by the late Mrs. Drelincourt
Charter – School-lane Patrick Trueland Roman Catholic 50 Two small rooms.
Corr James Cullen Roman Catholic 50 A thatched cabin.
Drumads Ann McCartan Roman Catholic 12 An apartment.
Drumod Ann McCabe Roman Catholic 14 A small cottage.
Edenderry Elizabeth Robinson Protestant 18 A hired room; paid by Rev. J. Tisdall.
Eglish Edward Hughes Protestant 35 Parish School.
English Street Mr. Morgan & Protestant 0 Not open.
  Mr. Howard Protestant    
Gaol School William Hughes & Protestant 39 Held in the gaol.
  Ann Hughes Protestant    
Irish Street James Brawley Roman Catholic 16 A low upper room.
Jenny’s Row Owen McCaffry Roman Catholic 47 Two rooms in the upper part of the house.
Killewney Mary Coburne Protestant 25 Built by Lady Molyneux and Mrs. Caulfield.
Knockavannon Nicholas Matchet & Protestant 37 Good.
  Margaret Matchet Protestant    
Linen Hall Street James Donelly Roman Catholic 35 An apartment.
Lisnafeedy Roger Dawson Protestant 12 A thatched mud cabin.
Lower English Street William Howard Protestant 38 A large room in the Tontine Buildings.
Lurginagh Joseph McComb Seceder 30 A miserable hovel.
Market Street Ferdinand O’Neill Roman Catholic 30 An upper chamber in Mr. O’Neil’s house.
Regimental School Col. Thomas Hudson Protestant 14 Held in Barracks.
Tate Peter Kannon Roman Catholic 16 A comfortable slated barn.
Teerskane Peter Donelly Roman Catholic 32 A Hired room.
The Deanery School Eliza Gordon Protestant 32 Good house; built by Viscount Lifford.
The Mall David Scarlett & Protestant 220 Built by the Lord Primate Stewart.
  Letitia Scarlett      
Thomas Street Miss Frances Barr Protestant 28 A school-room; consisting of two parlours.
Thomas Street Eliza Treanor Roman Catholic 11 An apartment.
Tonagh James Macartney Protestant 40 Good; built by Dr. Woodward.
Tonagh Mary Wheatley Protestant 70 Good; built by Major Close.
Upper English Street Francis Sherry Protestant 66 Good.
Armagh & Tyranny: Derrinoose
Crossbane Owen Murray Roman Catholic 24 Held in a barn.
Curmeen, Female School Mary Toole Protestant 60 A house; salary paid by Mrs. Close.
Curmeen, Male School Joseph Cavan Protestant 83 House and 1 acre of land provided by Major Close.
Drumgrenagh Charles Lennon Roman Catholic 45 Tolerably spacious room in a wretched building.
Drumnahavil John Reily Roman Catholic 52 A temporary cabin.
Fergort Arthur Hughes Roman Catholic 64 An old mud cabin; thatched.
Golan Robert Carson Protestant 24 Held in a barn.
Listrakelt Bernard Waters Roman Catholic 40 Held at present in a cabin.
Madden John McBeth Protestant 53 Parish School; accomodation for 150 pupils.
Temple Meeting-house School, Mawillan. John Shannon Presbyterian 58 Good; built by subscription.
Armagh: Grange
Anahagh Alexander McAlister Protestant 10 Held in a barn of Robert Douglas.
Ballynick Robert Gray Protestant 26 Thatched house; built by neighbours.
Blundel’s Grange John McGrath Roman Catholic 20 A mud cabin.
Slater’s Grange John Couser Protestant 36 Parish School; built by the late Primate Robinson.
Slater’s Grange Jane Couser Protestant 30 Good; built by subscription.
Armagh: Keady
Augreagurgan Corilea Patrick McCullagh Presbyterian 45 Good; built by subscription.
Brackley Thomas Gillespie Presbyterian 85 A thatched cabin; land donated by Captain Singleton.
Carnagh Turnamore Patrick McMahon Roman Catholic 40 Good; given by William Irwin, esq.
