A guide to trace your ancestors from Lurgan, County Armagh and from the County of Armagh


  1. Hi Drew,
    Great site, maybe if there was somewhere for people to exchange info.
    I’m looking info on a Ferris family who lived in John street, 1911.

    1. Hi Bob, Thanks for the comment. I checked the 1911 Ireland Census but unfortunately didnt find and family named Ferris, but in compiling the Street Directories and 1901 Census Records I have came across a lot of Ferris’s in Lurgan.

    2. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for the reply, in the 1911 census they have a family named Firris, which I think should be Ferris.
      All of the christian names match,
      I think because William J couldn’t read, he was unaware of the misspelling and put his X.
      Robert Ferris, my grandad, had three brothers, William J, Richard and James Edward. Richard and James Edward are on the 1911 census, but I have been unable to find Robert and William J.
      Also the Firris name is no where else to be seen.
      Thanks again for your help,

  2. Great Site – what a resource for those tracing Lurgan ancestors.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed poking around your site after stumbling across it recently when researching my family tree. My great grandfather was Samuel Alexander Lynn, who had a plumbing business on High Street which seems to have been started up on the back of the start of running water around 1885 – I’m trying to find him in Belfast before that – I imagine Lurgan was like a gold rush for Belfast plumbers back then. If anyone has one of his “SA Lynn, Lurgan” porcelain flush pulls I’d pay good money for it!

    He had four children, only one of whom married, my grandfather Robert (Bob) Lynn – the architect who built the War Memorial.

  3. Great work with the site! Here are some people who signed the Ulster Covenant from Lurgan and surrounding areas.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your comments and providing the material, very interesting.

  4. 1861

    Samuel M’KEOWN, Edward MURPHY, Robert MAJOR, William STEENSON, Richard MURPHY,
    Edward ABRAHAM, Sinnamon HUGHES, James TURKINGTON, Alexander MURPHY,
    Samuel M’AULEY, Edward MURPHY, William CASSELLS (Derrymacash); Wm. CASSELLS (Ballinarry);
    John M’KEOWN, Christopher MURPHY; Richard MURPHY, Alexander MURPHY, sen., William Abraham,
    Stephenson TURKINGTON, Samuel RUDDELL, William PATTERSON, Samuel PICKERING, Edward CASSELS,
    Joseph HADDOCK, William CASSELLS (Ballinahone), were arraigned for having on the 12 July, 1860,
    at Derrymacash, unlawfully assembled, and having firearms, flags, and symbols, calculated to provoke to a breach
    of the peace. On a second count they were charged with a riot at the same time and place.
    Lurgan, Tuesday Evening–A rumour was generally credited to the effect that at the Petty Sessions to-day an
    application would be made by some of the Protestant party for summonses against Roman Catholics, for
    assaults committed at Derrymacash on the 13 July, 1860. The Court was very much crowded, and Mr. Patrick
    SHEALS, solicitor, Belfast, was specially retained for the purpose of watching the proceedings. The magistrates
    on the bench were–Mr. William M. MILLER, R.M.’ Mr. John HANCOCK, and Mr. John W. GREER. After the usual
    business had been disposed of the applications were taken up. Alexander MURPHY, jun., applied for summonses
    against Charles M’CANN for having assaulted him with a stone near Mark ROONEY’s corner, and against Terence
    M’ILDUFF, James DOON, Catherine DOON, and Alica M’ILDUFF, for having struck him at the entrance of
    Mr. FORDE’s avenue. Edward CASSELLS, one of the men convicted at the last assizes for having been
    concerned in the affair, sought for a summons against Hugh M’CANN for assault; James GILKISON for a
    ummons against Hugh M’DOWELL for a similar offence; Richard MURPHY for a summons against Denis
    STEWART, and John BOYD for a summons against Marty M’ILDUFF, both for assaults….The applicants
    were cross-examined at much length by the magistrates as to the part which they had taken in the affair,
    the parties by whom they had been assaulted, and the witnesses by whom the offences could be sustained.
    Their statements went to show that the Roman Catholics must have been lying in wait for them, and that
    fire-arms and stones were first used by that party before the Protestants struck any one. Some of them had
    not been with the processionists, but were walking quietly along the road with some females a short time
    afterwards when they were attacked….The magistrates then retired to their room, and on returning to court
    in a short, they announced that summonses would be granted in all cases.


