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Coroners Inquests Co. Armagh 1842


RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons,
dated 9 March 1842 ;- for,

A RETURN of the Number of INQUESTS held by the several CORONERS of
the Counties and Counties of Cities in Ireland, in each Month, during the
Year 1841 ; specifying the Date, Place, Name of Coroner before whom
held, and Finding of each Inquiry..




No.    Date                    Place                     Coroner                 On Whom Held                      Findings of Each Inquiry
1. 3 & 4 January Tullyvallen George Henry Thomas Powell . . wilful murder, by Patrick Woods, and others unknown.
2. 5 January Armagh Gaol Joshua M. Magee Terence McGuiness . . died from a rupture of the lungs and bowels in a natural way.
3. 8 January Curryhuse George Henry Armstrong Visitation of God.
4. 11 January Clamoll Joshua M. Magee James Gragham accidental death from a gun-shot.
5. 20 January Enagh Joshua M. Magee James Scott . . died from exposure to the cold and inclemency of the weather.
6. 23 January Cornonagh Joshua M. Magee Felix Brennan accidental death.
7. 24 January Armagh Joshua M. Magee John Bryans accidentally drowned.
8. 24 January Armagh George Henry Charles Brooks accidentally drowned.
9. 24 January Karrin George Henry William Christy accidentally drowned.
10. 29 January Lisnadill George Henry John O’Toole Visitation of God.
11. 31 January Newry John Boyd Sally Fegan found drowned
12. 27 February Annaghmore Joshua M. Magee Rebecca Nesbitt found drowned (subject to epilepsy).
13. 1 March College-hall Joshua M. Magee Bernard Kerr Visitation of God.
14. 2 March Killcarran Joshua M. Magee Margaret King accidentally drowned.
15. 6 March Mahon Joshua M. Magee Thomas Burns found drowned (a lunatic)
16. 14 March Lurgan Joshua M. Magee James Reilly . . accidentally killed by the falling of a quantity of earth upon him while employed on Ulster railway.
17. 18 March Lurgan Joshua M. Magee new-born male child found dead; no evidence as to cause of death.
18. 26 March Armagh Joshua M. Magee new-born male child still-born.
19. 26 March Armagh Joshua M. Magee Robert Craig Visitation of God.
20. 28 March Armagh Joshua M. Magee Ann Smith, alias McCartney . . died from want of proper care and treatment at the time of her parturtion.
21. 29 March Portadown Joshua M. Magee John Hewitt . . died from the effects of an over quantity of laudanum, which he incautiously drank.
22. 2 April Dinahora George Henry John Crothers accidentally drowned.
23. 11 April Dinahora George Henry Andrew Crothers accidentally drowned.
24. 11 April Carron Joshua M. Magee George McGee . .suspended himself with a cord by the neck from a tree, he being the lunatic.
25. 15 April Armagh Joshua M. Magee Sarah Mary Ferguson accidentally burnt to death.
26. 16 April Keady George Henry Thomas Feighan . . found smothered in a ditch by the weight of a cart and load lying on him.
27. 17 April Lurgan Joshua M. Magee new-born female child . . found dead; died from want of proper care and treatment at its birth.
28. 30 April Ballintegart Joshua M. Magee Sarah McKell . . died from inflammation of the stomach, caused by a dead child, of which she was pregnant.
29. 22 April Newry John Boyd Henry Hamilton in consequence of a sack of oats falling on him.
30. 7 May Newry John Boyd Peter Murphy accidental death.
31. 3 May Cornagrally George Henry Margaret Ann Hall accidentally drowned.
32. 9 May Portadown Joshua M. Magee Ann Marley accidentally drowned.
33. 10 May Mullabrack George Henry Edward Campbell inflammation of the liver.
34. 10 May Cavargrove George Henry George Montgomery accidental death.
35. 13 May Newry John Boyd Owen Donnelly accidental death.
36. 11 May Tullyglust George Henry Ellen Kerr Visitation of God.
37. 11 May Loughgall Joshua M. Magee Patrick McAvoy, alias McAvin cutting his own throat with a razor.
38. 11 May Ballintemple Joshua M. Magee Owen Toner . . accidental death, by choking while eating a piece of bread.
39. 12 May Glasdrumond George Henry James McShane Visitation of God.
40. 28 May Ballycrumony Joshua M. Magee Rose Ann Leemon disease of the lungs.
41. 29 May Tullyhue George Henry George Ward death from being struck by a horse.
42. 2 June Portadown Joshua M. Magee William Morrow accidental death, by being thrown from his horse.
43. 13 June Drumkean Joshua M. Magee Hugh Feighan accidentally drowned.
44. 18 June Armagh Joshua M. Magee Hugh McCreagh accidental death.
45. 24 June Derryadd Joshua M. Magee John McVeagh accidentally drowned.
46. 25 June Drumconnell George Henry Henry Moffitt Visitation of God.
47. 3 July Portadown Joshua M. Magee new-born female child . . found dead, with a contusion on left temple, inflicted by some person unknown.
48. 11 August Derryniskin Joshua M. Magee John Wilson accidental death by fall from his horse.
49. 5 September Fermacoply Joshua M. Magee Bridget Hagan accidentally drowned.
50. 8 September Loughgall George Henry Neil McShane accidental death.
51. 13 September Mackery Joshua M. Magee Thomas Collins accidentally drowned.
52. 16 September Charlemont Joshua M. Magee Bridget Marra Visitation of God.
53. 30 September Armagh Joshua M. Magee James Young drowned himself in a fit of insanity.
54. 2 October Drumadd Joshua M. Magee George Serjeant accidentally burnt to death.
55. 3 October Grange O’Neiland George Henry Edward Woods accidental death.
56. 7 October Knockaboys Joshua M. Magee Margaret McCabe strangled herself whilst insane.
57. 9 October Edenderry Joshua M. Magee Elizabeth Murray accidentally drowned.
58. 9 October Upper Seagoe Joshua M. Magee James O’Neill accidentally drowned.
59. 17 October Charlemont Joshua M. Magee Joshua Nelson accidentally drowned.
60. 19 October Crankill Joshua M. Magee new-born male child found drowned.
61. 20 October Tarkary Joshua M. Magee Elizabeth Magowan found drowned.
62. 26 October Tassagh George Henry Rose Nogher accidentally burnt to death.
63. 12 November Drumontin George Henry Ellen Kelly apoplexy.
64. 18 November Armagh George Henry Ann Cochran cutting her throat in a fit of insanity.
65. 26 November Darkley George Henry Arthur Burk hanged himself, being insane.
66. 8 December Armagh Gaol Joshua M. Magee Jane Dawson Visitation of God.
67. 8 December Alistragh Joshua M. Magee Terence Dougan . . death from asthmatic attack, brought on by cold and inclemency of weather.
68. 13 December Ballyworkan Joshua M. Magee a new-born female child found drowned.
69. 18 December Crosmaglen Joshua M. Magee Patrick McAnulty accidental death.
70. 18 December Coshna George Henry George McCormick exposure to the frost.
71. 28 December Armagh Joshua M. Magee Arthur Moynes Visitation of God.
  Armagh, 29 March 1842.                                                                                   Leonard Dobbin, jun. 
                                                                                            Clerk of the Crown.
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