Drumderry Samuel Sloan Presbyterian 4 A small miserable cabin; built by Mr. Edward, farmer.
Dunlarge Jane Morrison Presbyterian 32 Very bad.
Gremoine Dennis McGrath Roman Catholic 34 A cabin.
Grenmore Mary Hanlan Roman Catholic 24 A cabin.
Keady William McGrorty Protestant 79 Parish School; held in the Market House.
Racanbry Allen King Roman Catholic 32 A thatched cabin.
Tassa Joseph P. McMahon Roman Catholic 30 A thatched mud cabin.
Tassa Patrick McClearon Roman Catholic 19 Built by subscription.
Tullyglusk Johnson Harvey Protestant 50 A small house built by the master.
Armagh and Turenny: Tynan
Cavandogan John Phillips Roman Catholic 41 Held in the chapel.
Crossdaul Daniel Gormley Roman Catholic 50 A cabin.
Derryhane William Barker Roman Catholic 50 Held in a corn kiln, lent by James Johnston.
Killilea Henry Gordon Protestant 41 Rent free by the late John Maxwell.
Killylea Mary McKenna Protestant 13 A small inconvenient room.
Mullin John Lennan Roman Catholic 50 Held in a barn lent by Henry Huston.
Patnagh Samuel Ferguson Presbyterian 46 Parish School; good.
Tynan Miles Magrath Protestant 63 Good; trustees of Erasmus Smith subscribe.
Tynan Catherine Montgomery     Protestant 20 A large room; rent paid by Mrs. Blacker.
The Fews: Creggan
Ballsmill Patrick McCoey Roman Catholic 0 Not open; Master is working in England.
Callyhanna Daniel Lennan Roman Catholic 20 Parish chapel.
Clunalerig Hugh Kelly Roman Catholic 30 A cabin.
Coolderry James Heaherty Roman Catholic 30 Part of a waste house.
Corlis Anthony Leonard Roman Catholic 30 A small cabin.
Cregganbane Noble Armstrong Protestant 48 Parish School. Good.
Crossmaglen John Garvey Roman Catholic 40 A small house.
Crossmaglen Hugh Connor Roman Catholic 24 Held in the kitchen of an old house.
Darcey Henry Finigan Roman Catholic 79 A small country cabin.
Glass Drummond Hector McLean Roman Catholic 45 A cow house.
Shetrim Patrick Wade Roman Catholic 48 A small cabin.
Shilagh Michael Conlon Roman Catholic 30 Held in the Parish chapel.
The Fews: Kilcluney
Ballyleanbeg Cludymore  –  – 0 A new house; building not opened.
Black Quarter Bridge School, Cladymore Peter Valilee Roman Catholic 56 A thatched cabin; bad.
Blairstown School, Lisnagat William Haddon Protestant 45 A thatched house.
Brackley John Carlisle a Seceder 87 Not suited to accomodate a large number of scholars.
Collison’s School, Cladymore John Neill Dissenter 45 A slated house.
Covenanting Meeting-house School John Martin a Seceder 45 Built by the congregation.
Derrycughan James McMurray Presbyterian 30 A thatched house; one room.
Glass Drummond Hugh Ker & Dissenters 35 Parish School; good.
  Sarah Ker Dissenters    
Kilmacue Enagh Owen McConnell Roman Catholic 28 A thatched cabin; one room.
Rock School-house, Cavenagrove George Clarke a Seceder 28 A thatched cabin.
Tullywill School, Cladybeg John McCormick Roman Catholic 40 A thatched cabin.
Water Street School, Edenkennedy John Conaway Roman Catholic 50 A thatched house; two rooms.
The Fews: Lisnadill
Aughavilly Daniel Murnaham Roman Catholic 60 A barn.
Balleer Robert Reid Independent 81 Thomas Wilson, esq. built the school-house.
Ballymorran Matthew Donaldson Protestant 24 A cabin.
Ballynahone Denis McEntie Roman Catholic 47 A cabin.
Collone John Blair a Seceder 25 A cabin.