    Samuel M’KEOWN, Edward MURPHY, Robert MAJOR, Richard MURPHY, Edward ABRAHAM, ,
    James TURKINGTON, Alexander MURPHY, jun., William CASSELLS (Derrymacash); Christopher MURPHY;
    Richard MURPHY, William Abraham, Stephenson TURKINGTON, Samuel RUDDELL,
    William CASSELLS (Ballynahone), Samuel PICKERING, Edward CASSELS, William CASSELLS
    were indicted for having unlawfully assembled at Derrymacash on the 12th of July, 1860. A second
    count charged them with riot.

    The prisoners pleaded not guilty.

    At half-past nine o’clock his Lordship returned to court, and the jury, who had been closeted in this case,
    came out and handed in their verdict, finding Christopher MURPHY, Edward MURPHY, Samuel M’KEOWN
    Robert MAJOR, James TURKINGTON, William CASSELLS (Derrymacash), William CASSELLS (Ballinahone),
    Edward ABRAHAM, Samuel PICKERING, and Edward CASSELLS, guilty of illegal assembly and riot;
    Wm. STEPHENSON and Stephenson TURKINGTON, guilty of illegal assembly, and not guilty of riot;
    Samuel RUDDELL, Richard MURPHY, and William CASSELLS (Gravehole), not guilty on both counts.


    The HUMPHREYS were admitted to bail, to appear and take their trial at next assizes if called on.
    Twenty other persons concerned in the Derrymacash affair were similarly disposed.

    On Monday last his lordship sentenced Robert MAJOR, Samuel M’KEOWN and Edward CASSELS
    to three month’s imprisonment each; Christopher MURPHY, Samuel PICKERING,
    William CASSELS of Derrymacash; William CASSELS, of Ballinary; Edward MURPHY, Wm. ABRAHAM,
    and James TURKINGTON, three months’ imprisonment each; the remaining three–STEVENSON, TURKINGTON
    and STEENSON–to six weeks’ imprisonment, and a fine of £5 each, or in default a further imprisonment
    of three weeks each. He afterwards sentenced Samuel TATE (previously convicted of the manslaughter of MURPHY),
    to fifteen months’ imprisonment from the date of his committal.

  5. Hi

    I’m not sure if you will be able to help, as my information is vague…to
    say the least!

    I am looking for information about a John Maginn/Mcginn born 1850 possibly
    in Lurgan, father might be Henry?

    Very Kind Regards
    Denise Beaven

  6. Hi, I wonder if you may be able to help me solve a long standing family mystery. My father and mother died in 1983 and after their death,my family found a letter in a box from a Louie Elliott, asking my father if he was coming to visit his uncle Tom soon. This was signed Aunt Lou, address The Craig, Lurgan. My fathers name was John Kerr born 13/1/30, although he may not have been born Kerr, possibly McKee or Elliott and just given the Kerr surname by his Aunt. I can find no birth records for him at all. I have been to the PRONI office, to no avail. My mother’s sister told us that he always said he was born in Toronto, Canada and his parents had eloped, as one of them was from a well to do family and the other was not. Apparently the family disapproved of a marriage, which is why they eloped. She said that he was orhpaned and brought back to Crumlin and raised by his aunt My aunt also said that he had cousins called Frank & Heather Kerr. Through
    Gene’s reunited i found them but they say they are his brother and sister, maybe this was to cover up a scandal. They are 6yrs and 14yrs younger than my father. There are pictures of my father with his brother/cousin Frank taken around 1960. It is definately my father in them, although we children never knew he had any family, he always said they were dead. He started school in Crumlin primary school and his mother is listed as Margaret Kerr and father John Kerr. I have checked records and can find his mothers birth as Margaret Mckee 10/4/1906 but no marriage records for her. My “uncle” Frank says he never knew his father, he was told as a child that he went to war and never returned. He had never heard of anyone called Elliott in the family. He did however say that my father ran away from home when he was about 14 and went to work on a farm in Lurgan. My young brother vaguely remembers my dad taking him to Lurgan and stopping the car outside a
    driveway with big gate posts, this would have been in the early 1970’s. In my father’s possessions, there is a photo of a young woman who looks very like him. My uncle had never seen her before. I have tried to find details of the Elliott family and have found a lot of them who signed the Ulster Covenant in 1912 and there is a Louie and Thomas Elliott. That is where my trail goes dead. I have been trying for 28yrs and am at a dead end. If you can shine any light on this it would be fantastic.

  7. Robert McElroy was my great great grandfather.

    The 1861 census shows him as a shoemaker, born in Ireland about 1815 but living in Derby, where he died on 11.7.1865.