Drumbeemore Edward Donelly Roman Catholic 30 A barn.
Edennappagh John Lynn Presbyterian 0 A cabin; lent by the Master’s brother.
Killeen William Fraiser Independent 41 A cabin.
Killyfady James Mowhinny a Seceder 16 A cabin.
Lisnadill Joseph Devlin Protestant 54 Parish School; built by the late Primate Robinson.
Outlack William Mason Presbyterian 34 A cabin.
Segaham Thomas O’Neil Roman Catholic 30 A cabin.
Tullynagin John Rodgers & Roman Catholic 31 A cabin.
  Mary Rodgers Roman Catholic    
Turcarly William McGlaughlin Roman Catholic 40 A cabin.
The Fews: Mullabrack
Ballygrubeny John Devlin Roman Catholic 27 A thatched cottage.
Ballynewry Ogle Farrel Protestant 60 A cottage; built by the neighbours.
Calrah Robert Thompson Protestant 20 A house of 2 rooms; provided by Mr. McCreight.
Denycuhan James McMurray Presbyterian 30 A thatched cottage.
Derryrain Francis Daly Protestant 50 A barn.
Drummahee Peter Daily Roman Catholic 37 A cabin.
Drumnamether Elizabeth Walker Protestant 42 A cabin.
Edennakennedy John Conway Roman Catholic 50 A thatched cottage.
Gosford, Cabra Thomas Woodhouse & Protestant 130 Good; built by the Earl & Countess of Gosford.
  Mary Woodhouse Protestant    
Hamiltons-bawn, Drumorgan Francis White Protestant 60 Held in a good house.
Lurgaboy Nicholas Sheals Roman Catholic 30 A house provided by Mr. McMullan.
Market-hill, Coolmalish Daniel O’Neil Roman Catholic 23 Held in a good house.
Monlurg Edmund Malone Protestant 20 A thatched cottage.
Mullabrack Joseph Wallace Protestant 18 Parish School; good.
Shanecracken Nicholas Wilson Protestant 74 A thatched cottage.
Tanaghmore Joseph Kirkland Presbyterian 52 A thatched cottage.
The Fews: Newton Hamilton
Dorsey MacDonald Patrick Brady Roman Catholic 20 Held in a barn.
Curtamlet James Dawson Protestant 45 Held in a barn.
Malladuff, Curtamlet Arthur Rooney Roman Catholic 30 Held in a barn.
Newtown Hamilton Peter Murphy Roman Catholic 24 Held in a barn.
Tullyvallen Joseph Warmington Protestant 24 Parish School. 
Tullyvallen W. Kyle & Protestant 148 Good; Erasmus Smith’s Trustees
  Elizabeth Kyle Protestant    
Tullyvallen William Gamble Presbyterian 42 Held in a barn.
Tullyvallen Tippings Larry McShane Roman Catholic 33 Held in a barn.
O’Neilland East: Moyntaghs
Ballynary John Campbell Roman Catholic 40 A hired cabin.
Denyadd John McComb Protestant 26 Parish School; bad. Landlord Mr. Forde.
Derryettagh Hugh McMahon Roman Catholic 32 A wretched hovel.
Derrymacash John Jackson Protestant 29 A cabin.
Derrytresna Thomas Cuthbert Presbyterian 48 A mud cabin.
Derryveen Anne Bell Roman Catholic 28 A miserable cow-shed.
O’Neilland East: Seagoe
Aughacommon Henry Stewart Protestant 24 Mr. Brownlow pays the Master £2 per annum.
Ballymacrandle John Montgomery Protestant 35 A thatched barn built of mud.
Ballynamoney William Brennan Roman Catholic 20 A thatched house.
Cross Eliza McEntegart Roman Catholic 12 A clay cabin.
Drumnagoon John Macartney Roman Catholic 36 A thatched cabin.
Knocknamuckley John McConville Roman Catholic 30 A thatched cabin.
Lisnamintry Jonathan Webb Protestant 62 Good.
Lisnamintry Mary Boyd Presbyterian 6  –
Lower Seagoe George McKaughley Protestant 70 Parish School; a thatched house.
McKaughley, Levaghry James Forsythe Protestant 41 Good.
Turmoyra Joseph Hewitt Presbyterian 27 A thatched cabin.
O’Neilland East: Shankill
Leggary William Hopes Protestant 12 An apartment.
Lissacurren Charles McNally Roman Catholic 46 A rented apartment at £1 7s. per annum.
Lissacurren Mary Lyness Quakress 17 An apartment.
Lurgan Thomas Warren & Protestant 172 Parish School; built by Erasmus Smith funds.
  Ellen Gribben Protestant    
Lurgan Samuel Taylor & Quaker 128 Good.
  John Taylor & Protestant    
  Samuel Taylor Presbyterian    
Lurgan Edward McNamara Roman Catholic 53 Good; rented at 5 guineas per annum.
Lurgan Mr. John Smyth Presbyterian 38 Tolerably good; rented at £3 per annum.
Lurgan Mary Bullock Protestant 25 Good.
Lurgan Mary Carr Protestant 8  –
Lurgan Eliza Magee Roman Catholic 12 Very middling.
Lurgan Sarah McQuillan  – 11 An apartment.
Lurgan Mary Bell Quakress 9 Mistress’s kitchen.
Lurgan Mary Downs Quakress 14 An apartment.
Tullydeggan William Hindes Protestant 30 Good.
Tullygally William English Protestant 50 Good.
O’Neilland West: Drumcree
Artabracca Joseph Totton Protestant 38 A thatched house.
Breagh Patrick McBeagh Roman Catholic 41 A thatched barn.
Derryall William Devlin Roman Catholic 36 A wretched cabin.
Derrylettive Robert Curran Protestant 50 A thatched barn.
Drumcree John Holland Protestant 30 Parish School; good.
Mullentine James Garvey Roman Catholic 23 A thatched cabin; provided by Mr. Lawson.
Portadown Ellen Worrall & Protestant 23 Tolerable.
  Ann Worrall Protestant    
Portadown, Battylum Francis Doherty Protestant 22 A thatched cabin.
Portadown, Corcrain John McMurray Presbyterian 22 A second floor room.
Portadown, Corcrain Patrick Reynolds Roman Catholic 13 Very middling room.
Portadown, Tavannah Thomas Smyth Presbyterian 21 A small room.
Richmount Terence McKenna Roman Catholic 50 Good.
O’Neilland West: Kilmore
Ahory James Watson Presbyterian 40  –
Ballyhagan Patrick Kelly Roman Catholic 35 A cottage.
Ballyleny Terence Shiel Roman Catholic 21 A small cottage.
Ballywilly Paul O’Neill Roman Catholic 39 A cottage.
Bottle Hill Isaac Robinson & Protestant 69 Parish School; good.
  Rose Ann Robinson Protestant    
Corniscribe John O’Neill Roman Catholic 20  –
Drumahunchcon James Bartrim Protestant 15 A mud wall barn.
Kilmore Roger McCan & Protestant 136 Good.
  Hannah McCan Protestant    
Liskeyborough Elizabeth Reynolds Presbyterian 17 A miserable hut.
Rich-hill Henry Copland Protestant 16 A rented small room.
Rich-hill Margaret Johnson Presbyterian 25 A good room.
Rich-hill Joseph Parker Protestant 157 Badly built; donated by the late Lord Primate.
Rich-hill Rev. Mr. Harper Presbyterian 1 Master’s own house.
Tullamore George Halligan Roman Catholic 45 A small cottage.
O’Neilland West: Loughall
Ardress Henry Casey Roman Catholic 50 A thatched house; built by George Ensor, esq.
Aughinleg Patrick Brawley Roman Catholic 24 Held in a barn.
Aughinleg Peter O’Neill Roman Catholic 27 Held in a barn.
Ballytyrone Henry Kennedy Protestant 50 Good; provided by Mrs. Cope.
Charlemont Samuel Molyneux Protestant 42 Good; ground given by Sir John Doyle.