    I have no definite trace of him before that. However:

    His daughter, Rosetta, may have been born in Rotherham in 1855.

    A Robert McElroy, shoemaker employing one man, born Ireland about 1818, lived in Glasgow according to the 1851 census. This might be the same person.

    Does any of this connect up with your genealogy?


    Alan Frost

    1. Hi Alan,
      I traced my great great grandfather back to Fivemiletown in Ireland but I stopped there to concentrate on my Lurgan-ancestry website.
      I understand there are a lot of the McElroy family in the north of England and am not too sure if there are any relations.
      Again the McElroy family in Ireland are prevelant in the Co. Fermanagh region of Ireland also.
      I hope to start the research again on the family but have been consumed lately with my website, getting a lot of info onto it.
      Good Luck in the search.
      Andrew McElroy

  8. What a great site this is, congratulations.

    I have been trying to trace my Great Great Grandfather HUGH HALL COCHRANE Watchmaker in Main Street, Frederick place and William Street, and found him in several of your lists. I wonder why he moved around so much. I have got a long case clock which I bought last year made by him signed H.H.Cochran Lurgan made about 1825 and working perfectly after nearly 200 years.

    Thank you again for your site.

    I am still trying to find information about my Great Great Grandmother Margaret BELSHAW who married HUGH HALL COCHRAN but the BELSHAW’S seem to have gone off the planet.

    Also HUGH HALL COCHRAN was born about 1805 and I would love to find where he was Christened / baptised so I might then be able to find out who his parents were. I think EDWARD COCHRAN a Watchmaker in Belfast 1800 was his father but have no idea who his mother was.


    Heather Graham,
    Worthing,West Sussex,UK

    1. hi Heather. I have a gggg uncle, hugh Hall, born of joseph hall and ann atkinson of toberhuney in the 1820s. I wonder if / what the connection is between your Hugh Hall Cochrane and my Hugh Hall?

  9. Hi;
    My father Robert Osborne was born in Lurgan Nothern Ireland County Armagh around about 1890
    that is all the info that I have. May you be able to help me out
    Thanking you in advance

    John Osborne

  10. I am looking to find how long a business was in operation and if the building is still there with an address today? I hope to visit Lurgan and wish to see if the family homes and business is still standing.
    The business is Crawford George A. Hemstitcher and Finisher – Victoria Street and Crawford & Co. William H. Mineral Water Manufacturers – William Street.
    Any idea how I could find this information?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for looking at my website

      In completing the street directories I have noted the name of William Crawford appearing many times. If you look at the 1881 directory by Isaac Slater, William Crawford was based at Queen Street with as an Aerated Water Manufacturer and there was also a William Crawford with a hemstitcher business.

      In the 1888 Directory by George Henry Bassett, I have an advert for the Lurgan Bottling Works (established 1850) which was owned by William H. Crawford and in William Street and a Hemstitcher business by George A. Crawford in Victoria Street.

      As to the length of time each business was in operation, I wouldnt be able to help. I am sure the Bottling Works in William Street are no longer there nor do I think the factory in Victoria Street still survives.

      How are you related to the Crawford family in Lurgan, the family name is mentioned throughout the street directories.

      The only textile factory in operation now is McCaw & Allan Ltd., also based in Victoria Street. Their web address is and they might be able to give you some info. on the Crawford Business.

      You could maybe try the local paper The Lurgan Mail at, they could print your letter in the weekly paper and hopefully someone should have the info., you require.

      I hop this gives some direction in where to search for information.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Andrew William Crawford was my GGGG grandfather and his son George A was my GGG. Among the Lurgan connection there are also Cully (now Culley) and Montgomery female marriages. George A Crawford and family moved to Canada in 1899 and his wife’s Cully family in 1896. Thanks for the newspaper tip, I will try that. Any other information you run across would be appreciated. Kevin Leahy

        1. When you have been reading and posting articles by chance have you ran across the name Montgomery? I believe they were carriage makers in Lurgan.

  11. Hi

    Great site. Are you associated with the other Lurgan Ancestry website. Just wondered why you didn’t keep all the info in one place.



    1. Hello Tom, Thanks for getting in contact. I am not associated with the other Lurgan site but wish it well.

      Both sites are providing a free service to help people trace their ancestors from Lurgan and the surrounding areas.