Charlemont James Clarke Presbyterian 22 Small division in the house.
Charlemont Elizabeth Tomlinson Protestant 20 Small division in the house.
Clenmene Robert Verner Protestant 70 A thatched house.
Hockley Armar Frazer & Protestant 68 Good; built by Sir Capel Molyneux.
Mulnasilly Susannah Fraser Protestant  68  Good; built by Sir Capel Molyneux.
Kinnigo John Barry Protestant 40 Good; built by the late William Parnell, esq.
Leveleglish Charles McClelland & Presbyterian 80 Parish School; built by Erasmus Smith’s funds.
  Phebe McClelland Presbyterian    
O’Neilland West: Tartaraghan
Clancarish James Dillon Protestant 45 Parish School; a room in the teacher’s house.
Clencore John Ryan Roman Catholic 48 Good; built by subscription.
Derryadd William Beahan Presbyterian 35 Held in a barn.
Derryland Hugh Donaghey Roman Catholic 49 A barn belonging to John McClelland, esq.
Derrylee Matthew Clarke Protestant 76 Excellent; built by Colonel Verner.
Derryrilliagh, Miltown John Gallagher Roman Catholic 40 Part of a dwelling house owned by John Gardner.
Magarily James Devlin Roman Catholic 67 Held in a barn belonging to Mr. Garity.
Teagy Alexander McConnell Protestant 18 A farmer’s barn.
O’Neilland West, And Armagh:
Ballymagerney Robert Westfield Protestant 45 A Methodist meeting-house.
Coragh James Todd Protestant 24 A wretched mud hovel.
Orior, Lower: Ballymore
Acton David McConnel Roman Catholic 30 Good; built by the Manor at Acton.
Ballynaleck James McKeever Roman Catholic 14 Held in a barn.
Ballysheilbeg Meredith Conroy Roman Catholic 26 Held in a barn.
Cargins Robert Moore Protestant 28 Good; cost £50.
Clare  –  – 0 A good school-house.
Cortust Isaac McCutcheon Protestant 30 Built for a Methodist preaching house.
Derryallen John Cuthbert & Protestant 150 Very handsome; built by Lady Mandeville.
  Eliza Fitzhenry Protestant    
Mullaglass Patrick Conroy Roman Catholic 60 Held in a barn.
Poyntzpass James Whigham a Seceder 58 Rented at £5 per annum.
Poyntzpass Thomas Salmon Protestant 55 Rented at £6 per annum.
Poyntzpass Thomas McCreash Roman Catholic 24 Rented at £2 per annum.
Poyntzpass Jane Shaw Protestant 9 A small cottage.
Tanderagee Rev. Rob Hawthorne a Seceder 39 Private house rented at 20 guineas per year.
Tanderagee Sarah Cannon Protestant 19 Rented at £3 per annum.
Tanderagee, Ballymore James Gracey Protestant 60 Good; built by the St. John’s family
Tanderagee, Ballymore James Feriss Roman Catholic 40 Rented at 5 guineas per annum.
Tanderagee, Ballymore Patrick McConnell Protestant 30 Master’s House; rented at 10 guineas a year.
Taniokey William Ellis Protestant 55 Seceders meeting-house.
Terryhoogan Mary Moore Protestant 60 Held in a barn.
Tyrones Ditches John Jackson Presbyterian 40 A thatched house; built by subscription.
Orior, Lower: Camlogh
Canycruppan Patrick Kearney Roman Catholic 19 Held in the chapel.
Divemagh Hugh Ross Protestant 35 Good; cost £40.
Lislea Carricknagalagh Bernard McRickard Roman Catholic 25 Held in an out office belonging to Mr. Kelly
Maghanahely William Lewis Protestant 50 Parish School; built by the Bishop of Meath.
Sturgan Joseph Craig Protestant 50 Good; built by funds of Erasmus Smith.
Orior, Upper: Forkhill
Aghdanove (sewing school) Mary Robinson Protestant 10 Held in the house of George Robinson.
Aughanduff James Tuft Protestant 46 Good; built by subscription.