  12. Hi Drew,
    Tracy here, your cousin from Australia (Gerry’s daughter)
    Just wanted to say what a great site you have created here, well done :o)
    I have been trying to find out some background into dad’s family and kept hitting dead ends but it’s not too easy doing it from Australia and dad didn’t have much info other than his parent’s names and possible years of birth.
    It has been fantastic reading about what you have found so far and I’d love to find out more and possibly from Gran’s Rooney background.
    I recently bought the BBC doco “The Story of Ireland” by Fergal Keane which has been very interesting and great to watch.
    Hugs to uncle Jim and all the family from the Aussies xo

  13. Hi, great site and very easy to use with loads of information. I’m researching my mums side of her family tree for her xmas and have found loads of us in Lurgan! This is a great site as it means I can compile loads of historical information with it! keep up the good work….
    Anychance that you can look up the school records for the kids below?not sure if you can but thanks in advance.

    1863 Thomas McNeece married Catherine McConville
    1866 daughter Jane born Lurgan
    1867 son Josiah McNeice born Lurgan
    1869 daughter Margaret McNeice born Lurgan
    1870 son Daniel McNeice born 3 Aug.1870 Lurgan
    1872 daughter Mary McNeice born Lurgan

    and possibly the move to Scotland 1872/4 if this is one of their children-
    1874 Annie McNeece born Barony, Lanarkshire

    1. Hi Susan,

      Sorry for the late reply. I have searched the records and there is no-one with the surname McNeice.
      Good Luck in your search.

  14. Am tracing family: Jarden/Jardineof Lurgan. Alexander Jordean ( father Alexander) living at Tullygally married Isabella Livingstone 1858 Lurgan. 3 children: James Levingstone Jarden, Alexander ( came to NZ in 1862) and Bess.Seeking any information.Bryan.

    1. sorry error in my notes. Should read Alexander Jardine married Isabella Livingstone c. 1830 3 children: James Levingstone Jarden, Alexander: married Catherine Matthews in 1858 Lurgan and came to New Zealand in 1862, Bess. Seeking any information.Bryan.

      1. Bryan,

        I have the record of an Alexader Jardin, married to an Emma Beattie, in 1877, Lurgan.
        Alexander’s father was called Livingston. Perhaps there is a connection.


    2. Ah, now I see from another site that your Jardins were married at Hill St., Presbyterian church. Which is where Alexander and Emma were married. Must indeed be a connection.


  15. Hi Andy,
    Thank you so much for your email re-Freeholders etc, I have found my Hugh Hall Cochran mentioned in one or two places of Lurgan area.

    I wonder if anyone has any more information about the Cochran’s in Lurgan in the 1800s, or if anyone can confirm that Edward Cochran (Watchmaker in Belfast) was Hugh Hall Cochran’s father. I would still love to know who Hugh’s mother was, I have struggled with this for years now and got no further.

    Also anything about the Belshaw’s Hugh married Margaret Belshaw. but I still can’t find anything about the Belshaw family.

    Also what children did Hugh and Margaret have.?

    Thanks again,


  16. I will be visiting Lurgan for one day in July. Our Douglas history is connected to this town and would appreciate guidance as to the best way to utilize our time. Our history is from 1771 when William Douglas was born nr. Lurgan and we have oral history that states that the early graves are close to or near Lough Neagh. He became a Methodist Minister and am sure that he must have visited this early church. Can we still visit this church in Lurgan? We have noted that his possible siblings are Hillery and Henry + probably more unknown.

    We will also require a bed and Breakfast. Can you give a suggestion?

    I look forward to comments and suggestions from your web site.
    Bill and Mavis Dougla

    1. Hi Mavis,

      Thanks for contacting

      If you use the following link you can plan your day in Lurgan, especially the Lurgan Town Trail document.…pdf

      The follwing is a link to a B&B in Lurgan

      Hope you enjoy your stay in Lurgan, Andy.

      1. Hello Andy,
        I have just sent an email to the Derry lodge and hope they have accommodation for us. Do you know of more grave sites not yet recorded which could give us perhaps more information on early the Douglas families? We have found graves in the Shankhill graveyard and through research have established siblings of our William Douglas.

        We are looking forward to our visit.
        Bill and Mavis

  17. Just found your web site…..VERY interesting and informative. I just this week found my Great Grandmother’s tragic obituary, after a LONG search. It narrowed down where in Ireland her family came from, Lurgan. Catharine “Annie” McShane, born 9 Nov 1864 in Lurgan, her sister Eleanor “Ellen” McShane, born 16 Apr 1869 in Belfast, both left Ireland, then went to Liverpool, England, then traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA arriving 21 Apr 1884 on the ship named Legislator. Both were listed as “Sewing Machinists”. Their brother Thomas William McShane, born 24 Jan 1871 in Belfast no 6, Antrim, Ireland traveled to Liverpool, England, then to New York, New York, USA arriving 28 Jan 1893 on the ship “Britannic”, occupation listed as “Coachsmith”. Their parents are believed to be Thomas McShane and Jane McMurray McShane, both born abt 1840. They had several other children: Olivia, born 23 Jan 1873, died 26 Nov 1874 in Belfast, Sarah Jane born 22 May 1868 in Belfast, death unknown, and two unknown brothers who stayed in Ireland. I was wondering if any information can be found in Lurgan historical records about this family before they left for Belfast? Thomas, Senior and Jane are my Great Great Grandparents and nothing is known about them. Also, any suggestions on where to find such information…….any help will be most appreciated.
    Kathleen Cramer

  18. Looking for William James Kerr. Sons = William F E, Thomas Jas and Alfred.

    he had two wifes that we know Dorothea Cooper and another called Catherine.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

  19. Hello Andrew
    I wonder if you know how to find out what a 1901 address would be today? The one I am looking for is

    house 37 in Kinnego (Brownlows Derry, Armagh)

    This was the home of Hillary Douglas, and per his will, left it to his grandnephew Henry Anderson


    1. Hi Jenni,

      Can you be more specific as Kinnego is a vast place, it is about 1 mile outside Lurgan and lies just below Lough Neagh.

      There is a nature reserve, Oxford Island, which contains Kinnego Marina but the area of Kinnego was mainly farming land and a lot of the old properties still remain.

      1. Hi Jenni,

        I checked the 1901 Census and there is a Hillary Douglas (aged 69), a farmer, residing at 37 Kinnego.

        The 1911 Census lists a Hillary Douglas (aged 79) a farmer, residing at 26 Kinnego.

        I assume it is the same person but wonder why the change in house numbers !!

  20. Hi Andrew,

    My name is Chris Cordner and I am researching my family tree.

    I do this both for my own satisfaction and for feature stories that I write as I am the Head of Features for the Hartlepool Mail newspaper in North-East England.

    Would you be able to give me any guidance?

    I am trying to find out more about James Corner Marr who was a native of Ireland and is currently the furthest back that I have managed to trace on my parental line (largely through the help of a distant relative called Alan Cordner).

    I understand he was born in Ireland in 1774 and seems to have come to England when he married his wife Jane Renny who was a County Durham girl. I know that James died on August 19, 1846.

    Can you tell me the best way for me to trace the Cordners in Ireland. From a quick glance of the internet, it seems as though this was a fairly widespread clan in Ireland.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would also be keen on including you in a future article in the Mail if that was of interest to you,

    Please feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts,

    Best wishes,

    Chris Cordner
    Head of Features
    Hartlepool Mail
    Peterlee Mail
    Northeast Press Limited
    Switchboard 01429 239 333
    Direct dial telephone 01429 239 377
    Twitter @CCordnerHMail

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for contacting Lurgan-Ancestry.

      An initial investigation shows a James Corner who married a Jane Renny on 14th January 1796 at Bishopwearmouth, Durham in England.

      Would this be the person you are trying to trace.

      Can you be more specific in your details of where in Ireland James Corner was from, what was the correct spelling of his name (Corner, Corner Marr or Cordner), what was his occupation or his parents occupations etc. This would be helpful in the investigation.



  21. Hi Andy,
    I have been researching my famiy name THOMPSON, they all appear to have come from Lurgan. The furthest back I have been able to go is with my ggg grandfather who was George Thompson he was Married to a Margaret McCaig or McKaig, he was a damask designer. His son Robert was born in 1841 and was married to a Annie McMurray also born in1841. They were married in Moira Presbyterian Church,they were my gg grandparents and appeared to come to Hamilton in Scotland in the late 1800’s. Their oldest son was George born in1867 and their youngest son Ezekiel was born in 1888. George was born in Johnstone’s Court, Lurgan and Ezekiel was born in Finchs court, Lurgan. Do you happen to know where those two places were in Lurgan.
    I visited Lurgan in February and found an Ezekiel Thompson on the 1st World War memorial, I think he must have been a cousin of above. I believe his Father Ezekiel was Robert’s Brother. any information would be gratefully received.Janette

  22. just found my greatgranny name never knew it before the fitzpatrick family from aurther street

  23. Hi there, i just found your site – such a rich resource! from Australia we need sites like yours to keep our research going!
    I’m hoping to find some information about the Hall family, some of whom lived in Derrycor and some in Toberhuney. Joseph Hall and Anne Atkinson had a family from abt 1817, and I wonder if you know whether i could find any school records for their children Joseph, William John, Hugh Henry and Hamilton? Most of the children were baptised in the shankill parish in Lurgan’s main street.