Cariff Peter Cunningham & Protestant 64 Good; built by Mr. Maran.
  Mary Cunningham Protestant    
Church Hill, Shean William Freeland Protestant 72 Good; built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Church Hill, Shean (sewing school) Margaret Colethorpe Protestant 19 Held in School-house of William Freeland.
Forkhill, Aghdanove George Robinson Protestant 49 Good; built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Lisnalee William Stringer Protestant 54 Parish School. Built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Mullaghbane William Forde Protestant 45 Good; built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Mullaghbane (sewing school) Susan Duff Protestant 10 Good; built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Tullymacreeve William Stringer Protestant 46 Good; built by the late Richard Jackson, esq.
Orior, Upper: Jonesborough
Jonesborough, Edennappa Benjamin Narrett Protestant 7 Parish School; held in the Master’s house.
Orior, Upper: Killevy
Allnavigh James McKnight Presbyterian 0  –
Aswara James Montgomery Roman Catholic 23 Master’s house.
Ballymacdermot Isaac Carr Presbyterian 0 School-house provided by Jonathan Lever.
Blackers Barn, Tullyhappy John Gorman Protestant 45 Middling; built by subscription.
Cloughog Felix McDonald Roman Catholic 0 An outhouse.
Drumbanagher, Lissummin Robert Gamble Protestant 28 Parish School; cost £20.
Killian Thomas Dalton Roman Catholic 20 A wretched shed.
Leafinue Bernard Campbell Roman Catholic 20 Ruins of an old house.
Lusk James McIver Roman Catholic 31  –
Millvale, Mullaglass John Carroll Roman Catholic 52 Middling.
Moytown Mary Curry Protestant 16 Bad; 6 feet square.
Mullagliss William Wilson Presbyterian 79 Built by the inhabitants of the parish.
Tushin Pass, Kilmoghan John Brown Roman Catholic 57 Retiring house of Presbyterian meeting-house.
Orior, Upper: Loughgilly
Baleek John Stringer Protestant 58 Good; provided by Lord Gosford.
Coramenan Peter Deighan Roman Catholic 50 A thatched cabin; built by subscription.
Cornegrally Thomas McCamly Roman Catholic 36 A waste barn.
Greyhilla Tully Boyle Roman Catholic 48 Comfortable.
Lisadien Robert Graham Presbyterian 50 A thatched cabin.
Lisdrumwher Robert Davison Presbyterian 0 Not open; Dr. Stewart to give 1 acre of land.
Lisdrumwher George Allen Independent 39 A barn.
Loughgilly, Drumilt Robert Henry Presbyterian 50 Parish School; built with Erasmus Smith funds.
Lusk Hugh McGready Roman Catholic 25 A miserable thatched cabin.
Maymacullen William Steet Presbyterian 30 A thatched cabin.
Mount Norris King Murray Presbyterian 22 Good, given gratis by the Presbyterian congregation.
Readymore William Thompson Presbyterian 30 A waste hovel.
Tullyallon Alexander McCullogh Presbyterian 40 Good; attached to the meeting-house.
Tullywinny Patrick Metcalf Roman Catholic 35 A thatched cabin.
Upper Cregins Robert Boyd Protestant 25 Held in a barn.
Orior, Upper: Mullavilly
Ballyloughan William Sherlock Protestant 74 Parish School; aided by Lord Lieutenant’s school fund.
Bracka William Dermott Protestant 64 A thatched cabin; furnished by Mrs. Carpendale.
Derryhale John Girvin Presbyterian 63 A thatched cabin.
Dobbin Bridge, Derryhale John Brown Presbyterian 28 A thatched cabin; rented.
Lisavague Martha Bond Presbyterian 24 A mud wall hovel.
Mullahead John McDonald Protestant 24 A poor cabin.
Mullavilly William McAlister Protestant 160 Good; built by Count de Salis.
Mullavilly Eliza Hall Protestant 78 Held in school-house of William McAlister.
Tamnavetton Michael Patterson Protestant 34 A thatched cabin; rented.