  24. Hi Andy – another question please!
    In the 1840 Freeholders List of Lurgan there is a Joseph Hall of Toberhuney. Could you explain what the details mean, the 20 pounds relate to land, but there isn’t any acreage attached. Does that mean he had a house rather than any land?

  25. The e-mail address at the top of this page doesn’t work. And I can’t copy it here because I can’t seem to be able to copy anything on this site – which is what I need to do to document my sources for my family research. Help! Isn’t there some way to do this?

    1. Hi Kate.

      I disabled the ‘right-click’ on my website as other sites had been copying my information and passing it off as their own. A bit annoying when I have spent time and resources obtaining this information only for others to cut and paste it from my site onto their own.

      What information are you interested in.

  26. I am tracing my family tree and discovered my fathers grandfather Thomas McNeice came to Scotland from Lurgan around 1850.

    I would be very grateful for any information on the McNeice family or if you could direct me to where I might find some.

    Caroline Deas (nee Mcneice)

    1. Hi Caroline,

      There is a George McNeice listed in the Lurgan Yeomanry 1821, record 130.

      There is a Richard McNeice listed as a Reed Maker in 1881.

      Have you tried the Ancestry Forums. The following is a good site to post on:,52.0.html



  27. Hi my grandmother was born 1911 and fostered her name was Mary mcmullan she was told that was her mothers name also and that her mother was 17/18. I did a search and there is a Mary mcmullan drumnakelly Armagh : how would I go about finding out if this was my grand mothers mother?

    1. Hi Bernie,

      In the 1911 Ireland Census, there is a Mary McMullan (18 years) from 20 Drumnakelly listed.

      Have you tried the following website

      There is also a forum where you may be able to contact other people researching the McMullan surname in Armagh.

  28. Hello,

    My name is Lisa and my mother and family came from Ireland to New York in 1956.

    I believe my grandmother Elizabeth Quinn was born to William and Mary Quinn of 1 kilmaine st. Along with a sister named Mary Joseph Quinn.

    I am looking for any living relatives and help with genealogy. This is just the beginning for me and any help is truly appreciated.

    William Quinn here is my grandmothers father at age 15.

    This is a picture of my grandmother Elizabeth Quinn ( married name Elizabeth Williamson )

    She was born in Keady.

    Please let me know if you can help with any information or direction. I live in New York and I am not finding a lot of information.

    Thank you kindly,


  29. Dear Mr McElroy,
    I have just on line seen conversations which you have had in 2011 with Heppy relating to photographs of a long clock which he had posted.

    This clock is remarkably like one which belonged to my late grandfather, see below. Mine was made by James Cousins Lurgan ( lived I believe at 41 Market Street and may later have moved to Gray’s Hill Bangor circa 1900). A note on the back plate states the clock was cleaned by James in April 1883 and again 1892.

    If you have any information on this watchmaker I would love to hear from you as nowhere have I found any specific information about this maker.

    At one stage I asked Sotheby’s to look at photographs of the clock and they dated it to about 1820. They were a little puzzled by the hood as it is unusual for the dial sit so far back from the dial mask. & unusual for a clock of this period to have the door hung on conventional hinges.

    I hope I do not waste your time but from what I read you sounded interested in the clock shown by Heppy and I would be glad to hear anything you may be able to add to my information on my clock.

    Yours faithfully & with thanks

    Joan Dales

    1. Hi Joan,

      Lovely photographs.

      Have you got any of the clock face, would love to see it.

      Did you contact ‘Heppy’ – Heather Graham.

      I did some basic research and as you said, James Cousins is mentioned as a Watchmaker – 41 Market Street, Lurgan and then he lived at No. 1 Greys Hill and is also listed at No. 7 Greys Hill, Bangor.

      I will forward links later.


  30. Fantastic site, although I have no ties to Lurgan I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing the resources you have made available here.
    It was a search for a Limerick individual which brought me to the page on motor registration, it was a wonderful list of who’s who in Limerick in 1911. Thank you for making it available.

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