Venecash, Ballynlegart Terence Duffy Protestant 46 The retiring house of Vinecash Meeting House.
Orior, Upper: Newry
Boat Street, Newry James Webb Presbyterian 154 Good; built by subscription.
Carnically Edward Cassidy Roman Catholic 28 A cabin; built by subscription.
Castle Street, Newry John Brady & Roman Catholic 70 A portion of the old castle.
  Mary Brady Roman Catholic    
Church Street, Newry Ann Kerr Protestant 18 Rented at £4 per annum.
Croban Robert Robinson Presbyterian 42 A thatched house; built by subscription.
Derryboy William Henderson Presbyterian 30 A cabin; built by subscription.
Dumolly George Davis Roman Catholic 20 A thatched House.
Grinan Lodge, Grinan George Turly Roman Catholic 69 Good; cost £100.
High Street, Newry Matthew Gormly Roman Catholic 25 Rented at £5 per annum.
High Street, Newry Mary Davidson Protestant 30 Rented at £4 per annum.
Lisnaree Thomas Ward Protestant 20 A ruinous cabin.
Loughhorn Henry Gillis Presbyterian 30 Good; built by Richard Martin, esq.
Lower Mill Street, Newry Bernard Callely Roman Catholic 36 Good; cost £40.
Market Street, Newry Peter Brett Roman Catholic 58 Rented at £6 16s. 6d. per annum.
Market Street, Newry Terence Rice Roman Catholic 56 Part of a dwelling house.
Newry Miss Cleveland Protestant 30 A private house.
Newry Salisbury Fleming Protestant 32  –
Newry Miss Bryden Roman Catholic 40 A private house.
Newry David Wright Presbyterian 20 Rented at 6 guineas per annum.
Newry Rosanna Moyan Roman Catholic 26  –
Newry Matilda Mulligan Dissenter 30  –
Newry David Henderson Protestant 52 A private house.
Newry Bernard Rooney & Roman Catholic 150 Good; ground provided by Lord Kilmorey.
  Mrs. Moore Roman Catholic    
Newry Edward Mulligan Roman Catholic 50 Cost £7.
Newry Francis O’Beirne Protestant 40 A private house.
Newry Isaac Lees Protestant 36 Rented at £4 10s. per annum.
Newry Robert McNeal Dissenter 41 A private house.
Newry Archibald Campbell Presbyterian 40 A private house.
Newry Eliza Campbell Presbyterian 20 A private house.
Newry Isabella Alcorn Protestant 40 A private house.
Newry Rev. John Keenan  – 40 A private house.
North Street, Newry James Caffrey Roman Catholic 28 Rented at £4 6s. 8d. per annum.
North Street, Newry Miss S. Fleming Protestant 15 Rented at 2s. 2d. a week.
Water Street, Newry Daniel Dugan Roman Catholic 83 Rented at £8 a year
Tyranny: Middleton
Carricklane Patrick Ircanor Roman Catholic 24 A miserable cabin.
Cavandoogan John Phillips Roman Catholic 40 Held in the parish chapel.
Crossdaul William Short Protestant 30 Parish School. Subscribed by Rev. Blacker.
Crossdaul Daniel Graham Roman Catholic 45 A cabin.
Doogary Bernard Harnil Roman Catholic 70 Might be built for £3.
Drumhillary Joseph Houston Protestant 0 Good; Master training in Kildare Place.
Middletown Mary Bodle Protestant 17 Part of Mistress’s house.
Middletown, Shantully Alexander Hanley Protestant 49 Good; built by Bishop Sterne’s charities.
Middletown, Shantully Ellen Hanley Protestant 39 Good; salary by Bishop Sterne’s charities.
Chapel School, Armagh Francis Cooey Roman Catholic 159 Good; built by subscription.
Crossboyne Owen Murray Roman Catholic 24 Held in a barn.
Newry Bernard Rooney & Roman Catholic 204 Good; built by subscription.
  Mrs. Moore Roman Catholic    
Water Street, Newry Daniel Dugan Roman Catholic 83 Rented at £8 per annum.
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